Elizabeth Keen: Conclusion

There were many times Liz Keen had slipped through the Task Forces' fingers while on the run. At least two of those times while she was at the Post Office, their home field advantage. So, when they went out to follow another lead, Aram expected to come up empty again. Liz Keen knew how to think three steps ahead of all of them, somehow. He had no idea it would end today, with him.

Aram entered the room, gun drawn, and saw her standing there at a small computer table, back to him.

"Hands where I can see them," he said, admittedly a bit more timid-sounding than he would have liked. When she didn't move, he said it again, this time with force.


And with that, she slowly put her hands up and pivoted toward him, locking eyes with him for the first time since that moment in the Post Office right before she and Agnes took off. There was no mistaking it this time, it was really her. Liz Keen. Aram didn't move. He was frozen with the weight of what was finally happening. As the team worked to clear the building, she just had to be in the room he was tasked to search. His mind went back to that phone call after the explosion in the hospital, when she tried to kill Reddington and almost killed Ressler in the process. "Next time I see you, you'll be under arrest," he told her. But he couldn't arrest her the last time he saw her, with Agnes there. This time was different. He would not longer be swayed. She had gone too far, done too much, and it had to end.

"Aram." Liz said, in a calm voice.

"Don't…don't say anything." Aram pleaded. He took the handcuffs from his pocket and tossed them to her. He didn't trust her, or himself, very much in this moment. "Put them on," he said.

She looked down at the handcuffs, as if she knew this time would come. And she slowly latched them on each wrist in front of her. As she did so, Aram swallowed and breathing heavily.

"Elizabeth Keen, you're under arrest…" he started.

As Aram was reading her rights to her, and listing out all of the charges he could come up with in his mind, knowing he was probably forgetting a half dozen of them, the team could hear him through his comms. Park stopped where she was, gun also drawn, and backtracked to find out where Aram was in the building. Ressler, currently on the roof, quickly turned to the stairwell and raced down the steps as fast as he could shouting, "Aram, where are you?!"

"I'm in the southwest corner of the building, third floor," Aram said calmly, yet breathlessly. As he finished reading Liz her rights, and her handcuffs firmly in place, he realized he could holster his weapon. He noticed his hands were a bit shaky as he did so.

He stepped closer to Liz and they looked in each other's eyes. Her eyes beginning to look moist, not with defeat, but with pity at what her friend just had to endure. Of what she was putting him through. Aram's eyes moist with the pain of arresting her. Through all she had done, he could still see his friend there. It wasn't easy, but he felt confident in that moment that it was still the right thing to do.

Just then Ressler burst through the doorway, almost sliding across the floor. He stopped cold at the sight of her. "Liz," he whispered. It had been so long since he had seen her; he soaked up her whole face, and melted a moment in her eyes. He quickly holstered his gun and came upon them.

"You cuffed her?" his pained face asked of Aram.

He gently pulled her hands up and held the cuffs lightly, her wrists securely locked.

"And read her her rights," Aram confidently said to Ressler.

"She doesn't need these, take them off," Ressler said to Aram looking him in the eye.

"She does, it had to be done…" Aram said as the two of them went back and forth arguing in front of her.

Liz could see that Ressler was putting up a wall; picking a fight with Aram to avoiding feeling in this moment.

"Ressler," she said, but he and Aram were still going at it. Ressler's eyes were beginning to well as he begged Aram to take the cuffs off. He wasn't thinking straight and he wasn't listening. Finally, she broke through.

"Donald," She said calmly, placing her cuffed hands over his jacket lapels. The sound of his name and the closeness of her stopped him mid-sentence and he was forced to look her in the eyes. They held their gaze for a moment, and she could feel the immense pain he was feeling having to endure this exchange.

"It's okay," she said, looking up at him. "It's alright," she tried to assure him.

He didn't know what to say. He took her by the elbows, and while he couldn't find the words for all the things he wanted to say for the many weeks she was on the run, the tears threatening to drop told the story. Her eyes reciprocated. He responded by squeezing his eyes closed tightly and dropping his head to her shoulder. There they stood, as more agents swarmed the room, as Park came in with a very quizzical look on her face, as Aram instinctively backed off to give them their moment, an island unto themselves.