He was submerged underneath a blue lake, floating. His mind and body fast asleep, his eyes fastened shut, yet slowly cold awareness of the world flooded into him. He opened his eyes…

This ceiling. Wasn't his.

He woke up in a daze of confusion and haste. Where was he? This wasn't home. He jumped up, and realised that the bed and surroundings were big, fancy...royal. Heh?! Shoving off the blankets heavy enough to consume him, he could notice one thing.

This must be a parallel world, where he, Natsuki Subaru, was king!

After checking around from curiosity, a little bit of fear trickled in. Where was mom? And dad? They're here, right? Running out the door, he burst into a grand hallway, so big it was scary.

Where was he where was he? Where's mama! Subaru ran. His parents had to be here. Had to. Be. Here. He. Needed. To. Find. The-

'Hey!' someone said 'Watch where you're going, I suppose!'

In an instant and a flash, he was on the floor. His mind was so dizzy he couldn't realise or order the muddled events in his mind. The pain hit him delayed, and seeing the sight of a older stranger combined with that frightened him, and he *screamed*.

'Ah! Don't cry! Betty does not know how to deal with crying children!'

The girl hesitantly patted his shoulders, and then suddenly, gripped them tighter. This was Subaru? She had to admit they looked very similar at the start, and her gut feeling felt sure it was him, but touching him confirmed it. How, did this happen?

'Subaru?! What! This better not be a prank, I hope!', she exclaimed, eyes furrowed.

Subaru whimpered, and took a step back, shaking off her grip. He was shaking with fear. Who is this scary girl? Who are you?

'I'm Betty, Subaru's contract spirit! You would do well to remember that, I suppose!'

With a little shock from realising he'd thought out loud, he took a step back. He had to calm down. Calm. This girl...she says she knows him, yet Subaru has no memory of her.

Now less scared, yet more suspicious, he tried to figure it out, fighting the panic that was twisting his stomach - what's going on!

'Why are you suddenly a child, now? What happened to you, did someone throw a de-aging curse at you, in fact!?' she asked, frantically. Her hand suddenly held out and onto his, and he felt something warm from them coming. The pain hazing his thoughts subsided, and the panicked, rough edge to them finally disappeared.

'Was that...magic? Just now? Can you do magic! Wow, that's so cool! You're a healer!'

'Of course, it was Betty who healed your wounds when you first came here, in fact, and it was Betty who takes care of you whenever you're hurt!', with a proud tone to her voice.

Sharp surprise came into him.

'I was hurt when I came here? What happened? Where am I? You...took care of me...?'
Curiosity laced with fear came in, and he didn't know what question to ask next, first, or last.

'Come with Betty, I suppose! You'll understand when they explain to you, worrying is not allowed!'

Secretly relieved that Subaru had calmed down, she caught his hand tighter and pulled him along hastily, downstairs to where everyone was for breakfast - ignoring his surprise and half-hearted protests.