Hello! Welcome back! I uh... wrote this in two hours a few weeks ago and decided to not only post it, I should also make it into a multi-chapter fic. It will be on the Mature side, so you've been warned. It takes place sometime after the movie, but the series didn't really occurred. But may have some series characters.


Rapunzel was frolicking down the corridor with a destination in mind.

She stopped in front of a single door and slowly turned the knob, carefully trying not to fully disturb him and his work. After all, her father had given Eugene some duties to keep him occupied instead of wandering aimlessly around the castle. Once she popped her head in, she was not expecting the sight she received.

Rapunzel had caught Eugene in his study in the middle of the act. Instead of feeling embarrassed and running out, she found the courage to help him out. Which was why she had found herself on the desk with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Apparently she also had an itch to scratch.

Once they had returned from their high, Eugene settled on his chair with Rapunzel on his lap happily nuzzling on his exposed chest. He was slowly circling patterns on her thigh with two fingers while going over what had just happened. Never in their relationship has either one walked in on the other like that. He was certain it would've freaked her out as soon as she realized what he was doing. Should he say something about it? Maybe she was waiting on him to say something.

He gently kissed the side of her head and opened his mouth—


"Yeah?" he released the air he didn't know he was holding.

"Hi." She kissed him, "That was—"

Before she could finish that sentence, they heard the worst possibly sound down the hall.


"Eep!" Rapunzel quickly stood up and her sleeves came down, "I'm not proper! My corset!"

Before she could fix her strings, Eugene grabbed her hands and motioned under the desk.

"Hide in there and I'll stall."

Rapunzel did as she was told and placed her hand over her mouth to calm her shaky breaths. Eugene on the other hand, quickly fixed his trousers and shirt before sitting back down pretending to work.

Because he was right in front of her, Rapunzel placed her other hand on his knee to comfort him. Waiting for the worst to happen.

"Rapunzel?" The door opened revealing one of the handmaidens, Cassandra, "Oh, Mr Fitzherbert. Have you seen the Princess?"

"The Princess?" He refused to meet her eyes and instead settled on the grandfather clock, "Not since lunch. Why is everything alright?"

"It's time for her literature lesson and she's late."

"Oh? Have you checked the libra—" he grunted when Rapunzel squeezed his calf and remembered the library was not a good place to send her, "Or better yet, one of the gardens? You know she and Pascal like to go there and paint."

With that, the handmaiden nodded and left the study. Eugene took a deep breath and sunk back into his chair. He needs a drink.

"She's gone."

Rapunzel slowly crawled out from beneath the desk and gave him an apologetic look. But it didn't last long when the top of her dress fell to her waist, revealing quite a sight to Eugene.

The dark look she gave him was all that Eugene needed to gently palm her breast, causing her breath to hitch. He shouldn't get them started, but then again, they dove right into it without warning. But this was okay, after all he needed to give her breasts the attention they didn't receive.

Before he could even replace his fingers with his mouth, the grandfather clock chimed causing the couple to jump back from each other.

Rapunzel quickly fixed her top and cleared her throat.

"Help me with this?" She tugged on her corset and fixed her sleeves.

"Turn around."

Rapunzel slowly faced the desk and placed her hands firmly on the desktop and waited for him to lace her up.

Instead of working on the strings right away, Eugene was appreciating the view she was giving him. He was about to grab her hips and appreciate her even more, but quickly shook his head and got to work on the corset. After all, they were already looking for her.

"There," he said, "You now look presentable"

Before she could turn around, he gently nuzzled her exposing shoulder and neck. Eugene could feel Rapunzel begin to lean back against him and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Sunshine?" His whisper sent shivers down to her core, "Your lesson?"

Right, her lesson. Of course they had to be interrupted, right when she wanted to talk about what happened. Rapunzel slowly turned to him and smiled.

"Eugene," she cupped his cheek, "I—"

"Hey," he leaned into her palm and placed a kiss on it, "We'll talk about it later, alright? We can't have them come back looking in here again."

She nodded in agreement and ran her fingers through his hair.

"For the record, that was amazing."

Eugene smirked and gave her a chaste kiss.

"I'll see you later," he rubbed their noses, "I need to finish this because I have a feeling your father will want to see them during port and cigars after dinner."

Rapunzel adorably pouted at the mention of port and cigars. How she loathed the two most important men in her life to leave the dinner table along with other men from court to smoke their lungs out. Eugene had told her numerous times he touches the cigar maybe once a month, twice depending if there's some kind of occasion. Besides, he never finishes them.

"I'm not going to touch one today." he reassured her and kissed her pout away.

"It's not that," she sighed against his lips, "If you and dad are going to be talking about your work, you'll probably be back late."

"Hmm, maybe."

Eugene grabbed her hand and walked her to the door.

"Hey Sunshine," he began, "Even if it does go on late, doesn't mean we don't have to see each other. Just go to my room and wait for me."

"Really?" That peaked her interest.

"Okay don't actually wait up for me," he quickly corrected himself, "I just want you to be there when I arrive. Whether you're awake or hopefully asleep."

"I'll be there," she promised, "I'll even bring a couple new books to read while I wait."

He kissed her one more time as slowly opened the door.

"It's a date." He replied, "Now go to lessons."

Rapunzel giggled and kissed him before carefully slipping out.

Eugene closed the door, placed his forehead against it and groaned.

He walked back to his desk and looked at his work. The king had assigned these documents to him three days ago. The reasons why he hasn't seen Rapunzel as much and causing him major stress. He sighed and looked at the time. Great, Eugene wasted all that time on what was supposed to be his quick five minute break.

Thinking back to his little break, he remembered that he was reaching his peak before Rapunzel caught him. Oh god, Rapunzel! He'd still need to talk to her about it and explain to her why he did it. Hopefully she wouldn't be angry at him. But then again, he realized that she didn't run away or screamed at him. Instead, she did what many in his position would fantasize.

Eugene groaned and spotted the bar cart. Well, after that little work out, he could use the hydration.

He took the bottle of scotch and poured it into a glass.

Another little break wouldn't hurt.

So that was chapter one, I do have the second chapter started already!

Until next time!