Front line

Ranger was at the front line, having not been able to be there when Julie was born this was a new experience for him.

Since this was a teaching hospital there were medical students in the room along with all the doctors and nurses waiting for her to deliver.

'Looks like the gang's all here' Ranger commented 'all we need now is for Diesel to pop in.'

Someone said to change into a hospital gown, the thought of doing this by herself was overwhelming, but did it, slowly piece by piece. There was a stretchy, crop-top-like thing to put on to hold the monitors in place.

Finally on a monitor was in place, now Ranger and Stephanie could see the baby's heart rate and the contractions on the display.

She had been in labor for 28 hours. No one gave me a medal or batted an eye.

Now having been in labor for thirty hours she thought 'Fuck the world, fuck humanity, fuck God'.

She wondered if they understood the pain she was in. She wished for a way to express the pain more precisely than a scale of one to ten. The scale is subjective, She said seven maybe eight. She didn't know. It was the worst pain she'd ever felt, it felt worse that having her arm cut off. That seemed like the worst pain, having a limb chopped off. That was saved for a ten, out of respect, nine was being saved for the moment the baby tore its way out of her vagina. So what's left is eight. she wanted to seem brave, so said seven, but then worried they wouldn't understand the immediacy of the situation, eight came back.

Stephanie was screaming at him and everyone else in the room. 'It fucking hurts so much, I think I'm going to die'

Stephanie grabbed Ranger's hand in a vise grip and wailed 'where are my fucking drugs, I want drugs'

She then turned using the 'head spin' previously only seen on the Exorcist, gave the burg death glare to Dr. Ruiz and growled, 'where are my drugs, I want drugs'

She then turned back to Ranger and whimpered 'it was your job to get me the drugs where are they.'

Ranger glared at Dr. Ruiz, the nurse and all the rest of the audience and barked 'get her the fucking drugs, what are you waiting for.'

Dr. Ruiz, nurse and all the students cowered in fear as Dr. Ruiz, said 'it's too late, for and epidural to be effective, she is fully dilated and needs to push'

Stephanie burst into tears, then turned to glare at Ranger and said this is your fault, all your fault, don't even think of coming near me after this. Ai Caramba (oh shit) he thought to himself it's kind of both our fault, but not being stupid he didn't say a word. At this point he wasn't really sure he would get through this in one piece. Possibly parts of him would be missing.

Three minutes later they said hello to Jillyan, with a few wispy curls and bright blue eyes a perfect replica of Stephanie.

Ten minutes later hello Jaxton, the deepest of brown silky hair and chocolate brown eyes, a replica of Carlos.

Ranger cut the umbilical cord then each baby tested their lungs, after each cried hello they where placed on Stephanie's tummy for the skin- to-skin contact then swaddled and placed in the crook of Ranger's arms. He look at each an gazed in awe at how perfect they were. So tiny he could hold each in one hand.

…...The cry of babies brought him out of his musings.

Ranger looked Jax and Jilli as they laid in his arms.

He turned to Stephanie and said 'It's time for our future, are you ready for this'