Enforcer Files: Operation Shadow

Chapter 7: The Interview

We arrived in MegaKat City as Alex and I awoke to see the city limits sign on the highway, "So where we headin'?" Max asked, his shotgun was in a holster at the drivers side door. I was wiping the sleep from my eyes, and a yawn escaped my muzzle. I nudged Alex to make sure he was awake. He was getting the crusty bits out of his eyes to get up.

"The Enforcers Precinct, downtown," I replied as Alex and I emerged from the sleeper as we made it home, but not home free. Max parked the semi-truck outside of the station. As we were about to leave, I took out a post-it note, and wrote down my number and my address for him, "if you ever want to talk, or you happen to be in the area, hit me up,"

"Will do, Sugar Bun," he purred,

Alex and I gave him a kiss on his cheek, and he gave us both a playful and gentle tap on the butt, enough to make a wiggle. We turned to him, and he got a wink from both of us, "Okay Alex, I'd like for you to stay with me until things dial down, don't worry, we're going to shut down 'The Order, we're the good guys," I said as we entered the station.

Commander Feral was getting his coffee when he spotted me, "Good work, Agent McCoy, now we can get some intel on the 'Order of the Black Temple'," said Commander Feral, we took Alex to the interrogation room, "okay, your name's Alex, yes?" Feral asked, and Alex gave his full name, Alex Snowtail, "so what was the entire point behind this group?"

"You wouldn't believe it,"

"Try me," said Feral,

"Well...," Alex began, he gulped in nervousness. I lightly touched the top of his hand to tell him that he is safe with us, "The 'Order of the Black Temple' believes that they can resurrect Dark Kat, and to do that...they believe in the use of sacrifice, they sacrifice those with Barrie's Syndrome, they believe our youth can restore the 'Dark One'," said Alex

Feral pinched the bridge of his muzzle, Alex continued, "They use the volcano, Mount Manx, for their ceremonies, they will drop our belongings into the magma first before the nude sacrifice would have their throat slit, and the dead body is thrown in the volcano," Feral nodded in understanding, and gestured for me to walk with him outside of the room

I walked with Commander Feral back to his office, "We have to work fast, when a cult is cornered, they might dial down on the crazy," said Commander Feral sitting back in his chair at his office, "you did a good job, Jack, I want you to keep an eye on Alex, and leave the operation of shutting down this cult to us," he ordered, I saluted him, "dismissed,"

I went back to the interrogation room to find Alex a bit more calm than he was coming in. From the information I gave Feral, there's a possibility that this cult is going to shoot first, and ask questions later. Right now, Alex's safety is my priority. He smiled warmly as he got up from the chair, and walked out with me out of the station to my car in the lot

"Let's call Max," suggested Alex,

"It's an idea, I'm sure he'd like that," I replied, and dialed the number, "hello, Max? It's me, yeah...I'm doing great...it's good to hear you're doing well yourself," I said on the phone with a friendly chuckle, "hey...so I was wondering if you'd like to come pick us up so Alex and I can lay low with you?" I asked, I was surprised by the reply I got from him

"Sure, I saw a few shady lookin' folks snoopin' around my garage the other day, I sent 'em off with a warning buckshot, I told 'em they come around here I'll start blowin' heads off," said Max, "so yeah, you two honey-buns can bunk with me, just text me the address, and ya'll be on look out for a red 2010 Ford SVT Raptor, that'll be me," he asked of me

Alex seemed to look at me, wanting an explanation, "The next place the cult's going to look is the city, they will know I'm gone and you're gone too, I feel like it's best we keep moving, my Walther PPK's not going to be much help against AK-47s, so I think we'll be safer with Max," I explained to Alex, the snowy-white manx nodded with understanding.

I was not sure if Alex knows how to use a gun, but he can count on Max and I to keep him safe, "Don't worry, I can use a gun," said Alex with a wink to me, I raised an eyebrow to that, not knowing if he's serious or flirting. I handed him my Walther PPK. Alex placed the 9mm sidearm on the hood of my car. He disassembled and reassembled it with ease

"I took an NRA class," said Alex, I was a bit suspicious, but at times one cannot tell who is a gun owner and who isn't. I saw that same look in Alex's eyes that I saw in Max's. He is telling the truth. Along with the one I keep at my belt loop, I have a spare in the glove compartment. I had checked the compartment. That pistol is still there, thank the Lord.

Soon I saw the red Ford SVT Raptor coming up the city street, and meeting us at the station, "C'mon, sugar buns, hop in," said Max with a smile, opening up the passenger side door. I sat in front, and Alex in the middle backseat, "the way I see it, the creeps'll start snoopin' 'round the city, I gotta place of my own ya'll can stay at," said Max as he drove.

"Do you know what the vehicle was?"

"Yeah, I couldn't get a good look at the plates though, it was a black Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, all blacked-out and everything," said Max, paying attention to the road, "while you're with me, stay low, and hide if ya'll see anything in the driveway that ain't this truck, you hear me?" we nodded, and knew that this tomcat really deserved a bigger reward