The Konoha Times

Of Fads and Fashion

Green spandex all the rage!

It has been noted that villagers nowadays have been taking to the streets clad in green spandex, much to the glee of Maito Gai and Rock Lee.

Apparently, many villagers have been patronising the store co-owned by the teacher-student duo, Beautiful Blue Beast Fashion Enterprises, after a spate of aggressive advertising and promotion. The store sells, besides its trademark green spandex, an impressive array of goods, ranging from lead weights to fake thick eyebrows, to teeth whiteners.

When queried, Jounin Gai replied, "I have been fully aware of Konoha's support of myself, as well as my beloved disciple, Rock Lee. To repay them for their kindness, as well as to give our fans to emulate our fashion style, we set up this store."

Nodding in agreement, Rock Lee said, eyes shining, "Of course, to ensure that everyone from all walks of life can look like us, we have priced our products reasonably."

The green spandex suits, hand sewn by Gai and his protege, cost between 1000 and 2000 yen, and for an extra 500 yen, one can get an autograph from either ninja.

The teeth whiteners sold at Beautiful Blue Beast Fashion Enterprises can be obtained at 1500 yen, and are selling fast.

'Holey fabrics' to overtake cloth?

Many ninjas nowadays have been spotted wearing bandages in place of cloth, especially the female ninjas. Male ninjas have also been spotted wearing fishnets on missions.

Upcoming female ninja, Yamanaka Ino says of this new trend, "I think it's great! I mean look at me, I'm totally cool, and all because of what? Approximately 80% of my clothes are actually bandages! I mean, I'm cool, right?"

Her team mate, newly appointed chuunin, Nara Shikamaru, commented, "Well, I think wearing this type of material is practical. It's cooling since the fabric allows air to circulate around the skin easily. Sweat evaporates quickly, and hence fishnet fabric is especially useful in summer months."

Meanwhile, fashion designers all over Konoha have been rushing to find out the latest trends in the ninja community. It is well known all around Fire Country that the ninja community is a great source of inspiration for new lines of fashionable clothing.

However, Jounin Yuuhi Kurenai was rather surprised to find that fashion in Fire Country relies on its ninjas to a fairly large extent. She said, "Well, I guess that's wonderful, since we ninjas wear comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes that can be put together quickly from a few scraps of cloth. It is a great honour for us." Fingering her own bandage-themed garments, Kurenai smiled proudly at her own fashion creation.

Kurenai was later spotted adjusting her bandages, and pinning them down with safety-pins while on a mission-her bandages appeared to be slipping off her shoulder.

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