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Fawkes The Familiar Phoenix

Chapter One: Summoning A Bird

Today was Louise's big moment. The day she either proved that she was a mage, or a zero. She wanted to summon a powerful familiar. A beautiful Majestic Familiar. Something like her mother's Manticore. Of course at this point she would settle for her magic working at all. Constantly cursed with explosions at every turn, the jeers of her fellow classmates, and her mothers expectations. Brimir! Just let her perform this one spell!

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Professor Colbert was expecting the worst. While he supported the young maiden mage, it was an unspoken fact that none of her spells worked despite his or any of the other Academy's fine instructors. And as someone that had personally served with Karin the Heavy Wind in the Tristain Army, Colbert didn't want to have to inform his former colleague that her daughter was a dud. Colbert even liked the studious pink haired noble girl, but having to inform Duchess Karin of today, should things go wrong, wasn't a very pleasant thought. Not at all.

He of course had done everything in his power to mentor the poor child, he believed she knew more about magic principles then any of the teachers, including himself. Whilst most students would neglect pronunciation, wand movements, or any other of the requirements to improve spell casting, Louise had them down solid. What little good that did anyways. Of course he knew only one student had yet to summon her familiar. He shouldn't drag this out any longer..

Sighing inwardly he spoke to his class. "Has anyone not yet summoned their familiar?"

"Professor Colbert, Louise hasn't gone yet." Said a fiery red headed noble woman by the name of Kirche Augusta Frederica Von Anhalt Zerbst.

"Louise please perform the ritual summoning." Said Colbert with hope.

"Yes professor." She called to him as she proceeded to speak the incantation. The runic arrays she had setup in the field glowed as her willpower fueled the spell.

Yet again another way in which she far exceeded her classmates. The study of ancient runes and arithmetic involved were very advanced in her summoning circle, far better then most of the scholars teaching at the academy. Maybe even himself. Pity runes were hardly if ever used, nor the math involved in their function. It was an elective credit Louise took in order to not be expelled after all.

At first Colbert thought the spell was performing perfectly. Then he saw the signs, the runic formula was overloading. "Get down!" He yelled to the class as the runic array exploded.

Covered in soot, Louise stared ahead into the smoke filled crater that had been her runic array she had setup for weeks. There in the clouds she saw a figure. "I summoned my familiar!" She yelled.

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Fawkes was a very sad bird. Her beloved master had passed away. He was an old man, much like himself.. Herself... Hard to identify genders when the next burning day might change all that? The ones smelling of snakes had took him, but that was in the past... She had avenged him as best as she could, for now she had one final song to mourn him.

Finishing her song, she leapt from the walls of Hogwarts toward her next journey. Her large wings and red and golden coats and feather expanding out. She would miss the pleasant and warm stone walls of Hogwarts yes, but mostly she would miss Albus. The students of the school waved her goodbye as she flew away, hopefully she could find another soul to share her eternal life with.

"My servant that existed somewhere in this vast universe, my divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant, heed my call." Called an ethereal voice.

Fawkes did indeed think she was all those things, yet she could not tell from where this voice was coming from. Even now she was flying high and away from the Hogwarts grounds, not a broom in sight. The voice was nice, and desperate, and exactly the kind to which Fawkes felt a Phoenix such as herself should aid. She was speaking french though? A foreign student?

"I wish from very bottom of my heart and add to my guidance and appear!" The beautiful voice yelled.

Fawkes did want to appear and render aid, she was on her next grand adventure and saving a french girl was quite an adventure. Not that it prepared her for the portal in front of her. Which of course led straight into the hard ground...

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

The smoke cleared as Professor Colbert waived his staff, chanting a simple gust spell to clear the area.

"Ha ha ha, Louise summoned a birds butt!" A fat noble laughed.

Fawkes was squirming as her head had plowed straight into the earthy field of the courtyard. Her legs flailing outside as she tried to pull her head free.

Louise was a bit dumbstruck, she had summoned a simple bird, further it was a dumb bird and had attempted to become a mole Like Guiche's familiar Verðandi... What an embarrassment.

"Well Louise, it looks like you manage to summon something after all, perhaps you can teach it to fly instead of burrow?" Kirche teased her diminutive rival. Not a rival of magic of course.

Before Louise could start an annoying rant at the Germanian woman Colbert interrupted the noble spat. "Please finish the ritual Miss Valliere."

"Yes.." Louise sighed as she made her way fourth. Her new bird Familiar only now pulling its head free from the confines of the courtyards grounds.

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the five elemental powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar." The small pink head chanted as she kissed the weird looking bird.

Fawkes was glad she had free herself of the infernal ground. She was a phoenix by god, not a lowly mole! As she started to clean her feathers, she failed to notice the pink haired girl approach her. In the instant Fawkes was kissed, many questions swam through her head. Why is this girl kissing me? Was she the one who apparted me here? Is she really in trouble? Maybe I should just apparate away?"

Such thought were mute however as Fawkes felt a burning sensation. Why now, it's not time yet! It's not even a burning day! And so without so much as a chance to calm her racing mind, Fawkes burst into ashes...

"Harsh... Cruel... She calls herself a mage... Louise did you really just burn your Familiar to ashes!?" One final student sporting red hair and a large bust chimed in at the end.

The whispers and name calling started with a few murmurs as Louise started at the pile of ashes of her bird... Now pile of ashes Familiar...

Colbert had not expected to see his favorite student succeed, only for her to then fail at the very end of the ritual.

"Professor Colbert! Please allow me to try the summoning ritual again!" Louise shouted, despite the looks she got from her peers.

"I'm sorry Louise but this ritual is sacred. I'm sorry about what happened to your Familiar, but to repeat the Ritual again after this would be..." The man stopped speaking as he saw movement within the ashes.

"Hey, I think the Zero's Familiar is actually a pile of ashes?" Said one student who was then knocked in the head.

"Stupid, look inside, she summoned a small chick!" The other student replied.

Louise and Colbert both looked down to a see a small bird rising from the ashes of Louise's former Familiar.

Fawkes was singing happily, it's soul had resonated completely, more so then ever, more then Albus's Soul even. She had found her new beloved master. Her Familiar bond was so strong, she could swear she felt the small pink haired girl's magic flowing into her. This was incredible in itself as she felt the small girl had yet to awaken her magic with a proper wand. Of course this was very dangerous, she could still remember Ariana, Albus sister. Her new master had all the signs of an Obscurus! This just wouldn't do!

Everyone in the courtyard had hushed up, even the familiars. The small birds song all filled them with peace and love. It was calming, it was magical, it was powerful. Even Kirche could not say a word, as that would interrupt the beautiful song from the bird.

As the bird stopped its song, Professor Colbert shook his students shoulder to get her attention. "Congratulations on summoning your Familiar Miss Valerie."

"Thank you." Louise replied as she went to scoop up her Familiar, only for it to fly and land on her other shoulder.

"It seems to have taken quite a liking to you. Alright Class Dismissed." Colbert said, as he and the other students started to fly away.

Fawkes was a little startled to see so many witches and wizards flying around as if they were birds, it was slightly unnerving, where were their brooms hidden? Obviously she was in some french Magic Academy of some sort. Perhaps the same as the ones which had come to Hogwarts so many years ago. It's not like Fawkes cared what other witches and wizards did, now that she once again had a beloved master.

A cold sadness soon perpetuated in their magic link. Fawkes was concerned, her master was really sad! This must be taken care of at once, she most find out what causes such sadness... Then it hit Fawkes, her master yearned to fly! None of the other witches and wizards let her have her own broom since they could fly! On top of being groomed into an Obscurus, this very school was bullying her master! They wouldn't even let her fly! Fawkes could not have that, it was awful, she wanted her master to be happy! To fly with her!

Soon a plan formulated in Fawkes head. If the Witches and Wizards would not provide her master with the things she needed to succeed, then Fawkes would!

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Louise was sadly, Walking, back to her dorms. While she was extremely happy she had summoned Fawkes... Wait when did her bird have such a name? She hadn't named it yet? Well it was a good name, her mother would approve. Anyways it had not changed the fact she was still a zero. Plus a bird was not a very impressive Familiar. Even now she was being ridiculed because she couldn't cast a simple levitating spell!

"Wait Fawkes where are you going!" Louise called out as her bird burst into flames in the air yet again, this time leaving no ashes. Only a trace of flames fizzled out as her bird Familiar was nowhere to be seen.

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

A lone man, still weary from the very recent end of the war was sweeping out in front of his store in Daigon Alley. Above his store read. Quality Quidditch Supplies. The business had long since been in his family. He was just glad that the death eaters had also been rather big fans of the wizard sport quiditch and had mostly left his store front alone.

The man was quite shocked when he saw a bird materialize inside. No wait it was a blasted Phoenix of all things! And it was stealing one of his Firebolts on display!

The man fidgeted with his keys to open his shop's doors only to see his broom vanish in flames along with that Phoenix!

"Damn you Pheonix!" The man shouted.

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Now Phoenixes usually don't like to take things, but as Fawkes saw it, the wizarding world owed this young Witch. They had already failed her, so anything she grabbed at this point was fair game, she had done much worse really; for Albus anyways! Besides it wasn't taking if your intentions were pure, and serving once master was always a pure intention. She was no thief!

When she dropped the Firebolt racing broom in front of her new master, Fawkes expected to be praised, for her masters sadness to end.

What Fawkes had failed to account for, was the young Witch to be unprepared for her sudden disappearance.

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Louise had started to cry when her Familiar had run away, no, burst into flames again! Really, what had she done to fail so miserably. The only small grace she had was that her classmates weren't here to see it, Thank Brimir. Still even now she could feel magic, no willpower she had never felt before welling inside her, building up catastrophically. Not that it really mattered at this moment. Her Familiar was gone!

Looking up from her tears, she saw her Familiar reappear. It dropped a broom in front of her. Louise utter sadness abruptly halted. Her Familiar had returned... To mock her with a broom... As if saying, here failure mage, take a broom and become a commoner fully already!

Fawkes knew something was wrong, for when she returned she felt a great sadness through her link. One which was soon replaced with a cold hard fury. Emotions aside, what really worried Fawkes was her masters Obscurial magic running wild. This was potentially very bad!

"Fawkes! You dumb bird!" She yelled pointing her wand to the bird flying it way towards her...

An explosion went off as Fawkes body was yet again rendered to ashes... Dying twice in one day? Well if you could count burning days as dying. Fawkes did, but by that very logic, Fawkes has died thousands of times...

Louise raced past the stupid broom on the ground, and watched the ashes of her Familiar fall to the ground. She had never meant to incinerate her Familiar again... She was just so angry, and her magic just... Well it just acted on it's own. Again Louise cried..

Poking her beak through the ashes, Fawkes saw her master crying over her ashes yet again. This was so wrong! How dare those French Professors give her such a crude barely magical wand! It was no better then a random stick broken from a tree! It didn't even have a core! How dare they slight her master like this! Despite Fawkes rambling, he informed his master that everything would soon be okay, he would cure her of being an Obscurial.

Louise slowly calmed down, as her newly reborn Familiar sang once again. She reasoned that it wasn't her Familiars fault. It was trying to help her like all Familiars would. Other Familiars got their summoners reagents or other items for their use. Guiche's Mole could even search for all sorts of gems or magic stones in the ground. So reluctantly she grabbed the broom. She did not want to neglect her Familiars good intentions.

Fawkes flew alongside her new master, finding it odd that she did not ride her new broom, but alas, understanding witches and wizards was hard sometimes. And while she wanted to remedy her masters wand situation. She dared not leave her masters sight for now, as doing so might cause her to use Obscurial magic once again, and who knew how long she might last going down that route. No Fawkes could be patient, for now.

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

As Louise made it up the final steps to her dorm, she very much envied her classmates and Familiar's ability to fly.

"Oh you finally made it back Louise.. Oh whats this? Did you finally decide to become a commoner Louise?" Kirche eyed the broom she had carried up the stairs. The broom was odd, having needless metal poles hanging from it, serving what purpose Kirche couldn't fathom.

"Of course not Zerbst! My Familiar got it for me..." Louise stated.

Kirche started laughing. "What an interesting Familiar you have Louise. What will it ge you next, perhaps an apron?"

Louise felt indignant of her nemesis. Louise pulled out her wand only for her Familiar to start singing...

Calming herself, Louise put her wand away. The Zerbst was not worth the costs of repairing the dorms again...

"Well have a good night Louise, I can't wait to see what you Familiar will do next. Though I have to say, its songs are incredible." Kirche complimented her, or at the very least her Familiar.

Kirche not leaving well enough alone went for a final taunt as the pink haired girl entered her room. "Flame will never lose to your Familiar though. His flames are so hot, your puny bird would never stand a chance."

Kirche smiled for a brief moment, but scowled as Louise's Familiar glared at her. Her Salamander flame even cowered! That would not do!

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Her masters room was very nice, for a student anyways, she always did love Albus's decorations, oh which she had gotten most if not all of them for him. I can't wait to decorate the place properly, but alas I most first fix my masters main problems. Still the Phoenix noticed no burning plate or perch to rest on, nor did she see any other comfort of home. Not even a stash of lemon drops for her to devour! Nooo, this would not do!

Thankfully her master was already getting in bed, allowing her ample time to address her concerns. Her many many concerns. Thankfully Fawkes had watched her master for nearly a century, so she knew just the right things to get that night. Yes, Just the right things.

Tonight was going to be very busy, but Fawkes was a young Phoenix, with a powerful master, magic stronger than Albus himself. Yet the witch was still so preciously young, something Fawkes was glad about. She could not watch another die so soon after Albus had moved on. How she loathed snakes.

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

Harry was happy he had won the war, but saddened over everything they had lost. Still he had to keep going, a hero can never rest after all.

A flash of flame brought fourth a young Fawkes.

"Fawkes?" Harry asked the bird he recognized. It must have been reborn recently by the looks of things.

The bird flew over grabbing Harry's wand. "What are you doing Fawkes!" Harry cried out.

"Harry!" Hermoine yelled as she burst into the room, in which Harry was currently sleeping. She had Harry's cloak in her hand, she had recently recovered it before going to bed herself.

Tomorrow the order would be disbanded, the war was already over after all. But tonight they were all sleeping in the orders headquarters one final time. After all who better to help you get over your nightmares of war then your comrades.

"Fawkes took it!" Harry said sitting on his bum on the floor.

"Took what harry?" Hermoine asked.

"Fawkes just disarmed me and took my wand..." He stated.

"So wait. Let me get this straight, your wand, as in the Elder wand? And you were disarmed?" She stated.


As Hermoine sighed, Harry watched Fawkes reappear once again grabbing his invisibility cloak from her. "Hermoine the cloak!"

As Hermoine tried to pull the cloak away, Fawkes had already disappeared.

Hermoine froze, as she never expected this to happen. To make matters worse, the resurrection stone had been wrapped up in the cloak. Harry was going to be mad...

Fawkes continued after finding a proper wand and cloak for her master. Visiting many places to get the many things her master needed... No. What she was owed!

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

When Louise awoke, she felt a bit groggy. Sitting up in her bed, she heard the sweet melancholic voice of her Familiar... Yes her Familiar!

Louise shot out of bed nearly tripping over her new broom. Steadying herself on her wardrobe, she spotted, stuff.

Well this was odd, her room had been locked, its enchantments strong, her windows also enchanted. No one could have gotten in. She had made sure of it during her first school year, as she needed somewhere to avoid the bullies and properly study. Still she had not expected, well, this...

Her room was filled with all manner of new objects, some which she could not recognize. Objects that spun in circles defying gravity. Others which exuded smoke. Others which had no seemingly good purpose to them at all. Piles and piles of books were stacked all over her school books. Her wand had been replaced with a very expensive model her mother would never have allowed her to have or buy!

Hell even a portrait of some unknown old Nobleman sporting a long Grey beard and some very odd looking robes snoozed in her room. Was it enchanted? Why was the old man, who looked suspiciously like Old Osmond, sleeping in this painting? Who enchanted a portrait to depict someone snoring of all things! She couldn't even mute it!

Louise had had it. Her Familiar was huffing out it's big red chest like it was proud of what it had done. Which Louise had already made the connection too in her head. Her Familiar had brought all this stuff. Well threatening Fawkes with her new wand, might help her Familiar understand its place... Who was she kidding, it couldn't understand that. It was just a bird! It had grown overnight though... That wasn't the weirdest thing though, considering it had grown from a pile of ashes twice now. Oh it disappeared in flames too..

Grabbing her new wand, she was immediately shocked when sparkles of all different colors jetted out from it. She would have dropped it, had it not felt so right to keep holding on to it. Had her old wand even been a proper wand? Perhaps one of her bullies in first year had replaced her real wand? Brimir damn it, this wand just felt so right. Too her old wand, good rid-dense!

How could Louise be mad at her Familiar when it could bring back her proper wand like this? Yes, she must have been being bullied this whole time, her old wand was a fake all along! It made perfect sense! She wasn't a zero after all! Now maybe she could try casting a spell with a real wand. Maybe even a spell she had never tried before. Prove once and for all she was a proper mage!

Sitting down at her desk, she started going through some of the books. She ignored the other pile of books which had the same noble man's name as in the portrait in her room plastered on them. This pile sat on the floor beneath the portrait. She didn't even see the pile of books currently burning in her fireplace, author by some poor nobody named Gildroy Lockhart. Had she, she might have wondered why her Familiar had placed them there, unaware of her Familiar's desire to warm the room up... Just as her former master had done so.

Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp. What kind of book is this, what's Quidditch, and is that man seriously sitting on a broom? Seeing the book as utter nonsense, she put it aside.

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot. What was there know about history, Brimir and the elves of yore were the only things mentioning besides the formation of Halkeginia.

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling. Now this book's title made sense, and would be put away for further study later.

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch. Louise again was not sure what Transfiguration was, it sounded an awful lot like transmutation so she also set it aside.

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore. This book seemed like it would be useful, but she did not care about having expeditions to gather herbs for potions. Maybe she could sell it to her classmate Montmorency?

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger. She put that book alongside the previous, more ECU for her. Who cared about brewing potions, or glory for that matter, who would write something so silly in a textbook. Would teachers quote it?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander. Again a book she had little interest in, although the pictures inside where nice, oh, maybe her familiar would be in the book? She set the book aside for reading later. Calling her Familiar Fawkes, a bird, when it clearly had a proper species name, was firmly on her to do list. She was a Valerie after all. Her mother had a Manticore, and she had, …. a Bird.

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble. A book most likely on combating elves or their ilk, a bit advanced, but maybe it was an introductory? She didn't even bother reading it's contents.

The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 by Miranda Goshawk. Louise, stared at the book, she hit pay dirt.

Louise hardly recognized the authors or their contents at the moment, but eventually found a book by a Miranda Goshawk. She had no idea who this noble was. It was a grade one book, and it looked quite old, still it would serve it's purpose. She would prove she could cast spells now that she had a proper wand!

Still the text was complex, and the hand movements, and spell pronunciation was much more strict and complex then her normal material for classes. The author had even declared in her preface that the five elemental magics were outdated and obsolete. Going on and on about the utility of modern magic utilizing Charms, Jinxes, Hexes, and Transfiguration. It might be misconstrued as Hersey, but Louise couldn't be sure without reading further.

Some powerful mage, who seemed to be praised nearly as much as Brimir, named Merlin, seemed to come up as well. This Merlin, no doubt a Nobleman, seemed to press for magic above all the elements, which suspiciously sounded like Louise's own schooling on the subject of void magic. But that was impossible, plus this book was old. No one ever taught void magic right?

Flipping a few pages further, she came across one of the first spells in the books curriculum. A spell designed to create light for it's caster, seemed easy enough? It had some pretty basic hand movements and incantations. Though she had no idea what Lumos meant...

*Chapter One: Summoning A Bird*

One certain Phoenix was very proud of her work. She had filled her masters new room with the tools necessary for her master. From books, to knick knacks, even a bowl full of Lemon drops. Her best accomplishment was nabbing her previous masters portrait right under the noses of those vile Elvish creatures that were cleaning her masters previous home. Her home! She even had grabbed her old perch and placed it right by her masters bedside!

Thankfully she had recovered most of her former masters things before the witches and wizard could get rid of them, how dare they try and do that! But now her new master could enjoy them. Her old master had enjoyed all her gifts over the years after all. And once her master woke up. Well, it would be like that "Christmas" those witches and wizards celebrate... Or was it Halloween, where they got presents and feasted?

That was a puzzle in itself, but Fawkes always got treats on such holidays, so she would not say they were dumb. In fact she had brought Albus many gifts. When she and Albus were both young, she had mostly gotten him rodents and other small prey. Turns out Witches and Wizards in Albus's case, preferred other things. Like when she first discovered lemon drops!

Albus's sister appreciated seeing the animals squirm, but alas Albus had not. It was too bad Albus had never learned the art of turning into a Phoenix, like his inner self wished too, then they could have flown together. He had a friend that was a cat, so she knew he could do it to if he had tried harder earlier in his life.

Well at least her new master could ask her former master for advice. Witches and Wizards were so clever, and while the portrait wasn't her real former master, it did ease her nerve to see and hear and friendly face. It would probably inspire her new master as well. His snore was very calming after all.

Wait, her master was waking up. She could sense it, her magic core being roused for the day. Hell her magic was even being drawn towards her new wand. Still her new master gawked at all her new things, totally missing her new cloak hanging on her bedside, as well as the bowl of lemon drops that had been left out.

Instead his master was drawn to her new wand. Her master grabbed it, and Fawkes chirped in triumph!

Success! Her master had awakened her magic, it was even more powerful then she had originally believed, what kind of life would her and her new master get to live!? Would she become even better then Albus had, maybe the next scion of this world, only time could tell. God she hoped snakes didn't mess with her master. Thankfully she had made sure to hang her prized sword on the wall, she had nabbed it from that stupid hat, it wasn't protecting anyone in there. Her master most have a proper blade after all, haven forbid she should she ever lose her wand.

Curiously enough, rather then try using her new wand, Fawkes master instead started looking more thoroughly at the other items Fawkes had brought. If Fawkes could, she would be blushing, as she was very proud of her work last night.

Eventually her master settled on going through those books witches and wizards loved to read. Fawkes never saw the point, when she wanted to use magic she just did, well so was the life of witches and wizards though. She would never bother to read them. It seemed like it was easy enough to secure books for her master though. Witches and Wizards just tended to leave them lying out in the open. They would never expect the crafty phoenix that apparates right to their collections. Besides Hogwarts wouldn't miss it's exchange library for foreign students. The school never really had any foreign students except that one time. And what a mess that was.

So books where covered, and she had traveled with Albus in the Wizards Diagon Alley enough times. Yes if the needs arises, she could get everything her master would need that these dumb wizards had never afforded her. Yes, Fawkes held these Wizards in contempt. She would never allow her master to be an Obscurial! All their plans would make way for her new powerful master!

Her master was now practicing the wand movements for a basic spell, of which spell Fawkes had no idea, but she could see the well practiced hands. She was smart, just like like her Albus, she'd be following her books instructions to the letter. A wise and powerful master she would be, no doubt.

Louise flicked her wrist as the book commanded, and even added the flairs it required, from the wrist to each finger, and then she chanted. "Lumos!"

The room brightened, like the sun itself had poured into the room, everything was well lit, despite her curtains being drawn. The light was blinding. Yet despite her eyes being sore, Louise knew one thing. She was not a zero!

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