Enforcer Files: Operation Shadow

Chapter 1: Redheaded Kryptonite

I'm not like other officers in the field. In fact, my badge is on my wallet. If you're entranced by my red-orange hair, my 'Oliver' face, my voice, my freckles that cover my boy-kitten body, and my plump bubble butt then you've already fallen into my trap. I'm just 4'8 and 80lbs, but I'm no weakling. I'm 'Special Agent' Jack McCoy. I'm called a 'trap-kat'

I've busted so many predator-toms that fall under my 'spell'. It's not a superpower, but it's useful. The thing is, I'm stuck the way I am. I will never grow up, and my traits won't change. I was diagnosed with a condition called 'Barrie's Syndrome' when I was twelve. I'm eighteen, and I just do what I need to do. Think of it as 'Turner Syndrome' for males

I will look and sound like a kitten for the rest of my life, and my reproductive system doesn't work for anything outside of taking a piss. Thankfully, due to increased awareness of the existence of this condition, I've begun to be more comfortable with myself. My condition will prove vital to a case that I would never forget. It started with a call from Feral

"Agent McCoy, my office,"

I'm a ginger-kat, I'm gay, and I'm tailless ticked tabby manx by breed. All three things give me the confidence I need, though I don't stand out too much in a crowd, "Good to see you, Agent McCoy, now I've called you here because I have a special assignment for you, it's a tough one too, but this one's right up your alley, Jack," said Commander Feral

"Now rumors have been floating around about this 'new religious movement' that has been gathering in the forests around Lake Puma, and that kittens with Barrie's Syndrome have gone missing in that area, so far there's been six disappearances over the passed two months, I want you to investigate this, see what you can find," Feral explained to me.

"It's usually never a good sign when you hear the term 'new religious movement'," I replied, I see what this assignment involves. In other words, I'm the 'bait'. I lightly grinned a smile of readiness, "I'm on it," I concluded, Lake Puma is about 300 miles from MegaKat City. That is already putting up a few 'red flags' on this. I came to a major conclusion.

"So we might have a cult?" I stated to Feral

"That's exactly the feeling I'm getting with these kats, and part of me is thinking that the disappearances are linked to them, ever since the missing kittens have been reported, not a single piece of evidence was found that links them to the six, no body, no clothing, no nothing," Commander Feral replied, and stacked a file at his desk, "good luck Jack,"

I saluted the commander, and went on my way. I got a text from Feral. He wants me to head out to Lake Puma by tomorrow morning. I went to the parking lot to my Abarth 124 GT. A cute, and peppy little Italian roadster. When I am at my studio flat, I confess I'm a part-time nudist. I find a 'natural freedom' in nudity in that I can shed my troubles away

With my bags packed, I relaxed on my bed and drifted off to sleep after brushing my teeth. The next day after a shower and filling my Contigo thermos with fresh coffee, I was out the door and out on the road. Things are on my mind. How can the six kittens vanish without a trace? All of them are male too. I'm starting to get the chills thinking about it

"Really, car? You're doing me like that?"

The fuel gauge was going toward the 'E'. So I made my way to an overpass town outside the city limits. I stopped at the full-service gas station, and gave the old tom my Amex to swipe. As my car was getting filled up, I went inside to maybe get some breakfast on the go like a croissant sandwich. Then I heard it, "You lookin' for a good time, cutie-pie?"

I turned to see there was an old lynx or bobcat looking at me as I was paying for my sandwich, "Don't even think about it," I said to him with a low snarl, yet as I looked at him, the old tom did not have that predatory look in his grey eyes. The tom grinned warmly with the 'c'mon' grin. I wasn't falling for it, thinking that it could be a trap and shook it off

What he said next surprised me a bit, enough to make me stop, "If you are what I think you are, then I think we can both benefit, you're a 'Barrie-Kitty', ain't cha?" he purred, this bobcat seemed harmless, and really looking for some action. Is that what some toms are calling those with my condition? He sighed, "let's play this safe, let's see some ID,"

"Here we go," said a waitress as a tease

My badge was in the glove compartment. So I showed him my driver's license. I admire how this old timer works. He nodded and handed it back, "A'ight, Kitty, we're good," he said, and I decided to take the seat next to him. This old bobcat has muscle to go with his sleeveless button-up shirt and blue jeans, "so, where you headin', Red?" he asked me

"Lake Puma, why?" I asked, taking some feline curiosity, the old bobcat lightly sputtered a bit of his coffee back, not making a mess. He eyed me up from my tennis shoes to my skinny jeans and up to my face. I might have my chance to get a little bit of insight on this case. The trucker tom had a bit of a warning look in his eyes as he turned to face me

"If you want my say, I'm thinking something weird's goin' on in that lil' town by the lake," the old tom explained, "I drive by there on my routes, they got quite a few lil' Barrie-Kitties like you out there, and sometimes I get a cute little hook-up in the sleeper, the thing is a lil' fella will be there one day, gone the next, like they just vanished into thin air"