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Dragons in Berk

I awaken, yelling at the top of my lungs. I soon stop, however, when I find myself in a familiar room surrounded by tools and weapons hanging on the walls and on tables. Is this…the forge…the place Hiccup brought me to in Berk a few days ago? Does this mean I'm back in Berk? Why am I here?

I stand up from the ground, but I am immediately hit with pain coming from all over my body...why am I hurt? Oh…wait…we were in a battle…we defeated the Queen…Hiccup and I…we were falling…I saved him…then I passed out…

I look out the window to see that it's daytime, but the sun is higher in the sky than before.

How long have I been unconscious for?

"Ah, finally, you're up, 'bout time!" I suddenly heard from across the room.

I take a closer look at the person…they're familiar…wait…it's the same man I saw next to Hiccup's father during the battle with the queen. He has a long beard that's separated into two locks running down his face and a prosthetic tooth he has placed in his mouth. His left hand is missing, replaced by some sort of hammer in its place. His right leg is also missing and instead there is a wooden substitute in place to help him walk…like those stereotypical pirates one sees in cartoons on television.

I tilt my head sideways in confusion while the man cautiously approaches me, "ya're probably wond'aring where 'ya are, Night Fury?"

I shake my head as he looks quite surprised by this, surprised mostly that I had responded back to him like a person. I decide to drop hints to him to further show my intelligence. I grab a sword from the table and wield it with my razor-sharp teeth. I then swing it around as a show to the Viking, then I place it on the table and grab a hammer to mock-hit it as if to show I am making the weapon.

"I guess 'ya do know then, eh?"

"Gobber" we both hear as another man enters the forge. I drop the hammer once I realize who it is: it's Hiccup's dad, or more formally…the Chief of Berk.

"Ah…it…um…he's…finally awake" he corrects himself mid-sentence, figuring I should be treated more as an individual thanks to Hiccup's lessons to him.

"I can see why Hiccup's friend's with 'em, he's a smart one" Gobber remarks, quite impressed with me.

"How are you feeling?" The Chieftain suddenly asked me before I shrug to him, though I still cringe from my sores.

Wait…I'm forgetting someone…where's Hiccup!?

I run up to both males, trying to ask them for the boy, but as always, they can't understand my dragon speech. Somehow, though, the brown-haired man seems to get what I want, "ahh, yes…follow me."

Before we exit the building, my thoughts momentarily go back to my current situation: what happens now? What's going to happen to me…

Then, however, those same thoughts are replaced with images of my best friend…

As soon as we step out of the forge, I see something I never thought I would see in this world: dragons in Berk, not fighting or stealing livestock…but living side by side with their adversaries: the Vikings!

The humans are setting up places for the lizards to eat and rest, but so far there's only a handful of dragons in Berk. It is a strange sight, sure…but it's a welcomed sight to be sure. As the Chief and I walk uphill I am greeted by familiar faces: the female Nadder and the female Gronckle.

"Toothless!" The Gronckle exclaimed happily.

"You're finally awake!" The Nadder squawked, happily adding as well.

"Hi girls" I return the greetings before passing onward. The Chieftain opens the door of a house on a hill, gesturing me to go inside it. The interior is large, with a pit of fire at its center, and further down is a bed…with a familiar scent emanating from it…

I quickly make my way there and soon find myself face to face with him…Hiccup! The father decided it would be best if he gave us some space and momentarily walked out the door. Hiccup is passed out, bruised from the battle…but other than that he's okay.

I move in closer to sniff him, and the smell causes me to exhale toward him. For whatever reason this causes him to stir! Something in the back of my mind makes me think of trying to get him to move further, so I pull back and begin grunting at him, "come on Hic…wake up!"

As soon as I say this, his eyes open and I give an excited and relieved smile back to the teen! I nudge him with my muzzle as a show of dog-like affection, all the while bathing him in slobber, and I keep doing so as he quietly and exhaustingly mutters, "happy to see you too, bud."

Something, I'm guessing by the way he moved, triggers a sort of pain response from his ribcage and he violently grabs that area in a forced gasp. Not too long after, the human looks around and realizes where he is, in the same fashion as I did…

His head shot up at this, "ah…I'm in my house…" he looks toward me to see me and then the thought hits the boy, "YOU'RE IN MY HOUSE!?"

For some reason I am just too excited, and I immediately just prance around without a care around the living room. I perch on a support beam above him, looking down fondly at the human soon after. Before Hiccup can scold me, however, something immediately hits him…he moves the bedsheets covering him and makes a startling discovery…something I too did not expect to see. I jump down to meet him, examining the strange device on his…leg…oh…my…

Once he sets his foot on the floor, the other artificial appendage comes into view, and I examine it further…

Hiccup…lost his foot…it's gone…it must have happened when we fell…

I look toward him, eye to eye in fact…all he can do is prepare himself for the first steps.

The first step is done without anything going wrong, though I can tell the fifteen-year old is struggling a bit…then the next step causes him to lose balance, but I was ready: I quickly head over to catch him and he rests on my head. I help him get back up with a soft reassuring smile, "you got this…try again, buddy."

I decide to be his support, guiding him toward the exit as he whole-heartedly thanks me. Then it dawns upon me what his missing leg now means…we're both handicapped now, but it has drawn us closer than before. This was meant to be…he helped me through my handicap and now it's my turn to help with his…

As soon as he opens the door, a familiar Monstrous Nightmare flies up and roars at him before Hiccup quickly closes the door in a panic, "Toothless, stay here…" the human says, expecting danger to be up ahead, but instead he is greeted by the same sight I was just a few minutes ago. Although this time, one of the children is riding the Nightmare on its back as he did during the battle, and he instructs the others to follow.

As Hiccup goes outside to investigate the strange scene occurring before his very eyes and as he is stopped by his father and some of the villagers, I am left behind.

I heard a voice just then, calling out to me and I look behind.

It's a man! He is wearing a red robe with gold trims running down them, and his eyes are a bright yellow…his skin…gray!? It's him! It's the mysterious gray man…the person responsible for bringing me to this world!

I give a look of shock as he nods understandably, "hello Darren…it's been quite a while."

I take a few steps back in confusion from this:

Darren? Why does that name seem so familiar…?

"Wh-who's Darren?" I asked, as if I was expecting him to answer…

Suddenly, though, he does answer me!

"That's your name, your HUMAN name, is it not?"

Darren…is my real name? Huh…that's…

"Wait a minute!? You can understand me!?"

"Among other things" the man retorts.

"You…you brought me to this world…turned me into this…dragon…why…why did you do it?" I raise an eyebrow, walking towards him.

"Stop and allow me to explain everything."

"Go ahead…" I growl as a sign of warning.

"My name is Notekiu and I had been in search of a soul for many years. I had finally found them in your realm. Their name is Antone the shapeshifter. They had deceived me, taking your form in order to fool me into thinking you were the culprit. When I found you that night in your domain, I had taken you under the assumption that you were indeed Antone. I brought you here for exile, but Antone, being the trickster that he is, intercepted us and separated you from me. The monster must have decided to turn you into a creature that he figured you would not survive long as…"

I shake my head, letting it all sink in…is this true…is this man really telling the truth?

"I realized what had happened and went in search for you. It had taken quite a while to find you, but somebody you know told me where to find you."

"Friea…" I mutter softly.

"Yes, indeed…now that Antone has been found and dealt with…Darren…it is time to take you home."

Take me home…but…Hiccup…I…I don't want to go…I can't go…I want to stay…this IS my home!

"This is my home…and my name is Toothless."

The gray man, Notekiu, nods softly in understanding, "it's because of that boy, isn't it?"

"I can't leave him…thanks to this place…I have a reason to live again" I explain to the mysterious man.

"…how interesting…very well…Toothless…if you ever feel the need to change your mind…"

No…my life as 'Darren' is over…my old life is gone…this is my new life, I have a new purpose, new people to protect in my life…that I can't afford to let go…yes…I am sure about this.

"I won't change my mind" I give him a face of confidence as he nods.

"Very well, please take care." The man finishes before disappearing and I give a heavy sigh, nodding to myself. I return my attention back to the door where my best friend is with the others.

As soon as I move the door to get out, a Viking shouts to the others

Night Fury!

I make my way to Hiccup, landing on one of the villagers by mistake before getting off to greet Astrid and the others. The boy and his group return the gesture with open smiles.

And so, Hiccup throws the saddle on my back, tightens the harness around my body, and checks the equipment before flight with his new prosthetic. I look behind me to see a new tail fin prosthetic for myself: it's red in color with a skull emblem attached near the center. Astrid climbs onto her dragon, the Deadly Nadder, who I smile toward before she does the same.

"You ready" I hear Hiccup say before I turn back to him and nod, "you bet!"

Both the Nadder, now named Stormfly, and I launch into the sky. We circle around Berk, quickly racing through its numerous areas and we are soon joined by the other dragon riders. As we sour high into the sky, I gave a toothy grin:

I guess things are going to get really interesting from now on: now that Vikings and dragons co-exist. I can't imagine all the crazy adventures that await us past these clouds…all the new places out there to explore…all the things that are just waiting to be discovered. My adventure has only just started

I won't forget my parents or Sam, but I know if they're watching me, they're proud that I'm finally doing what I love, even if it's not exactly a plane. I guess everything did work out in the end just like you said it would, huh Friea?

One thing's for sure…I am Toothless the Night Fury, and I am a member of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe!

The end

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