"There's nothing about my life I want back. Sometimes, I think being in here, with you. Is the happiest I've ever been" He sighs leaning against the steps. Why is he saying this? The weed ain't even that strong. He's been blowing off needle-dick Gary for nothing. She reaches for his hand. He grabs it and slides towards her. Day old clothes be dammed!

"I'm happy with you too. I need you Rob. Inside and out" He chuckles at her words, before sliding against her and kissing her on the cheek. She turns into him. This innocent kiss turns hotter than fire as their lips meet. Of course Rob slips his tongue in. She's gorgeous, he'd be stupid not to. He smiles as she responds their teeth gently clashing. He strokes the small of her back. He's seen it in every teenage hook up film. He's seen that in the movies, heck he's seen it in Hollyoaks, that what all the straight lads do. He rubs her back as she braces her hand on his leg.

"Woah, I don't think I'm ready for a hand-job yet!" He grins, being the first to pull away.

"Oh...no! I wasn't gonna! Oh no, I'm not like that!" Adele pauses hands up with an almost frightened look on her face.

"Relax Ad, I'm only pulling your leg!"

"Is..that...is that the first time you've kissed a girl?"

"Yeah, is this the first time you've kissed a faggot?" Rob asks, genuinely wanting to know.

"Don't! Don't use that word Ro..."

"Come on...everyone says it!"

"You don't have to do what everyone does! Rob you're NOT an F-word okay? You're a magical boy that likes other beings! Who cares about the body really? It's all about vibe, the essence? The spirit! You don't have to justify that! Especially to me!" Adele announces. He frowns a little at her new found passion.

"Alright Miss judge and jury, the F-word is off limits, well the one word anyway. I still wanna say fit, fry up and fuck? Is that a deal madame?" He laughs, getting off the steps, he turns to her and offers his hand. She laughs back, the laugh is as beautiful as her pale face, well almost. She grabs his hand. They fit so well together.

"Deal!" She shines at him.

She's amazing, they are perfect together. He can't let this "David" fuck this up.