On a chilly October night it was just cold enough in the car to be a little uncomfortable on our stakeout. During a long shift, while watching the suspect's house Stephanie began to shiver.

The job would have been more enjoyable had it not been forty degrees out.

A little while ago, Stephanie had picked up a mocha latte coffee for herself and green tea tea for me from a shop around the corner. Right now, the tea was sitting in the cup holder steaming quietly. Stephanie holding her coffee, hoping to warm her cold hands.

Now, with just a few minutes left, he couldn't help but let his eyes wander just far enough from their target, the house, just far enough to see Stephanie.

Focusing on Stephanie, he took in her profile. Slowly, Stephanie lifted the cup toward her mouth, paused just before drinking, resting against her soft lips. A curl of steam rose from the opening in the cool air, meandering its way upward.

He watched as she sipped liquid briefly glistened on her plump lips. Jealousy rose within him as he watched the steam drifting over her skin, liquid slowly penetrated her mouth as if a lover's tongue would claim its right to its partner's domain. He felt the desire to touch those lips, to taste them, desire growing within him.

He watched closely as her coffee steamed in the cool air.

He watched as she exhaled a combination of steam and her own breath, her own essence and unconsciously licked his own lips as if trying to taste it.

His focus was once more directed toward her luscious mouth as her supple lips closed upon the moist rim of her cup. He could almost feel their touch, their firmness as they descended upon his own, sealing their mouths together with yearning and need. He could feel the hope in the kiss, the revelation of her and her feelings for him in its heat.

As his dream deepened, he could feel his body begin to respond. In his vision, the kiss was broken, her pink tongue flicking out, tantalizing his lips. His hand ran down her neck towards her shoulder slipping further he caressed her breast. Bending his head he nuzzled her breast, kissed her breast as his hand slid further down her body. Her skin was soft, smooth, warm as he skimmed his hand down toward her waist.

He was kissing her deeply again as his hand drifted even further down towards her nether regions. The passion building between them, their gaze held, promising love, devotion, perhaps a future. He slid his hand around her pulling her even closer.

Her hands began to travel down his heated body caressing his abdomen as they slid further, her strokes warmed him even more. Holding her hips to guide her she moved even closer. Heat building as their embrace deepening as their passion brought them in a slow crescendo toward the consummation, their nirvana.

...Knocking on the window pulled him from his dream. Ranger turned toward the window waking himself from the dream.

After rolling the window down, Lester leaned in to say 'anything happening here?'

Taking a breath he said 'Nothing to see here. We're heading out'

He looked back to Stephanie only to see she had set her empty cup of coffee was in the holder, next to his still full but now cold green tea.

He started the SUV and asked, 'Your place?'