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GATE: Ramsay's Great Escape in the New World

Chapter 1: The Lack of Lamb Sauce

"Good Evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back once again to our late-night broadcast. I am your host Andrew Mauro, bringing you the most interesting stories to date. In this episode, We'll talk about Gordon Ramsay, one of the greatest chefs to ever grace the world of culinary, his creativity, competitiveness, fiery persona, and his story had been an inspiration for the many people, who are aspiring to become a chef themselves. His TV shows such as "Boiling Point" " Hell's Kitchen" Kitchen Nightmares, and 24 Hours to Hell and Back" took the world by storm and ushered in a new generation of chefs. As we approached April 1st, We commemorate his Legacy and remember the lessons he had taught when he was still with us. Moreover, a special documentary, tackling his mysterious disappearance, as we interview the experts, investigators, and the people who last saw the great chef before he disappeared and never to be seen again."

3 years before the Ginza Incident and the arrival of the Coalition forces

Please...Please Let this fucking work Please...!

Gordon Ramsay cursed, gritting his teeth in frustration as he struggled to activate his phone. In the midst of humid weather and countless flies circling around him, the man was gripped with confusion, desperation, and rage. He didn't know where he was or what exactly was he doing in this kind of place. He only remembered teaching a young struggling depressed chef in his command truck center called " Hell on Wheels" and then...

"Yes bollocks! Yes!"

The blonde-haired british man exclaimed, after several minutes of figuring out how to open his nightmarish smartphone, which was given to him by his daughter, Tilly. His previous phone was long gone due to a memory malfunction as he accidentally overloaded his phone storage with hundreds of Tiktok videos of himself reviewing countless peoples' dishes and the way they were cooking it. As much as he wanted to blame his daughter for introducing him to that certain hobby of hers, it was mainly his fault for letting himself give in.

"Alright, please be my only hope..." He muttered to himself as he pushed several buttons, making the phone go into camera mode.

His hands were visibly shaking as he grabbed a random rock and putting it near the thick wooden bars, followed by placing his phone on the giant hand-sized rock ala potrait mode. Once all was done, he began recording himself.

"My name is Gordon Ramsay. I am a 50 something-year-old Englishman and a Michelin Star Chef who manages multiple restaurants around the world. I've been cooking for more than 25 years and have traveled around the world, experiencing different cultures and creating new dishes out of thin air. I entered many competitions around the world, mostly in Asia, and held my own, yet I still don't know how I freaking lost to a simple Auntie in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have been on many adventures, from climbing cliffs and mountains, traversing thick rainforests of Guyana, diving in the deep blue oceans, and placing myself in dangerous expeditions. But I never expected in my god damn life to be in a situation like this. I don't know how I got here, From teaching a depressed chef in my command center to being in a-"

He wasn't able to finish his speech as his phone suddenly died off due to its battery life draining faster than ever.

"Fuck! No! No! Please not now...!" Gordon Ramsay pleaded as he attempted to fix his phone once again. Though shortly, his temper got the best of him.

"This Phone is fucking useless!" He yelled out this time, catching the attention." Come on give me a break! " He added, throwing his phone on the wooden ground in frustration." God Tilly! Where the fuck did you get this piece of junk!"

"OOOOiiii! Will ya shut your mouth willa? No need to get excited, you'll get yar damn food soon! All ya slaves are a pain to our ears!" Shouted the captain of a certain group of soldiers, who were escorting a big cage wagon full of prisoners and slaves.

"Captain! I guess the poor fella's stomach can't take it anymore ! Let say we give him what he wants!" An Imperial soldier had sarcastically suggested. Fortunately, for him, the rest of his comrades had agreed to his proposal.

Scraps of food leftovers were thrown through to the thick wooden bars of the cage, directly hitting Gordon's face and the rest of his body. as he was trying to make sense of everything that his happening to him. The only good thing about it was that he was wearing his signature black shirt and pants from his show " 24 Hours to Hell and Back", (currently in its 4th season) and that the food stains wouldn't be that noticeable because of the color. Though, it still did not help him solve his current problem right now.

He wanted to cry right in the spot, but his temper was just too powerful and without hesitation, he immediately went all out on the soldiers.

"For fucks sake! Have some fucking respect to people when they are trying to make sense of everything! I can fully understand what you people are saying and if I got myself out of this cage, I swear to God I will kick all your stinking asses and turn you all to idiot sandwiches!

"Take your fucking shit back and Fuck off!"

The angry British man then proceeds to throw back the food leftovers through the wooden cage in a futile attempt to hit the Captain and the other Imperial soldiers. As a result, laughter from the whole group was heard all around the empty fields, as they continued to throw even more leftovers and spat at Gordon Ramsay in pure enjoyment.

It was now close to late afternoon when the sun started to set to make way for the night.

The group of imperial soldiers were on their way to the Empires' Port city in order to transfer the prisoners and slaves to a certain slave-trading ship, which was eagerly waiting for its delivery, and when the night had suddenly taken advantage, The captain had ordered the group to set up camp for the night in the middle of the empty plains of the Rodenius countryside.

For Gordon Ramsay, He could only wish that this was all just a dream and that he would wake up in someone's clinic. He tried to pinch himself multiple times in hopes of waking himself up from this nightmare and unfortunately, he'd soon realize that this was his reality. " Why do I have to go through this?" He asked himself.

This does not make any fucking sense!"

Was this is just a prank from his staff and colleagues or an actual punishment for screaming and swearing at the poor owners and struggling chefs, who he had attempted to help throughout the years? Was this the ultimate retaliation of the contestants from Hell's kitchen, who had a grudge against him?

Was this the work of Amy and Salomon "Samy" Bouzaglo from Season 6; Episode 16 of Kitchen Nightmares?

The British man could only lower his head in defeat as he tried to console himself once more. For the first time in many years, He felt helpless.

(An Interesting Slave)

Captain Augustus, a man in his mid 50s, was the leader of the battalion, which was in charge of protecting and bringing the new prisoners and slaves to the Port city. The bearded tan muscular man, continued to observed the newest addition to their slave collection. He had never seen such as aggressiveness and confidence from the slave at the same time.

"An interesting fellow, We found my captain." A voice then interrupted his thoughts as he turned to see a young soldier who had approached him.

"I have never seen such person in strange clothing and is more outspoken than we had expected."

The young soldier commented. Felix was his name, a young man in his early 20s of Saderan Descent, and is actually an apprentice under his captain's wing. The Captain, who had become his father figure since he was a child. According to him, his parents had perished in the Empire's conquest of destroying its enemies and that the Captain had found him in a small casket inside the ruins of a destroyed farmhouse. Out of pity and sympathy, He adopted the child and raised him like a son. Nowadays, the young man had been accompanying him on his journeys around the continent.

That's right my son. Poor fellow must have been a criminal or a slave, who had escaped his master, though it my mind is telling me that he is one of those assassins or mercenaries for hire because of his black clothing. He has a good physique and good health, though It's strange that we found him being chased by those wild river beasts, and yet still, he is not thankful that we saved him from the clutches of death.

However, He's going to be an excellent slave. I can feel the gold coins at my fingertips!" The Captain confidently smiled. In some ways, he could sense that this person is something of importance.

"Felix, My boy! You may now give him the proper food." He told the young man." We don't want a precious slave starve himself to death." He added.

The young soldier nodded in understanding as he grabbed a wooden plate and took a slice of meat from the roasted lamb, which was for tonight's supper.

As for Gordon Ramsay, He could feel the presence of the young soldier approaching. He immediately looked up and saw the boy holding what appears to be his dinner for the night. Though, a bit surprised by the courtesy, he gladly took the offer and prepared to eat the dish.

In the midst of that silence, Gordon Ramsay could be heard uttering the words" Thank You." Something that the young soldier had taken noticed of. He gave a small smile and nod as he turned around to head back to his former spot.

However, by the time he took the first few steps, the blonde British man, suddenly burst into yelling.

"What the fuck is this shit!" Gordon Ramsay exclaimed, startling everyone once more.

The young soldier quickly turned around to see a very different side of the man.

"It fucking tastes like rubber!"

"No seasoning! "

"Fucking Burnt beyond recognition and Fucking bland..! "

Everyone, from the Imperial Soldiers, the Captain himself, and even the other prisoners and slaves continued to stare at the angry man with shocked expressions.

"And for fuck sake! You guys didn't even bother to put lamb sauce on it!" Apparently, it seemed that the blonde man had finally given in to his other persona. A persona, so powerful and overwhelming that it made the other soldiers tremble in fear.

Felix, widened his eyes in confusion as the young soldier couldn't believe what he was witnessing right now. He was looking back and forth towards his father figure and the angry slave, not sure of what to do next. Though For the Captain himself, He was rather amused and puzzled at the man's antics. The man kind of reminded him of a legendary Saderan General back in his younger days.

As for Gordon Ramsay, the blonde man continued his verbal rampage, as he yelled out his frustrations through the beautiful starry night sky in the Rodenius Plains. One of his ever-famous lines had finally arrived in the New World.

"Where is the Laaaammb Saauuuce!

To be continued

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