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GATE: Ramsay's Great Escape

Chapter 2: How I got here

"What I'm telling the people nowadays is that the Gordon Ramsay's disappearance is the work of these Aliens from other dimensions! The Footage is there and if you analyze it further, you can see these little glowing green particles surrounding the spot where he disappeared. I just knew it had to be them. These kinds of disappearances had been happening for thousands of years and It's not surprising that the great Gordon Ramsay had been pulled into another dimension.

- Ancient Alien Expert from The History Channel.

Restaurant Somewhere in California

"I must say, well-done guys! Let's keep this up!

This had to be the first time Gordon Ramsay had finally said something that aligns more to the positive side of things.

Placing the drill back to its rightful place, the man stood up straight and slightly stretched himself in order to fully adjust his joints and muscles. Apparently, he spent an hour helping the rest of the crew in renovating the interior of the certain restaurant that they're currently helping. So far, most of the restaurant's staff had been cooperating well with the 24 Hours to Hell & Back renovation team. Though there were signs of wear and tear amongst them, they were finally on the finishing touches.

The British man wiped the sweat from his wrinkled brow with a small towel before taking his water bottle from the newly installed table counter and began drinking to quench his thirst.

"This is fuckin refreshing." He thought to himself, enjoying the coldness of the water flowing inside of him.

However, his brief relaxation soon ended when the Female assistant producer of the show entered the scene.

"Mr. Ramsay!" The Assistant Producer called his name.

The Michelin Star Chef, dressed in an all-black ensemble consisting of a full black t-shirt with the show's logo imprinted on the front and simple black pants, snapped out of his trance and immediately turned to the latter.

The Assistant Producer didn't say anything but only gave the man an informative look, using her pen to point and tap on her clipboard multiple times.

Gordon Ramsay responded with a nod." I'll be right there Micah!" He followed with a verbal response as the female assistant producer finally disappeared to take on other matters.

The British man gave a sigh thereafter, also taking a peek at his wristwatch.

"You've got to be kidding me." He sarcastically swore to himself, taking mental note of the time, before heading outside to the next phase of the show.

It appeared to be well past midnight and well into the early hours of the morning. Gordon Ramsay walked faster than usual because he needed to complete the last remaining tasks before the restaurant's official re-opening. These tasks had become routine, at least for him. It was never in his dreams to become a psychiatrist or whatever you call that job, though it was one of his hidden talents that he had discovered years before. Without that certain talent, he would have never helped the countless owners, who had become delusional or had just simply given up due to different circumstances.

Once the man got outside, the fresh air had greeted him once again. It was also revealed that the restaurant is located near the coastal areas, a kind of place that the chef had grown loving.

Gordon found himself walking along a walkway near the bay. Because he was on his way to the area where his command truck center known as "Hell on Wheels" was currently parked, he took the opportunity to take in the scenery around him. His thoughts also came along as he pondered on what he was going to do once he reached his destination.

"Alright, What should I do first?" He asked himself, scratching his chin along the way.

"Should I go to Micah first and ask for the list or Should I head to the truck and teach the young man?"

This time around, the man was unsure of his own decisions. It was one of the first times he'd been stuck in the middle of a decision. Normally, he would choose the more important and main priority, but this time both options were important.

Something to which he had not to expect coming to him.

Outside of the main scene, reality shows like this are extremely stressful. The behind-the-scenes peek was more of a back-and-forth affair. When the upper management issued important notes, he had to rush to the command center to learn the small changes.

He could feel a little bit of stress rising upon him. Though, he managed to calm himself down as he tried to sort this out.

"Oh come on, It's just a fuckin list." He told himself." I'll just contact Micah about it later." He added.

"What's more important is to get that young chap back on his feet."

He finally made his decision.

(The Chef)

His mind wandered to the young chef who was waiting for him at the truck. Gordon summarized what he had learned about the young man. He came up with a couple of words to describe it.

"Unusual" and "Unique"

Unusual, because the young chef quite had a mysterious personality, to begin with though he personally thought that the young man was depressed. Unique, due to the latter possessing the skills and talent of a Michelin Star Chef in just his mid-20s.

Prior to all of this, the upper management had decided on this particular restaurant on the California coast. They started with a background check and discovered almost nothing except that the establishment was only a year old. Furthermore, when they conducted a renovation interview of the staff, they were all fine and there was no conflict that they had shared about the restaurant, except that they all agreed that the chef, who was also the restaurant's owner, had somehow lost his confidence.

What puzzled him, even more, was the fact that this restaurant had no actual problems. In fact, when the team did their undercover dine-in earlier, they discovered that the restaurant was actually alive, with a good customer flow on that particular day. Customers appeared to be enjoying the food, and when the British man, in his usual undercover disguise, tasted the numerous dishes that he and his team had ordered, they were taken aback by how well the dishes were cooked.

Confusion would soon take over as for the first time, they did not knew on what they were going to do next. The usual calling out to everyone and revealing their disguises, along with thunderous applause, was suddenly out of their options. They had to think of something until the British man's Head chef, Mary Keledjian, stood up and made the announcement and the usual process finally began.

The only difference was that no shame or embarrassment was involved and that the team had to manually dissect the situation at hand.

They soon discovered that the restaurant needed a little renovation and a new makeover and that they didn't need to change the menu, but rather make a few tweaks to its overall design and presentation. Gordon Ramsay was in charge of helping the young chef mentally get back on his feet, despite the fact that he appeared to be fine.

He was baffled by the young chef's personality by the time he summoned him for the first private meeting. When He asked why he needed his help, the young man simply smiled and explained that his home needed him.

It was pretty much a cryptic response and left the British man with so many questions in his head.

Unfortunately, He wasn't able to further explore more as he needed to assess the other tasks at hand.

"What a strange young man." He muttered to himself.

He'd met a lot of people who were both the Head Chef and the Restaurant Owner. These types of people were no stranger to him. But this young man was different from the rest. When the other staff were asked regarding the owner's background, they all claimed that they don't actually fully knew the young man in person. None of the staff and managers were his relatives or family.

They were all newly hired.

(Ramsay's Fate)

The Park

It didn't take too long as Gordon Ramsay finally arrived at his destination.

The Hell on Wheels Command Center was parked in the middle of a small empty open field. He found himself surrounded by trees and street lights, which illuminated his path. The weather was cold and windy, causing the British man to shiver slightly. Furthermore, as he approached the truck, the atmosphere became heavier.

Along the way, his instincts told him to look at specific locations where the hidden cameras were installed. He had to admit that the team had done an excellent job of positioning the cameras in this area. The people in charge of the video editing process requested that the cameras be set up in different angles so that they could achieve the perfect vision for this particular episode.

His smile soon disappeared.

Focusing on the truck, he noticed that the command center was also empty. not a single person was there even on the main kitchen stage.

"What the fuck?" Gordon Ramsay thought, his confusion would soon take over him.

He was expecting the rest of the staff to be there.

More importantly, where was the young man? He was supposed to be there.

Reaching the small metallic stairs, the man proceeded to climb up and found himself in the main kitchen area. As suspected, he was only greeted by silence. The Michelin Star chef also checked the secret room, where the rest of his own kitchen team were usually positioned to meet the restaurant's kitchen staff and chef. Yet, the room was also empty and his head chef, Mary and the rest of the team were nowhere to be found.

"Where the bloody hell is everyone ?!" Gordon commented, scratching his brow in frustration. He apparently went through the entire area, this time including the back of the truck and even the driver's seat, for another check, and to his dismay, not a single soul was around.

The man wondered if he was going bonkers.

Did he arrive too early?

Was there a meeting still being held without his knowledge?

What was really going on?

Gordon Ramsay sighed, finding himself in the middle of the kitchen stage, pondering what to do next. The stress level was increasing once again as he would eventually decide to head back towards the restaurant to supervise the current renovation progress.

At that very moment, the wind grew stronger and the man was caught up in the middle of this strange invigorating feeling. He hadn't felt like this since he had taken his last proper sleep prior to filming this episode. Unbeknownst to his knowledge that a presence finally stood before him.

The British man was awakened from his trance and turned to look for the source of the voice; not long after, he found what he was looking for and saw Alton, the young chef he was supposed to meet a while ago, standing right in the middle of the field, just a few meters away from the kitchen stage.

The young man still has his mysterious look, staring at the older man with serious emotionless eyes.

Gordon was unaffected by it all and just went about his business. "Oh my God, Alton." He exhaled a sigh of relief. "I thought I was going crazy!" He stated. "Where the fuck is everyone, and where have you been?!" He inquired but was met with silence.

The British man sighed again." Alright giving me the silent treatment it is." He muttered to himself, assuming that everyone was just catching up to the time. He wasted no time as the man proceeded to set up the specific kitchen station where he will teach the young man, though as he was about to grab the chopping board beside, he suddenly heard the young chef's voice beside his right ear.

"Please accept my apologies, Mr. Ramsay, but I was running late."

The Michelin star chef found himself startled and he immediately turned to his right and saw Alton now already standing right beside him.

"Fucking Hell!" Gordon swore this time aloud, letting out a small terrified look combined with an annoyed expression." The heck did you get here so fast?" He commented, before shrugging it off.

A brief moment of awkward silence then followed.

As the cameras continued to roll, the next phase of the episode began, though in an unusual way since the other staff members were still not present.

Gordon Ramsay resumed by putting on his persona and preparing the ingredients for a specific dish. His thoughts were now preoccupied with completing this task without the assistance of the team. He had no idea what was going to happen next.

"Chef Ramsay, there is something that I must tell you." The young man spoke, breaking the silence.

"Better make it quick Alton, and also please pay attention, This is more important." The British man replied, still busy smoothly cutting the onions and garlic."

The young man ignored his words and continued on his way. " I regret to inform you that, for the time being, this will be your last time cooking in this world..." He spoke again in a cryptic tone.

"Oh come on, this is not the fuckin time to be joking around young man!" Gordon responded, irritated by what the latter had said. Moreover, unbeknownst to the man, his world was gradually changing; small bluish light green particles started to appear and slowly surrounded the entire area.

As much as he wanted to inform and warn the blonde man about his fate, he was too late.

As for Gordon Ramsay, the man was now in his chef mood, paying no attention to any out-of-the-ordinary elements surrounding currently surrounding him. He decided to call the young chef once again to bring his attention to the most important matter at hand.

"Big Boy, if you're not going to focus and listen then-" He wasn't able to finish his sentence.

By the time he had turned around, the young chef beside him had vanished.

After a few moments, the ground began to tremble, which surprised the man. His instincts took over as he grabbed a nearby counter, which was attached to the stage itself.

He felt like he was trapped inside an empty can that was violently shaking back and forth.

"What the fuck is going on right now!?" He was able to let out another comment, in the midst of his panic rising within.

As he moved his gaze around, he noticed that everything around him was in complete disarray. The ground appeared to be about to erupt, and the streetlights were constantly flickering faster, and some trees were falling down. At this point, Gordon was only concerned with his family and the safety of the crew and staff.

By this time, the mysterious light bluish-green particles had multiplied into countless numbers and began to surround and attach themselves to the British man. He was aware of this and gave a semi-horrified but puzzled expression. He attempted to remove the particles by shaking them off, but he was unsuccessful. Within a short time, the particles had engulfed his entire body and were on their way to his eyes. He felt this unbearable heat and began to imagine as if he were trapped inside a microwave.

In frustration and pain, Gordon Ramsay could only yell. The last thing he saw was a bright flash of light engulfing him.

He quickly became numb as he fell into an endless void before landing in a body of water.

( The Capital)

El Caesar Bridge, Sadera, 8:00AM

Oiii Wake Up!

The bucket of cold water was thrown onto the slave cage, splashing everyone including the British man himself.

Gordon Ramsay awoke from his slumber as the cold water jolted him up. This also caused his irritation to take over.

"For fucks sake! I'm already half-awake!" He exclaimed, as his blurry vision began to clear.

His irritated face soon faded away as he found himself staring at a lone imperial soldier, who was the one responsible for breaking up his sleep. He ultimately calmed himself down realizing that he was not in the position to yell at someone.

He sat back and leaned on the thick wooden bars. His attention drifting to his new surroundings to which he began to take interest in. The previous scenery of empty plains and grassy fields had been replaced by the view of the morning sea. It didn't take long enough for him to realize the fact that he was moving along a wide bridge en route to the main capital.

"It's funny how they have to throw a bucket of water just to wake you up." A voice then said, referring to him.

Gordon turned around to face the source of the voice, only to find himself in the company of a man his own age. The British man was taken aback and amused that the man sounded so much like an old friend. A friend who became a guest on the "Nightly Show" was blindfolded and happily sampled the Ox Tongue and Kangaroo Jerky.

The old slave had wild blonde spiky hair and a familiar intense stare.

"And who might you be?" The former Chef asked, bringing his own sarcastic tone." He does look like him."

The old man just chuckled." Well...I am slave just like you chap!" He said.

"Yeah right," Gordon grumbled to himself, rolling his eyes as he concentrated on the changing scenery around him.

"Just what is this place?" He asked aloud, grabbing onto the thick wooden cage bars." And where are the fuck are we really going!?"

"Well,We are going to Sadera, My friend." The old man replied again.

It was enough to catch his attention as Gordon turned back to the old man.

"Sadera what?" He asked, confused as he had not heard of a place called Sadera before.

The old man gave a little laugh once again." The capital city of the Saderan Empire, The Most Powerful Empire of the South Orient." He announced as if he was presenting the greatest gift he could ever give.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Gordon commented, shaking his head in the process. He was still in denial of what he was witnessing right now as he thought that this was all just a dream.

The old man continued to laugh." You're not from around here, are you not?" He asked, only to receive silence from the blonde man.

"I understand." He went on to say, with a sympathetic smirk.

"I just hope you don't get yourself into the worst of situations."

Gordon kept his mouth shut. His thoughts wandered to his subconscious. He stared blankly at the air, imagining himself in situations on how he was going to die in this place. He could sense death just around the corner. He was now beginning to realize that this was, in fact, his reality now. Everything, from these so-called Imperial Soldiers and slaves accompanying him.

This was not his world anymore.

The caravan's journey finally ended when it came to a halt in front of a massive stone gate. They were only a few meters away from entering the great capital when the latter couldn't help but stare at the massive walls as the slave caravan approached the walled city.

In the back of Gordon Ramsay's mind, All he wanted to do was to return back to his home and family.

Chapter End

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