Notes: I just want to say that the planetary defense forces or PDF are based off the reichswehr/ Kreig Korps and the government of the planet is based on the Weimar Republic.

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"I have a bad feeling about this." CT-3291 or Law as his brothers nicknamed him was part of the 98th that were advancing in column toward the forward line, to relive the 501st from the front.

The planet they were stationed on was bleak to say the least, the sky was stuck in a permanent grey, with the weather an everlasting cool humid breeze. There were seldom cleanings, as the planet was covered in massive trees and endless droves of thickets.

Their general, a newly promoted Knight of the order was impetuous to enter the fray, and was inexperienced in commanding, although the jedi in general were not exactly the best for command anyway in the opinion of commander Law.

With the 98th following the native road to the front, one would have imagined that the area was clear, so alertness was not at its peak.

"Lighten up, will you Law? We made it this far and not so much as a scratch apart from trooper Roughshot tripping." Joked Twar the jedi general.

"Sorry sir, it is as you say." Law, ever so rigid responded to the relatively laid back general.

98th was a seasoned regiment participating in the first battle of Geonosis, then Umbara, and to some extent Falleen. Their regiment was numbered around 1200 with an armored compliment of 5 AT-TE's. As they marched in good order, the men chattered away and were somewhat loose, apart from Law who seems to be always alert.

"Shouldn't be long now commander." Twar smiled.

"Yes General."

-Line Break-

While the 98th marched, eyes were watching the column. These were part of the remnant PDF that was currently engaged with the 501st. These troops were ordered to disrupt and prevent reinforcements as an assault was underway to push the forward line back.

The enemy soldiers waited patiently for their COs to instigate the attack. With the AT-TEs in front and back of the column, the clone troopers felt their flanks secure. The PDF officer looks to his left, acknowledging his officers, the soldier with an anti-Tank weapon raises it.

The officer moves a whistle draped around his neck to his moth and checks his watch.

As the time ticks to 1300 he blows, other whistles blow as well and several rockets discharge alongside the weapons of the hidden enemy.

-Line Break-

A rocket in front of the column hits the AT-TE casing it to tilt on its side. The second one behind it attempts to readjust, only for the cockpit to be hit, blowing the canopy and the driver inside into pieces.

"It's an ambush!" Shouts Law

"Take cover! Into the sidings now!"

The incoming fire was focused on their right flank, then in front of them, a tank alongside several infantry began firing in front of them.

Troopers attempted to resist, but were quickly cut down, and what little cover the elevated road provided was quickly utilized.

The tanks in the rear were adjusted and began firing into the thickets, several soldiers were blasted from their positions due to this.

With the clones trapped, they attempted to hold in the siding of the left side of the road. Unable to see their enemies, they began firing in their general direction.

"General, what are your orders?" Shouted Law as he looks at a dazed Twar.

"M-My orders?" He stammers.

"Ah yes, organize a retreat behind us, if we can get into those thickets ourselves we can have a fighting chance." Twar quickly recovered.

"Yes sir, troopers fall ba-" another set of whistles began and from the thickets, soldiers began rushing them, several of which threw explosives, killing some of the entrenched clones.

The enemy troops rushed at the prone clones, who quickly attempted to meet them. From the initial impact, several clones were stabbed by the vibro blade bayonets attached to the enemy's rifles. With few melee weapons of their own, and their rifles not equipped with bayonets, the clones resorted to the end of their rifles or nonstandard bladed equipment.

Twar was able to kill several of the PDF before he was stabbed in the leg, and shoulder. He eventually bled out.

Law was also successful in killing several, however was soon disarmed and surrounded.

The survivors were rounded up and organized. They were forced to kneel with their hands behind their heads. Officers of the PDF surveyed the captured men. One of the officers stopped in front of Law.

"From your attire I assume you are the officer in charge?"

"Yes." He spat out. Twar was slain near him, with he no longer alive, he would be the runner up for the lead officer of the remainder of the 98th.

"I see.." the officer extends his hand for a shake.

"I am Field Marshal Gunter Laars of The Dresdox Staatswehr."

Law says nothing, but spits at Laars.

"I see, well under the authority granted to me under the Reichsrat of Dresdox, you and your men are to be taken prisoner until otherwise notified." His mood shifts. He turns to the soldiers under him.

"Get ready to move, company A and B round up the salvageable equipment. Company C will company me to escort these troopers, understand?"

The soldiers stand at attention and unanimously salute.

"Javol Herr Marshal."

As the troopers were escorted, they moved deeper into the woods until near a large tree that stood above the rest. In front of its trunk, the ground shifted to reveal a massive entrance underground.

The remnant clones were surprised that such an area existed, and even more so inside.

The facility was massive, and after a few floors underground they reached the detention area.

As Law was taken to a desk, a soldier looked up at him.

"Name, Rank, number."

Realizing this was a clone, he readjusted his inquiry.

"Er.. Number and rank."

Law looks at the desk sergeant.

"CT-3291, commander."

The desk sergeant looks at Marshal Laars

"He is to be placed with the rest of the troopers." He answers.

"Yes sir."

-Line break -

The detention area was seemingly more accommodating that the Coruscant prison, however, four troopers were crammed in each cell.

As Law was processed, he was placed in a cell with some familiar faces.

The troopers looked up to see their commander.

"Sir!" They attempt to raise to their feet, however Law waves them down.

"No need to stand at attention here, as you were." Law quickly states

As Law settles in, he can't only help but wonder what the 501st was in for.


It's a rough story, if you have tweaks or suggestions let me know, if you want more let me know as well.

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