I unlocked the door to my new apartment and was completely overwhelmed. Annabeth was a genius. The walls were light gray with windows from floor to ceiling. Rows of books went through the entire apartment, sorted alphabetically. A fire crackled quietly in the fireplace opposite me. My housekeeper, Evelina, my cook Cally and my assistant Fulli, stood behind me and gaped. All my things had already been moved here. When I got over my shock that Annabeth was a genius, I realized that I was very hungry. "Cally, can you make me a meal?" Cally shook her head before looking down at the ground. She muttered something incomprehensible before answering. "I guess… I… What do you want, lady". I walked across the room and took off my jacket on the go. Fulli quickly took my jacket before I took a book from the shelf. "I want to see what you can do. As usual, I trust your wonderful cuisine ". She smiled and bowed deeply before slipping into what must be the kitchen. According to my daughter's instructions, the room was behind the silver door with the gray owl. My room was large with a huge double bed, large windows to the west and small gold statues of owls in the windows. I lay on my stomach in bed and started reading.

I heard someone knocking on the door. "Come in!" At first I thought it was Evelina with my food, but Fullis' green eyes met mine. "Lady Athena, Lady Artemis wants to see you." She dared to stick her whole head in while she spoke. "What should I do?" I felt a small smile pull on my lips. Artemis. "Please show her, dear." Fulli nodded and closed the door. I conjured up a hairbrush and tried to get my hair in order before Artemis came in. When Artemis slammed the door, my hair was much better. She rushed forward and transformed from a ten-year-old kid into an adult woman on the go before throwing her arms around my neck. She tackled me with one force that I lost my balance and we collapsed on the bed in a laughing pile. My hands slowly reached for her hips. She froze but did not try to pull away from me. She slowly raised her head to look straight into my eyes. Her silvery wild eyes looked into my gray. She did not look angry, which frightened me more than if the beautiful silver eyes had been darkened by anger. I heard her heart rate increase as she gently placed a hand under my chest. Personally, I could have continued all day, but everything has an end. Artemis quickly shook her head before smoothly climbing off me.

It was only then that I realized that she did not have her usual hunter attire. Instead, she wore a white sweater that reached down to her knees with a lot of earth stains and a string tied around her waist. "Nice." Artemis first looked at me then at the dirty shirt then back at me. "What? You mean my clothes? " She looked at me doubtfully. I just nodded in response. Her cheeks were lightly dyed. "Thank you," she muttered. I was about to say more but a knock on the door interrupted me. "Your food Lady Athena." Artemis smiled at me as I received the mat. "Thank you Cally." I closed the door and turned to Artemis. "Hungry?" She nodded slowly. "Come then." We sat on the bed and started eating the pasta.

After several minutes in comfortable silence, I spoke again. "What brought you here today?" She answered something completely incomprehensible but her mouth full of pasta, Before she swallowed and tried again. "Yes, you know the measure in an hour, I wanted to ... I wonder if you want company, you know. Now that I'm here I wonder if we could go together…? " I had to restrain myself by force so that I would not shout straight out. "Of course we can go to the meeting." We finished eating before going out for a short walk before going to the accursed meeting.

We got there last and quickly sat down on our thrones. Zeus looked at us disapprovingly before speaking. "Welcome, today I called you here for a little special reason." He gestured with his hand to the darkest corner of the entire throne room. "The goddesses of fate have an important message for us or really just some of us but I do not know who." The three scary old goddesses walked slowly through the hall until they stood between me and Ares. Your insecure eyes met mine with the same question, what do they want from us. "You two, Ares and Athena, should go to Camp half-blood and meet the oracle, then you should do what you find best. No god or goddess may contact you unless you ask for it. " With that, they disappeared, leaving behind a stench of rotten corpses. Why do I have a worrying feeling that I will hate this wholeheartedly? I shook off the awful feeling and walked out of the room. I felt a hand with long narrow fingers around my wrist. "Athena, do you know what this is about? I thought we would be together before I returned to the forest ?! " "We will, whatever this is, it can not be more than a week, we will have plenty of time to hang out. I promise." She released my wrist and backed away. She if anyone knew what I think about physical contact. My strong aversion to being touched never applied when it was her.

She turned and returned into the throne room and I continued to walk without setting a goal. A strong hand pressed me lightly between the shoulder blades. His rough spirit made the hair on his neck move easily. "Ares." He grunted somewhat in response. I slowly turned around. His eyes burned as usual, but it faded a little when his red met my gray. "Do you want to fly there with me?" I asked. He always wants to do things with me. "By the way, am I so awful that you can not even answer me with words?" It was a rhetorical sarcastic question to which I did not expect an answer. Both me and Ares knew that all the stupid myths that claim we hate the product are completely wrong. As a matter of fact, we are actually very good friends. I mean, when Artemis is not around, we hardly walk apart. When I say that we barely separated, I mean it. Before the Titan War, I lived with Ares. Then after the war I moved in with him again but it did not last long because of (what we gods refer to as) the great confusion. After the confusion, Annabeth fixed my apartment, which Ares and I would move into together. But she did not know. Not only do we live together, we work together as well. I was so deep in thought that I did not notice that he was trying to talk to me until he shook me. "Athena, do you hear what I'm saying !" Ares made an attempt to shake me again when I finally answered him. "Yes, just yes. Are we flying or not? " He smiled in relief. "Of course I'm flying with you. But can we bring our birds. " Why does he ask if he already knows the answer. "Sure!" I replied. He whistled loudly and for a few seconds I did the same. My beloved owl came flying with Ares vulture. "Compete?" I smiled. He should always compete. "3!" I said as wings shot out of my back. "2 !," said Ares. He also developed wings. "1," we both shouted as we jumped over the edge of the Olympus with our pets behind us, before accelerating violently and firing as fast as we could into camp.