Short summary:

Ainz in DxD world, basically. Eventually mirrors in some Overlord events.

Type: Misunderstanding-based comedy fic with occasional hentai and horror sprinkled in.

Expect a lot of 'sasuga ainz-sama' level intentional and unintentional misunderstandings. Also, if you're hardcore Christian then I'd warn that this story contains tones that might cause distress.

Also: Momonga has very hostile start in this fic, so don't be too surprised if he's a bit more paranoid and/or secretive here when compared to his canon start.

Issei screamed in terror as a lance made of fire pierced his chest, his heart, and burned its way through his back.

The Rating Game between Rias Gremory and Riser Phenix had been a disaster from the start.

The downfall had all begun during Riser's 'visit' to Occult Research Club, which Riser had arranged 'in order to learn more about what his future wife was doing', but what had been in actuality a thinly veiled attempt at goading Rias into attacking Riser and thus giving the latter a chance to make demands of Gremory family.

The man's strategy had failed at the start as Rias had kept her cool for the whole duration of the meeting, at least until Rias's 'Pawn', Issei, had overheard of the meet from Rias's 'Queen', Akeno, and the boy had decided to intervene for the sake of his 'big breasted redheaded potential harem member' (who also happened to be Issei's 'King', while Issei was a mere 'Pawn' in the chessboard-allegory that was Peerage System among the race of Devils).

Nonetheless, the meeting between Riser Phenix and Rias Gremory had gone downhill from there at the same speed and direction as a loaded gasoline truck driving off a bridge to a lake of lava, and the speed had only gone up when Issei had involved himself in it.

In the end Issei had walked away with a red face, largely due to the thinly disguised screaming match he had with Riser, Riser had walked away with a slap on his cheek, courtesy of Rias, while the rest of Rias's and Riser's Peerages had walked from the visit without a single scratch.

Issei being out of breath and utterly outraged for Rias's sake didn't count as battle damage, so he was denied his requested prize of being allowed to pat Rias's head. And breasts.

It was clear that Issei hadn't understood what had happened, as Issei had thought to Rias that the event had ended in their definite victory.

Akeno had given him a glare that would have flash-electrocuted a regular human, and Rias had been on the verge of crying for the whole afternoon after Riser left.

The next morning the reason for the despaired mood became clear- It turned out that the disrespect and 'physical harm' directed towards Phenix family's son during the meeting gave the Phenix family an excuse to demand amends from the Gremory family.

Thus Phenix family had requested that the Ranking Game which Riser had discussed with Rias during their meeting before Issei's interruption, a team deathmatch that would either free Rias from her forced arranged marriage with Riser or force her to marry the man immediately, would no longer take place in ten days from the meeting like how Riser had planned it to take place.

Rather, the Rating Game would take place the next day as the incident of Rias slapping Riser gave the latter a excuse to move the date out of spite.

And Rias Gremory's Peerage had not been ready for the Game.

The next day the peerages had faced off against each other in the Rating Game pocket dimension inside Underworld, and within minutes of the game's start Rias's Peerage had lost its first member.

Asia, Rias's Bishop, had been completely unprepared for the Game and despite Rias's attempt to shield the girl, the nun-turned-devil had been taken out instantly as Riser's Queen, a woman who had unhealthy obsession with explosions, had carpet bombed the Gremory team's starting area with enough explosives to resemble a full-blown artillery strike.

The damage the bombardment inflicted was fairly meager due to it's scattered nature, in comparison to most other skills Devils could wield, but Asia had no way of mitigating the area-of-effect damage. And thus, the team's fragile healer had been the first to retire.

It was fortunate that the pocket dimension had layers upon layers of wards and detection systems that would allow any member of the peerage to retreat willingly or be forced to eject out of the dimension should they take enough damage to qualify as 'imminently lethal'.

But being too careless could still prove fatal as the ward system wasn't foolproof nor was it truly faultless- accidental deaths would still happen despite the wards, so most Rating Game participants took special care to avoid overly lethal attacks as accidental killing of a opponent's Piece could easily lead to a circle of vengeance that, in the end, served only to weaken both parties or perhaps even lead to blood feuds between families should a son or a daughter die in the squabble.

Both Phenix family and Gremory family had clearly intended for the match between Gremory and Phenix to adhere to the protocol, but it seemed that Riser had other plans in mind.

Nearly all attacks directed towards Issei had been either near-lethal or aimed to be permanently crippling, whereas the rest of the Gremory Oeerage had been taken out with almost mocking ease, with exception of Akeno who had against all odds managed to almost take out Riser's Queen before succumbing to her wounds and the Phenix Queen had managed to recover thanks to a vial of Phoenix Tears that had rejuvenated her body.

Issei had only barely managed to take out Riser's Pawn in combat, and even that due to the fact Koneko, Rias's Rook, had been there to distract the Pawn.

Later, after Koneko had succumbed to her wounds, Issei had managed to use his newly developed skill, [Dress Break] on Riser's Rook, a tall onee-sama like woman who had clearly won the position by having thighs that could have crushed bowling balls and hips that could probably bear the weight of an entire generation. Not to mention her breasts, which was what concerned Issei the most.

The Chinese-looking had taken her temper out on Issei, leading to his left arm breaking in multiple places.

However, Issei had been conflicted on the issue as on other hand, his arm broke, but on other hand, the girl had seemingly zero sense of shame and was swinging her massive oppai around with her wild kicks while having zero concern for modesty or for the health of her spine.

Issei came to the conclusion that his bones were a worthy sacrifice.

However, with the majority of Rias's peerage retired and only Issei remaining from the Pieces, Riser had sent all of his remaining peerage to surround the two of them… followed by Riser himself coming to challenge Rias and Issei to a two-on-one duel in what seemed to be a baffling display of arrogance.

The battle had been entirely one-sided, despite being a two-on-one fight.



'It's as Riser said... this group is almost pitifully weak.' Yubelluna, Riser Phenix's Queen, thought to herself as she formed a part of the circle surrounding the 'duel' happening between her King and the opposing Peerage's King and a Pawn. She felt not insignificant amount of annoyance towards the red-head who seemed to be fighting for her life. 'Haah... why can't she realize that Riser is only doing this for her sake? If she's desperate to jump into bed with some despicable pervert like that Pawn just to spite Riser and try to get him to resign from the marriage contract out of disgust, like Riser told us was the likely scenario, then surely she should be able to see that he's just trying to stop her before she gets too desperate and starts doing some really stupid things like attempting suicide... The whole 'forwarding the Rating Game' was solely to stop her from doing something drastic out of desperation and hurting herself!'

'...Although, while I understand that Riser is faux-taunting her just to throw her off balance, I think that it's a bit excessive when she's shown to be so naive she believes everything she hears... it's not like her brother would allow her to experience even half of what Riser is prattling off. Nor would Riser demean himself to actually do the other half. Can't she even recognize that?' Yubelluna bit her lip as the red-headed girl kept resisting her master who only wished the best for the girl, for the sheltered, pampered and clueless princess of Gremory who was acting against her own best interests. Or at least what Yubelluna thought were Rias's best interests, as in retrospect she knew that it was a bit foolish to assume that a human-made Devil like herself could understand what was going through House Gremory's daughter's head. 'Haah... Riser, just... end this, finish off that flea that took what was yours and defiled Rias, and come back to us... Hm... I could bake a pie afterwards... Xuelan got hit by that perv-skill, so I'm sure she could use some cheering up...'

The fact the Queen of Phenix Peerage could think of such things during the Rating Game showed just how little she cared about Gremory Peerage, or how much their strength worried her.

She glanced at the sight before her, and true to her thoughts...



Rias had lasted for a whole twenty seconds in single combat against Riser Phenix, fifteen of which Riser spent parrying her attacks and looking for a chance to counter-attack through Rias's volleys of [Power of Destruction] that shattered the courtyard of the projection of Kuoh Academy, in front of which the two were fighting.

However, Rias had eventually stumbled, and Riser had taken the opportunity to spring forward after regenerating his body, and had been spent the next five seconds hitting Rias's joints to force her into a kneeling, almost prostrating pose while tearing her clothes into scraps that barely covered the girl's voluptuous body.

And then, Riser had turned towards Issei who was tossed into the ring made of Riser's Peerage members, as the boy had been held still by Riser's two Knights.

"Issei, no! Retire!" Rias cried out in pain as she was forced to watch Riser play-fight with Issei in front of her, each attack that Issei made being parried and turned back to the boy with a bloody gash delivered with precision of a sadist.

Rias's hands refused to move, her joints were dislocated and broken to the point where she could only watch the 'duel'. 'No- No! Issei... Akeno... Koneko... Yuuto... Asia...'

Rias had watched as her Peerage, her family within her family, had fallen in front of her and in her defence. For her sake, to save her from a loveless marriage. She loved them all for it, even if their attempt had been futile in the end.

All Riser had to do was to administer the coup de grace to Rias... And she took solace in knowing that her brother, Sirzechs Lucifer, would find a way to get all of Rias's Peers to worthy Kings.

Rias held no illusions as to what the cruel Phenix would demand of her, nor what would become her place in the world- it was clear that he would turn her into little more than a baby factory, a role where having a Peerage of her own was completely unnecessary unless Riser wanted to add more Pieces to his harem by proxy. After all, the whole point of the marriage was to ensure House of Gremory would have heirs, as Rias was the last scion of the house as her brother had given up his claim to the house due to becoming a Maou. As such, she had no illusions as to what would happen once the marriage was put into writing- She would pass to Phenix house, and her eventual sons and daughters would be passed to Gremory house.

However, watching the duel, Rias realized that Riser never intended Issei to survive the Rating Game- Likely to deliver a message to Rias, to teach her what her place would be.

The look on the blonde Phenix's face told her everything- either he had arranged for an 'accident' to happen, or had a way to bypass the Rating Game's injury auto-retirement feature. He had clearly not forgotten Issei's insults towards him, nor the look Rias had given Issei… or the slap she had given Riser after Riser had insinuated Issei to be Rias's attempt to insult their arrangement by bedding and resurrecting the most worthless human she could find.

Riser was not going to just retire Issei. He was going to kill Issei.

"I won't back down! [Boost]!" Issei screamed back to Rias as the boy's Sacred Gear, [Boosted Gear] clashed against Riser's lazy flick of a blade, the man holding a sword he had borrowed from his Knight. "Not now! This is my fault, I… If I hadn't… I will make it up to you! [Boost]!"

"Issei, no!" Rias felt as her heart fluttered slightly. Maybe it was just the situation, her despair from her future fate, or combination of all, but at the moment Issei looked like… a man.

"I won't let this scum take you! [Boost]!"

"Issei…" Rias's throat caught as she realized her only option was to surrender willingly. 'Ah… so… that was Riser's plan…'

She now realized that Riser was deliberately trying to make Rias forfeit by her own will, to allow herself to submit to the Phenix, and was using Issei as a tool for it.

'Submit, or I will kill this kid' was what Riser's actions spoke. 'Surrender yourself willingly… to me!'

Rias's final straw was taken from her hands, her hope that when Riser would have forcibly retired her she could have pushed herself to the attack to force its lethality, an 'accident' to escape her 'future'. She would have rather died than become Riser's sow. 'But… if I do that, Issei will die…' "I… As… I, Rias Gremony... forfe-"

A hand was placed on her mouth, followed by a ball gag which turned her attempt to surrender into a gargle.

Rias's eyes went wide as she heard Riser's near maniacal laughter. She turned her eyes away from Riser's still-naked Rook who had ball-gagged her, and towards the son of Phenix.

"Really? You, esteemed daughter of Gremory house, my wife from tomorrow onwards, would surrender yourself to save this... hairless monkey of a Pawn?" Riser ran his hand through his blonde hair as he let the blade he had been using fall from his other hand. "Ahaha… he must have fucked you like the animal he is for you to develop that kind of affection, or are you perhaps saying I should spare him so he can watch from the bedside as I take you on our wedding night, and every night afterwards? Perhaps I'll arrange my Queen to be traded for that girl you called your Queen... Akeno, wasn't she? She can watch as well, and join me in bed afterwards…"

Rias's screams were lost in the gag as she realized Riser had deliberately misled her to believe she could forfeit by declaration and save Issei, only to yank the hope away from her before her eyes. 'Issei, no, you… you… can't…'

"Shut up, baldie! I will save Rias! [Boost!]" Issei shouted at Riser as he leaped into the air while blood splurted from both of his nostrils and ears thanks to the strain of using [Boost] so many times.

The boy used a piece of masonry as a springboard of sorts, and materialized his devil-wings to further lift himself to the air for a one, final attack. Rias saw clearly that Issei was fully prepared to use [Boosted Gear] to the point his body would break, if necessary, to beat the Phenix's face in.

"..." The man was motionless for a while as he contemplated the insult. And then flicked his hand in the air. "Baldie, huh."

"Ha, lost your focus… eh?"


"ISSSHHH…. NNUUUUHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHH!" A screech of half-garbled despair came from the pair's red-headed observer.

Issei felt as a spear made of phoenix's flame pierced his chest, his heart, and came out of his back, paradoxically holding him midair despite being made of concentrated flame. The man holding the spear held the boy with ease while looking at him like how one looks at a bug squashed underneath their finest shoes.

The flame spread like a spider's web inside Issei's body.

"Ria… Buh!" Blood spurted from Issei's mouth, and Issei's body became limp.



"Ah, it was fun." a deep, ominous voice echoed in a royal hall. Banners fluttered in nonexistent wind as a creature of unlimited power, peerless intellect, unwavering charisma, and aura of unavoidable death leaned back on a royal throne which would have thrown entire pantheons of gods into envy and despair. Or at least that was the air character Momonga created around himself due to the very roleplay-heavy build that he had made. 'In retrospect, I should have probably gone with a more meta skillset or attempted to focus more on cookie-cutter abilities rather than general and necromancy-related ones… Although, I don't think my wallet could have kept up if I aimed to have my name amongst the top-tier players.'

He snorted, or at least made the sound of snorting. A massive, nearly eight feet tall skeleton (or rather, seven feet with extra feet from the ominous hood covering his shoulders and head) couldn't quite snort due to lacking appropriate fleshy bits but at least he could make the sound convincingly enough to fool at least himself and the collected NPC's in front of him. Albeit fooling the NPC's probably didn't take much, considering they couldn't move or think by themselves, being NPC's.

The NPC's- maids, butlers, monsters, Guardians, angels and demons who made the guards and sentinels of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the guild base of player-made guild Ainz Ooal Gown, kneeled as Momonga lowered his hand and he looked up at the ticking counter in his sight. "And so, end of the final era cometh."

How could he, Suzuki Satorou, a businessman who spent all his money sans essentials to full-body VR game YGGDRASIL not be present when the game finally shuts down?

He couldn't. The shutdown would close a page in his life, a page that had taken most of his adult life to write, so at least he wanted to write its last sentences with gold and ruby dust. For that reason he had the Treasury emptied of select World-class items and other items he felt particular affinity to and moved them to his personal inventory.

"Is this how the Pharaohs of old felt when they were buried with their treasures, facing the final journey surrounded by their loyal servants and treasures amassed in life as the crypt is sealed?" Suzuki- no, Momonga 'closed' his eyes, the baleful red lights in his empty eye-sockets dimming to ember. "Ah, Ainz Ooal Gown, it was fun… let's meet again in the next game."

Before Momonga the clock ticked 5






Momonga opened his eyes as something caused pain in his chest.

And he saw that he was being held two feet in the air, suspended by a flaming spear held by a vicious-looking blonde-haired man, in a battlefield that looked like a yard of a highschool that had been shelled by mortars and artillery. Fitting, since said highschool was near them, looking equally shelled.

Momonga's years of PvP experience kicked in before his rational thoughts did.





Momonga tried to let out a sigh. It was somewhat difficult considering the amount of blood flooding his lungs.

Then the Overlord-class skeletal magic caster realized that he had been covered in flesh, and felt claustrophobic panic.

The feeling was forcibly suppressed, and Suzuki Satoru freaked over how he had seriously contemplated pulling off the skin and flesh that naturally covered his face.

That feeling was suppressed as well.

A second passed and Suzuki Satorou, now in a state of relative calmness, realized that he had been spear-fished out of the sky like if he had been mid-leap, and was skewered with a burning rod.

He tried to let out panicked, shrill screams, but failed- The panic seemed to hit a 'maximum' cap after just one attempt at shriek, and the emotion came down like someone had reached into his skull and pushed the feeling back to a dark corner of his mind with a long stick.

'...Hm… Pierced both lungs, tore my heart in pieces… Left arm broken...' Momonga's rational brain went into overdrive analyzing the situation, surprising him as the part of him that was 'Suzuki Satoru' was gearing himself to start panicking again while the part of his mind that was 'Momonga' was resisting the urge to try to burn off the flesh that clung to his skeletal frame. 'Ah, some sort of emotion suppression? That was part of Undead species, ability to ignore emotions and suppress foreign ones. Immunity to charms and resistance to mind control. Etcetera. Probably should focus on the task at hand.'

Momonga realized his thoughts started to become more and more clipped, skipping 'words' as he went through likely scenarios looking for answer to a very, very burning question:

'What happened?!' Suzuki Satorou screamed mentally before building confusion and panic were suppressed once again. '...I have to improvise now and think more on this later. [Time Stop] takes too much mana to sustain for long periods, ten seconds is probably the best I should do if I want to be able to fight properly afterwards, and it has been three seconds already…'

'First things first…' Momonga looked at the blonde man who had attacked him "Cough… ugh, that got enough blood out of my lungs… I have lungs? No, distractions, focus... [Delay Magic: True Death] [Delay Magic: Detect Life]"

Damage could not be dealt or recovered while time was stopped, but spells could be cast and with proper delay on activation the spell would cast the moment time resumed its flow.

"[Delay Magic: Body of Effulgent Beryl] [Delay Magic: Body of Effulgent Ruby]" Momonga listed off more spells. He wasn't sure how strong enemies were in… wherever he was, but with [True Death] he could somewhat gauge approximate level of an enemy as the spell dealt consistent damage regardless of how well it hit- that being an instant death upon low-level or unprepared targets. Which meant he could gauge the enemy's approximate level based off if they resisted the spell or not, as opposed to something like [Fireball] that could deal varying amount of damage based off the exact strike area and the level of the opponent- a headshot would deal more damage than a clip of a wing, for example. The two other spells would buff his two weaknesses- giving him resistance to bludgeoning damage, the bane of skeletons, and fire damage, bane of undead in general.

Considering he was skewered with a spear, or staff, made of fire, the latter seemed very important and if the spear was indeed staff, the lack of innate bludgeoning damage resistance could become a very serious issue very quickly if he was careless.

Momonga took a look around himself to take in the sight of potential new opponents as he finished casting his basic buffs, intending on conserving his Mana until he knew more what his enemies could do. His eyes scanned the ring of NPC's surrounding him... And what he saw left him gobsmacked as his eyes were drawn to a woman with a very curvaceous figure and equally ample bosom who was shamelessly flaunting both in a headstrong, wide-legged stance. The effect was further amplified by the woman being completely naked. "Are… those uncovered breasts? And... hm... shaved? In-game?"

'Huh, now I feel like some sort of teenage pervert… Hold on, is this still YGGDRASIL? The server ended, right? This isn't a Cow Level… although, looking at Miss Flasher there… Ugh, I need to go out more.' Suzuki Satorou sighed while mentally rubbing his head. 'Wait, in Neo-Japan Deep Dive VR games aren't allowed to have full body nudity to that level by government mandate! What the hell? Are all human game-models actually naked inside clothes and no-one noticed?! Or…'

The emotion suppression drew the increasingly rambled and panicked noise back to a dark corner, allowing Momonga to consider the ramifications. "Hm… No, I'll have to experiment later. No way the shitty devs hid an eroge inside the DDVR and no-one noticed. Nu-uh. Peroronchino would have had a field day."

'Nine seconds' Momonga reached his final stage of considerations- that being, who were friends or enemies for the purposes of pre-emptive attacks, outside the obvious enemy who had speared him. 'That kneeling flasher-gag-BDSM girl with red hair doesn't look like an enemy, from her pose and state of body, the rest are just circling and looking? Maybe this is some sort of arena fight, or character selection screen. Let's hope for the former.'

[Time Stop] ended.

Momonga fell as the flame spear fizzled into nothingness and he took a steadying step.

'Teleportation?' As he expected, the blonde man before him disappeared instantly after [True Death] and [Detect Life] hit, and Momonga steeled himself to cast [Teleport] once the target would re-enter his sensing range. 'Hm, He teleported after getting hit, so he didn't die. [Detect Life] vanished as well so either the blonde died somehow after teleporting, which is unlikely as [True Death] is only 9th level spell and takes hold instantly upon being applied without damage-over-time, or the spell was dispelled, which is likely, or the spell didn't hit him due to [Dodge], which is possible, or he had [False Data: Life] active, which is almost certain. A cunning foe for sure, I can't let my guard down…'

Momonga almost cast [Chain Dragon Lightning], a chain lightning spell, on the circle of observers as he heard a female voice echo from somewhere, almost as if it came from loudspeaker "King, Riser Phenix, retired. Rias Gremory wins the Rating Game by Checkmate."


"Ih- Ihhheh… huhn…" (Issei-kun…)

The red-headed BDSM flasher seemed to lose consciousness as she flopped on her back. As soon as her back hit the ground the circle of observers around Momonga teleported away and caused Momonga to curse under his breath 'Dammit, what if all of them were Players and I was summoned to ambush? That other guy could dispel, fool or resist [Detect Life] so I was foolish to not cast it at the others as well, it would have at least given me info whether if they are NPC's… or at least give me a hint. Not many Players know to properly fudge the HP numbers with [False Data]'

Momonga cast [Silent Magic: Detect Life] on the gagged red-head and noded as he figured that either she was really good at illusions or she was a NPC, as proper Players would have at least hundred to thousand times the health she had... That, or she was a new Player. 'Huh, did I somehow teleport to a human player's starting zone? That would be… kinda scary. How many max-level humans would there be to guard low-level ones? Hundred?'

'Right, he must have prepared this area thoroughly. The surrounding areas are most likely trapped or turned to minefields. I can't act hasty before I ascertain their specializations...' Momonga felt a very real drop of sweat run down his neck as he was waiting for the blonde fire-spear guy to return to Momonga's sensory range, or at least place some sort of aura spell on the area, throw a bomb, or launch a long-range attack, or unleash a super-tier spell. Using himself as a trap, or rather, as a bait was a risky play but he was low on options, outside attempting to use [Perfect Unknowable] or such to hide himself. But if the enemy realized he had used [Perfect Unknowable] to erase his aura and presence from perception, the enemy could then take actions to counter it, and thus Momonga would lose the edge on what was basically a ability that granted free sneak attack on the enemy. 'Dammit, if he's retreated to a pocket dimension he can negate the cast time of a super-tier without using consumables and just deposit himself after the cast is complete and release the spell… damn shitty devs for that balance patch and damn whining that super tiers make casters too vulnerable…'

"At least they have to re-orient the spell before they can unleash it, that gives me the opportunity to teleport away before whatever comes hits me…" Momonga felt as his petulant annoyance went over the suppression limit and was pushed back. "Dammit… Right, before that, I'll need to make sure…"

'If this really is DDVR game, there's no way they would have touch-sensory input for that…' Momonga walked to the downed NPC-slash-newbie, took a look at a part of her anatomy and reached out. 'Someone really pushed the slider to the maximum, huh…'

The soft, bouncy flesh under Momonga's hand felt very real, very warm and Momonga was very sure that either some government censorship regulation middle-management official was getting really high bribes to look the other way, which was unlikely considering the punishment for getting caught to both company and individual, or…

"Are these real? Actually real?" Momonga whispered, his mouth dry except for the taste of blood. 'Then… is this… reality?'

"Yes, those are my sister's breasts and they are very much real." A thoroughly unamused and incredibly annoyed, borderline angry voice invaded Momonga's thoughts through his fleshy ears. "I am surprised that you are still alive, Issei-kun, but you need to get to infirmary right now... unless you intend to die doing what you loved, at least based off what I heard from Rias."

Momonga looked up from his discoveries to see that the battlefield-school had changed into some sort of entrance hall slightly reminiscent of Nazarik's 9th floor- albeit only in the high ceiling and wide halls aspect, as the marbling, gilding and overall artistry required some work.

'Hold on, did something just [Teleport] me? The enemy has targeted teleportation spells. This is not good, I need to figure out what are the requirements for activating it, otherwise that blonde guy will just teleport me back to a super-tier spell's splash zone after I teleport away…' The words Momonga had just heard caused his thoughts to pause, and his eyes to turn to a new threat.

A pair of glares sent at him by a unknown grey-haired maid and a unknown red-headed man caused Momonga to shudder against his will. 'Silent, non-damaging psychological attacks?! But Undead are immune to intimidation and… and…'

Before he realized it, the red-headed man was looming over Momonga and the grey-haired maid was tugging at the quivering red-headed boob-monster beneath Momonga's hands. "Release them, if you'd please, Issei-san. My sister needs medical attention and please forgive my assumption, but I doubt your specific brand of healing massage helps."

Momonga felt the sweat dripping down his neck multiply by hundred as the red-headed man's words, while mild and almost subservient in content, were positively dripping in what Momonga could only call 'Some punk tried to grope my daughter so I broke his spine and tossed him from the roof'-energy, the name coming from that one night when the old guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown, Touch Me, and the new guildmaster of the same guild, Momonga, had a talk during a raid as Touch Me seemed to be very agitated. Suzuki Satorou had been quite surprised to find in the next day's news that an unidentified young man had apparently committed self-die by somehow managing to break his spine and throw himself off a skyscraper, in that order.

He then noticed that a wall nearby had a large window, and saw his own reflection in it- Namely, that his face was that of a complete stranger, who was covered in blood and whose skin looked extremely pale while his eyes were cloudy like those of a dead person.

Momonga paused for a while as he considered few possible theories:

'Firstly- I am, quite possibly, isekai'd in an eroge, and have a fleshy body that looks like a complete stranger.' The mirror had shown as much for the latter, and the squishy breasts were good enough of an clue as to the first.

'Secondly- I am currently facing a angry big brother and/or big sister while caught kneading said pair's little sister's bare breasts for an experiment.' The red-headed man glaring at him was enough of a clue.

'Thirdly- This is also possibly reality.' The 'Isekai' theory hinted as much, but Momonga didn't want to count out the possibility of a mishap in YGGDRASIL login-logout system.

'No concrete data on enemy levels or capabilities yet. Assume instant Super-tier spells or perhaps higher tier spells any given moment.' The blonde-haired man's sudden withdrawal and ambush was seriously causing Momonga's stress levels to rise, at least until it was forcibly lowered back down to zero.

'... Moreover, there may or may not be cabals of human players abducting undead and/or non-human players with remote forced teleportation and instantly killing them. While unsurprising, doing so in human newbie area seems odd.' Momonga was feeling quite paranoid over such a possibility- While it made sense that humans had a skeleton under their flesh, the fact he was a skeleton wearing a human flesh made him quite paranoid as to what would happen if someone discovered he was, in fact, a skeleton.


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