I am doing an Eternal with the Avengers fanfic. Thanks to CMXB for letting me borrow and modded the first chapter of his Avengers Build Up fanfic and thanks to Spartan719 for letting borrow a scene from his Code Eternal fanfic. There will be Artemis, Scáthach, Irisviel, and Tiamat from Type Moon, C.C from Code Geass, and Hestia from DanMachi will be in this fanfic though I am trying to figure out when I should have them appear. C.C will also be in this as the new Kamen Rider Skull using the T2 Skull Gaia Memory. My Eternal OC will get a Capuchin monkey named Jack. You guys don't even need to guess where this came from though I did read a fanfic by sakurademonalchemist where Harry is an Auditor that inspired me to do the monkey for this. The harem so far is Irisviel, C.C, Emma Frost/White Queen, Amora/Enchantress, Silver Sable, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Tiamat, Artemis, Scáthach, Hestia, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, and Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel. Besides Irisviel and C.C who will be with my OC when he comes to America, Emma Frost who picks up the 3, and Amora during the second episode the order of when he meets each girl is not decided yet. Shiro, Irisviel, and C.C will be Mutants and my OC will have been trained as a ninja. C.C will have the Phoenix Force. I am bumping the Avengers' date to 2019.

(Date: 4/7/2010: Unknown location in Japan: 8:00 P.M)

In a forest clearing there is a 13-year-old boy was laying down watching the stars. He has black and white hair (think Charlemagne from Type Moon), jewel like topaz eyes, and six whisker markings on his cheeks three each.

This is Shiro Sarutobi a descendant of Sasuke Sarutobi the leader of the Sanada Ten Braves and he is a ninja in training.

When he closed his eyes for a second he felt something fall into his lap. He sat up and It was a white USB flash drive with a yellow E on it and saw that there were others like but different colors and different letters.

"What's this?" Shiro further studied the memory and then noticed a button it. Shiro thought of pushing the button seeing there's no harm in doing so.


Then, all of a sudden a white flash blinded Shiro and he finds himself in a strange white plain. He looked around for any signs of life until he heard a voice.

"So, you are my new user?" Shiro turned to see a white armored person. His armor was white, blue flame patterns on his gauntlets and cuffs on his feet, and a vest with empty slots and bands with them on his arm and leg. His helmet had yellow insect eyes with a black stripe going around them and the back of his helmet and on his forehead was a trident with a gem on the base.

"Who are you?"

"I am called Kamen Rider Eternal."

"Eternal?" Shiro questioned and looked at the Eternal Memory. Eternal nodded and looked at the Eternal Memory in Shiro's palm.

"Yes, you appear to have my Gaia Memory."

"Gaia Memory?" Eternal nodded and proceeded to explain to the Ninja in training what the Gaia Memories are.

"Gaia Memories are devices that contain the power and knowledge of a certain aspect of Earth. But be warned using a Gaia Memory on human flesh can have…consequences."

"What kind of consequences?" Instead of an answer Eternal knelt down and placed his index finger on the young boy's forehead. Shiro saw images people sticking Gaia Memories into their skins and as an effect he saw them transformed into various monsters. When Eternal stopped Shiro took a deep breath before asking. "What…What were those things?"

"Dopant creatures created from Gaia Memories alone. Without a Driver the user will become influenced by the Memory making them unstable."

"Driver?" Eternal gestured the young boy to his belt. It looked like half of the letter W, it was red and on the right was Memory slot with a silver rim on it. Eternal the started to explain what Drivers are.

"Drivers are devices made to filter the Gaia Memories' raw power allowing the user to use the Memories' power without succumbing to it. My Driver is called a Lost Driver which doesn't transform the user into a dopant but instead forms armor with powers regarding to the Memory. Let me show you how it's used." Once again Eternal placed his finger on Shiro's forehead and received images. Shiro saw a young man in his 20s-30s, he had brown hair with a blue strain, wore a black leather vest with red highlighting, black cargo pants, and black combat boots. On his waist was the device that Eternal wears but the slot was straight. He saw him pressed the button on the Memory placed the Eternal Memory into the slot, tilted it, and yelled out something.




A tune was playing, and particles formed around the man and when it was done a blue flame engulfed him, but it died down quickly. He looked exactly like Eternal. Eternal placed his finger away waiting to hear another question from the young Ninja in training. "Who was that?"

"Katsumi Daido, my previous user."

"Whatever happened to him?" Eternal, once again, placed his finger on Shiro and he saw Kastumi's plans, some of life as a Necro-Over, and finally his demise by Kamen Rider W. Shiro questioned how Katsumi's demise was very huge event but noted that he never heard of it. When Eternal stopped and gave Shiro time. "How come I never heard of Katsumi's death?" Eternal's answer was something that Shiro would not have expect.

"It is because I am from another world." Lelouch eyes widened as Eternal continued his explanation. "You saw Katsumi's death along with most of the T2 Memories being destroyed. The impact was supposed to destroy me and the rest of them but instead it teleported us to your world." Shiro took all this information but then thought of the other Memories loose on the ground around him and what he could do if he use all of them. But he saved that thought for another day and gave Eternal a different one.

"Why did your Memory and the rest end up with me?" Eternal simply chucked before giving Shiro a response.

"Gaia Memories like mine choose their users and are the most effective with our chosen users. I know everything about you, Shiro, the second you touched the button on the memory, and I've seen what you faced through your life; your father and mother's death and with intelligence, determination, and beliefs such as yours, you remind me of Katsumi hopefully you will reach a much more promising end than he did. Which is why you will be my new user and the new Kamen Rider Eternal." Shiro gasped at this but smiled now knowing he has the power to stand up against the ones responsible for his parents' deaths but there were still a couple of things.

"How can I fight if I don't have a Lost Driver?" Eternal for the last time placed his finger on Shiro and when he was finished for some reason Shiro knew how to make a Lost Driver.

"I have given you my knowledge of the Lost Driver, so you can make it and more if need be. There should be resources in your world to make a few. I have also given you a way to create more T2 Gaia Memories as well as repair them and after seeing your lifestyle I have given you Katsumi's fighting abilities and his physique without converting you to a Necro-over. Allow me to demonstrate." Eternal then attempted to punch Shiro in the face but instead Shiro quickly dodged and grabbed Eternal's other fist that was also coming for him. Shiro gasped at his newfound abilities. Eternal then began to walk away. "The next time you will see me is when you will first use my power but be warned you will not use all of it until the time is right." Shiro's eyes were blinded by another bright light.

Shiro found himself where he was sitting on the tree stump. He looked at the Eternal Memory which was in his palm and pressed the button again.


"I have new powers. But I can't help but wonder though. Will it be enough to help me to take them down?" Questioned Shiro. Shiro then picked up the other remaining T2 Gaia Memories. After looking at them he found out that they were Accel, Cyclone, Heart, Iceage, Luna, Metal, Ocean, Nasca, Skull, Trigger, Weather and Unicorn T2 Gaia Memories. There was also a damaged Memory which was Fang, but he had a plan for it thanks to Eternal giving info on the other Fang Memory.

"I better get back home." Said Shiro as he went back home with the Memories.

(9 years later: 1:35 P.M: U.S New York:)

A plane from Japan touches down and in a few minutes the passengers start getting off it. On is an older Shiro and by his sides holding his arms between their breasts. The one on the right is a beautiful 23-year-old woman with long snow-white hair, fair beautiful warm red eyes that are like rubies and is wearing a burgundy blouse with a brooch, a white skirt, thigh-high white boots, and black tights. This is Irisviel von Einzbern or as she lets Shiro and those close to call her Iris. On the left is a beautiful 22-year-old woman with long, almost waist-length light green hair and golden eyes, wearing a white with black band fedora, a sleeveless black uniform with a high collar, gold trim, and a green and gold Phoenix symbol on the chest. The lower end of the uniform splits off into four long pieces that nearly extend to the floor. A long, adorned red sash is also worn around the waist. She is also wearing long black gloves with gold trim kept on with red bands on the upper arms as well as long white and gold high-heeled boots. Underneath her uniform she is wearing a cropped sleeveless white turtleneck and white boy shorts. This is Charlotte Crawford or C.C as she prefers to be called. Shiro is wearing a white button up long sleeve shirt, ¾ long black jacket that has white lines on it, black pants, and black shoes (Type Moon Gilgamesh's Biker Outfit). As they went to pick up their luggage while many men and a few women were looking at Irisviel and C.C in lust while glaring at Shiro in envy while many women and a few men were looking at him in lust while glaring at Iris and C.C with envy. Shiro, Iris, and C.C notices the looks but ignore the looks as they grab their luggage bags and exit the Airport. Outside was a white limo and a butler holding a sign saying "Sarutobi" on it.

"There's our ride." C.C said as they spotted it.

"Yep! It was so nice of Sissy to pay for our tickets and pick us up." Iris said cheerfully.

The Butler puts down the sign and opens the door for them. They said their thanks as they entered the car. In it was a woman. The woman in the limo is a tall, beautiful 26-year-old, woman with fair skin, pale blonde hair, and blue eyes who possesses a curvaceous figure and long shapely legs. She is wearing a white top and jacket, white jeans, and a belt. For accessories, she is wearing a white collar around her neck as well as blue lipstick and purple eyeshadow. This is Emma Frost (Wolverine and the X-Men version) Iris' half-sister due to Emma's father having an affair.

"Sissy!" Iris exclaimed as she hug her Sister. Emma chuckles happy to see her sister, Shiro, and C.C as she hugs her sister.

"Hello Iris, how is my little sister doing?

"I'm doing great! I have been having so much fun with Shiro and C.C." Iris said blushing a bit remembering some "fun" she, Shiro, and C.C had a few days ago.

"That's good to hear. Hello Shiro and C.C thank you for taking care of Iris." Emma said blushing a bit at Shiro.

"Hey Emma, it's good to you again. It was no problem after all you and Iris are our friends and thanks for the ride." Shiro said smiling a bit as he and C.C sat down. C.C nodded.

"Same." C.C said.

Emma blushed a bit harder at Shiro's smile but quickly dispels her blush as she asks the Driver to take them back to her penthouse suite that she was letting the three stay at while they were in New York. When they got there, they unpacked their bags and put everything away in the bedroom they were staying in. after that was done they hanged out with Emma a bit talking about their journey so far to takedown Hydra for killing Shiro's parents and experimenting on C.C. They managed to take out a few outposts and captured and/or killed many Hydra agents but they were no closer to taking them down then Shield was. After a couple hours they took a shower with Emma joining them but there was no action (which disappointed Emma since she wanted some action with Shiro) because of the jetlag. They ate dinner and went to bed early.

(Next day. 11:17 A.M)

Shiro, C.C, and Iris decided to explored New York while Emma took care of some business she has to do while in New York. While walking they saw and saw that the bank across from them was being rob by The Juggernaut, Doctor Octopus, and Electro (think of the version of them that looks the best to you. Oh, and I am only writing the looks of Shiro and his girls). Shiro, C.C, and Iris look at each other and nodded and then ran to an alleyway. After making sure no one was looking Shiro and C.C both on a Lost Driver and Shiro took out the Eternal Memory while C.C took out the Skull Memory. Both pressed the buttons on their respective Memories while Iris became covered in white and gold flames.



Shiro placed the Eternal Memory into the slot of his Driver and C.C did the same with the Skull Memory and her Driver and took off her hat, both tilted their Drivers, and yelled out together.




A tune was playing, and particles formed around Shiro and when it was done a blue flame engulfed him, but it died down quickly. Shiro became Kamen Rider Eternal. Wind whipped around C.C and dark fragments whipped around her body, forming into a black armored bodysuit with silver accents. Her chest plate had a rib-like patten and the helmet resembled a skull with large black eyes, a scar running down the right eye, and a grilled mouth plate, The armor also sported a white scarf that hung from her neck. She became Kamen Rider Skull. The flames covering Iris died down revealing her in a new outfit. She is wearing a skintight suit mainly green with the arms and legs of it gold and a gold color belt on her waist. The neck and a bit of the chest is black with a gold color Phoenix on it. She was also wearing a black with white eyes domino mask and her hair was on fire a white color fire to be exact (I used Jean Grey's Phoenix outfit). Eternal then summons his weapon which is a combat knife called the Eternal Edge and Skull summons her weapon which is a gun called the Skull Magnum. They then went to the roofs as the three villains exit the bank Skull and Phoenix blasts Doctor Octopus and Electro while Eternal places the Accel Memory in the Maximum Drive Slot.


Eternal then accelerates and slashes The Juggernaut multiple times with his knife causing sparks to appear on him.

"Gahh!" All three villains cried out pain as Skull and Phoenix went to Eternal's side on the ground. The villains then regain their senses as they glared the heroes.

"Tch Who the hell are you three!?" The Juggernaut yelled.

"I am the man who will bring retribution on you! Kamen Rider Eternal! Now embrace your eternal hell!" Eternal said.

"Now you three should count up your sins! Kamen Rider Skull!" Skull said as she puts her hat back on.

"The Immortal Firebird! I am Phoenix!" Phoenix said.

All three villains growled not caring for their introductions and instead start fighting. Skull took on Doctor Octopus, Phoenix took on Electro, and Eternal took on The Juggernaut. Electro sends out electric bolts at Phoenix who counters with fireballs. Phoenix then sends a big fire wave at Electro who blocks it using a lot of electricity but that was planned by Phoenix who then use her telekinesis to open a water hydrant and uses her telekinesis to direct the water to Electro which we all know water + electricity = a massive shock which knocks him out. Doctor Octopus sends his tentacles at Skull trying to grab her, but she dodges all of his attempts while shooting at him which most of them hit him. Deciding to end this quickly she places her Skull Memory in the Skull Magnum.


"Skull Punisher!" Skull exclaimed as a powerful energy burst were fired from the Skull Magnum and towards Doctor Octopus hitting him and knocking him out. The Juggernaut charges at Eternal but Eternal dodges it. Knowing that the Juggernaut is almost impossible to defeat he remove the Accel Memory and replace it with the Heat Memory, and he summons the Trigger Magnum and places the Trigger Memory in it.



"Dragon Gunfire!" Eternal said as he shoots out a huge fireball from the Trigger Magnum at The Juggernaut which hits him thankfully damaging him.

"Gahh!" The Juggernaut cried out in pain. Eternal grunts in pain as sparks start appearing on his body hurting him but knowing that would not be enough he quickly switches back to the Eternal Edge and places the Eternal Memory in it and change the Memory in the Maximum Drive slot to the Unicorn Memory.



"Take this! Eternal End!" Eternal said as intense energy covers his knife's blade extending it as he slashes The Juggernaut damaging him greatly and knocking him out.

"Gaahh!" Eternal yelled out as he falls to his knees in intense pain as a result of the two Twin Maximum Drives. Skull and Phoenix went to his side worry for his health as reporters and police are about to arrive.

"Great." Skull said as Phoenix used her flames to teleport them away to avoid being caught by news reporters or the police.

After that day, a few people have been talking about the new heroes that appeared while there wasn't any footage from the news there was few footage from people's phones, at Stark Tower the famous billionaire playboy was in his lab and he heard the news from a paper.

"Kamen Rider Eternal, Kamen Rider Skull, and Phoenix. Interesting seems we got a trio of new heroes in town, Jarvis can you find any information on them" Tony asked Jarvis.

"Right away sir." Jarvis said.

Then a screen appeared with the footage from someone's phone, it showed Eternal, Skull, and Phoenix fighting Electro, Doctor Octopus, and The Juggernaut winning and knocking them out.

Tony whistled and said, "Not bad, I wonder how they made those suits."

(A few days later)

After healing up from the two Twin Maximum Drives he used Shiro, C.C, and Iris were out in and about while Emma was dealing with a meeting she had to do they felt the ground shaking and saw people fighting at the docks.

"Looks like we need to go help." Shiro said to Iris and C.C as they go towards the docks.

When they arrived, they found two people there looking at the fight, one was a black man that he heard was Nick Fury while the other one was Ant Man a hero, they look up to see the villain and they heard from them was Graviton, they saw him defeat two heroes one he knew was Iron man while the other was a female hero that had a wasp like dress, he sent Iron man into space.

"What are Graviton's upper limits?" Ant Man asked Fury.

"We studied him for years and as far as we can tell he doesn't have any, what do you think you're going to do Pym, talk him down." Fury said.

"No, it's too late for that." Ant Man said.

"Would you need any help?" they looked back to see Shiro, Iris, and C.C smirking.

"This is no place for a trio of civilians to be here." Fury warned him.

"We know, but we are not exactly normal civilians." Shiro said as Shiro and C.C take out their Lost Drivers and Iris then became covered in white and gold fire surprising them, they then put them on their waists.

Graviton then noticed Shiro, C.C and Iris and Wasp saw him too and she said: "Wait who are they?"

Shiro then takes out the T2 Eternal Memory and said: "It's time for you to face Eternal." He press the button


"And pay for your sins with Skull." C.C said as she press the button took off her hat.



They said as they then place the Memories in the Drivers.



They tilted the Drivers and transform into Eternal and Skull as Iris transforms into Phoenix.

"I am the man who will bring retribution on you! Kamen Rider Eternal! Now embrace your eternal hell!" Eternal said.

"Now count up your sins! Kamen Rider Skull!" Skull said as she puts her hat back on.

"The Immortal Firebird! I am Phoenix!" Phoenix said.

Everyone got surprised and Fury said: "Wait you three are Eternal, Skull and Phoenix."

"Yes now let's us deal with this Villain." Eternal said.

Ant Man nodded and he pressed the side of his belt and he became Giant Man, he then goes after Graviton but then Graviton sent a force wave at him sending Giant Man back but then Graviton got kicked in the head by Eternal and Skull who jumped back to the pier.

"You pest, you will pay for that." Graviton said.

Wasp came to Eternal's side and said: "Well you got him mad."

"Good." Eternal said.

"Why is that good?" Wasp questioned.

"Because if you aren't in control then anger will lead to your defeat." Skull said.

Graviton tried to send him down but Eternal speeds around him and hits him from behind, Wasp shot a few beams at his face, while Skull and Phoenix shoots at him making him get distracted, then from the water came Thor surprising Eternal, Skull, and Phoenix and he hit Graviton away with his hammer, Graviton landed where the cranes were, and he saw Wasp, Giant Man, Eternal, Skull, Phoenix and Thor going towards him.

He gets up and said: "This can't be I am the strongest there is." then something crashed behind him and he saw it was the Hulk.

"You sure about that." Hulk said and he charges at Graviton punching him away.

"is that the Hulk?" Giant Man said.

"Isn't he supposed to be a bad guy?" Wasp asked.

"Looks like appearances aren't everything. Now let's finish this fight." Eternal said

"Yes, let us vanquish this villain." Thor said and they charge at Graviton.

Graviton was fighting the Hulk who slammed him to the ground, then he got hit by a beam from Iron man who came back, Graviton then sent a shockwave sending them away, he then used his powers to send multiple containers at Hulk but then they were stop by Eternal, Skull, and Phoenix who slash and blast them away.

"Your helping me?" Hulk asked confused.

"Of course, now let's take him down." Eternal said and Hulk smirked.

They charge at him with all the heroes coming closer to him, Thor and Iron man shot beams at making him defend himself but only for Hulk and Build to hit him.

"No." Graviton said and then he used his powers to bring Hulk and Build down to the floor.

"Take him down." Iron man said and they charged at him.

Graviton then points his hand at them bringing each of the heroes down to the floor with gravity.

"You fools I possess the power of the universe itself I am power." Graviton said and he then flies up to the air and cloud surrounds them with everything from the docks being brought into it. Phoenix use her powerful telekinesis to lessen the gravity on them. Graviton looked down in shock and Eternal holding the Unicorn Memory about to put the Memory in the Maximum Drive slot, he then made more pressure trying to stop Eternal and then threw containers at him, the Hulk then jumps in front of Eternal and throws the Containers away.

"Thanks." Eternal said grateful for Hulk protecting him

"No one is that powerful." Graviton said.

Hulk looked behind to see Eternal and smiles at him who nodded as Skull puts the Skull Memory in the Skull Magnum.

(Play W by Mitsuru Matsuokz.)


"Skull Punisher!" Skull exclaimed as a powerful energy burst were fired from the Skull Magnum and towards Graviton hitting him and causing him to stop his power, then he saw Hulk tackle him to the ground and all of the heroes to strike, Hulk was smashing Graviton down, but he sent him away, then he got hit from Iron Man uni beam along with Wasp blasting him and before he could take them down Phoenix sent a pillar of fire underneath him burning and sending Graviton to the air and then Giant Man punches him up and Thor made a thunderstorm appear.

"This is your punishment Graviton now to finish this." Eternal said and he puts the Unicorn Memory in the Maximum Driver slot.


"Corkscrew Punch!" Eternal said as an energy drill around his right fist as then hits Graviton making him scream then Thor sent a giant thunder blast at him too causing a huge explosion, lands on the floor and then saw Graviton crash in the same crater he was in before. The heroes all regrouped to see Graviton scorched up and could barely move.

"Who's strongest now?" Hulk said to him.

"You had the power to do anything." Giant Man said then he turns back to normal. "And you used to put millions of lives in risk."

"How sad." Eternal said.

"Agreed." Skull and Phoenix said going to his side and both sends a blast knocking Graviton down.

"Come, let us celebrate." Thor said putting his arms around Iron man, Build, Hulk and Ant man.

"Freeze." They look to see a whole army of Shield soldiers. "Step away from the Hulk, he's a fugitive from the cube."

Hulk got angry but then Iron man went in front of him and said: "You want the Hulk you get through me, the Hulk saved us all he's a hero, as sure as any of us." Then all the heroes went in front of the Hulk to back him up.

"Stand down." Fury said going in front of his men. "We got bigger problems than the Hulk, 74 supervillains are now on the lose all across the country maybe the world by now."

"How did this happen Fury?" Iron Man asked.

"I don't know, but we can find out together, come work for me as shield agents you can make a real difference." Fury said.

"No." Ant Man said and they all look at him. "this is your fault isn't it, Shield created Graviton, whatever you had Hall doing, it changed him, you kept him under wraps, and this happened."

"Fury's right." Iron man said shocking them.

"What, you of all people going to work for Shield." Wasp said.

"No, he's right about us making a difference together, one on one we can each take a villain or two but 74, none of us can do it alone, together we have a chance, what we did here can change things, the world needs us, but not as Shield agents as a team our own, together we can avenge the wrongs caused by all these villains." Iron man said.

"We can be Avengers." Wasp said.

"Huh, good name." Hulk said.

"Yeah, we're the Avengers." Eternal said.

"That's the spirit." Iron Man said.

"Hey, we should invite Sissy to join the team!" Phoenix said excitedly.

"I don't see the harm in that." Skull said.

"Who is Sissy?" Iron Man asked.

"Her sister. Her name is Emma Frost." Skull said.

"The White Queen? Isn't she the headmistress of a school?" Ant man said.

"Yep!" Phoenix said proudly.

"I'll send her an invite." Iron Man said.

"Eh don't bother. We are planning to spent some time with her tomorrow so we can take care of the invite." Eternal said. Iron Man nodded letting them take care of it.

And so, on that day a new team was formed, Eternal, Skull, and Phoenix will have to face a world full of Villains and heroes, but they won't do it alone as they are now Avengers.