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Just a one shot what if set from the ending events of Dream Drop

Come Back

Riku walked along the silent beach, bathed in the weak light of what passed for a moon. He felt so lost…it had been three months since Sora had vanished and there had been no sign of him. The new Organisation was searching too, and that was all that gave them hope. Surely, if it had worked, if Sora was now possessed by a piece of Xehanort's heart, he would have joined them.

He still felt sick when he thought of that farce of an exam and struggled against his anger at Yen Sid for what had happened. He should have ended the exam as soon as they realised something had gone wrong, should have at least sent aid before he had. He knew that if not for Mickey, Lea, Donald, and Goofy, he would have died there, killed after watching them take Sora.

If Lea had been just a second or two faster…but it wasn't his fault, he hadn't even been able to summon his Keyblade at will, he'd done his best. It just hadn't been enough, Xehanort's heart slamming into Sora's slumbering form just before the area had blown up, Lea throwing up fire to try and stop it and protect Sora. In the chaos and confusion of their backup showing up, everyone had lost track of Sora. Obviously the Organisation had expected him to wake as one of them and join them in pushing their group back…except it hadn't happened. When the dust had settled, they had faced each other across from an empty white chair. Sora or his possessed body had vanished. Their time up, the Organisation had vanished.

They had regrouped at Yen Sid's where Kairi had been informed, falling into denial. She was training with Lea under Merlin's care. The rest of them were searching for Sora, they had to find him first, they had to free him. The thought of facing Sora even if it was only his body….he couldn't do it. He felt sick just considering it, he didn't know how Sora had managed to fight him, even once Ansem had altered his body to his own appearance and sent him into the Darkness.

It was why he had snuck off alone, to the Realm of Darkness. Xehanort claimed that Sora's heart had been sent into a deep slumber in the Darkness and he hoped that meant he was somewhere here, that he could find even part of him, then he could reclaim his body when they found it, right? Even if it wasn't true, he thought Sora may be there because where else could he hide so well? Mickey and Yen Sid had denied the idea of searching the realm for Sora, they said it was too dangerous. Yes, he could feel the Darkness pressing around him, looking for any way into his Heart, but he didn't fear it anymore. He walked the path to dawn and he would not fall to the Darkness again, even Xehanort had commented on his immunity to outside Darkness, it was why they had turned their attention first to Roxas and then Sora.

He stopped, staring out at the dark water, closing his eyes to listen. Even then, he had no warning, freezing at the feel of a blade against his throat, an arm restraining him. He felt the power of a Keyblade, felt it call to him softly, felt the sturdy yet lithe body pressed against his own, and he purposely relaxed. He could theoretically break the hold but he remained still. He could have struck him down and Riku wouldn't have had any warning, instead he had restrained Riku, and that gave him hope. If he was wrong though, he could die and no one would know what had happened to him.

He heard a snarl come from Sora and swallowed hard, leaning his head back a little, further away from the Keyblade. "Sora, it's me, it's Riku," he murmured. He reached out with his heart, for the link that had been forged during the exam, and nearly collapsed as he felt Sora's Heart…but it was so different to how it had felt then. He wanted to deny it was him, believe it was Xehanort, and yet surely he would be dead if that were true?

To his surprise, Sora let go with the hand restraining him, but then he was pulling Riku's head back by gripping his hair, making him bend back more, putting him off balance, even as the Keyblade remained far too close to his throat. He finally moved, lifting a hand to rest over the one gripping the blade, not trying to move it, just touching him. Sora snarled again, warning, but Riku kept his hand there.

"Please Sora, say something, let me know you're in there," his voice came out a bit strangled because of the angle he was being held at.

"W…wwho am I?" Sora ground out in a rasp.

Riku was relieved to hear him speak even if the words had his heart plummeting. "Sora, you're Sora. I've been looking everywhere for you," he told him.


"Because you're my best friend, because I love you," he answered softly. It was still so new, they'd barely shared a kiss before being torn apart by the exam. "Don't you recognise me?" he asked. He grimaced as he was yanked further back, bending and wishing he was as flexible as Sora. He wanted to see him but Sora hadn't pulled him back at the right angle to let him see him. "S…Sora...please," he coughed.

To his relief, Sora's grip loosened slightly, letting him straighten back up a little, breathing becoming easier. His hand still rested over Sora's, feeling the glove covering the back of his hand, but he could feel the skin of his fingers and it was cold, too cold. Had he been in the Realm of Darkness the whole time? There was no warmth, no comfort, and while the magical clothing would give him some protection, it wouldn't be enough. Was he sick? Hypothermic?

"Please Sora, let me see you," if he could see him then he'd have an idea of his condition and what help he'd need. There was enough Darkness in his Heart now that the Heartless wouldn't be swarming him, but at first? Was he hurt?

"Why should I do that?" he almost purred, and Riku tensed in alarm, that was not Sora….Xehanort's heart really was inside of him.

Riku felt a blinding pain and then everything went dark.


He woke slowly, head throbbing, able to feel the tackiness of drying blood on his face. He struggled to open his eyes, to remember what had happened…Sora! He forced his eyes open to find he was no longer on the beach but in a cave? He tried to sit up only to find his hands and feet were bound. He froze as he sensed movement, seeing the mouth darken as if something had moved across it, his eyes slowly adjusting to the lack of light enough to make out the outline of Sora…or was it Sora? He'd been so sure it was him until the end and yet that last bit hadn't been him.

"Sora?" he croaked, throat dry, nearly jumping when cold fingers traced over his cheek, curious, exploring.

Sora leant in closer, examining him, and he couldn't sense Xehanort…they were both in there? Fighting for control? He turned his head towards Sora, their lips brushing, and Sora jerked back. There wasn't enough light to truly see him but he desperately wanted to see his eyes, to know if they were the blue he'd known all his life…or the golden yellow of Darkness and Xehanort. Sora touched his lips, tracing them, head cocked to the side.

"Sora please untie me, I won't try and leave, I won't hurt you," he promised. He lifted his bound hands, catching Sora's other hand between them. He tugged his hand up, kissing his fingers before pressing the hand to his cheek. He had to get through to him, he refused to believe Sora was lost, Sora had saved him from the Darkness and now it was his turn to save him.

"Ri…ku?" Sora asked, and his heart leapt at hearing his name from Sora.

"I'm here Sora, I won't leave you."

He was relieved when Sora reached for his bond but then he froze, groaning.

"Sora? Are you hurt?"

"He's mine," Sora stated and Riku's heart plummeted again.

"Xehanort," he growled, and he heard Sora chuckle, it was cold, no joy in it.

"This vessel is mine, the boy's heart is lost to Dark slumber."

"Then how is he still fighting you?" Riku taunted. "He's still in there, he won't let you win. If you had, you wouldn't still be here, you'd be with the others."

"Foolish boy, you never should have come here."

"I'll never give up on him," he swore.

"Oh, I think you will. I could kill you," Xehanort taunted, Sora's hand wrapping lightly around Riku's neck, thumb stroking along where his pulse was pounding in his throat. "Not that Sora is aware enough to truly know you, but perhaps I can break him, by breaking you."

Riku swallowed, knew he could feel it, would know he was scared, but he refused to show it with more than that. "You won't win."

"Won't I? You are," he cut off, letting go of Riku, shaking his head.

"Fight Sora! You have to fight him, you're stronger than Xehanort, I know you are," he encouraged.

"Ku?" Sora whispered, almost too softly for him to hear.

"I'm here Sora," he promised again, trying to move.

He felt Sora touch the ropes around his wrists and then he was tugging at them until they came free. Riku rubbed his wrists before reaching for Sora who stiffened.

"Shh, it's okay," he murmured even as he wrapped his arms around Sora, able to feel the rips in his clothing as he drew him closer. Sora was rigid in his arms but he just held him to his chest and gradually he went limp, trembling in his arms. He kissed his forehead, his cheeks, and then his lips.

Sora gasped and then he was clutching at Riku's jacket, pressing closer, whimpering. "Riku…Riku….he…help me," he begged, and Riku held him closer, rocking him.

Slowly, he called his Keyblade, not wanting to startle Sora who stiffened even though he couldn't see it. Riku then set it down beside them, glowing red with a fire spell to increase the light level in the cave. Finally, he could see Sora, and he felt sick. One eye was the familiar blue but the other was all Xehanort, his hair a lank mass of brown and white. He was pale, massive bags under his eyes, long dried blood smeared here and there, his clothing torn up badly.

Sora flinched, curling inward, and Riku tightened his grip.

"You'll be okay," he whispered, pulling out a potion from his magical pockets, despite wanting to use something more powerful. If Xehanort took control again then he didn't want to face him in Sora's body at full strength. "Here, drink this, it'll help you feel a bit better," he urged, and Sora slowly uncurled enough that Riku could place the bottle to his lips, tipping the contents into his mouth. He regained a little colour and he felt a little warmer too thankfully.


"Can't what?" he asked, running his fingers through the lank mess of hair, fingers working to gently untangle it, not wanting to know what was in it besides sweat.

"W…wwake," he mumbled.

Riku frowned in confusion, was Sora saying his heart really was asleep still? Then how was he talking with him? He needed help but where could they go? Not home, too many civilians who knew nothing of Keyblades. He would have gone to Yen Sid before the exam but he didn't trust him to not just kill Sora to take out a part of Xehanort. Mickey? No, he didn't know where he was and taking Sora to the Castle was too dangerous thanks to the Keystone. That left…Radiant Garden. Between Leon's group and Merlin's magic, they should be able to contain Xehanort.

"I'm going to get you out of here, okay?"

That got a low growl and he hushed him gently. Sora suddenly winced, pressing his hands to his head. "Nnno!"

As Riku watched, Sora's blue eye began to change colour, showing what was happening. "It'll be okay Sora," he whispered before touching his Keyblade, cutting the fire spell to send another one at Sora who struggled briefly against the status effect before going limp. He lay him down on the ground and then untied his feet, hesitating, but then he tied Sora up, hating himself as he did. "I'm sorry," he whispered as he lifted Sora's sleeping body, making his way out of the cave and back to the beach where it was easiest to open a corridor. No one knew he could make them since the exam and he hadn't felt like telling them, wanting the advantage.

He walked through it, keeping a good grip on Sora, carrying him out into Radiant Garden, heading for Merlin's. He knew the castle was staffed by some of the recompleted ex-Organisation members but he thought it would be better for Sora to wake around friends, not people who could confuse him.

He approached the house and kicked the door. "Help me!" he called out and soon Cid was yanking the door open, eyes going wide as he saw who Riku was carrying. "We need Merlin and somewhere to secure him. He…Xehanort's inside him as well."


"Sora's fighting," he promised.

"Merlin!" Cid yelled, leading him upstairs and to a room.

Riku walked in to find it very bare, but there was a bed and he lowered Sora onto it, untying him to secure him to the bed instead. he looked up as the Wizard walked in only to stare.

"Oh my."

"Please, help him," Riku wasn't beyond begging to get help for Sora.

"Move aside dear boy, let me see. Cid, get him something to eat and see to that head wound," Merlin called, ushering them out of the room.


Merlin stared at the unconscious body on the bed, barely able to recognise him. He could feel the Darkness infecting him, the foreign Heart fighting to take total control of his body. Well, that just wouldn't do. He couldn't remove it, but he could bolster Sora, give him the power to fight free.


Riku entered the room, clean of blood and anything picked up of in the Realm of Darkness. He'd even eaten and rested briefly, Cid threatening to sit on him if necessary. He found Sora still asleep, Merlin straightening up.

"Right on time," he motioned him over, and Riku approached, seeing that Sora wasn't sleeping peacefully, eyes moving rapidly behind closed lids. "I have done what I can to give Sora a fighting chance. But it is your Heart that is linked to his. If you are willing to brave the danger, you will be of more help than I."

"What do I need to do?" he asked without hesitation.

"You have already entered his dreams, no you must go deeper, into his very Heart to battle Xehanort and free him. Be on your guard! Xehanort will be able to sense you and will attempt to trick you, to stop you. I am not sure how aware Sora will be of you, if he will be able to help you at all," he warned, and Riku nodded.

He would do whatever he had to in order to save Sora. He hoped that with Xehanort gone, the Darkness would be gone too, but even if it wasn't, he would help Sora learn to control it like he did. He couldn't lose him. He knew Kairi would want to help and maybe as a Princess of Heart she could do something but exposing her to Xehanort when she'd only just began training seemed reckless. Besides, things were still awkward with her thanks to Sora turning her down for him and then Riku returning without him from the exam.

He drew his Keyblade and aimed it at Sora, closing his eyes and reaching out with his Heart. When he opened them a portal like those he'd seen in the Sleeping Worlds was floating over Sora's prone form and he didn't hesitate to enter it.


He opened his eyes and found himself on a very familiar beach, a storm raging overhead. Why this night? He looked around for either Sora or Xehanort but couldn't sense anyone. He was meant to be in Sora's heart but it felt more like a dream. "Sora? Sora this isn't real!" he yelled. "Where are you?"

He rolled forward, Way to Dawn appearing in his hand as he got back to his feet, turning to face the old man he'd seen that day in the main chair. "Xehanort," he growled.

"You are even more foolish than I thought boy to come here."

"Let Sora go," he demanded.

"No," he smirked, and Riku slashed at him but he somehow dodged without really seeming to move. Was it real or an illusion?

"You cannot defeat me here. You can feel the Darkness consuming him, soon there will be nothing left. Even if I did leave him, he would not be the boy you are searching for."

"I'm proof people can come back from the Dark, Sora's heart is strong!"

"You truly believe that," Xehanort shook his head but then was forced to dodge, both of them staring at the newcomer.

It was a set of armour, mostly black with some hints of maybe dark green and very tarnished gold, what worried him was the symbol on the helmet, the symbol of a Nightmare.

"So….this is where you have been hidden all these years," Xehanort said, he recognised the armour? Was there…someone in it?

The Nightmare symbol seemed to fluctuate, fading in and out, and then the armour attacked, forcing Xehanort to defend himself when he'd totally ignored Riku's attacks. Riku hesitated, helping a Nightmare just seemed wrong, but maybe it wasn't fully a Nightmare? And it was attacking Xehanort, not him.

"Sora, tell me how to help you," he whispered, hand pressed to his Heart, calling out to any part of Sora that could hear him.

"Would have thought that was obvious," a familiar voice answered as if from far away. He hadn't expected to hear it, which was silly, if there was anywhere he'd hear from him again, it'd be in Sora's heart.

"Roxas," he murmured, raising his Keyblade. "You two hang on," he told the Nobody and then launched himself at Xehanort, finding it easy to fall into an attack rhythm with the mysterious armour. It didn't fight exactly like Sora but there were eerie similarities. Was that…was that what Sora had become? No…that didn't feel quite right.

Working with the armour, his attacks were actually having an effect on the Keyblade Master which was a relief.


Lea watched Sora writhe on the bed, straining against the restraints. Seeing him like that….he felt so guilty, if only he'd ben just a little faster then Sora would be fine and not possessed. Knowing that Riku was in his Heart, fighting to free him, well if anyone could save him it'd be Riku. Those two were very loyal to each other.

Honestly, how had anyone thought the kid was in love with Kairi? Then again, he'd had a pretty big clue since once he'd moved passed being a zombie it hadn't been the girls on various Worlds that caught Roxas' eye. Roxas…if Sora succumbed, what would it mean for him? Then again, he'd been told they had merged before facing Xemnas, so did Roxas even exist anymore? He wanted his best friend back, but would it be the same when he was human and Roxas wasn't?

As he watched, more of Sora's hair turned white, and Lea grimaced, that wasn't a good sign. "Come on Sora, don't give up," he told the sleeping boy. "Roxas, if you can hear me, you gotta fight."


Riku fell to one knee, leaning heavily on his Keyblade, panting. The armour kept fighting, but it was looking a bit beat up, then again so did Xehanort. "Sora, please, help me," he called out softly, reaching with his heart for him again.

He jerked and looked down as he felt his Keyblade change. His eyes widened as Mirage Split appeared, and then he grinned. Sora had heard him. He saw the vague image of Sora's Keyblade, Nightmare's End, appear beside it. "Together," he whispered, feeling a surge of strength infuse his limbs. He moved without thought, able to feel Sora with him, their combined Keyblade moving almost without him doing it, more like it was guiding him.

He saw the armour fall back out of the corner of his eye even as he flew at Xehanort, landing hit after hit with the massive Keyblade.

"Impossible!" the old man denied as the Keyblade pierced right through where his Heart would be.

Riku let go and leapt back, watching as he glowed and then ducked as Xehanort literally exploded. He straightened up, watching the Keyblade float in mid-air before the two separated and then vanished. He turned back to the armour, watching it warily, as it stared at him in return. He was shocked when it lifted a hand towards him, reaching for him, and he gulped. "Sora?"

Could Sora really be inside that thing? Or become it or something? He'd become a Dream Eater…had Sora become a Nightmare? He slowly reached out towards it and then cried out in shock as the ground vanished from beneath him, plummeting. It felt like he fell forever before landing hard, rolling to absorb the impact.

Riku stood up and looked around in confusion. He was standing on what looked like stained glass, trying to make out the image through the Darkness moving across it. His eyes widened as he glimpsed an image of himself….Donald…Kairi…Goofy…. he stepped back trying to work out the largest image through the Darkness but then he saw all he needed to, the crown necklace. Sora…it was an image of Sora, sleeping, Keyblade in hand. Was this…Sora's Heart?

"Sora?" he called and then spun, finding himself facing the armour again. "Sora? Is that you?" he asked even as it raised its hand again.

He took a deep breath and moved closer, he thought the height was right, taking the metal into account. His fingers brushed cold metal and he collapsed to his knees, overwhelmed as emotions slammed into him. "Sora!" he cried out, clinging to the armoured hand. He staggered back to his feet, Heart aching from what he'd felt from Sora, the terror, despair…anger…longing.

"I'm here Sora, I won't leave you," he promised. He let go of his hand and then lifted both to the helmet. Would it come off? What would he see if it did? He found where it met the rest of the armour and pulled. It came off and he was staring at Sora's face. His eyes were closed though, breathing deep…as if he was asleep? He gripped his shoulders. "Sora? Come on open your eyes, please."

There was no response, Sora continuing to sleep. Feeling something at his feet, he looked down to see a pool of Darkness beneath them. He grabbed on tight, trying to pull Sora clear even as the armour released him, his body limp as it fell against him. He didn't know what to do as the Darkness climbed to their knees.

"Please Sora, you have to wake up," he whispered and then he kissed him. He wasn't a Princess of Heart and neither was Sora, there was no spell or curse to break, but he was out of ideas. He gently held his head with a hand on the back of it, his other arm around Sora's waist as he gently pressed their lips together.

So he was completely shocked when he felt Sora respond to the kiss. He let out a soft hum of pleasure too, and Riku lifted his head, staring at him, watching as his eyelashes fluttered before slowly Sora's eyes opened. Riku stared into mismatched eyes as Sora stared up at him in a daze, blinking sleepily.

"R'ku?" he mumbled.

"Sora," he hugged him tight, gasping as he felt the Darkness rising ever higher. "Sora you have to fight it, don't give in to the Darkness," he pleaded.

"I…I don't…what's happen'g?"

Riku ran his fingers through Sora's hair, it was back to the normal brown, which was a relief, here it was clean and as spikey as normal, not the mess it was outside. "Xehanort possessed you but you were fighting him. You've been missing for months, I found you in the Realm of Darkness. We beat Xehanort but the Darkness is trying to swallow you, you have to wake up and fight it. Please, I can't lose you."

"Riku?" he sounded more alert now, pulling back to look around and then down, gasping. "Riku!"

"I'm here," he pulled him close again. "I won't leave you, even in the Darkness."

He felt Sora stiffen. "No…" he looked up at him, eyes wide. He looked around again. "I…I know this place," he whispered. "I've been here...before the Islands fell…" he looked down, the Darkness almost up to their chests now. "Riku I'm scared."

So was he, he didn't know what would happen if it swallowed them inside of Sora's Heart. He could guess that Sora would be like others he'd met who were consumed by Darkness and that made him feel sick, that wouldn't be Sora anymore. But what would happen to him? Would he be trapped in Sora's Heart in the Darkness? Would he become a Nightmare to match it?

"Sora, I…" he stared into terrified mismatched eyes and then kissed him again, putting everything he felt into it, trying to let Sora feel how he felt for him. He heard Sora gasp and then he relaxed against him totally, clinging to him, kissing back. "Don't let go," he begged, arms tight around Sora. He couldn't lose him again. He gasped as the Darkness kept rising, Sora holding on tight to him.

"No! Riku you have to go…you can't get hurt because of me." Sora shook his head, trying to push Riku out of the Darkness and to both of their shock it worked. Riku fell back onto one of the few clear patches of glass.

"Sora!" he reached for him as Sora screamed.


Kairi gasped as Sora's back arched on the bed, terrified for him. A strange pink thing appeared and then Riku slammed into the floor beside the bed, laying there, stunned. "Riku!" she called and he stared at her before his eyes widened and he scrambled up.

"Sora no!" He grabbed his shoulders, shaking them. "Don't give in, come back to us please. Don't leave me."

Darkness was bubbling around Sora's form and she backed away, horrified. She felt Lea grab her shoulder, pulling her closer to him, protecting her. Riku ignored the Darkness and though it tried to grab onto him it couldn't.

Riku leant in, whispering something to Sora that she couldn't hear and then she watched as he kissed him. Seeing him do that…hurt, she'd always thought…but it had been Riku that Sora cried for that day in the Castle, not her, their hug had been awkward.


Lea approached the bed and leant down. "Roxas…if you're in there, help him. Blast that Darkness with Light, show Sora how." He glanced up at Riku, seeing the tortured grief in his eyes. "Xehanort?"

"Destroyed, but the Darkness won't let him go. He woke up but… he pushed me out so it wouldn't get me too," Riku told him. "His hair's no longer white but in his Heart…one of his eyes was blue and the other…"

"Hey, this is Sora we're talking about, kid doesn't know how to quite," Lea told him.

"Roxas is still there, I heard him while fighting Xehanort," Riku offered even as Lea helped him hold Sora down. "Come on Sora! You can do this." He looked over at Kairi. "Kairi, is there anything you can do?"

"I…I don't know…this isn't like before."


"Please," Riku pleaded, and she slowly approached the bed, skirting the Darkness.

She reached out to touch Sora's cheek and he whimpered in pain before sighing softly, going stiller.

"That's it Sora, we're here for you," he urged. "Just keep fighting."

"His Heart…" Kairi whispered.

"There's Darkness in me Kairi, as long as it doesn't consume him, he can learn to control it," he tried to reassure her.

Sora was shivering now but he thought the Darkness was lessening, hopefully not because it was digging deeper into him. Riku reached for the restraints, undoing them.

"Whoa! What are you doing?" Lea asked.

"How would you react if you woke up tied up?" he asked, gently drawing Sora into his arms.

"Ri…." It was barely audible but it sounded like his name. Sora's head rolled limply against his chest.

"I'm here Sora. Kairi and Lea…Axel are here too." Sora wouldn't know Lea by his true name. "Come back, please. Don't let the Darkness take you."

He held his breath as Sora moved restlessly and then ever so slowly his eyes began to open, all of them waiting to see what colour they were. The first thing he saw was a sliver of blue and he felt hope, but then he realised the blue was only in one eye, the other was still yellow. They'd been like that in his Heart though and he'd still been Sora…

"Sora?" he called, and Sora blinked up at him. "Come on, say something, please."

"Riku?" Sora asked, sounding confused. "I…I feel so strange."

"It's okay, you'll be alright," he promised, stroking lank hair.

"He's right, you're strong. Got it memorised?"

Sora turned his head, frowning before his eyes widened. "Axel? What? But you…you died."

"The name's Lea," the redhead smirked. "Axel was my Nobody."

"Oh," Sora whispered, glancing around. "Kairi?"

She managed a shaky smile. "I've missed you Sora."

"Missed me? What's going on?" he tried to sit up but didn't manage it.

"Hey, don't push it. You…you've been asleep for a long time," Riku told him, not sure how to tell him what had happened.


Sora stared at his reflection in the mirror, the mismatched eyes rather disconcerting. No one knew why his eye wouldn't revert to blue. Warm hands settled on his waist and he leant back against Riku. Riku was his anchor, without him he'd have drowned already. He turned around and Riku leant down, resting his head against Sora's.

"I love you Sora," he murmured.

"No matter what?" he asked softly, and Riku nodded.

"No matter what," he promised.

Sora smirked and his Keyblade appeared, right through Riku's chest, his eyes going wide in shock and pain.

"RIKU!" Sora screamed, bolting upright, panting for air.

"Sora?" Riku sat up beside him, the low lamp they always had on at night making his worried expression easy to see. "Hey, it's okay, I'm right here," Riku gently touched his shoulder. "It's okay, you're safe, we're at Merlin's."

Merlin's…right….it was just a dream…a nightmare. Riku wasn't dead, he hadn't killed him. He was shaking, he felt sick, seeing wisps of Darkness rising from his skin. "Riku…"

"It's okay," Riku murmured, wrapping an arm around him. "Just breath with me, calm down and it'll stop, you know that."

He did know it, but it was hard. He hated what Xehanort had done to him, how much Darkness was inside him now. He couldn't get rid of it no matter how hard he tried. Xehanort was gone for good finally, they'd beaten him and his new Organisation, but it had nearly killed them. The old man had been beyond angry when they hadn't shown up with Seven Guardians but they'd still managed to beat him and without the super special Keyblade forming. They'd even saved one of the missing Keyblade Wielders in doing so, Terra was himself again and looking for his friends with Mickey's help.

Sora had the sick feeling he knew where Ventus was, though he didn't know how. Seeing Terra's armour…he knew Riku suspected it too, that Ventus was the third heart inside him that Ienzo had detected. They were hoping that soon they could be removed to Replica's, now that he had extra help with the program. Mickey thought Aqua was trapped in the Realm of Darkness, he'd even met her there on his way to help them seal the Door when they beat 'Ansem'. He knew Riku was thinking of offering to look, because she'd been trapped there alone after nearly being saved, because she'd kept the Heartless away from him. If Riku went, then he'd be going too. He didn't remember being there after being possessed, he only remembered being on the beach with Riku after defeating Xemnas. That didn't mean he wanted to go back, what if the Darkness overwhelmed him? But he couldn't let Riku go alone.

He didn't know what Kairi was doing, he thought she'd gone home, but he wasn't sure. She…she didn't want to be around them anymore and he knew it was because of him. Because he wasn't like Riku who could control it so easily, could bury the Darkness in his Heart and only let it out when he meant to. He was trying and Riku kept telling him he'd get it with time but so far he wasn't. The Nightmares didn't help, seeing himself kill those he loved over and over and without caring, or being trapped as Xehanort used him to do horrible things…. Riku could help with the normal Nightmares, but he didn't let him near those ones, couldn't stand the thought of him seeing that.

He felt Riku press a kiss to his temple even as he made himself relax against the taller male, letting Riku take his weight, the Darkness slowly fading. He turned his head and Riku got the hint, kissing him tenderly. Riku had risked so much to save him, stayed with him despite the fact Sora knew Master Yen Sid wanted him to leave. Not that Riku ever answered the old wizards' calls. Riku ignored anyone who said he should give up on him. Riku was the only one who could reach him when things got bad, had reached him even when possessed, and he loved him more than he could ever say, even if he hated the risks he took. the thought that one day he'd come back to himself to find Riku badly hurt…or worse…he'd turn himself over to Master Yen Sid and let him destroy him if that happened. Riku was so sure it never would though and all he could do was believe him.

"Love you," he whispered, he clung to that to fight the Darkness. He held on to all of his friends, but Riku most of all and Riku let him. Without Riku, he didn't think the others would be enough for him to fight it.

"Love you too," Riku smiled at him, laying back, and Sora let him get them both settled back under the covers. "Let me watch over your dreams now, please," he murmured, and Sora nodded slowly, too tired to argue. "We can go to the Symphony of Sorcery," he offered, and Sora nodded, even as Riku ran his fingers through his hair, lulling him to sleep.

Soon they were flying among the clouds, the song made from their two Sound Ideas playing around them, all fear of the Darkness gone for the moment.

The End.

I skipped fighting Xehanort and stuff cause it is just a one shot. All that time spent looking for Sora and then trying to help him deal with the Darkness meant not time to look for Aqua and co. Basically, 90%of the game with Sora or Riku in it, didn't happen. Either others covered those missions or none of the group showed up.

Did anyone think for a second that Sora really killed Riku?

They're both a mess but together they're working on it.