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Blundering Aimlessly Towards Disaster

Harry Potter won the war in the name of the greater good, but the new light government went ahead and corrupted itself with its own version of radicalism. Now they want to silence Harry for speaking out against them. Their solution is to brand him as a rising dark lord and send him on a quick stroll through the veil. No one expected him to step out of his old body and into a new one. Given another chance at life, at least forty years before he was meant to be born, Harry has the chance to steer the wizarding world in a less self-destructive path. The question is, does he even want to get involved?

Chapter One

Life after the final battle had been everything Harry hoped it would; for about five years. The defeat of Voldemort and subsequent rise to power of the light side had farther reaching consequences than Harry could have imagined. Light radicles, which consisted of much of the light and neutral wizarding community, took to heart the notion that everything the dark side had stood for was evil and immoral. They decided that the only proper thing to do was live in such a way that reflected the exact opposite of those dark ideals. Instead of ridding the world of muggles they wanted to integrate them into the wizarding world.

Of course, it hadn't started out that way. As with most bad ideas this one had been born from good intentions. Light activists began petitioning the ministry to reach out to the families of muggle born witches and wizards earlier in their life so their children could have a smoother transition into the wizarding world when they began their education. Close on its heels was the desire to better understand the muggle world. Re-educating an entire population was not a viable option but teaching the children was. Within two years there was a total overhaul of the muggle studies curriculum. At the time Harry had seen this as a wonderful development. Knowledge bred understanding, but with knowledge comes power and with power comes greed. The backlash of introducing science and technology to the world of magic had been spectacular.

Wizards took to scientific exploration of magical phenomena like Arthur Weasley took to rubber ducks. Even the Unspeakables, who protected the Wizarding World's largest secrets, were seduced by the lure of progress. In less than a year they had made huge advances in the way they understood and used magic, but many felt it wasn't enough. Muggles were capable of things wizards had yet to dream of and they could do so without magic. It was amazing and terrifying and Wizards around the world wanted in, in a big way. That is where the notion that exposing the magical community to muggles would be a good idea came from. With the muggles advanced technology and the wizard's ability to use magic they could potentially create the perfect world; or something to that effect.

Harry knew better. The wizarding world was greatly underestimating the muggle community. In their own arrogance they never considered that muggles could pose a threat to wizards, magical advances or not. For starters, the muggle population dwarfed the magical population ten to one. Their weaponry was nothing to sneeze at either. If things went south, as Harry suspected they would, muggles could launch a missile from a remote location, they had no need for a face-to-face confrontation. Maybe the wizards could stop or contain the detonation, maybe they could not, and even if they could some muggle bombs were so powerful that they could be dropped miles away and they would still wipe out entire cities. If the explosion didn't kill them then the radiation might. Most wizards didn't know what that even was, never mind how to deal with it. It was a dangerous game the ministry was playing, and Harry didn't think it was worth the risk. Conflict could arise in all sorts of ways, especially since not all wizards were on board with the Ministry's plan. It was only a matter of time before some moron attacked the muggles and set them off. Peace and progress just would not last.

At first Harry was able to use his influence as the savior to spread his warning; some people even listened. It didn't last long though; the world was too addicted to progress to consider slowing down and instead of embracing him they rejected him. Rumors about his mental health and affiliation flew left and right; 'He was a horcrux you know, of Voldemort. Maybe he still is. Maybe he's been corrupted'. With his reputation went his influence. So, Harry being Harry, did something stupid and got caught. Where were his friends during all of this you ask? Where they always were, right beside him. Loyal to the end. Involving them was his biggest regret and how he had found himself three steps in front of the veil.

"Remember Mr. Potter, you go through that peacefully and your friends receive a pardon instead of a kiss." Said the Auror holding a wand to his back. Harry himself had sentenced to the dementors kiss, but he had requested the veil instead. His request had been granted, one final mercy for Dumbledore's golden boy. A trial, if it could be called that, had been held for Harry earlier in the day. Harry had made a deal to plead guilty to all of the accusations the ministry threw at him during the trial in exchange for his friend's freedom. The only accusation that had been true was about his attempt to fraudulently pass laws that inhibited the ministry's ability to revoke the statue of secrecy. Perhaps if he had let the hat sort him into Slytherin, he would have learned the subtle art of subterfuge and gotten away with it.

The government official that was sent along to witness his death cleared his throat.

"It is time, Mr. Potter. Are there any last words that you would like to leave us with?" he asked. Harry thought about it for a moment as he gazed into the shimmering entrance of the veil. There were many things he wanted to say, and many people he wanted to say them to, but to these two men there was only one thing left.

"For your sake, I hope I was wrong."

Just like that, Harry Potter disappeared forever.