A/N- Alternative version

A/N: Title taken from the BHE soundtrack - Mr Sandman AT SYML

A/N: Lyrics in this chapter below are Decode by "Paramore" This song suits Rob really well!

"How can I decide what's right?

When you're clouding up my mind?

I can't win your losing fight,

All the time..."

"I love you"

Those are the last words that she whispers as they project out into the night. Of course, like a gentleman, he says the same thing back. He hopes he sounds like he means it. He needs her trust. He can't let her back out.

"I love everything about you. I love your looks. I love your body. I love your house. I love your cash. I love that you have everything. I love the way David looks at you. It reminds me of how I look at you" He said. He reaches for her hand, she squeezes it. That's all the comfort that they need to sink to the grass and let the project take over. Their auras are launched/ out of their bodies. Adele wishes she could see them together tangled in one another, would they create a new colour?

She tells herself to stop shivering as she dives into the warm covers of a blackout. How was Rob? Was he okay? Had it happened? Was it happening? Before she could even turn her head to check on him, there's tiny spikes, almost like small spiders crawling under her skin. She wants to scrape them off but she can't move. She can't move this body. "Fudge!" Adele whines trying to move her arms, but they feel dead. These tiny spiked spiders attack her arms, her belly, her thighs, the small of her back.

Shit, of course Rob is her best friend. Rob is cynical perfection in her eyes, but she can't stand this.

"Shit! Rob! Rob this hurts! I don't like this!"

"SSSHHHH, Ad it's okay!"

"No, Rob...Ahh,...Rob I...I wanna change back!"

Sure enough, he's figured that she can't move. She peers up at her own face, unable to see his true expression, but she did look like a ice queen trapped in moonlight. She saw herself in her mirror everyday, when she had to do her hair, her make- up. She checked out her body in the mirror when dad had brought her too many pastries or when David asked her out on a date. But seeing your face and your body staring down at you, like a frustrated parent, was a strange seeping feeling.

"Let's...Oh fuck!" She rolls on her side.

"Yeah Ad, the skunk is a bitch ain't it?"

"How much do you shoot up really?"

"Huh? So now you're me you finally give a shit?" He growls.

"That's not fair! I meant it when I said..."

"You'll get use to being me. I'm a fucking loser, you'll get used to it"

"No! I'm not joking!" She yells.

"Neither am I!" In lightning speed, Robs on top of her. Glued to her waist like cheese on toast. She squirms as he grabs [his own] crotch.


"Sorry, just checking everything's there! I don't care how you use it, by the way. You can chop it off, for all I care" He leans over her kissing him on the mouth. It's a squirming awkward kiss as Rob grabs her face and mushes their lips together. "I always wanted to know if I was good or bad? Maybe that's why I couldn't keep a guy for longer than five minutes"

"Rob please! This isn't funny anymore, just get on ground and...

" And what? Go back to that mindfuck of a body? That disaster of a life? Go back to constantly craving smack? Go back to my shitty arse council estate while you lounge around, as Queen of the manor in your castle? How fucking entitled are you?" He shouts out.

"Rob, you're not thinking straight okay? Your spirit remains the same. I'm not judging you, but you're going to want the drugs, no matter what body you're in" She cringes as he lightly slaps her across the face. He swears as her hair irritates him.

"You feel it right? You know I can't go back to my old ways, my old life. Ad, if you're really my friend, you'll let me be free. You'll let me have this life"


"It's mine now Princess" Like magic he whips out the needle and rolls up her sleeve.


"WE ARE ALONE! You and me. Me and you. That's it. As much as I love a fighter, I have to fight for myself too. Because no-one ever has. I need you. More than you need yourself. Now just lie back and shut up!" He barks.

"David! He'll never believe you! He'll NEVER date you! You'll fucking see!"

"Are you kidding? I'm you, he'll fucking LOVE me" Rob chuckles.

How Adele got the energy, she still doesn't know. She rips the syringe out of his hand leans up and just starts stabbing like Norman bates.

"SSSSHHHHITTT!" Rob groans as he finally falls off of her, covering his eyes. "You BACKSTABBING WHORE!" He yells at the ground.

Spikey spiders aside, if she doesn't move now, her best friend in the whole world is going poision her, or just kill her with his bare hands. Rob is skinny. And...sure there are skinny people that kick arse like Electra and daredevil, however Rob was NOT one of those people. He had NO physical strength. She knew Rob could snap her neck like a twig. Cursing under her breath like he was, Adele clenched her jaw and did what her friend wanted to do, got the fuck up.

She just started running. In every and any direction as long as it was away from him. She has Rob's phone, sure it's a shitty flip phone, but she needs David. Now. She pauses as she looks at Rob's stubby fingers. She holds out this hand. Now her stubby paper thin hand. He'd really think she was crazy. That "Rob" was now high. With a crippled heart, she deletes each number.

It's time to grovel and walk to plan B. It's finally time to grow her new balls and see her parents.