Sometime after Sydney is promoted to APO in season 4.

Dixon walked into the APO conference room with Sloane, holding up a file. Sydney Bristow, her father and sister, Marshall, Vaughn and Weiss were all sitting at the table, coffee in hand. "Guess who's birthday it is?" Dixon asked, a slight smirk on his lips. They all looked at each other, confused. It definitely wasn't any of their birthdays, or Marshall would have put balloons all over the place. It wasn't Dixon's kids, for another 3 months. Even Sloane looked confused. Dixon chuckled and said, "Sorry, I didn't expect you guys to get this. It's Sark's birthday. And guess what he's doing for his birthday."

Sydney leaned forward and said, "Don't tell me he's having a party."

"No," Dixon said.

"Going on a cruise?" Nadia asked.


"Sleeping with someone else's wife?" Vaughn sarcastically asked.

"Hopefully not."

"Ok, what is he doing?" Jack impatiently demanded.

"Robbing a dirty German bank. Obviously we're going to try and stop him, but I have something else that we should be doing. Mr. Sloane will not be in charge of this, I will, because of his past with Sark. When we had custody of Sark, we got nothing of his life out of him. So I -"

"What are you talking about? Vaughn interrupted. "He told us of some old contacts... maybe not all but-"

"No, that's not what I was talking about. We know nothing of old schools he went to, his parents, etc. All we know is that Lazarey was his father, but didn't raise him. We need to find everything out. Everything. This will probably be good because it could help us get into his head better the next time we deal with him." The team looked rather interested in this task. Sydney asked, "What to we know of him so far?"

Dixon opened the file he showed them earlier ad read out, "Three of his bank accounts, although I doubt those are the only ones he has. All three amounted to 900,000. He had a yacht that amounted more than that. His past contacts are either in jail, in witness protection, dead, or on the run. The ones we do have know nothing about him."

Marshall stood and nervously asked, "What should we look for about him? Specifically I mean."

"Adoptive parents, schools, friends from his childhood, grades from those schools, things like that. Sloane will not take lead in this, as I have said, but he will be assisting. Questions?"

Nadia asked, "Who is going to the German bank?"

"Just a simple team. Not us. Washington wants to be careful because we don't want to anger the Germans right now. Apparently their government has something in that bank. It's not dirty, they just put it there because it was the last place anyone would look. If Sark is there for the Germans property, we will stop him and immediately return their stuff to them. Any other questions?" No one spoke, thinking of where to start. Dixon clapped his hands together and told them to begin.