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As night receded and the sun rose and cast a crimson glow over the horizon, a fleet of warships and warplanes were headed over to the western coastline of the United States Of America. The fleet originated from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a powerful and expansive Russian and Kasnian dominated empire that was founded in 1922 and comprised of the entirety of Europe, both its Eastern and Western sides, and also countries such as Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Central Asia which placed it along the borders of China.

Plus they had also made plans to conquer Great Britain and add it to their empire.

However they decided that the time had arrived for the Russians to launch their biggest and most important mission of all, the conquest of the great and powerful U.S.A., their greatest rival and foe. And it would be led by their strongest champion Barry Alexandrov, code named the Vspyshka or the Flash, a highly advanced individual mysteriously gifted with tremendous speed while trained in the best and most advanced methods of physical combat.

Plans were drawn out for the conquest and the fleet was formed and comprised the full might of the Russian army, leading to the current severe predicament the U.S. was about to face.

Once they'd arrived near the shores, the fleet began firing a barrage of missiles while the warplanes above launched multiple warheads, the combined firepower moving towards the American shorelines and hitting them one after another, causing massive fiery explosions along the coast. The warplanes soon flew past the shoreline and began dropping more missiles onto the ground which exploded upon impact and left columns of dark, thick smoke rising into the skies, now crimson due to the sunrise.

The commotion from the invasion awakened many sleeping individuals inside of their homes nearby and looking out of the window and seeing the invasion, they either quickly gathered their loved ones with them and hurried to their basements or fled their homes due to not having basements and fearful that their homes could be destroyed from the bombardment.

Other individuals who were out enjoying morning jogs, other morning exercises, out to breakfast, or headed to work saw the Russian warplanes flying over them and dropping bombs and screaming in terror, they turned and fled as explosions burst around them, some of them tripping and falling as they attempted to scramble to safety.

The Russian warships also fired an extensive volley of missiles onto the electrical power grid along the coast, causing the electricity to shut down across the nation's western borders and leaving multiple homes and businesses without power, adding to the terror of those living near the forefront of the attack.

Meanwhile the alarms inside of the National Guard bases nearby the coast were blaring and the soldiers inside were running around urgently and gathering together their heavy weaponry from the armories while their commanders were shouting orders which they acknowledged in the affirmative and passed along. The fighter pilots also hurriedly dressed in their appropriate gear and quickly got into their aircraft and after strapping themselves inside, gunned their engines and flew off to engage the enemy aircraft while the ground forces gathered together heavy tanks and multiple brigades and quickly transported them all to where the invaders were gathered in order to engage said enemy forces.

In the meantime the U.S.S.R. warships had arrived and the Russian and Kasnian soldiers, numbering in the tens of thousands and after gathering together their own heavy weaponry, disembarked from most of the ships and charged along the shoreline, hungry for victory, but soon came across the American forces who'd just arrived onto the scene and having lined up the tanks properly, began fighting back with all they had, the two sides exchanging powerful and explosive displays of firepower left and right while the opposing aircraft soared above them and fired upon each other while ducking and dodging to avoid return fire. Other U.S. soldiers scattered in all directions in order to help fleeing civilians, guiding them to safety and shielding them as best they could from the warfare around them and the bombs dropping from above.

In Washington D.C., the Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, the Secretary General of the United States military, and the U.S. President were in constant and urgent communication regarding the unfolding crisis and the president continuously demanded updates while the other two reassured her that they were doing all they could to hold back the forces of the U.S.S.R.

As all of this was happening, the lead Russian warship remained parked at the shoreline while the crewmembers inside of it, consisting of the fleet's top generals standing among those manning the vessel, and with Barry also standing by their side impassively, stood and observed the progression of the battle. After a bit, they turned and silently nodded to each other and then turned towards their champion.

"Vspyshka! Vremya prishlo!" [It is time!]. "Sokrushite nashikh vragov i prinesite slavu imperii!" [Crush our enemies and bring glory to the empire!] they commanded him to which he affirmed with a nod.

"Dlya Rodiny," [For the motherland] he proclaimed proudly and then sped from the ship and onto the battlefield where he plowed through the ranks of his opponents and wrought devastation among them. He blasted through groups of soldiers and sent them flying into the air like ragdolls, went after other soldiers and used his vibrating hands to crush the hearts of many while their comrades watched in horror as they fell, sent waves of Speed Force lighting upon others, and leaping into the air and leaving a vertical trail of Speed Force lighting behind him he grabbed ahold of many American warplanes and either smashed them together or sent them crashing to the ground, adding to the explosions in the air and on the ground.

The U.S. forces were becoming frightened at this point due to the Vspyshka's involvement and especially having heard stories about his amazing power and the fact that he was the main reason the Soviets had acquired so much territory. But they pressed on despite the losses while buoyed by reports that reinforcements were on their way although they weren't feeling too great about their chances at that moment.

Back in D.C., the Secretary General heard what was currently transpiring on the battlefield and relayed the information to the other reveling parties, the president included, each of them paling as they absorbed the news about the Vspyshka's presence. He immediately dialed his very good friend and military partner General Sam Lane and asked if he could get in touch with either of the two Supers who protected their world, knowing he had some type of special connection with them both.

Sam readily agreed and then, without preamble, immediate placed the call and the person on the other end answered.

"Hello Sam, how're things going? And yes I'm aware of what's happening and am on my way right now to support our troops and protect our nation. We won't let the U.S.S.R. win," Kara, aka Supergirl, greeted and responded as she had just gotten her suit on, had accepted her loved ones well wishes as she prepared to join the battle, and was currently flying through the skies and towards the source of the problem.

"That's good to hear and you'd better get there quickly now that those da** Russians have brought in the big guns. And when I say big guns I'm referring to the Vspyshka," he responded with relief and then urged her.

Kara's eyes widened.

"Vspyshka? He's here?" she asked in surprise although she wasn't that surprised considering he was involved in almost every significant battle the U.S.S.R. caused.

"Yeah and he's making terrible work of our troops and really delivering a whammy. And since we both know your cousin is currently off world on Argo and dealing with an urgent matter over there, we're really gonna need you right now Kara, more than ever."

"Already on it general and you take care," she replied determinedly and then they each ended the call while Kara finally arrived onto the scene and could see how much havoc Vspyshka was causing. Before confronting him, she first flew down and aided the soldiers in transporting nearby citizens to safety, flying and speeding them out of harm's way while also catching a missile that was flying downwards and headed towards a fleeing woman and her child, and then she quickly joined the battle and used her heat vision to blast the ground around the enemy forces, the shockwaves sending them flying sideways, and also disarmed many of the U.S.S.R. soldiers and even killed a great many of them.

She also flew throughout the battle waging in the air above, weaving among the waring aircraft, and just like Barry had done she took ahold of two of the enemy aircraft, smashed them together without preamble and did the same to others, causing huge, fiery balls of explosions to erupt throughout the sky.

While Kara's opening move was not killing and she kept the use of lethal force to a minimum, she was not completely against it and was more than willing and ready to kill in defense of the lives of others or to protect both her adopted country and especially in a situation of war, such as in this case, or the planet.

She also rescued as many U.S. fighter pilots as she could whenever their aircraft was hit, removing them from their planes and flying them to a safe area though after giving her a quick thanks they all opted to join the battle on the ground.

Her current exploits also brought cheers to the American forces and energized them into fighting harder than ever before, grateful for her presence and hoping she could protect them from the wrath of the Vspyshka. Speaking of him, Kara was now moving quickly to find and confront him when the speedster himself came barreling into her, causing them to tussle together between the ground and air but closer to the ground until they extracted themselves from it and stood across from each other, hate in their eyes as they took in each other's presence and despised everything the other stood for, their hands balled into fists, though the speedster also wore an evil grin.

"Ah, the so called Maiden Of Might come to confront me. Do you really believe you can best me?" he addressed her arrogantly with a thick Russian accent.

She glared at him.

"I believe I will do all I can to defend this land and I will not allow you nor your forces to trample over our nation. The U.S. is a symbol of democracy and I will always stand with my adopted nation to defend it when necessary and together we will protect it to our last breath," she spoke fiercely to which loud and hearty cheers erupted from the American forces in response to her words.

"No Supergirl. It is you and your pathetic country who must yield to the combined might of the great Kasnia and Mother Russia. Continued resistance is pointless and it's best for all of you to surrender and allow our empire to bring true order and stability to this country for generations to come," he insisted while standing firm.

"It's you who're wrong Vsypshka and this invasion ends now! Surrender and retreat immediately or face the consequences!" she ordered him.

"Never!" he growled and then adapted a battle stance.

"Then you leave me no choice," she replied with firm resignation and after adapting her own battle stance, the super and the speedster charged at each other and meeting in the middle, began a fierce and brutal battle, no holding back.

At first the two of them raced around the battlefield as they fought brutally but then they ended up battling all across the nation, Barry repeatedly throwing Kara against multiple buildings while she unleashed super strong and very powerful strikes and punches against his shoulder blades and abdomen. Plus they repeatedly fired respective blasts of Speed Force lighting and heat vision against each other while dodging the attempts of the two elements to connect with them though the lighting did hit Kara a few times.

The fight later moved to the air above and holding onto each other, they traded open handed strikes and other more advanced martial arts moves such as Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu while mixing it with kick boxing and also wrestling with each other, neither of them holding back or giving ground.

Barry soon extracted himself from their grasp of each other and unleashed a particularly durable blast of lighting against her which caused her to fall to the ground with a resounding crash and resulted in a crater being formed underneath her. Kara groaned, mumbling a few curses underneath her breath, and moved to get up when her opponent was suddenly right by her and knocked her back down with a roundhouse kick.

He then sped around her body and pummeled her with speed punches and kicks, relentless with his assault upon her body until she, having enough, rolled her body away from his onslaught and brought her hands together in a thundering clap, creating a shockwave which swept him backwards and away from her and left him falling hard onto his own back.

Before he could recover, Kara raced towards the speedster and used her freeze breath to encase him in a block of ice. At first it appeared as though he was finally finished and she took a moment to admire her work but then cracks began to slowly form across the ice as it slowly crumbled and then shattered apart due to Barry using his speed vibrations to break free.

He then rushed at her once more and they resumed their fight, Kara ramming her head into his chest which caused him to stumble a bit and the two of them engaging in both brutal hand to hand combat and complicated martial arts moves, the two of them fighting at top speed. Kara also moved her body in multiple twirls and used her leg to strike hard blows onto his joints, back, and the back of his throat, fighting with every part of her body, while also using one of his own methods against him in regards to pummeling him with speed punches.

He in turn retaliated by sweeping one of his fists into her knee hard, causing to fall over on that knee due to the blow, and then speeding behind her he curled his arm and jabbed his elbow into her back and then after grabbing ahold of her hair with one hand and yanking her head back, moved his other and currently vibrating hand towards her heart.

"And now it is time for you to die fair maiden and for your adopted country that you so love to bow to the full might of the U.S.S.R," he boasted but before he could follow through on his intent to end her, Kara quickly grabbed ahold of his arm about to deliver the fatal blow and twisted it behind her and brutally slammed him back first onto the ground, leaving Barry disoriented and causing him to let out a groan. He soon recovered and then she flew off and he took off after her, the two powerful beings engaging in a speed race.

They raced each other throughout multiple cities in their vicinity, Kara flying above him and firing blast of heat vision towards him which he repeatedly dodged, the heat vision hitting the ground and causing mini explosions. And he also repeatedly threw lighting into the air and towards her though she was able to avoid the attempted strikes.

They later ended up back on the ground and Barry circled his arms at top speeds, generating massive gusts of wind towards her while she in turn blew powerful super breath towards him, creating a miniature wind storm around them which built and strengthened until it blew them both backwards and spiraling away from each other. Kara soon landed against the side of a building nearby while Barry landed onto a pile of small vehicles.

Lifting himself back up and after dusting himself off, he eyed the vehicles and making a decision, began throwing them towards her one after another. She however moved out of the way repeatedly and was also quick to remove anyone standing in their trajectory. Some of the vehicles she caught and threw them right back towards her enemy, one of them hitting him full frontal.

Barry then pushed the vehicle off of him and with a growl, reengaged her and they tumbled through the air and engaged in a very brutal, as in brutal, and bloody beat down while crashing back onto the ground a number of times and causing many craters to form here and there.

Their fight also drew a bit of blood from them both and left very dark bruises underneath their uniforms. They later landed back onto the surface and began boxing each other while launching more roundhouse kicks against each other, continuously sweeping each other off of their feet and sending each other to the ground.

Barry also unleashed multiple and ferocious martial arts kicks against her which Kara blocked with her hands each time and in turn repeatedly slammed her knee into his midsection.

He then speed leapt into the air and came back down with a closed fist which he rammed into her side, sending her falling to the ground once more. Afterwards he leapt into the air a second time in a repeat attempt but she responded by lifting up one of her legs and slamming it into his chest with all of her strength, sending him flying upwards and away from her until he also crashed to the ground nearby her.

Kara was now ready to end it at those point and using a trick taught to her by her good friend and fellow hero Laurel Lance from Earth-2, and was formerly known as the Black Siren, she waited until Barry rushed towards her and once he was within striking distance she lifted her leg once more and kicked his knee and then did the same with the other knee, causing him to freeze mid movement and collapse onto his knees.

With his legs immobile, Barry attempted to move one of his arms to strike at her but she reached down, grabbed it, and struck the inner side of its upper portion and next to its armpit, leaving that arm immobile as well. Next she struck the shoulder on his other arm and then his backside with well-placed karate chops which left them frozen as well.

Barry was in both stunned disbelief that she had defeated him, the powerful Vspyshka, and terror due to her mysterious ability to make his limbs entirely numb.

"Wha, what, have you, done, to me?!" he gasped out in shock and fear as he stared up at Kara.

"I have just temporarily removed from you the ability to wage war, a technique taught to me by a good friend of mine," she explained impassively. Afterwards she moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck in a chokehold.

"You are a dangerous enemy towards my nation and the most dangerous enemy we've ever faced. And you and the U.S.S.R. are the greatest threats to the world and so you have left me no choice but to eliminate you. I'm sorry," she said to him regretfully, leaving him furious that things had come to this and that his glorious mission was about to be ripped from under him. He would however face death resolutely and so stared defiantly into the sky and whispered, "Dlya Rodiny," one last time before a snap was heard as she twisted his neck, breaking it, and then let his now dead body collapse onto the ground.

Following this, she flew back to the ongoing battle between the U.S. forces and the Soviets and announced to them all that the Vspyshka was dead. This led to the combined rambunctious cheers of victory from the former and cries of disbelief and fury that their beloved champion was gone and especially at what they hoped was about to become the greatest victory they'd ever experienced.

Now buoyed by the Vspyshka's defeat and with the arrival of the reinforcements who'd just descended onto the battlefield the Americans fought like they'd never fought before and working together, and with Kara fighting alongside them, they managed to soundly defeat the Soviet invaders and destroy their entire fleet, including the lead ship that Barry was on before his confrontation with Kara, obliterating them all. And they also wiped out the majority of the opposing ground forces and the few hundred survivors were rounded up as POWs, or prisoners of war.

With the battle now over, there was rejoicing, handshaking, manly hugs, high fives, and jumping up and down in jubilation among the victors including showers of praise towards Kara for defeating the fearsome Vsypshka and helping them pave the way to their current victory. And there was plenty of rejoicing among the rest of the nation as viewers around the world had witnessed the battle on their television scenes as viewers rejoiced and praised their brave men and women in uniform and Supergirl herself.

There was also sadness and mourning for the service members who'd sacrificed their lives for their country and for its continued freedom and democracy and their loves would never be forgotten.

Following congratulations all around the battlefield, Kara flew back towards her apartment where her loved ones, consisting of her dear foster sister Alex and the latter's girlfriend Kelly, her wonderful bff Lena, her beloved mentor and father figure J'onn and his girlfriend M'gann who were both from Mars, her best friend Winn, and her good friends Brainy and Nia, the former from the future and the two of them dating, rushed towards her and took turns enveloping her in their embraces, tears streaming from their eyes.

"My goodness Kara I was so worried about you," Alex wept as she embraced her tightly.

"Oh my gosh me to. There were moments in which my heart leapt into my throat," Lena also breathed out emotionally once she'd received her turn to embrace her.

"I'm with them both Kara. I don't know what I would've done if I'd lost you," J'onn added while placing his hand on her shoulder in a fatherly gesture.

"I'm alright guys. I'm okay and we're all okay now. It's all over now and all of you were on my mind that whole time," Kara responded to them all and with tremendous emotion in her voice while tears in her own eyes as she returned each of their embraces. "I love all of you so much."

"We all love you to Kara," Winn returned with a warm smile as he embraced her.

"Me to," "Same here," and "Affirmative," were all heard from Kelly, Nia, and Brainy respectively while Brainy tried and failed to stop his own tears to which everyone chuckled at good naturedly. They all then came together in a group hug, grateful to be together, deeply relieved that their nation was safe once more, and feeling blessed that their precious Kara had survived the battle and was here in their arms while Kara herself felt blessed the most to have the overflowing love and support of those closest to her and knowing as long as she had that, she could overcome any challenge thrown at her.

The End

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Kara's move in using every part of her body when striking Barry's throat and other joints was a move called the JATURUNGKABART which I borrowed from a martial arts foreign film entitled "The Protector 2". It's described as the most powerful technique in existence though I haven't looked it up to see if it really exists.

And the move Kara learned from Earth-2 Laurel was one I borrowed from the popular "Karate Kid" sequel series entitled "Cobra Kai". It involves striking the body's pressure points which renders its owner immobile. As the character, Chozen, who used it explained, "If an enemy insists on war, you take away their ability to wage it."

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