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Chapter 2: My Heart Will Always Belong To You, Jamsie-Poo! *bats eyes flirtatiously*

Sirius' POV (Third POV)-

"-RION BLACK! ...PADFOOT! IF YOU DON't GET YOUR LAZY ARSE OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW, WE WILL MISS THE TRAIN!" James Fleaumont Potter shouted at Sirius Orion Black while whacking him with a pillow, a blanket, anything he could get his hands on. Which included a heavy candelabra.

Sirius shot out of his warm, soft bed and landed on the furry red carpet, his shin aching from getting beaten by a picture frame. "What do you mean we're gonna miss the train?!" Sirius screamed back at him.

Prongs glared at Sirius. "I mean you wouldn't wake up and now we're gonna be late!"

Sirius hopped up off the floor and dragged James out of his bedroom along with his trunk. "Go put this is downstairs. I'll be right down!"

"Oh, sure, you will, Sirius," James grumbled as Sirius slammed the door in his face, "You haven't even done your hair yet, and that takes two hours."

Sirius shrieked louder than any teenage girl to ever exist. "Oh, my Merlin! I haven't done my hair," He wailed dramatically, completely aware he had just repeated what Prongs said moments before, "I can't go to the station like this! What would people think of me?!"

"They would probably wonder why a pig is walking on its hind legs and wearing Sirius Black's robes." A snarky voice answered him through the thick wooden door.

"Shut up, you prat," Sirius growled back.

Sirius zoomed towards the bathroom and attempted at doing his hair while brushing his teeth. It failed. Badly. He got toothpaste in his hair and had it running down his chin like drool. He sighed in frustration while wiping his face. You know what? Sirius could do his bathroom business after getting dressed.

He raced out of the bathroom and threw on some clothes he found in his dresser. The Animagus was wearing a white T-Shirt, black skinny jeans, combat boots, fingerless leather gloves, and his good ol' leather jacket. Along with a Gryffindor pendant of course. What? You guys know Sirius all about that house pride!

Sirius ran back into the bathroom and slathered his personally-made-just-for-him-and-no-one-else hair potions onto his flawless, pale hands and he rubbed them into his luscious black hair, massaging his scalp. Sirius cast about ten different spells on his hair to make it look messy but elegant and hot. (A/N- Since Sirius is at the Potter's, an all magical family, the Ministry won't be able to tell who is casting the spell.) Then, Sirius cast a Hot-Air Charm on his beautiful locks and ran a hand through them once it was all dry. Oh, yeah. Sirius looked hot. And it only took twenty minutes, unlike the two hours it usually takes! Sirius Orion Black deserved a pat on the back for all his hard effort.

Sirius walked out of the bedroom and snatched up his wand, putting it into its dragon leather holster. He ran out into the hallway, ignoring the shouts of protest from the portraits to 'keep it down' and to 'stop running in the halls'. Sirius saw the banister that connected to the grand staircase come into his sight and he got prepared to slide down it.

...Sirius grabbed a hold of the banister!

...He landed on his stomach and slid down the thick, smooth, cherry wood face first.

...He clung onto the railing like it was his lifeline. Which it was.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Sirius screamed out of fear and excitement. James was standing at the end of the stairs. He turned around and his bespectacled hazel eyes widened.

"What the-? Padfoot!" He screeched when he saw Sirius was less than ten feet away from crashing into him.

"AAAAAHHHH- WHAOW!" Sirius screamed in pain as James and he landed in a crumpled heap on the wooden floor.

There was a moment of aching silence.

Suddenly, James groaned. "Now I know why they call it: Hard. Wood."

Sirius made an uncomfortable little noise that was muffled because of James' shoulderblade pressing into his mouth.

Prongs perked up. "Pads? You okay, mate?" He glanced down at Sirius concerned. Sirius faintly noticed in the back of his mind that James' glasses were crooked. But that was the least important thing on his mind right now.

"Yur bloo'y nee iz pr'ssing in'o ma balvs!" Sirius' pained voice was muffled as he still hadn't removed his shoulderblade from Sirius' cheek.

"Um... what? You know I don't speak the language Idiot." James chuckled.

I'm pretty bloody sure you do, you twit!

Sirius glared up at him, tears of agony shining in his eyes. James shifted, so now he was able to talk freely.

"I said, you gormless git, that YOUR BLOODY KNEE IS PRESSING INTO MY BALLS!" Sirius yelled all of this in a high-pitched voice that rose higher and higher with each word he uttered. The voice sounded an awful lot like Sirius' little cousin's voice, Nymphadora Tonks. She's three years old in case you were wondering.

James' eyes widened and he scrambled off of Padfoot. "Oh, Merlin, sorry, Pads, I didn't know!"

"S'fine." Sirius gritted his teeth.

"...That must have been one heck of an agonizing minute for you!" James blurted out while Sirius took deep breaths.

Sirius raised an aristocratic eyebrow at him as he clambered to his feet after taking a moment to recover. "Gee, you think?" Sirius asked him sarcastically.

James sniffed. "No need to be so sarcastic, Padfoot."

James' parents came running out into the hall with frantic expressions on their faces.

"Okay! Who's hurt this time?! First aid kit or St. Mungos?!" Euphemia Potter frenziedly asked the illegal Animagi while patting them down to see if they winced if she touched them in a certain spot. That way she'd know where they'd be hurt.

James and Sirius glanced at each other.

"Neither," The pranksters chorused.

Fleaumont Potter breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank Merlin. I was not looking forward to telling the clerk at the front what was wrong with you this time. Remember last time?"

Everyone cringed. They didn't want to think about last time. It was too embarrassing.

Mrs. Potter clapped her hands together. "Well, are we going to sit around like a bunch of lazy bums," James' eyes widened. He has never heard his mum use the word 'bum' (or any other much less mild language) because apparently, it was too 'unbecoming' for a lady to use such foul language, "or are we going to head to the station? We only have fifteen minutes until the train leaves, after all!"

"We would have left by now, but Mr. I-Need-To-Look-Perfect-24/7 here," James jabbed his thumb at Sirius, "had to do his hair."

Mr. and Mrs. Potter laughed, while Sirius pouted.

"I swear," James exclaimed, "he loves his hair more than anything on this earth! Even me! His best friend!"

Sirius threw himself at James and slung an arm around his shoulder. "Oh, please," Sirius laughed girlishly and said in a girly, high-pitched voice, "We all know that my heart will always belong to you, Jamesie-Poo!" Sirius, aka Hogwarts' resident Ladies Man, batted his stormy grey eyes flirtatiously at James.

James rolled his eyes for what seems like the millionth time and tried to hide the grin that slowly making its way onto his face.

James' mum and dad were practically rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard.

Mr. Potter finished laughing and wiped a stray tear from his eye. "Merlin's beard, I'm going to miss you two while you're away at Hogwarts. The house is going to be way too quiet without you rascals!"

James grinned mischievously.

"We could send you Howlers if you want! That way, the manor will be loud and you will hear our charming voices every morning as an alarm clock!" James suggested, smirking, while he and Sirius picked up their trunks to get ready to Apparate.

Mr. Potter chuckled fondly while Mrs. Potter looked horrified at the very thought. "I'd rather you not, James, but thank you for the offer."

Sirius sighed loudly. "Oh, well, James. At least you tried." He shook his head in mock disappointment.

James nodded solemnly.

Mr. Potter sniggered while Mrs. Potter rolled her eyes. (What is with people rolling their eyes today?!)

"Men," She muttered while latching onto the boy's arms, trying to fight the smile off her face, "Why do I put up with you three?"

"Because you love us!" The three males chorused.

"I guess that's a good reason!" She winked at them playfully as Mr. Potter grabbed hold of her arm, and without further ado, she Disapparated everyone and the boy's luggage out of the hall with a loud, echoing crack.

The Potters and the Black heir Apparated in an alley next to Kings Cross Station. Mr. Potter shrunk the trunks and put a Disillusionment Charm on the owls and their cages. Once everything was situated, they headed down the street as fast as they could, which was no easy task for Mrs. Potter since she was wearing 5-inch heels.

Once they were all in the ginormous train station, the adults pulled the boys aside to give them their goodbyes.

"Now, we won't be able to send you off on the Platform now this year, since I have to meet with Augusta Longbottom for tea in five minutes and your father has to go run some important errands for me." Mrs. Potter sniffed, trying to stop the tears from overflowing.

James grinned. "Honestly, Mum, we'll get on the Platform fine! And it's not like this is our seventh year! You'll get to do it again for one last time next year!"

This sentence just made Mrs. Potter burst into tears and she swept a bewildered James into a tight hug. "Oh, my little baby boy is growing up too soon!" She wailed. James blushed a dark shade of red.

Mr. Potter nodded in agreement. "I feel so old right now!"

James gave his father a strange look once he was released from his mother's surprisingly very strong arms. "Um... Dad? I don't know if you noticed but... you are old."

"Thanks, James, I really appreciate that."

Suddenly, Sirius sniggered.

"What's so funny, Padfoot?" James asked.

"Hehe... Oh, nothing, Prongs, just the fact that you're known as a 'little baby boy'. I think I'll be making that your new nickname!" Sirius laughed evilly.

James looked mortified, while Mr. Potter looked amused, and Mrs. Potter walked towards Sirius, her arms stretched out for a hug.

"Oh, don't think you're getting away without a hug either, young man," Euphemia said, waggling her finger in Sirius' face as his expression morphed into terror, "I would like to get my final hugs from both of my sons, thank you very much."

Sirius' heart warmed at the thought of Mrs. Potter thinking of him as her own son. Out of the corner of his eye, Sirius saw James beam and Mr. Potter ruffle his hair, smiling at Euphemia and Sirius.

Mrs. Potter engulfed Sirius into a giant, very tight, bear hug. She squeezed him so hard, he was pretty sure his eyes were bulging out of their sockets.

James was quite sure he had heard some of Sirius' ribs crack from the pressure. He refrained himself from laughing even harder out loud than he already was in his mind when he saw that Mrs. Potter had picked Sirius up off the ground so he was floating about two inches off the ground.

Sirius' face was turning a nice, lovely shade of puce. "Mrs. Potter," Sirius gasped for breath, "I might need to breathe."

Mrs. Potter put him down, keeping her hands on his arms as she backed away to get a good look at Sirius while he gasped for air.

The matriarch of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter frowned disapprovingly at Sirius. "What have I told you about calling me Mrs. Potter, Sirius?" She shook him, but only slightly.

"Call me Mum, for heaven's sake! We already treat you like our own son; your best friend, who is our son, is like your brother, and now you are living with us since you've run away from that wretched family! So, Sirius. You will be calling me Mum, okay?"

Sirius laughed wheezily. "Okay, Mrs. P-," He saw Euphemia's warning look and arched eyebrow and he quickly corrected himself, "Okay, Mum. I hear you. Can we go to the platform now? We have ten minutes until the train leaves."

And with that, the two brothers-in-all-but-blood bade farewell to their parents (even though the Potters weren't Sirius real parents, he thought of them as such) and they hurried off to find the barrier for Platform 9 3/4.

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