Hey! Roxy Goth here. So. We've reached the end. Thank you to Ana Nicoleta for following this fic all the way through and giving me feedback on every chapter.

This chapter takes place in April 1962, just over two years since the whole Robert incident started.

Elmer - 27

Bugs - 23

See chapter one for the disclaimer and let's crack on.

"C'mon, Doc!" Bugs called, as he raced through the hallways of Warner Bros. "We gotta find a good hidin' place!"

Behind him Emer was out of breath already. How? He wondered, not for the first time, did the rabbit have so much energy? Elmer was out of breath now...

"In 'ere!" Bugs threw a door open and waved frantically at his partner. "For Jones's sake, Fuddsey!" He said, in exasperation, as Elmer ambled towards him. "Are you trying to get us caught!?"

"It's just a game, Bugs." Elmer said, rolling his eyes, affectionally.

"Yes, an' da Goofy Gophers keep winnin'! Which oi intend ta rec-ti-cify. Now, c'mon, we gotta find a place ta hide..."

The reason that Bugs and Elmer were attempting to shadow their way down the corridor was because the Looney Tunes gang had decided that, seeing as it was beyond boring at the moment, they would engage in a game of hide and seek. Toons version of course. This was exactly like human hide and seek except that the toons were allowed to use there powers to hide. They could use everything except disappearing completely and [for the seeker] transporting to the hiding places of the other toons. The fact that the majority of them were to old for this didn't seem to have crossed there minds, but it wouldn't because it was so fun.

Elmer recognised the room they were in as soon as they were in it. It was Warner Bro's costume department. A couple of outfits from upcoming Human productions had been artistically draped onto mannequins. They looked very weird, what with the literal blank looks and all. Elmer looked at them, curiously. Why the humans couldn't just try on clothes without having to admire them first, Elmer would never understand.

He wasn't allowed to daydream for long though as Bugs said, urgently, from about three foot away. "C'mon Doc. Get dese on an' stand on one o' dese. If we stay totally still dere's no way Hubie or Bertie 'ill ever find us!"

Elmer turned to face his boyfriend, hardly daring to think what hare-brained scheme [pun totally intended] his partner had come up with now. 'Dese' were a dress and a blonde wig. Elmer would look like Marilyn Monroe. The older toon rolled his eyes and said to Bugs, in a mock-annoyed fashion. "Why awe you awways twying to get me in a dwess?"

"Cos you look good in 'em." Was Bugs's honest reply. "Be nice if you thought so-"

Elmer held his hands up. This was one of the subjects he and Bugs would always disagree on. The human-toon would wear dresses, for a gag or a cartoon, but outside of that - no.

In the distance they heard laughter and good-natured arguments. Clearly Hubie and Bertie had found someone then.

"Quick!" Bugs grabbed Elmer's arm and manoeuvred him onto one of the empty mannequin stands. "Stay on dere! An' remember - don't move!"

Elmer sighed. Anyone watching this scene would think he hadn't played this game before. He struck a pose and waited.

The room went eerily silent and the only thing Elmer could hear - apart from his own heartbeat and Bugs's breathing - was the distant sound of Hubie and Bertie bickering playfully.

It was dark Elmer realised, as he looked round nervously, and small...the costume room was a lot smaller than he remembered it being...

'Just stand on there.' He heard Roberts voice behind him. Elmer whipped round, heart pounding only to see no one was there. 'And see how long you can hold that pose.' Robert was in front of him now. Elmer spun round so fast he became dizzy and wobbled dangerously.

The next thing he felt was Roberts hand snaking round his waist and Elmer screamed and hit out wildly.

"Elmer-" He heard a voice that he couldn't quite place breaking through the fog in his mind. "Elmer, you're alright. It's me, Bugs. You know 'What's up Doc' and all dat? Take a breath and look, look- see dat costume?"

What costume? The older toon didn't have a clue what his boyfriend was talking about.

"Look." Bugs was saying. "It's ridiculous, right? I t'ink it's for somethin' Batman related. now dere's a series..."

Actually, Elmer thought as he took deep breaths, he could see something, some shape in the shadows. His first thought was that it was Robert, but it was to bulky to be Robert...

"And listen." Bugs wittered on. "Can you hear dat?" Elmer took a few more breaths and listened. There was some sound that he couldn't place...wait, hold on a minute. It was music. Their music to be more precise, the LT's theme. Which meant he was in WB's. He looked round frantically trying to work out exactly where he was.

"You're alright." He heard Bugs saying, soothingly. "We're in da costume area. We was playin' hide an' seek, okay? Deep breaths..."

By now Elmer's panic was subsiding a little and he could see he wasn't in the stockroom at all, but - like Bugs had said - the costume room. "They wook similar..." He whispered, looking round the room in wonder.

Bugs - hearing this - grimaced a little, mentally kicking himself. He hadn't though, hadn't considered...

"Okay, Doc." He said, calmly. "How bout we go out into the corridor, eh?

When they got out into the corridor Elmer's legs seemed to give out and he sank down the wall, moaning quietly to himself.

Bugs sat down next to him and thought out what he was going to say next. "Do you wanna talk 'bout it?" He asked, as he always did after an 'episode'.

It took a good few minutes, but then Elmer said, quietly. "I could hear him. Again." A sharp shake of the head. "It was like he was right next to me! Ugh..." The older toon rested his head against the wall.

Bugs nodded, like he was an expert in such matters. "Eh...do ya know what caused it?"

"I dunno!" Elmer threw his hands out in frustration. "I was fine until I went on that bloody podium! Like a slab of meat for display-" He shuddered violently, then said, abruptly. "I told you about that, didn't I?"

"Eh..." Bugs racked his brains. Elmer had told him various stuff that had happened with Robert, usually in dribs and drabs and usually after an episode like this. "Oi'm not sure?"

"He got me to stand on a podium." The human-toon said, bitterly. "And then wooked at my crotch whiwe I was standing on it." He shook his head again and wrapped his arms tightly around himself. "He must have been pwanning it." Elmer said, thoughtfully.

Bugs gave him a side wards look but had enough sense not to ask questions and just let his partner talk.

"Since then. That's why he was stawing at me. He must have been testing my weactions or something. And I feww fow it. Avewy, I'm so stupid-!"

"-Yer not stupid." Bugs said, immediately. "Look...we've had this conversation before, Elmer, but...he's a creep. A creep who went out and looked for toons to make his advances on. And, unfortunately, you were one of dose toons. But it's not because of something ya did, okay? You didn't do anything. It's not your fault, it's his fault-"

"-But he picked me for a weason!" Elmer burst out. "Which means thewe must be something wrong with me! Thewe awways is. And you must be getting fwustwated now." Seeing Bugs's slightly affronted face, Elmer challenged. "Weww, you can't tell me this is what you imagined when we got togethew. You having to basically look after me aww the time. I should be abwe to deaw with this sort of stuff by mysewf. It's been going on for long enough. And we still haven't had sex-"

In the background Bugs saw the shadows of Hubie and Bertie who [rather amusingly] turned tail as soon as they heard those words. Bugs couldn't help smiling.

"You wike the idea then!?"

Bugs blinked himself back to reality and looked at Elmer, blankly.

The human-toon put his hands up. "You know what, forget it-"

"No, sorry. Oi zoned out, sorry, it won't happen again. C'mon, whaddid ya say?"

Elmer gave him a suspicious look, probably trying to work out how genuine he was being. After what felt like an age he said, slowly. "Awe you...suwe you still want to be with me? It's just-" He said, seeing Bugs's eyebrows shoot up. "-I feel it's unfaiw. You'we basicawwy being, wike, a cawer or something-"

"Hold on, hold on-" Bugs held his hands up. "A carer? Are you bein' serious? First of all, do Oi look like a carer ta you? Oi mean, Oi could wear a nurses outfit if you want-"


"-An' secondly, Oi wish you'd get it into ya head. Oi love ya. That's why I'm with ya. And, as for the flashbacks...I'd kinda already signed up for that before? Oi mean, you still have nightmares about the war, right? Which is fine, well-" Bugs started to gabble as Elmer looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "Not fine, but you know what Oi mean. Yer not da only one, is me point. So, Oi kinda knew that Oi was signin' up for that befoire. Oi have said this before, haven't Oi?" He asked, abruptly, feeling a sense of deja vu.

Elmer nodded and Bugs sighed in relief.

"Good, oi wasn't sure. An' as for de oither thing. Do you remember when I foirst asked ya to be my boyfriend?"

A sappy smile came over Elmer's face, which confirmed he did.

Bugs smiled back. "Well-" He carried on. "If ya remember, oi went ta kiss ya an' you backed away, right? What did I say ta ya den?"

"You said...you didn't cawe? And you just wanted to be with me? Which was totawwy sappy by the way. But in a weally cute way, and I sound wike one of Avewy's daughters-"

Bugs laughed. "Ya do. An' Oi t'ink it's cute. But it's true. I'm not gonna rush ya as long as you don't rush me, deal?" He stuck out his hand and smiled.

Elmer beamed back and said, happily. "Deal!" They shook hands, laughing, then Elmer leaned into Bugs and snuggled against him happily. Bugs wound an arm round the human-toons shoulders and gave him a hug and they sat there for a while just enjoying each others company.