Chapter 11: Come to the Firework Festival!

"D-Did you have fun, Raiha?"

They had just exited the arcade. The sun was already beginning to set, symbolizing that nightfall was approaching. People were getting ready for the upcoming firework festival that was coming up later tonight. It was a very prestigious event that attracted many of the town's people. It was a privilege to witness it firsthand.

"I sure did! It was so fun! Hey Big Bro, can we come here again sometime?" Raiha asked Fuutarou with stars in her eyes as she walked ahead.

"O-O-Of course! We can come by here again any time you like."

"Thanks Big Bro! You're the best!"

"It's really no big deal. Anything for my little sis."

"Will Itsuki be able to come again too?"

Fuutarou gulped at the mention of his student's name. The reason he got nervous at hearing her name was due to the current position she was in relation to him.

Itsuki Nakano was currently clinging onto his right arm with her head leaning against it. She had her eyes closed with a dreamy smile on her face, along with a noticeable blush on her cheeks. She was hugging his arm harder than Yotsuba ever did. If you were just a random person passing by, and you saw these two, you would automatically assume that they were just a young couple.

The reason Fuutarou was so uneasy is that he honestly had no idea how to respond. He didn't expect Itsuki to make such a bold move so early on. To already confess to him and to do it so boldly in a public area definitely caught the Warrior of Light off guard. Where did she get this confidence from? Was the Butterfly Effect really that powerful?

'And not only that, but after confessing, she just latched onto me as if we were a couple! I couldn't even respond to her! What am I supposed to tell her? It's not like I don't return the same feelings. But technically, I'm already in a relationship with Miku. But I can't tell her that. We're supposed to keep that a secret for now. And I can't tell Miku that one of her sisters is in love with her boyfriend or else she will freak the fuck out. And I definitely don't want to cause a fight to break out between them. It isn't just Miku and Itsuki I should be worried about. Yotsuba and Ichika were arguing over me, just the other day! If they find out about this, who knows what will happen?!'

Fuutarou Uesugi did not think things through. He probably should have thought of a plan before he just immediately confessed to Yotsuba and Ichika, along with Miku and just rushed into a relationship with her. Oh, and don't forget about Nino. He just had to go and change his hair back to blond didn't he? Now who knows how she is going to react to him when she sees him. He was just doing things as he went. He didn't realize that this would be a more complicated and difficult challenge than any exam in existence. He honestly would prefer to write a 20 page essay than try to figure out how to deal with quintuplets who all want him.

'Yo Gardener! Are you there? I need your help. You should be a very wise guy right? You have lived since before the beginning of time. Tell me, what should I do? I feel like if I mess up, then those sisters will have my head!'

"I got nothing." The Gardener replied to his Champion with the most casual and chill tone.

'WHAT?! Aren't you supposed to be a primordial god?'

"Hey listen, I said I would give you superpowers, not dating advice."

'Useless god…'

"Onii-chan, I see four Itsuki-sans!" Raiha exclaimed.

Fuutarou looked up to see what Raiha was talking, only to immediately regret ever doing so.

'Oh, kill me now.'

"Oh, Uesugi-san?!" Yotsuba yelled out in shock, "Why are you blond again?"

Nino blushed up a storm as she almost dropped to the floor, "T-T-That's Fuu-kun?!"

When Fuutarou told her that he was going to change his hair color back to blond, she didn't actually think he was being serious! She thought he was just messing with her! But now that it looks like he was being serious, she took a moment to bask in his new look. She had to be honest with herself. She loved what she saw. Unconsciously, Nino licked her lips in want and desire. If she thought he was hot before, he looked like a Greek god to her now. If only she could get all of those clothes off of him…

"F-Fuutarou? W-Why is your hair different? Not that it looks bad… it looks nice."

Miku was having similar thoughts to Nino. Seeing her new boyfriend's look just made her fall even harder for him. She wished she could show him affection but her sisters were right there and she didn't want to risk them finding out about their relationship.

It was then that she noticed something… interesting.

"Itsuki… why are you all latched up against him like that?" There was a dark edge to Miku's voice. It made Fuutarou nervous. He had a bad feeling about what's about to transpire.

"Hm? Oh so Nino and Yotsuba are allowed to practically wear him, but the moment that I do the same, there's a problem? We're just friends hanging out. Nothing wrong with that!" Itsuki replied smugly. She didn't know why, but she felt so confident about herself. Maybe it was because she had finally gotten her feelings for Fuutarou off her chest. It now feels like a huge weight has been lifted. She only proceeded to hug him even tighter now.

"Don't you think that's a little too friendly."

"What are you two even doing out here? Are you on a date~" Ichika teased the two. Inside, she was having similar thoughts as Miku, but since she was a good actor, she hid them well. She loved Fuutarou's new look. It reminded her of the time when they met 5 years ago. He definitely looked way hotter. It made her want him even more.

Fuutarou noticed a dark aura about to appear around Miku. He needed to defuse the situation now before it got out of hand.

"NO! No we are not! She just accompanied me and my sister to the arcade!" Fuutarou spoke up. This made Miku calm down but then confused her.

"You have a sister?"

Yotsuba went to greet Raiha, "Are you Uesugi-san's kid sister?"

"Yes. Are you Itsuki-san's sister?"

"Yup! I'm Yotsuba! And this is Nino, Miku, and Ichika! We're Quintuplets!"

"Wow, you all look exactly alike. How do you even tell each other apart?"

"Just associate them with their accessories and hairstyles. That's the easiest way to tell them apart without too much confusion." Fuutarou told his sister. He knew the true method to tell the Quints apart. But he didn't want them to know that he knows. At least not yet.

"Let's go see the fireworks together! Uesugi-san, you and your sister should join us for tonight's festival!" Yotsuba ran up to her tutor and proceeded to hug him the same way she always does when she sees him. She got a little jealous when she saw Itsuki clinging on to him. She wanted Fuutarou to be hers and hers alone. If she had to compete with her own sisters, then so be it. But she isn't gonna give up the love of her life to anybody. Not even her own flesh and blood.

"Well, Raiha? Would you like to come along with us?" Fuutarou was gonna go anyway since Itsuki asked him out. But they didn't need to know that.

"YEAH! That sounds like fun!"

Fuutarou nodded, "Well then that settles it. We will come along with you five."

All 5 Quints smirked internally with glee. They were all thinking the same thing for once.

"I'm going to make him mine tonight."

Fuutarou raised his finger, "BUT! ONLY! AFTER! ALL! OF! YOU! FINISH! YOUR HOMEWORK!"


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