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Chapter 10: Inner Strength Part 2

This is it…this is what everything has let up to…and now is the time Hiccup and I act! Its's our destiny to bring dragons and Vikings together, and the both of us will show everyone what we both can achieve working together!

Now that Hiccup and I are together again we climb higher into the sky: I figure it's been too long now…we're going to do a dive-bomb run! The queen won't see it coming for sure! The other dragon riders do their best to keep the titan occupied, but the latter catches Astrid and the Nadder by sucking them in via inhaling. Just before both are consumed by the behemoth, I race through the sky at super-sonic speed. Hiccup and I approach our target: he and I narrow our eyes to focus on our target and to shield our eyes from the high winds from going this fast. Heat builds in my mouth as I let out my signature screech: sending a powerful blast right into the monster's face.

Astrid and her dragon are now free, but the shockwave from my attack sends the girl hurtling towards the ground below! We notice her, thanks to her screams for help, and I swoop down to grab her before she can touch the sands.

"Did you get her?" The boy asked worryingly.

I already know I did: I had grabbed her foot with one of my front paws. I look down to check on Astrid and our newfound friend looks back up to me with a smile running down her face. It's as if she's very happy to see me, hey, I'd be happy to see me too. I can't help but return the gesture, rather cutely of course…guess that's what I get for being an adorable overgrown lizard.

I drop her off somewhere safe before resuming our battle with the queen…

Hiccup sees something from the beast that makes him reconsider his options with confronting her, "she has wings…" She certainly does and judging by how long she's stayed cooped up in that chamber I'm willing to bet she hasn't used them in a long time! This might give us an advantage since she will probably struggle catching up with us, having to get used to flying again.

"Okay" Hiccup has made his decision, guiding me to turn around, "let's see if it can use them!"

And so, we once again drop down from the dark sky at break-neck speed. I fold my wings and arms to gain even faster speed, and then…I give the queen another dose of plasma. She collapses into the ground on her side as a result. It looks as though she's done for; however, the scaly beast begins spreading her large wings.

"You think that did it" Hiccup asks before looking back, his heart stops for a moment when he catches sight of the gargantuan reptile flying behind us. Despite this, it seems as though his plan has been set in motion exactly as he wanted it to, "well…it can fly…"

"No kidding…" I mutter softly to him in growls.

As we fly through the sky, I feel the same ringing in my ear as before and I make attempts to shake it off…


I shake my head as she invades my brain further…

You casted your lot in with those animals! I gave you a home…a purpose!

Again, I try to fight off her mental attack, but I ultimately fight back with the same intensity.

"You caused all of this…you! You're the reason Vikings and dragons have fought for so long…you treated us like slaves…manipulated me and everyone else for so long…you ate our kind…you…disgusting…"

She roars in response to my psychological counter-attack as she ends up right behind us…

Outside you may be a dragon…you may pretend to care for those lizards…but you were once human, worm!

My eyes look back as I take in what she had just said, and she just grins in response to this

I can read your most inner thoughts…I saw your world in your dreams. Only recently have I realized your true origin. Your past life is no longer valid…now you are one of us…a dragon…a being far superior to these hairless rodents…and you threw your gift away…for what…this boy!?

"You bet…" is all I can say

Then you will die with him!

The chase goes on around the island as we maneuver through rocky formations that the queen simply crashes through with ease. The crowd below us, both Viking and Dragon, look on while we fly by them all. They cheer for us in the process, filling us with determination. Hiccup finds an opportunity upon looking at the bed of dark clouds above.

"Okay Toothless," he begins by grabbing my attention, "time to disappear!" The teen repositions the pedal to allow us to climb high into the sky, "come on bud!"

It isn't long after that the beast follows us:

"Burn!" she roared, unleashing a trail of inferno toward us, but I narrowly dodge it in time…but not before cursing under my breath. We continue luring her into the clouds where we finally stop…these will provide excellent cover for Hiccup and I…and so…I swoop down to disappear from view. The Red Death narrows her eyes as she looks around in search for us, remaining stationary in the air in the meantime, "where are you…runt!? Show yourself!"

We flank her and with a confident shriek I shout at the monster, "over here!"

I spit out a bolt attack that strikes her back hard. She thunders loudly in pain from this, and her frustration grows consequently. I turn over to see her right below us and again I fold my batlike wings: striking one of her wings with amazing precision. I continue harassing the behemoth with my hit and run tactics until she finally roars in frustration. She releases a barrage of flames around her in hopes that they would somehow reach me. As I'm flying away, I hear my rider give a sharp warning: the flames are getting too close for comfort despite having dodged them. I can somewhat feel the fire close to my tail, and Hiccup looks behind him and discovers something dreadful: my brown prosthetic tail fin has been set on fire!

Realizing that we'll be grounded fairly soon, the boy nervously mutters to himself, "okay, time's up!" The human thinks to himself, reflecting on the time the both of us were on the island with those Terrible Terrors: dragons aren't so fireproof on the inside…something Friea had also explained to me a while back. Hiccup briefly explains his plan to me. I nod in agreement…it's worth a try! Despite stories of her vaunted power, she is just like every other dragon…she has a weakness that can be exploited!

This is it then, it's not or never, this has to end!

"Let's see if this works…" Hiccup breaths in nervously. I try a somersault, roaring as I do…we make it past the queen's back and wings. The boy taunts her as she catches sight of us from the corner of her multiple eyes, and in response…tries to go for a bite; however, we're like a bunch of small gnats just harassing a person relentlessly…

We lure her downwards toward the ground as we both slowly accelerate and steadily lose altitude.

Enough, fly, this is where you perish!

I heard the Red Death yell to me.

I simply grin in response to her beastly howl, "Let's see what you know about chemical reactions…" I chuckle/bark softly back at the Queen

She's actually gaining on us, probably 'cause of my burning tail, yet in a few moments we'll turn this battle around in our favor!

The female titan is just a mere six meters from us…I can literally feel her breath on my body…

"Stay with me buddy, we're good, just a little longer!" We continue descending, and the queen thinks we're going the opposite direction: up…not down. The dragon figures we are now an easy target for a blast that would finish both of us off. And so, the infamous Red Death narrows her eyes and begins drawing in breath for a fire blast.

"Hold, Toothless!" The boy commanded as I do as he says. Gases begin filling the inside of the queen's mouth as Hiccup picks up the sound of her breath:



I hastily roll around to face the foe, my wings spread out to keep me stable as I aim for her mouth! Before she can obliterate us with her powerful dragon breath, I spit out a chunk of plasma into her body! As soon as this happens, her insides start having a chain reaction and it isn't long before she becomes a falling wreck bound to crash into the ground. Speaking of the ground: it comes into view just in time and the queen realizes her fatal mistake too late. Despite this, she tries to stop her plunge by spreading her wings; however, it becomes clear that the membranes on her appendages are tearing apart as a result of my attack. She lets out a screech to me:

Fine, if I die…you'll die too!

Her intent is clear: she's going to try and take us with her…but I have other plans…

I open my wings and fly away just as she widens her eyes…and she lets out one last yell before the queen is obliterated, slamming into the beach at full speed. Once the dragon had touched the sand, she explodes as fire envelops her entire body. I race up what's left of her to escape the fast-approaching flames, avoiding the spikes on her back in the process. I think of how we maneuvered through the rocks during our test flight near the cove to help me navigate through the last obstacles. Hiccup tries steering me right, away from the disintegrating giant, but my artificial fin is now completely gone…reduced to ashes! We both look back to notice it, and when we turn around to face what's in front of us…we find ourselves on a collision course with the queen's tail!

Hiccup and I gasp in surprise and I try to dodge it, but the club ends up hitting me! The force of the impact causes the boy to fall off, and just like our test flight a few days ago we fall helplessly from the sky. I recover quicker than expected and though Hiccup would've done the same, he had passed out from the blow! I look down towards him as we fall, and I am filled with pure dread for the teen: he's falling towards the inferno!

"Hiccup!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I lose my balance as I fall…I gotta do something or else he's going to die! I gather all my inner strength to try and make it to him in time. I push my body past its limits as fire surrounds us.

Come on…come on!

Finally, I make it to Hiccup just barely in time to wrap myself around him. I curl up and use my wings to hide him…then…we ultimately hit the cold hard ground…

A heavy silence settled among the ruins of the battlefield. Ash falls to the ground like heavy snowflakes, and the air smells of charcoal. Hiccup's father makes his way through the dese mist, frantically calling out for his only child. Finally, he spots us lying by the wreckage and runs for us…

"Hiccup…" the man whispers with worry, stopping by our side. He finds no trace of the teenage Viking. I'm still passed out from the fall, but I unconsciously roll to the side. The chieftain looks over to my missing tail fin and sees all that's left of it…

That is when the father collapsed into the sand, muttering the name of his son, and my best friend, "I did this…"

The crowd from the fight gather quietly behind the man as Astrid pushes her way through them to get to the front, but the girl is stopped as she gasps for the missing boy. The dragons that fought alongside us watch too in muted sorrow.

I finally awaken, opening my eyes…every part of my body is screaming right now, I'm hurting all over…I don't think I'm dying…I survived the fall…but dang…I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

I look up and the first thing I see is Hiccup's dad tearfully eyeing me. We have extraordinary eye contact until he silently says, "my son…I'm so sorry."

My eyes widened a bit as I realize: Hiccup…he…he's…no…I feel him. I unwrap my leathery wings to reveal the rider, Hiccup, underneath them: I'm still holding on to him with my paws.


The chief walks up and grabs the boy, checking for a pulse. He is immediately relieved when he finds signs of life, "he's alive! You brought him back alive!"

I silently nod in response, also relieved that Hiccup's going to be okay. Everyone behind us explodes into rowdy celebration while being accompanied by my fellow reptilian acquaintances. The leader of the Vikings lays a hand on my head as a show of respect, "thank you, for saving my son."

Another Viking, one I saw on the ship accompanying the father, adds by saying, "well, you know…most of him…" the other man just looks to the other with a hardy expression in response.

I don't have enough energy left in me after this, and so I pass out…

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