It's been a while since Cure Heart was thrown out of the team and Makopi and Rikka became an item. Days were passing brighter than ever before. But little did they suspect that their blissful new life is going to end in a very tragic way.

Mana Aida was walking in the dark streets of her hometown. Not only did she lose her wife/friend/maid/assistant Rikka, she also lost her status as Cure Heart. She clenched her fist in anger. 'You will pay for this, Makopi, whether you like it or not, you will pay for stealing Rikka from me!'

'I think I can help with that' suddenly a voice boomed from above. Mana looks up to the sky, where the voice is coming from. It was none other than Regina, one of the villains who were terrorizing the humankind since last spring and one of Mana's biggest fans.

'REGINA!' Mana shrieked loudly as she could. 'Where were you all this time!? I was looking around for you ever since you abandoned your job at my parent's restaurant. You promised me too!'

'Hey, don't blame me! It was your precious friends who threw me out!' She pouts her lips like if she's still a child.

'They're not my friends anymore. I guess you were right all along, we two would be better together all alone.' She was staring into the ground now. 'Not only that, they also threw me out of the team. I'm no longer a pretty cure! I even lost my job as class president cause Rikka reported me as unfit for duty. Regina, you were my only true friend after all!' She was crying.

'That's the Mana I know and love.' She flew down to her and gave her a hug. 'Don't you worry about all that pretty cure stuff, you can join me and my papa's side. We can give you power, in fact you'll be more powerful if you ally with us, selfishes. Then we'll be together forever more.' She gives her a wink.

'B-but that would be wrong! I always supported and helped other people, always seeing myself as the least selfish person around. What would people think of me if I join the enemy's side?'

'Mana, please think. Why were you doing all those good deeds for, for others's sake, or for your own sake? You wanted people to see you as a good person, you wanted people to love and respect you. You did all these things for your own sake. Isn't that what being selfish about?'

'I...I guess you're right about that. Rikka and Makopi said the same thing. I guess I was always a selfish person, even though how much I tried to deny it.'

'That's the Mana I know and love! Let's go, my papa is waiting for you…'

It's been a whole month since Rikka and Makopi opened up their relationship to their parents. It was a hard pill to take the information that their daughter is a lesbian for Rikka's conservative parents. Makopi's parents were, obviously, much more understanding. Because of that, they were living in Makopi's apartment now.

Makopi and Rikka were sleeping on the same bed, lying next to each other in fetal positions. They are suddenly awakened by the opening of the door.

'RISE and SHINE LOVEBIRDS!' It was Dabi, Makopi's assistant/adopted mother. 'Breakfast is ready, go up and wash your faces. Makopi, you have an acting job today. Clara sent us some rare tea.'

'We'll be ready, don't you worry' Rikka said in a polite but dignified speech tone.

'Rikka will take care of me, you can leave early Dabi.' Makopi speaked eagerly.

'Ookie-dookie then, see you later!' With that Dabi disappeared from the door.

'It's been a while since we tasted Clara's tea. Has a nostalgic feeling, isn't it?' Makopi said while gazing to the cup.

'Yeah. Ever since we've been separated ourselves from Mana, Clara's link to us has been weakened as well. Truth to be told, Clara and I never felt like true friends, it was more like we're a part of Mana's so called harem. So, it's no surprise that she no longer wants to associate with us.' Rikka said while thinking about their past, all that times the bookworm Rikka left behind to finish their homework while the tomboyish Mana and Clara were doing adventures together. Rikka definitely wasn't missing those times.

'It's sad to hear. I always see Clara as a good girl, compared to Mana at least.' Rikka chuckled to Makopi's last word and added: 'That's like comparing fire to lava.'

As they were both laughing about things they said, a sudden shake shaked the building from the top to the bottom.

'An earthquake?' Rikka asked.

'I hope so, but doubt it,' Makopi answered.

Building's eastern wall crashed down suddenly, proving Makopi right. Out of the desolation's dust, a shadowy figure appeared. It was none other than Mana Aida, the former Cure Heart. She was wearing clothes similar to her Cure Heart uniform, only it was black and red instead of usual white and pink.

'It can't be' Rikka whispered in fear.

'Mana Aida, I should've known not to trust you. What are planning to do this time around?' Makopi demanded an answer.

'Ah, Makopi-chan, Rikka-chan, I see you're doing well without me.' Mana gives them an envious look. 'Without me, your best friend.' Her eyes were red as blood.

'WE'RE NOT FRIENDS!' Rikka said while adamantly standing between Mana and Makopi. Her eyes were cold as ice.

'You're not welcome here anymore. Please leave us alone,' Makopi said while putting herself in front of Rikka. 'Judging by your new attire, you allied yourself with Selfishes now. I wouldn't expect you to lower yourself this much!'

'It's because of you, who kicked me out of the team, that I was forced to take Regina's papa's side. At least they accept me as who I am, instead of calling me a hypocrite for helping people!'

'YOU HELPED NO ONE!' Rikka screamed at her with all of her vocal powers. 'Don't you see Mana? Don't you understand how much pain and suffering you caused in your flawed idea of how to help people? You only helped them because you wanted their attention. No one asked for your help. You did all of it just for your own sake!'

'SILENCE!' Mana screamed at her in return. 'I don't come here to listen to the same accusations. I came here to exact my revenge against you!'