Hey! My name's Roxy Goth! So I recently came up with this idea, and I thought...why not write it?

Warning: My plan is for this to get quite dark. It'll deal with the themes of sextual harassment, homosexuality and toons rights. I'll put in warnings as and when necessary.

This fic takes place in Dec 1959 when Elmer Fudd is 24 and Bugs Bunny is 21.

Disclaimer - I DO NOT own any of the Looney Tunes or other WB characters. I did not/do not know any of the directors or there families. The only character I DO own is Robert Taylor.

It was the day of the annual Warner Brothers Christmas Party. Banners were going up, balloons were going up, Wile.E was attempting [and failing] to put up a tree. It was a happy scene with just a hint of nervousness about it. Because something always happened at these parties. Whether it was Taz destroying the place, Bugs and Daffy arguing or Speedy just giving up and running off back to Toon Town there was always at least one event of note.

Elmer was feeling excited as he helped Avery blow up balloons. "Hopefully they'll stay up longer than thirty seconds this time." Avery grumbled.

The hunter, personally, thought his creator was fighting a loosing battle there, but had the sense not to say anything and just carry on helping.

Avery gave his creation a sideward look, and said, with careful optimism. "Last Christmas before a new decade, huh Elmer? Whaddya think it'll be like?"

Elmer shrugged.

"C'mon, Fuddsey, you must have some ideas?"

Elmer finished tying a knot in the balloon and added it to the pile. "Maybe we'll get some wights this decade?" He said, optimistically.

Avery gave him a pensive look. "I hope so, Elmer." He said. "I hope so." The young hunter gave a smile and went to pick up another balloon when the entire room heard a yell of. "God dammit!" From the storeroom. The young intern, Robert Taylor, a young lad with much-to blue eyes, much to dark hair and unnaturally pale skin, poked his head round the door. He had been with the company a few months and got on well with not on the directors, but the toons themselves. [Always a plus] "'Scuse me, Mr Avery." He said, apologetically. "But Oi don't suppose you could spare Elmer for a few minutes could you? These boxes are doin' my head in."

After getting a nod of approval from Avery, Elmer scurried off storeroom-wards. When he got in there Robert shut the door and smiled down at the toon. "These boxes are a bloody nightmare." He said, easily. "Times like this I don't half-wish I had toon powers."

Elmer immediately looked anxious and looked from left to right, despite the fact no one apart from Robert could see him. "We'we not meant to use our toon powews." He said. "The humans don't wike it."

"Well, Elmer!" Robert dramatically put his hand over his heart. "You wound me!"

The hunter blinked and started stammering an apology when Robert laughed and cut him off. "Tell you what, you just get me those boxes down and we'll call it even, yes? Ladders over there." He jerked his head towards an innocent-looking ladder lying against the wall.

Now despite his reputation as a hunter of very little brains, Elmer wasn't actually a complete idiot, and wondered why, if the ladder was there, Robert hadn't simply used it himself. However if there was one thing he'd learned through his many years on earth it was to pick his battles and he decided to let this one go. So he got the ladder - which was quite a comical sight as it was about four times his height -and propped it up against the shelves. He looked up at the boxes sitting sweetly on the top shelf and tried to work out how to get them down.

Robert made no move to help him with any off his, just leaned against the wall, watching him. Elmer cleared his throat and said, hesitantly. "Aw-awe you going to hewp me?"

"Why?" Roberts tone was churlish. "You cahn climb a ladder, can't you?"

"B-but the boxes..."

"Of couirse!" The human sauntered over. "Oi'll steady it. Up ya go."

So Robert held the bottom of the ladder while Elmer climbed up it to get at the boxes. When he reached the top rung he paused, deciding how he was going to do the next bit.

"Eh...what's up Doc?" The dark-haired man joked.

Elmer resisted the urge to roll his eyes. That joke was old five years ago. "I-I'm not suwe how to get them down..." He said, carefully.

"Well, take yer time. I'm fine down here." There was something about the tone of the humans voice that felt...weird to Elmer and when he looked down it was to realise he couldn't even see Robert because the young man was directly under him.

A feeling of unease grew within him as Elmer frowned and looked around. Of course there was no one there and he could hear the sounds of the other toons from a mile off. Road Runner was beeping madly and you didn't need to be a hunter to see the dust coming in under the door. Without even being there he knew everyone else would be to distracted trying to stop Wile.E destroying the place to worry about how long he was in here with Robert.

"Elmer." Robert said, laughing. "I'm not getting any younger here!" [This coming from a 25 year old.]

Roberts laugh relaxed Elmer somewhat and he promptly concluded he was being stupid. Of course he was being stupid, that was practically his speciality. He confirmed which boxes the young intern wanted and chucked them down to him. Then he climbed down the ladder.

"Atta boy!" Robert said, cheerfully, giving the young toon a hard squeeze on the shoulder.

Internally Elmer winced, but outwardly he smiled.

When he and Robert went back into the room no one, as Elmer had predicted, had even taken note of the fact they were gone.

"Elmer!" Bugs leapt over to him and grabbed his arm. "Where've ya been? Petunia's goin' mental you were meant ta put the finishin' touches on da cake! Now, c'mon!" And he dragged the hunter towards to the kitchen.


It was a few hours later after the party had finished and the lights had finally dimmed. Bugs and Elmer were walking back towards Looney Tune Street, as it was known, along with the other looneys. As they passed Toon Town park Bugs grabbed Elmer's arm and pulled his gently in the direction of the park. "Come on, Doc. I wanna show ya somethin'."

"Looktsh like your're getting an early chrismath presthent, Elmer." Daffy said, with a sly grin.

"Button it, Duck." Bugs warned, over his shoulder.

The grey rabbit led the hunter over a massive birch tree which had a bench under it. Bugs sat down on said bench and patted the seat next to him. Elmer sat down, feeling nervous.

"Eh..." Bugs looked at him with a faint blush adorning his cheeks. "Well...da fact is, Doc...Elmer. That...I like you. Actually more than that, I love ya. Oi like the ya understand me an' Oi never feel awkward around ya. Oi would like to say I'd be proud and out there and I'd never shut up talkin' about ya but..." He gave a little sigh. "Oi can't do that. Not in front of da humans anyway. But Oi jus' want ya to know that...I do love ya. A lot. An' I hope you feel the same way...?" He trailed off uncertainly, mainly because he wasn't getting any reaction.

Elmer, on the other hand, was in something of a state of shock. While he and Bugs had had something of a mutual attraction for a good few years now he never thought he'd actually hear the words come out of the rabbits mouth.

"Elmer?" Bugs sounded panicked.

The hunter blinked back to reality and laughed. Then he nodded and laughed again.

Bugs watched him, then looked at the 4th wall and said. "Ya know...dis isn't da reaction I was expectin', but Oi'll take it."

"Sowwy." Elmer pulled himself together. "I just nevew thought we'd be having this convewsation. I'm not great at emotions, you know." He said, rather abruptly.

Bugs rolled his eyes. "Elmer ya the one of the most emotional people ah know. An' dat's part the reason Oi like ya. Ya not afraid to be a little vulnerable. Oi like that."

"That's a view for about three decades from now, I think." The older toon said.

"Anyway-" Bugs said, realising the entire conversation was derailing. "Ya ain't even asked me why I've brought ya here." There was a pause while Elmer looked at him with those wide, blue eyes of his. Bugs smiled and pointed upwards. Elmer's eyes followed the point and he saw the mistletoe.

"Oh." He said before looking back at Bugs, a knot of nerves forming in his stomach. Bugs smiled and kind of leaned forward.

Elmer found himself leaning back. Bugs instantly stopped and looked at him, curiously. "Eh...you alright, Doc?"

"I..." Elmer blushed lightly. "...Sowwy. I...I can't. I do wike you." He said, seeing Bugs's face fall. "Weally! Maybe even wove you...but I'm not sure about...you know." His face practically burst into flame. "The othew stuff. Sowwy."

Bugs nodded and leaned back. "Don't apologise, Doc. That's fine. I told you, I love you. I just want to be with you. I don't care about anything else and to be honest..." He leaned forward and Elmer did to. "Oi'm kinda glad ya said that. That stuff scares me to. Oi don't know how de oither toons do it - tell anyone and I may have to kill you." He said, semi-seriously.

Elmer held his hands up. "Don't wowwy. You'we secrets safe with me. Eh..." He looked round. "What do we do now?"

"Well-" Bugs got up of the bench and stretched. "Oi don't know about you, but I want to get home and get ta bed. I'm beat. Now-" He gave Elmer a smile. "Are ya gonna walk me home or am I gonna havta risk my life an' walk alone?"