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Chapter 1: As the Dawn settles, Nyx rises

The warm afternoon glow of the sun shined and illuminated all under its ray. In one room in particular, the sun's rays seeped through the balcony windows, through the curtains and casted a spotlight directly into the bedchamber. Within the simple but elegant room lied a massive bed. It should be noted that bed itself was rather disheveled, the surrounding littered with all manners of clothing thrown haphazardly. A massive blanket hid the occupant's underneath. A pile of warm bodies and limbs entangled as the occupants were sleeping the day away.

The blanket shifted as someone slowly roused from their slumber.

It was none other than Emiya. Rubbing his eyes, he stretched his one of his arms, suppressing a content yawn after a wonderful night slumber and of nightly fun.

"Been a while since I lasted remembered that…" He mused sleepily, dreaming back to the time of his supposed deal with the Writer.

Shifting in place he sought to carefully remove himself from bed only to find the lower half of his body to be unresponsive. Putting in a little more effort the sound of soft mummering caught his ears.

"Ohhh, right…" Emiya muttered to himself, yesterday memories returning.

Grabbing the blanket and with one powerful fling toss the blanket off the bed.

There, laying with him equally as naked as he was were four women. Emiya was quick to recognize them to be maids employed in his family's service. One slept at his side, her back turned to him. Two used his chiseled chest and stomach as pillows, their heads laying on top of him. One humorously enough was clinging to his leg similar to a koala bear clutching a tree branch. That one got a chuckle out of him.

Casting his eyes to the window adjacent to the balcony he could only wonder what time it was. A quick sniff told him that he desperately needed a bath to get rid of the lingering smell of sweat and sexual fluid. Looking back to the girls he was left with two options to wake them up. One was to gently, and tenderly roused them up one at a time. The second was to get it done in the quickest way possible.

It was clear which one Emiya prefer.

"RISE AND SHINE!" With a booming voice Emiya woke everyone up.

Most jumped awake, the suddenness confusing them greatly.

It took a few seconds before everyone calmed down. Emiya silently chuckled, enjoying their momentary panic.

"L-lord Emiya!" All the girls choired as one. Their eyes widened at seeing not only themselves naked but one of their liege lords naked as well.

"So? How were all of your nights? Emiya rhetorically questioned.

In response all of the maids slowly entered a tranced like state, their eyes dazed as memories of the previous night rewind in their mind. Hints of red coloured their cheeks as a few rubbed their thighs together remembering the wonderful sexual experience.

While they were off reminiscing Emiya pulled himself over and stood up, paying no mind to his lack of modesty and opened up a wardrobed next to his bed.

"Ahh, my l-lord." One of the maids addressed. "P-perhaps…y-you require help with freshening up?" Her voiced stuttering but her, and the rest of the maid's intention were clear. Their eyes drawn to his naked form.

Like eager puppies vying for their owner's attention.

"As enticing as that sounds…" The maids leaned forward; desire clear shone in their eyes. "…I'm afraid we'll have to put that off for another time. You all should hurry, else she'll starts wondering where five of her maids went."

Emiya's words snapped them out of their stupor. The individual he was referring to was the head maid, a woman that was as beautiful as she was strict. She took discipline extremely serious and did not tolerate any misconduct or tardiness whatsoever. As one they paled before realizing that they would be late and scrambled to gather up their scattered uniforms.

Picking out his clothing for the day Emiya turned to see the maids hastily putting back on their wrinkled maid uniforms and were rushing towards the door. A few lingered on the door, their eyes burning his naked form in their memories. Once they were all finally gone Emiya allowed himself to laugh in its entirely.

Even after so many years the sight and reactions they would give always managed to make him smile.

With a content smile on his face Emiya fixed up his bed and took his new clothes to his adjourning personal bathroom. Filling the massive tub with warm water he also added in some homemade bath bombs, vanilla flavored. Helped to mask the smell should some still linger. Filled to the brim with warm water Emiya lowered his body in gently. His skin tingling as the warm body of water enveloped and warm him up for the day.

A content sigh escaping his lips as he submerged his body into the pleasing water, leaving only his neck dry.

As he lounged there, content, Emiya mind slowly drifted back to the man, or rather being that made this all possible.

7th Pride, the self-proclaimed Writer that granted him this new life.

True to his words Shirou Emiya, formerly known as Counter-Guardian EMIYA, and now simply Emiya, was reborn and now lives a rather comfortable and cushy new life. Funny enough still retaining his family name and now went by the title and name of Emiya Vance, scion to the ruling family of Vance.

A powerful family that owns and rules their own miniature kingdom within this inhabited continent. But Emiya wasn't born directly into the family.

No, the story surrounding his birth was interesting one to say the least.

Emiya's mother was a priestess from a small continental island of Hinomoto.

The once Counter-Guardian found it to be extremely interesting and strange that a continent to the east of them, which was also a separate island, had a name that almost roughly translated to Japan. Either the self-proclaimed writer was being cheeky or he was wholly unoriginal when it came to naming convention, he couldn't say.

It was unknown how and why, but she somehow made her way to Vance Country and befriended a young and optimistic Count Vance, at the time was simply an Earl.

The circumstances for which transpired that led to his birth were interestingly enough. The two were considered close friends, but never did they lay with one another. Despite that fact, Emiya's mother was mysteriously impregnated through unknown means. Well, to the populous anyway.

Rumors and speculations ran rampant, believing Count Vance laid with her and conceived a child. The stories got muddled on the details surrounding what happened next but what was known for certain was that Emiya was soon born after.

Emiya was born, earning a new leash on life but unfortunately his mother didn't survive the process of birthing him into this new world.

A small, dark part of him couldn't help but chuckle. Didn't matter where or how, it seems he was fated to take a life one way or another.

With her dying wish, Emiya's mother begged her cherished friend, the now Count Vance to take care of him. In doing so, he proclaimed him as his own child born out of wedlock. When in reality that wasn't even close to being true.

A quick structural analysis of his body when he was born revealed that he shared no blood relationship to the Vance household or its member in any capacity.

Of course, that fact was rather loss on everyone seeing as this world had no such thing as a DNA test, so they simply took the honorable Count Vance words on the matter.

Thus, to the rest of the world Emiya was born a bastard to the newly head and ruler of the Vance family and a Hinomoto princess.

Of course, such a title and reputation wouldn't last.

Breaking out of his small daydream Emiya rose from the tub, thoroughly rejuvenated. Within five minutes he cleared himself up entirely and clothed himself. A simple but decorated black tunic and breeches unlike what most nobles would pile on to wear.

Emiya casually began making his way down the long hallway. His designation? The main dining area; he was starting to feel quite peckish. A quick look to the windows lining the white walls revealed the sun shining bright into the halls.

As a Counter-Guardian it wasn't too uncommon for him to appear in worlds with primitive level of technology and advances. Over his countless centuries of experience an extremely useful survival technique he developed was accurately measuring time by the positioning of the sun alone. A quick estimation showed that it was roughly an hour and a half or two just after noon. Much later than he would typically wake to.

With his mind at eased he continued down the hallway, passing various working maids and butlers alike. Each one offering greeting and bowing, to which Emiya returned with a nod or smile. He continued forward just as another steps of footsteps of an individual approach him.

Emiya recognized her, how could he not?

Long flowing hair as wild and ardent as if kissed by fire itself.

Captivating emerald eyes that reminded the Vance scion very much of a certain someone. Heck, everything from her neutral but serious expression and rigid stance were near identical to a certain King of Knights usual demeanor.

Although Arturia would never be caught dead wearing anything a bold as what the woman in front of Emiya was wearing.


Not counting her various altered versions anyway.

Her clothing, if one could even classify as that consisted of what Emiya could only described as armored bikini. A fashioned metal bikini top and black thong covering but her essentials. Her left hand was encased in a full-length silver armored arm guard while her right was free save for a golden armband and leather wrist protector. Attached to her hips was long black cloth similar to the Counter-Guardians previous tailcoat with long, black thigh-high boots. Perhaps the most interesting piece of her appearance had to be the silver and golden headpiece resting on the crown of her head. In fact, it almost looked exactly like one as well.

A fair amount of skin was revealed for all the world to see, including her midriff that revealed an impressive set of pecs, her cleavage along with her tenderly thighs. Healthy, silky skin with not a single blemish in sight only was only heightened by her muscular physique.

Her complexion as lovely as a beautiful maiden but with a harden body of a warrior.

Standing in front of him was Claudette Vance. Stepsister to Emiya, the oldest of all Vance offspring's, and a bastard just like him.

"Lord Emiya." She addressed, her voice firmed and formal. Her head dipped, acknowledging him just like maids.

"Hello to you Claudette." Emiya returned with an easy-going smile. "I'm going off on a limb to say you were coming to fetch me?"

"Yes. Lord Vance, along with Lady Leina and Lady Elina were questioning your absence during this morning. Count Vance and I naturally assumed you were resting from your usual activities." She informed, casting a glance at the end.

"Yea…Sorry." Emiya shrugged, not even denying it.

Without any else to say they continued walking. Claudette a step behind him as they walked. As the two continued their way to the dining area, Emiya asked this. "Anything happened while I was still asleep."

"…Yes…Lord Alnos and his entourage has arrived."

This caused the Vance scion to pause mid step, and so too did Claudette. On his face was a small frown as he turned to her.

"I thought they wouldn't be here until the end of the week…"

"Yes…" Her tone taking a hesitance tone. "It would seem the Alnos envoy has arrived much earlier than expected. This morning in fact. Lady Jericho was rather insisted in meeting you immediately, but Lord Vance managed to sway them until later. I was sent to retrieve you my lord."

Emiya crossed his arms and sighed. "I'm guessing I won't have much time to enjoy my late breakfast, will I?" he asked with a smirk.

"Forgive me." Claudette apologized, bowing as to not allow him to see the subtle look of shame.

"It's not your fault." He quickly dismissed. "Not like we could have seen coming."

"I don't suppose we can kick them out and tell them to come back in a few days?" Emiya sarcastically put out there.

Claudette simply gave him a deadpanned look before returning back to normal, stoic and formal.

"Lady Jericho has been very insistent in meeting you. More so since they were invited to dine with Lord Vance and his daughters, and you were not present. Even Lord Alnos has been curious to where you were Lord Emiya. They have been rather…persistent in their wish to meet you."

And he only had himself to blame for yesterday nightly activities. Well…technically he could also blame them for arriving earlier than expected but that would just be petty of him.

"Nothing we can do now." With that they continued on their way.

On their way Emiya and Claudette engaged in conversation. Well, more like Emiya was trying anyways.

"Have you eaten yet Claudette."

"Yes, I've broken my fast early this morning my lord."

"…Have any plans for today?"

"To train my lord."

"Wonderful weather we're having."

"Indeed my lord."

Conversation slowly died down after that.

Emiya mentally sighed. While Emiya wasn't related to her or her sisters, he at the very least considered them close enough like family. Claudette too shared this for a time, back when they were but kids but now, she treated him like all the others. He, as the lord of the Vance Household and her a servant despite bearing the Vance name.

Their trek continued in silence before reaching their final destination. Opening a set of beautiful decorate double doors they were greeted with a long but empty dinner table.

If there was one thing he could never get, it was the need for uselessly expenditures and decadence. The table alone could fit fifty people, and yet only four to five of those seats were used on a regular basis. As Emiya went to take a seat Claudette called for a maid to fetch his food.

Within a minute the sound of cart being rolled in caught his attention.

She was yet another maid but one that Emiya instantly recognized. Her attire consisted of same maid uniform all the others wore. Black and white, frilly, with laces, stockings and all. Long brown hair stretched all the way down to her waist. It looked quite unkempt, frazzled, and covered part of her face and formed edges as her hair trailed downwards. Eyes not to similar to Claudette sought him. Whereas hers were brighter the maids had a darker shade; colored jade compared to Claudette's glowing emerald. She had soft features, everything about her from her posture to her expression practically screamed meekness.

The most blaring part of her would have to be her voluminous chest that pressed against her uniform, looking ready to burst at any second. Each step causing said chest to bounce mesmerizingly.

Then again Emiya certainly wasn't complaining.

"L-lord…E-emiya…" The shy little thing stuttered.

"Nyx." Emiya warmly smile and greeted back. "I see I'll be enjoying some of your delicious cooking today." He complimented.

This only made her more fidgety, her entire face lighting up red at the compliment. Her hands gripped the hems of her uniform, a demurely but happy smile plastered on her face.

"T-thank y-you…but my lord, I was simply following y-your instruction for your recipes." Nyx shy corrected.

"Hmm, true. But I like it better when you make it."

It was the truth as well. The Vance family employs dozens of skilled and talented chiefs, each comparable to five-star chiefs. Made even greater by the recipes that Emiya shared with them over the years. Customs and all that dictated that a high lord of his standing shouldn't be made to cully out meals like a commoner. This prevented him from spending too much time in the kitchen but that didn't stop him completely.

Back to Nyx, while a simple maid employed to the Vance family, she had a knack for the culinary arts. Something Emiya quick picked out. While the recipes he gave to the cooks were perfectly crafted, he found that when Nyx tries her hand, they would taste divine.

It reminded him so much of himself, or rather his younger self. When Taiga and the likes fought and wolfed down his cooked meals like no tomorrow.

A low rumble from his stomach told him to snap out of it and feed it.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat.

It did the trick as she snapped out of her embarrassment. Nyx quickly got to work. With grace she laid out quite the spread out for him. A bowl of creamy soup topped with mushroom and cheddar, a small bowl of tossed up salad, a loaf of fresh bread, skewered roasted duck, and cup of wine.

"Thank you, Nyx."

"O-f course m-my lord!" Nyx bashfully said. "W-will…you be n-needing anything else my lord?"

"I think I'm good."

"P-perhaps my lord would also like d-dessert?" She asked hopefully. "We-e have lemon c-cakes, freshly baked."

"I don't I'll have time for any dessert…"

If Nyx heard him, she didn't show by continuing to fluster out her words.

"I-I made it myself and—"

"Lord Emiya require no more maid." Claudette cut in; her voice as frigid as a blizzard. Her eyes narrowing at the maid. "Lord Emiya has important matter that he must attend to after his dinning. Matters that you are holding up…" Her glare intensified.

Nyx quickly got the hint. She hastily bowed to him once more before practically running out of the room with the cart.

Emiya turned and gave her an unimpressive look.

"You know, you could have just asked nicely."

"…" Claudette didn't respond. It was clear to both him and her that she didn't regret her words. Shaking his head minutely Emiya got to work satiating his hunger.

He would certainly need it for what's the come.

Finishing his meal as quick as possible while also enjoying what he could the two were immediately on their way. Claudette lead the way with Emiya trailing behind in silence. It wasn't long before they came to a familiar hallway that Emiya knew lead into one of the many castle's lounging room where they would entertain their guests. As they got closer Emiya's enhanced hearing picked up some chatter. It took a moment before he could properly make out their conversation.

"…I'm sure he'll be here any second now…" That sounded very much like Leina, only she could be that apologetic.

"Well, where is he?! We're been here for hours and I haven't seen my beloved since!" A second, shrill voice answered. It was too high pitched to be Elina so that left only Jericho as the owner. Just from her voice alone Emiya could tell she was a brat.

Secondly, beloved?

'Great, I'm dealing with one them again.' He silently lamented.

"Now, now dear. Please calm down." A third voice placated. This one was much older and male, no doubt belonging to her father; Lord Alnos. By the sound of it he was equally embarrasses as he was weary.

"Indeed." A deep and mature voice answered back. A voice all knew to be Count Vance. "I have sent General Claudette to retrieve him. They should be arriving soon."

Right on cue they grew silent, conversation dying down as the sounds of Emiya's and Claudette footstep grew louder and louder before they entered the room.

All standing and situated around the room were five people in total.

First were his step siblings; Leina and Elina Vance. Both garbed in beautiful white dresses that complimented them. Standing next to them was Jericho, daughter of the Alnos family. Similar to his sisters she too was garbed in a complimentary blue and white dress.

She looked young, no more than a teenager. Short cut brown hair, soft and delicate features befitting a noble lady, modest breasts, and slender legs.

The ruling Head of the Vance stood stoically, watching all with a discerning eye. He wore a simple beige colored overcoat that draped over his entire body with little other color or accessories. A red stash fashioned and hung over his right shoulder an emerald embedded into the cloth. His white hair was slicked back, complimenting his mustache and bearded goatee.

Next to him was Lord Alnos. Unlike Count Vance's rather bland attire, his was much excessive, exactly how a noble would dress with matching color to Jericho's dressed denominating them as the same family.

Entering he felt all eyes on him, none more so than Jericho's. Her eyes lit up in recognition, stars practically radiated from her stare. He could feel her eyes roving his body, taking in every single little detail.

"Beloved!" She exclaimed, dashing to hugged him. Even rubbing her head against his stomach.

"…Hello Lady Jericho." Emiya greeted, putting up a front immediately. A fake smile plastered on his face.

The girl squeal in equal part excitement and joy.

"Sisters." He inclined his head to them and was greeted back with a warm smile from Leina and toothy grin from Elina.

"Father. Lord Alnos." He respectfully greeted the two. Only lord Alnos bothered responding back with low bow of his own.

Before Emiya could get a word out Jericho beat him to it. Taking both of his hands into hers, she peered up at him. A look of complete adoration shining through her eyes.

'Uh-oh…' He knew that look.

"My beloved, come let us be off!" She tried taking off but Emiya remained rooted, his false smile straining.

"Now, now dear…" Lord Alnos nervously said. His eyes darting to Count Vance who watching everything without a change in his expression. "Please let's think about this dear…"

The brat frowned.

"I don't see why we have to waste time doing that! You said yourself did you not father? That I am a prodigy like no other even the Alnos Family history. You even said yourself I would win! Thus, fighting and hurting my beloved is pointless!"

At this point Lord Alnos was visibly sweating. His eyes darting back and forth between his daughter and Count Vance.

"Oh?" Emiya spoke up, earning everyone's attention. "It seems everyone's forgetting about me." He mockingly pouted. "Some would consider it rude or even insulting by your implication?"

He knew exactly what to do when dealing with people like her. All he needed was for her to take the bait.

And she did.

"N-no!" Emiya fought down the wince as she practically screamed that at him. "I-it's just that… I would never think less of your ability and skill my beloved. Truly!"

She was trying to salvage the situation. It certainly wouldn't look good if she indirectly insulted Emiya's skill and the Vance family as a whole.

"…Fighting for your hand is pointless my love, especially with all my training! I have no doubt you are wonderful, and strong! But against someone of my skill and power, the decision is clear. I simply don't wish to hurt you!"

"Funny. I know a couple of fighters that I fought before that would claim otherwise."

"Hahaha~" She laughed haughtily. "Those that you have bested in the past do not hold a candle to I my beloved!" She boastfully declared.

The girl was naïve, or maybe simple. A quick glance towards her father showed him shaking in place. No doubt she was spoiled much like most girls born into powerful families. Praised and all swelling her ego. Either way, she honestly believed that she could have just waltz right in here and demand for him to accept her without a challenge.

Whether it be arrogance or simple ignorance for which she makes her claim, there's no way he would simply go along just because she said so. However, Emiya had faced these stubborn types before. Bluntness doesn't work so a work around was needed. Luckily this wasn't the first time he circumvented a situation like this.

"If you believe you are more than capable of winning, then do please allow me the honor of seeing your skill first hand."

He grabbed both of her hands with his, looking at her straight into her eyes. As gold peer into hazel she began to fidget and avoid his stare.

"I-I…" She was wavering. Her bravado was cracking.

Good. Just one more push.

With his other hand he brought it up to caress her cheek.

"Hearing such overwhelming prowess, I must admit to being curious myself. If what you said was true, then a simple bout would be child's play of someone as skilled as yourself. Won't you humor me in a spar?"

Emiya was certainly laying it in thick, appeasing to her ego. Trying his hardest not to give himself away.

He caught the barest sound of a suppressed chortle, no doubt from Elina. This certainly wouldn't be the first time he pulled this act.

"V-very well!" She abruptly declared at the last second. He forced down the smirk that threatened to break free.

Hook, line, and sinker.

"It would be remised of me as your future wife to ignore the plea of my beloved husband! We shall fight my beloved. But do not worry, I'll shall defeat you swiftly and cleanly and then we shall be on our merry way!" She haughtily declared.

"Then it is settled." Count Vance voiced; his words carrying with authority. His eyes resting on the two of them. "Both Lady Jericho and my son have agreed to the bout. As such the rules will apply for my son's hand in marriage will be in effect. I trust that you do not have any issue with this, Lord Alnos?"

"Of course!" He hastily agreed.

"Good." Count Vance turned to Claudette. "General, take Lady Jericho to the fields where she may change for the fight to come."

"At once." Claudette bowed. She then guided the two away. Count Vance and Count Alnos not far behind. Soon, it was only the three of them left.

"I was wondering when she was going to leave. Tch, what a brat." Elina bemoaned.

"Funny, I was going to say she remind me of you." Emiya teased.

"What?!" She shrilled. "There's no way her and I are anything alike! I'm not a brat!"

"I would say otherwise. You've certainly got the voice down."

Emiya smirked. Elina scowled, her cheeks puffing up red.

"Brother. Elina" As always Leina decided to play the mediator. "That's not nice brother. And Elina, while Jericho may be difficult, there's no reason to talk behind her backs like this."

"Yes sister!" Elina immediately agreed, her angering vanishing instantly.

Emiya contently watched as Elina jumped at Leina and attempted to kiss her. Ruefully shaking his head at their antics. While those two were distracted Emiya made his way to get ready as well. Alone, his mind wandered yet again as he made his way across the castle to his destination. Passing the time as his body carried him to where he was needed.

This world greatly confused the reincarnated guardian at first. It was clearly Medieval, having a designated feudal lord and caste system firmly in place. Only with magic and fantastical elements in addition to the general world and setting.

However, where things differ was that instead of a king the ruling system was a monarchy, ruled under by a queen. That wasn't all as this world differed greatly from any that he has seen before.

To put it bluntly it was as if the world and people itself were segregated in a manner of speaking.

Besides the likes of magical and mythological creatures being a part of the world, Emiya quickly noticed that this world seems to cater more to woman. In such a time period and society, he expected for this world to reflect earth's own time period. A ruling king with noblemen ruling over vassals and common folks.

Instead, it seems as if the roles were flipped.

Where in before most women were relegated to either mothers, wives, or highborn, this world offers an abundance of roles. Woman are the predominate force within the Continent, with entire militia, military, soldiers, and warriors composed of woman alone. Add onto the fact that only they possess the possibility of awakening magical ability only further incentivizes said roles. They have the capacities to grow and change and better themselves, be they highborn or peasants.

Men were often relegated to, cliché enough, noblemen, governors, farmers, peasants, and bandits. In fact, aside from himself, most to all simply are content and don't wish to strive any further than what they are already are.

To put it simply, there seems to a designation of who and what anyone can be/achieve.

The queen ruled over the continent, while the various noblemen fall in line and pays tribute to the ruling monarch. They, more often that naught rule their own sections but still defer authority to the crown itself. It seems to a strange mix of both a patriarchal and matriarchal ruling caste system. Though the Vance have their own country and operate under their own authority, they were still subservient to the ruling body of Gainos for all intensive purpose within the continent.

It was for this social norm that made Emiya stand out. As the first-born male, as far as anyone knew of, to an illustrious linage as the Vance his life from the beginning was destined to one of much grooming and catering to become the next Head of the family. Despite being born a bastard by societies standard, he still bore the Vance name and would later be legitimized as the Vance heir by decree of his father. In addition to his spark of magic, which was unseen before, thus making him invaluable with the aristocracy. As such, he was expected to perform his duty to the family and name.

Of course, like all things, the retired Counter-Guardian replied with the equivalent of a "Fuck you, you can't tell me what to do dad!" Albeit with far less crass.

He knew of his peers and noblemen. He had seen what many would consider to be the "pinnacle of nobility." And if having a bloated belly, and acting like a pompous windbag was considered that, he would have run away a long, long time ago. Such a lavish lifestyle of decadence did not sit well with the guardian.

No, as soon as he was able to, he wanted to train his body rather than his mind.

Since his reincarnation, he would have to build his current level, but nothing too challenging. He'll make do with what he had; it certainly wasn't the worse hand that he's been dealt with.

However, his father immediately rejected his proposal instantly. Saying that there was little need to train and that he was destined to rule as the Head of the family.

It still remained a mystery on how or why, but some human and woman in particular seems to possess strength and capability to grow into powerful fighters. A latent untapped potential hidden away. In addition to magic, the gap in strength only grows in size. Hence why many military forces and militias were composed of females and very little males.

True, Emiya was at a relative disadvantage considering everything was stacked against him in term of this new world and their power scaling. But that still didn't deter him.

He had two things that separated him from the rest. The first being his ability to use his magecraft, his magic circuits and Unlimited Blade Works which were carried over to this new life. He wasn't going to be spamming Caladbolg II any time soon that was for certain as his new body was a fry cry from when he was a Counter Guardian, but it would be enough. The second advantage was his countless centuries of innate battle experiences and knowledge.

Thankfully the Vance family operated much differently compared to many other noble families, rather progressive when compared to the rest. Of course, that didn't mean his father was all onboard with it.

While Count Vance may not show it, he truly does care for all his children, himself included. So an accord was struck between him and his lord father. Lord Vance would allow for Emiya to begin his training so long as he could keep it up with his studies. It was clear from the outset that the count intended to fail him, if indirectly. Assigning the toughest trainers along with a strict regime for both combat courses and academics. All when Emiya was first nine years old.

Were it any normal person they wouldn't have lasted a week and would have given up. Unfortunately for Count Vance, Emiya was far from normal in the first place. Despite the grueling exercises and training along with the countless hours of studies and academics he managed to balance them all out and thrived. His teachers proclaimed him as a genius. Grasping at the material with little difficulties and showing acute intellect. Then again considering the time period even his dumb past high school self would be consider a genius in this medieval time period.

His instructor hailed him as a prodigy. His form, technique, style, and finesse were unique but deadly all the same. It took a few years to build up his body and skill in order to accommodate to his younger and weaker body, but he managed. It wouldn't be as strong as his body back when he was a Counter-Guardian and Servant, but it would be enough.

While others were fine dining and spoiled themselves; Emiya trained until his hand were bloodied and his body ached, to achieve what he once had.

While others were partying with other like-minded individuals, wasting away their youth; Emiya honed his skill and ferocity to what it once was. To make himself once more a predator.

While others grew large and dismissive, fattening through the years; Emiya forged his new body into a weapon, similar to his body of old.

It all came to ahead on his sixteenth birthday, his name day. When he was considered a legal adult. The Vance invited all nobles within their land to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

He could still remember the event to this very day. Emiya stood out like a sore thumb in more ways than one.

His clearly eastern descent and heritage combined with his bronze skin toned gave him a rich and almost exotic appearance compared to the people within the Vance territory. Short cut hair as lush as the color of Winter. Silver eyes as if they were pools of translucent mercury. Strong and sharp features that were easy on the eyes. A strong and lean body, complimenting his height and general appearance which were accentuated by own style of clothing.

While most wore frilly and layers upon layer of bright colored tarps that were looked more in place to a Shakespearean play, he instead came wearing what amount to as the world's first ever tuxedo.

It took a lot effort and time, and a few dozen prototypes before the tailors got it down but in Emiya's opinion it was worth it. No way in Root was he ever going be dressed in those monkeys' suit.

All eyes were on him and everyone had an opinion.

His fellow scion peers eyed him with either admiration or envy.

Highborn ladies swoon and gossip over his appearance.

Heads of households were scheming and planning to arrange a marriage of some kind between their houses.

Emiya shocked everyone yet again with a bold and sudden proclamation at the height of the event.

"I shall take no woman as my wife lest they defeat me in single combat!"

He could still remember his father shocked expression. Perhaps one of the only times he had ever seen the calm and collected count so stunned before. And in front of a massive audience to boot.

Such a declaration naturally sparked a lot intrigue as well as debate.

At the time he half expected his father to overturn his little stunt but in an act that even Emiya didn't caught onto, he approved right then and there. It wasn't until much later that he realized why.

"Lord Emiya." A voice snapped him out of his daydreaming.

No longer was he within the castle, instead, he was standing within one of the outer barracks surrounding castle fortress. Here was his own personal shed, used to store his gears and equipment's.

While he was reminiscing, his body was on autopilot and got ready. He found himself in his fighting uniform.

His battle attire adheres to his previous one, simple but flexible. He wore a black body suit with silver accents running down his entire torso. Leaving his shoulder to arms bare, with little in the way of protection. Equally black pants ran down his lower half, lined with several straps. A pair of fingerless black glove were put on. Light pieces of silver armor add additional protection to his shin and legs along with steel tipped boots.

Doing one last check, he walked out, Claudette following suit.

"Anything I need to know before the fighting starts?" He asked.

"Lady Jericho preferred weapon of choice is a rapier." Claudette informed.

'A unique weapon as well, suitable for thrusting and piercing. That would imply speed. A nimble fighter no doubt, similar to myself.'


"The Alnos family specialty is wind magic. Most noticeably attacks produced by razor like wind. I have heard great things about her skill, in particular her mastery over her families' magic at such a young age."

'Which means she'll be extremely confident in her magical abilities. Even over reliant. Her rapier may act as a catalyst in order for her to focus her magic. There's also the possibility of her being skilled with it too, and the usage of wind magic to enhance her speed and striking capabilities.'

The two continued in silence while Emiya mulled over the information and data that Claudette provided. A plan of attack quickly forming in his mind. Confident he may be, it wouldn't hurt to have a clear understand of his opponent's skill set and abilities.

The stronghold of the Vance family doubled as a massive castle and fortress, centered in a lake that doubles as a moat as another line of defense. Here, they also possess their very own personal militia. The Vance Royal Guard. Of which they house and train in a specific section of the fortress. With large swathes of land dedicated for one purpose or another.

Here, a sprawling sparring field welcomed them.

Emiya stood on one side, his arms at his side and his eyes observing his opponent.

Facing him was Jericho herself, a proud smirk on her face. She wore what essentially was a strapped dressed. Made from light blue woven silk and threads that looked more in place at ballroom then in an arena. That's not to say she wasn't armored, with pieces of light armor here and there such as the shoulder, elbow and knees but it was little and far in between. Lastly, she held a silver rapier in her hands.

Another thing that caught his attention early on was just how downright silly and risqué the various attire the female fighters wore. Seriously, every single challenger he has ever fought fit the bill as an over glorified showgirl. They were certainly aesthetically pleasing to the eye but very impractical when it came to actual protection.

Then again who was he to talk when he himself wears little as well. Of course, that was just because that was his preferred style.

The rest of the family stood on the sideline, far away and safe from any immediate danger. Lord Alnos was watching with a nervous expression. Emiya father watched with a neutral expression with Claudette taking her position just behind him. Leina watched, her eyes gleaming with interest. Elina was perhaps the most excited, a wide grin on her face and shouting encouragements.

Several squads of the Royal Guard were present and spread out, at the ready just in case a stray attack come their way. And unlike Jericho they wore full plated armor.

"My beloved!" Jericho voice called throughout the field. "Please, I shall offer you one last chance. Surely you can see the outcome of our bout."

"I appreciate the concern, but sadly I must decline." Though it was clear that his words didn't match his tone, not that she noticed in the first place.

"Very well." She sighed. "I shall endeavor to make this as quick and painless as possible my beloved!" Jericho proclaimed, taking a stance, brandishing her rapier.

"You'll find that I won't be so easily culled." Emiya muttered to himself. With a flourish, Kanshou and Bakuya appeared in his weapons. Brandishing his weapons, Emiya took a stance.

A royal guard stood on the sidelines and acted as the referee. Content that both sides were ready she gave the signal to begin and the fight began.


"Severing Wind!"

With their respective battle cry they acted. Emiya's magic circuits flared to life, the streaks of neon lines made visible along his arms and legs. He launched himself forward evading the attack of sharpened compressed air.

Jericho's eyes widened at the sudden speed before narrowing and launching more wind blades towards the speeding swordsman. With reinforced eyes Emiya made out their trajectory, easily dodging and weaved through her attacks, closing the distance between them. Swinging Kanshou, the fight would have ended there were it not for her quick thinking. She pointed her rapier down and shot a massive gust of air.

Emiya's attack was halted, blasted back by the sudden explosion of wind. Jericho on the other hand was launched skywards. A blast of wind propelled her back to the ground, her rapier poised to strike. Emiya reacted quickly and leaped backwards. She missed, striking and cracking the ground and kicking up dust.

As the dust settled Emiya's mind raced over the tiny details of their short confrontation.

'It's clear that she's isn't suited for close range combat hence her sudden flight. However, she could have keep herself afloat in the fair with her wind magic. It would allow her to attack at range and granted her impunity as I can't reach her. The fact that she can't means she can't fully exert herself.'

Dashing forward Emiya lashed out again.

To his welcome surprise she wasn't all talk and managed to gracefully parry and counter his slashes. Sparks flew as Kanshou and Bakuya blades meet her silver rapier.

The usage of a rapier was rather limited in terms of overall attack considering it was a weapon mainly used to thrust and stab. Thus, rely of speed and charging to gather enough force and momentum to pierce said target. And unlike swords or other bladed weapons it's limited to a singular directional path of attack.

With such a close proximity to one another it was clear which weapon was more effective.

Jericho was being pushed further and further back, a small scowl on her face as she struggled to keep up with Emiya's versatile style of attack. The silver warrior pressing the attack, refusing to let up and giving her a chance to her magic.

Emiya quickly spotted an opening on her left flank and swung for it. What he didn't expect was for the attack to meet resistance in the form of shimmering barrier of compressed wind encasing her.

Momentarily distracted Jericho pushed him, launching a burst of wind directly at him and sending up upwards.

Emiya was quick to recover and land on his feet. Disorientated for a second, Emiya refocused on her finding themselves to be several meters away.

Wind picked up and gathered on her feet, making her float a few centimeters off the ground. Jericho closed the distance between them in a second, her rapier ready to impale him. Reacting at the last second Emiya arced his body backwards allowing it to fly harmlessly past him, narrowing scratching his torso plating.

Using the momentum and wind he twisted his body and brought his swords down only for her to zip away, his attack hitting nothing.

"Reinforcement!" Pumping more prana into his legs Emiya shot after her.

Jericho maintained the distance between them by adding more wind to her steps, preventing Emiya from closing the distance as she drifted all across the field.

As if she was figure skating on air.

All the while launching attacks of compressed air at where he was. Keeping him from ever reaching her. She even managed to get off a few shots, predicting where he would follow up.

Emiya had to give it to her, her method of combat was certainly interesting. He could see why she was arrogant if only slightly.

Dodging another slash of compressed air Jericho shot towards a new direction. Predicting where she would go next Emiya reared back his arms and threw Bakuya. The weapon spinning rapidly as it was heading straight towards her.

Her eyes widened and she launched herself backwards to avoid the spinning weapon that would have hit her had she not evaded.

Exactly like he wanted her to do.

Taken off guard Jericho had little time to react as Emiya predicted where she would retreat to in order to avoid Bakuya. He appeared practically in front of her, Kanshou descending.

She only had enough time to bring up her rapier to block. It wasn't enough as the force he put behind his attack overpowered her and knocked her back. Her concentration broke and she was sent rolling on the rocky ground.

"Aghh!" Jericho let out a scream.

Without mercy Emiya charged towards the slowly recovering rapier wielder. Jericho staggered to her knees bringing up her rapier to defend as she attempted a retreat. Only she wouldn't get to far as out of the corner of her eye Bakuya reappeared. The spinning Noble Phantasm boomeranging back towards her.

Her rapier lashed out, knocking the spinning weapon away. Momentarily distracted, it allowed the Vance heir to reach her flank.

He struck with Kanshou, striking her shoulder area with a powerful slash, drawing a spurt of blood.

Jericho let out a pain cry, reeling from the attack. With little hesitation, he lashed out with reinforced kick towards her midsection, sending tumbling to the ground.

"Sweetie!" He heard her father screamed.

Emiya regarded her with a cool expression, watching her as she lied there, clutching her shoulder and stomach in pain, and making no real attempt to get back up.

"Call the match." Emiya called out to the referee after a few seconds.

Though he appeared to be cold and callous to her injured status, Emiya knew that she would be fine.

At the last second, he held back much of his strength. Enough to cut through the armored shoulder piece and draw first blood. Her injury was probably only skin deep and with a bit of treatment would be healed up quick and easily. Another benefit of this world was healing magic and special plants and herbs that could helped with the healing process, all of which any noble family could afford.

It could've easily been far worse.

If anything, he was giving her a handicap. Using only Reinforcement and a simple Projection. Were he to swing with everything behind it, the silver-haired warrior could've easily taken her entire arm with that one swing. Or crust her entire ribcage with that reinforced kick from before. That wasn't even counting his standard method of attack such as firing broken projection at his opponent.

Emiya fought and contended with some of the greatest Servants and heroes back on earth. He had fought to standstill even against those that vastly outclassed him in every single possible measure. It was putting it generously to say that someone of Jericho's skill level and strength was outclassed by him, even with slightly dismissed body.

Emiya turned to walk away.

"N-nnot yet!"

He stopped, looking back with a hint of surprise upon seeing Jericho shakingly rising to her feet.

"I can still fight!" Standing, she brandished her rapier at him with her uninjured arm.

However, everyone could see her hand and body shaking, her face twisting in a rigorous of pain. She was clearly putting on an act.

"This fight is over, there's no need to continue and for you to risk further hurt." He said, trying to gently dissuade her.

"I thank you for the concern, my beloved. But I cannot!" Jericho fiercely reply, managing a pained smile

Before he had a chance to correct her, Jericho continued, inflamed by her own words.

"How could I possible give up now? How can I call myself the future Lady Vance if I were to give in this soon! Nay! Come, let us continue!" Jericho loudly declared.

Though her motives were a bit misplaced, she was stubbornly motivated in her desire. Emiya could respect her for that much. Which was why he intended to put an end to the match quickly.

Emiya dashed forward, Kanshou in hand as their fight continued. Jericho remained on the defensive, backpedaling and trying to put as much space as she could between him and herself. She thrusted and stab, but her attacks were sluggish and easily telegraph as Emiya batted them away with ease. Gradually, he was closing the distance, a plan in mind to knock her out and end the bout between them.

Seeing an opening, he struck, tilting the blade in his hand so that the flat end of Kanshou would hit her. However, too focus on incapacitating her and believing her to all but on her last leg, Emiya realized too late that he was drawn in as she thrusted her hand forward, firing a burst of compressed wind.

His eyes widened. So close, he was unable to dodge in time, taking the attack point blank. Hitting his chest and sending tumbling back, the attack itself hardly hurt but it was enough to knock the air out of him.

"Damn." He silently cursed for underestimating her, even for a moment. Righting himself back up Emiya was treated to another surprise at what came next.

"Mighty Gale!" With a battle cry Jericho rocketed forward faster than ever, leaving behind a miniature shockwave. Emiya dove forward to dodge but in his haste it was at an odd angle, his body sliding forward as his arms stretched backwards, carried by the abrupt maneuver. Jericho missed but her lightning fast attack managed to connect with Kanshou with enough force to knock it out of his grip and sending the weapon flying, embedding into the wall.

Rolling, Emiya clicked his tongue.

Arcs of prana lit up from the palms of his hand as he projected a second set of Kanshou and Bakuya. However, Jericho wasn't done just yet. Using the last visage of her strength, she concurred once last burst of speed and wind. She reappeared in front of him, blocking his path with her rapier up mere centimeters from his face just as he grasped his newly projected weapons, before he could bring up his arms.

Jericho had Emiya in Check.

Her face reddened from fight and strain, each labored breath burning her lungs with sweat glistening down her skin. Despite all of that, she held onto the victorious and smug smile that stretched across her lips.

"Surrender my beloved! I have won!"

Emiya frowned. It lasted no more than a second before he smiled.

Jericho preened, her own smile widening, believing he agreed.

His next action proved otherwise.

In a move no one saw coming Emiya's mouth shot forward and bit down on the offending rapier. An audible clenching noise reverberating from the action. Thankfully he reinforced his jaws and teeth and made sure the pointed end didn't embed itself into his jaw.

Everyone's eye widened at the rather insane decision. Leina and Elina gasping in horror and surprise, Lord Alnos sputtering at the act. The royal guard and Claudette herself nearly jumped into action to call and stop the fight. The only that remained calm was Count Vance.

For Jericho her reaction was immediate. Her previous smug smile was completely gone, replaced with one of fear and surprise. She instantly let go of her weapon for fear that any jerky move would result in it piercing the inside of Emiya's mouth.

Emiya responded by kneeing her in her ribs. Hard.

Jericho staggered back, holding her sides in pain. Spitting out the rapier from his mouth he pushed forward, bringing up the Noble Phantasms. The married blades stopping right in front of her neck, the naked steel touching the skin of her throat.

Now, it was Emiya that had her in Checkmate.

Claudette glared at the referee, promising untold pain and suffering if she didn't call the match right this instance.

Said referee complied.

"The winner is Lord Emiya!"

Once called he immediately willed the black and white blades to disappeared, the Noble Phantasm breaking into motes of light as Jericho collapsed to her knees, wide eyes and shocked.

"B-b…but I-I…" She sputtered, her words failing to properly express the range of emotion she was feeling. She had him, she'd all but won and yet somehow she lost.

"Sorry, but for the match to be concluded you needed to either knock me unconscious, make my resign on my own, or through the decree of the referee. Which didn't happen. Sorry." Emiya offered a cheeky smile.

For a moment Jericho didn't move, content with sitting there in defeat.

It wasn't long before the sound of sniffling reached his ear.

'Oh, Root please don't tell me…'

His fears were realized.

She was crying. Loudly at that.

Her wails echoed throughout the air. Like a child denied a long-awaited present. Emiya mentally groaned, bad enough she was crying her eyes out. Worse of all was Leina, who was glaring at him as if to say, 'Do something!' As if it was somehow all his fault.

Emiya sighed. He really hated dealing her types.

"There, there." He kneeled beside her, placing a comforting hand on her uninjured shoulder.

This wasn't the first time he fought and completely trounce an uppity noble, which lead into them throwing a hissy fit. And unfortunately, he knew it wouldn't be the last. Which was why he knew what to do next, though he hated it.

Jericho sniffed, looking at him with watery eyes.

"There's always next time." He offered in condolence with a plastic smile.

Thankfully or unfortunately, such a thing was loss on her as she immediately perked right back up. Believing him to be completely genuine.

"I-indeed!" Jumping to her feet, she wiped away the tears. After all, it was unbefitting of her as the future Lady Vance and her beloved's wife to be seen in such a sad state.

"I may have loss, but that does not mean this is the end! I beseech you my beloved, please wait a little longer. Next time, I shall grow stronger and challenge you once more, and prove to you that I am worthy as your wife!"

She passionately promised, taking his hands into hers. Eyes shinning with determination as she stared at him.

Emiya smile became strained, yet he continued smiling.

"I'll be waiting..." He grits out.

"Father!" Jericho let go, turning towards Lord Alnos. "Let us return home!"

"A-already?! B-bbut we just got here. We—" Lord Alnos flustered.

"Father~!" She whined. "We must return home immediately! I must train in order to grow stronger! I sooner I can get stronger, the sooner I may challenge my beloved again! Time is of the essence!"

Back and forth the two argued, eventually ending with Jericho winning as her father agreed to her demands to leave.

Emiya watched, as Lord Alnos was all but dragged along by Jericho. He almost feels sorry for the man.

His eyes scanned the field. Claudette was escorting Jericho and her father to have her injuries be checked out and healed. Leina and Elina were excitedly talking with one another, while the royal guards disperse, back to their usual duties. The only one that stood out was that of his father, Count Vance who remained where he was. Watching it all with an impartial scrutiny.

Catching his father's gaze. The two locked eyes, one watching the other. Count Vance turned, leaving as Emiya watched him and quickly followed suit.


The two soon found themselves within Count Vance's personal solar, a rather large room, large enough to fit a massive table in the middle with Count Vance's desk at the far end. Walking in, the lord of the Vance family took a seat at the head desk. Emiya on the other hand didn't bother and chose to lean on the table. Such action would have normally been disrespectful, but since it was just the two of them, he paid it no mind.

"An impressive performance Emiya." Count Vance praised, but his words didn't meet his eyes.

"Why thank you." He sarcastically returned. "Though you sound rather disappointed. What? Hoping I would lose and have to take the brat a wife?"

"She was but sixteen, I'm sure with enough time she would have grown and mature into fine lady and a suitable wife."

Emiya resisted the urge to snort. That was a lie and they both knew it.

"What, finally got tired of me and want to marry me off?" The reincarnated Counter-Guardian probed.

Count Vance on his part didn't dignified a response. Leveling a cool glare at Emiya.

A small frown made his way to his lips as he stewed in contemplation.

With his father surprising approval, the decree was made out and garnered interest and intrigued from all. In the beginning Emiya was confused and little bit put off by Count Vance's decision. He expected rejection and outright denial only to meet with suspicious support. It wasn't long before Emiya realized that the Count somehow planned or at the very least anticipated this little act of rebellion and worked it into his favor. The lord of the Vance's fully intended to make his attempt at defiance to work to his gain.

As the Vance heir, many were already gunning for Emiya in the first place. Whether it be through his hand in marriage or through some other accommodation. The competition only provided even more challenger. At first only those from noble families challenged him, those with first born daughters and were considered warriors or those with innate talent. He beat them all soundly.

Then, it wasn't long before families with second or even third daughter tried again. It didn't just stop at nobles, but anyone from elves to humans, to bandits and mercenaries. All were given a chance to battle.

With each fight and subsequent victory his reputation, fame, and skill grew. Word of his decree and challenge soon spread throughout the entire continent, attracting all manner of fighters and interests. By the end of the first year he had become perhaps the most sought-after bachelor across the land.

It was only then did he realize why his father agreed to his demand. He'd became a prize, a goal.

Indirectly, by fighting to maintain his freedom he was at the same time boasting his own reputation but also the Vance name itself and by extension Count Vance's already peerless reputation. And with it came power not just politically but socially as well.

There was a benefit to legitimizing Emiya as the Vance scion and heir, both to fulfill his promise to Emiya's mother but also a strong political move as it would allow a trusted member, Emiya, to be the Head of the Vance family without the need for either Leina or Elina to be married off to a family that wished to worm their way to becoming the head of the family. As Emiya, just like Claudette were raised and nurtured by the Vance family earning with it a sense of loyalty that was near to unshakable.

In turn it was a worth wild investment as Emiya grew to be the equivalent of an unspent political coin that could be cashed in, in order to assure a family or group's loyalty not just within Vance country, but also across the continent. Claudette meanwhile grew into a powerful warrior and the Vance Family most powerful general and tactician.

Count Vance was a shrewd man but not an unkind one. Emiya could safely say that were it anyone else, especially those with the noble caste, he would have been dumped and disowned as a bastard then and there. Instead the Count kept and nurtured Emiya and Claudette because he cared for them, but at the same time wasn't afraid to put them to good use. A show of pragmaticism and shrewdness, but also sincerity and genuine care.

The fact that's been three years since said decree and he hasn't retracted their agreement and forced him to marry someone else yet, showed that.

But now, Emiya wasn't too sure if the Count was getting a bit tired of this game they've been planning. That, or more worryingly he has something else in mind.

"You are nineteen years of age my son. Even you must recognize that you must eventually take someone as your wife and carry on the Vance name and eventually lead the family after myself."

"And yet I don't hear anything about Leina and Elina being involved in this kind of matter. Their name day have come and gone and yet they're free of any suitors pursuing them. Per your orders I would add." Emiya replied.

"Do not involve your sisters in this." Count Vance's eyes narrowed. "The matter of your sisters is entirely a different matter from yours. If you're worried that your constant bedding around is in jeopardy, I am confident I can find you a suitable wife that will not mind your disposition." Count Vance worded.

"You make it sound as if I can't control my own urges." He said.

"You've certainly not shown any evidence for me to think otherwise my son." His father challenged.

Emiya had the decency to look sheepish, glancing away with a hint of pink rising to his cheeks.

He would be the first to admit that he has been rather passionate over these last few years, regarding his new-found freedom from Alaya. One of which was making up for lost time and allowing himself to enjoy the pleasure of the flesh. By this point in time he could confidently say that he slept with at least a majority of the female staff employed to the Vance household.

Obvious exceptions being those that held no interests or were married. A no brainer there.

Everyone else? They were free game. From the workers and maids to even member of the Royal Guards and soldiers. Anyone that was perfectly willingly anyway.

In his defense this is for the first time in centuries where he finally had some time to himself. No Alaya to suddenly call on him to fix up a mistake. Not being forced to break his ideal and code, and being constantly reminded of his failures. If anyone deserves a night of well-deserved nookie it would undoubtedly be him after all the Hell it put him through.

He could see the concern if one of them got pregnant by accident. Thankfully, within his mind held centuries of knowledge, one of which was the recipe for an herbal tea known as moon tea. Which acts as a contraceptive and help deal with an unfortunate accidents from occurring.

But, that's beside the point.

"What are you up to old man?" Said Emiya, getting back on track.

"Is that any way to speak to your father?" Count Vance rebuked but there was no anger in his voice. Merely, a wry admonishment.

"Don't think I haven't noticed. There's been a small influx of merchants, and interestingly enough mercenaries and travelers. Not to mention the marshalling and training of new soldiers and warriors. Plus, the obvious increase in challengers over the last couple of months for my hand in marriage. Especially those from noble families or those of influences outside Vance country. And let's not forget the usual behind the scene deals you're making with the other lords." He stated, allowing the matter to settle. With it, a certain implication.

Count Vance stood up, glancing his son with a collected regard, before turning away to look at the massive window behind his desk. One that overlooked the Vance fortress and household to the outside world.

"Such matter is of no true concern to you, my son. My dealings are of my own and are of vital importance to the family and should be handled with extreme care. I would suggest you do not meddle into such affairs that you know naught of. As you are now my son, I doubt you would understand, let alone be ready."

"And here I thoughts family were supposed to trust one another." Emiya mocked.

Emiya's father glanced back, but didn't rise to the bait, closing his eyes to the world but for a few short seconds.

"It's clear you have a plan in mind, you always have. If you wanted me to settle down so much why not order it so? Father…" Emiya stressed, his eyes narrowing.

"Because my son…" Count Vance remained undeterred, returning with a knowing look of his own.

"I would not force upon you what I would not for your sisters." His words grew soft if only for a moment. "I gave you my word on your name day. That I would uphold your decree, to take no woman as your wife until you know defeat. I still intend to keep it, no matter how… irritable it may be at times." A notch of vexation crossed his face before quickly being smoothed out.

"As for your skepticism. You may doubt me and my actions but remember this. Everything I've done and will do is for the sake of the Vance family. For Leina and Elina, and for you and Claudette as well. It always has been and always will be. And so long as I breathe, as the head of the Vance family, I shall not be trifled with."

Silence descended upon the room as the two locked eyes with one another, neither refusing to break eye contact with the another.

"If there is nothing else, you are dismissed." Count Vance took his seat once again, the conversation all but finished.

"Father." Emiya nodded and turn to leave.

As he left, he glanced back just before the door closed on him. Through the slit, he saw the venerable Count Vance sitting, gazing sullenly to the side. Where a large portrait took much of the wall. He knew what it depicted. It was a family portrait, one of himself and all of his siblings, including Claudette with Count Vance and her. One that reflected of a better time.


"And here I thought today was going to be relaxing." Emiya sighed aloud to no one but himself.

After the fight and discussion with his father all Emiya wanted to do now was taking a nice, warm relaxing bath. Coming up from the hallway that lead to his bedchamber Emiya immediately noticed something. The door was open.

His brows scrunched up trying recall for any reason a maid or even anyone would be his room and came up empty handed. As he got closer, he made out some noises from within. Two muffled voices.

A loud smack echoed out the room and Emiya quickened his pace.

Peeking through the slit of the opened door Emiya saw Elina and Nyx within his room. Elina had her back to him while Nyx lied on the floor, gazing up in fear of Elina. Her hand nursing her reddened cheek where Elina presumably struck her.

Emiya lips pressed into a thin line and his face hardened. Without any preamble he walked in.

"Elina, what are you doing."

The two jumped at his sudden and stern voice. Both turned and immediately were taken aback at seeing the expression on his face.

It was clear he wasn't too happy with the situation.

"B-brother…" Elina stuttered in fright. She could feel his eyes boring into her.

"Elina, what have I told you are mistreating the servants?" He questioned. His eyes narrowing as Elina fidget in place.

"Brother! I-it's her fault!" She shouted, pointing towards the downed maid. "She's the one that tried to steal from you!"

She then pointed to a small desk in the corner of his room, filled with odd trinkets, documents and nick knacks. One in particular was a beautiful ornate silver jewel box. It was opened and knocked over, with several jewels scattered about.

Emiya shifted his gaze to Nyx, the normally shy and bashful girl shaking like a leaf in a storm. Her eyes filled with fear with tears closed to breaking loose.

The reincarnated hero couldn't help but silently snort. Nyx? Steal? He sooner believed Rin taking up a role as a magical girl before believing someone as kind and timid as her doing something like stealing.

Then again, his sister did always have a rather unfavorable view when it came to many of the servants employed, many of whom were peasants or low born. Often times treating them without a care. It was a bad habit that he'd been trying to discipline her on throughout the years but his lessons never stuck.



"I'll take it from here. Leave Elina."

"R-right! Of course, brother!" Glad that her brother was no longer angry she raced to the door. Not before turning and grinning at the frightened maid. Silently cackling, her mind raced as he imagined what punishment he would inflict on her.

Back in the room the two were all alone. Since it was just the two of them her shaking only got worse.


"Nyx." Before she could get a word out Emiya interrupted her. His voice firm, but there was no scorn or judgement.

She clamped up, even producing an odd 'eep' sound.

"I want you to take a deep breath. Once you've calmed down, then we'll talk." Emiya instructed.

Nyx, while confused but grateful that he hasn't immediately declared her guilty, did just that. It took a few minutes and several deep breaths for her to stop shaking. That's not to say she was completely relaxed. Standing, her fingers clambered one another as she avoided his gaze.

"Are you feeling better Nyx?" He gently asked.

"Y-yes…Lo-rd E-emiya…"

"Ok. Know that I won't blame you, so please tell me what happened. Why are you in my bedchamber Nyx?"

Nyx swallowed, her action producing an audible gulp.

"I-I…I was g-going t-to gather up y-your d-d-dirty sheets m-my lord."

Emiya nodded, a reasonable explanation.

"Ok, but then why was the box opened then?" He asked, pointing to the knocked over jewelry box and scattered gems.

Her eyes darted to the table and back down to the floor.

"I-I…w-was curious L-lord Em-iya… Truly!" By this point a few of her tears glistened as they marred down her cheeks. "I-I o-opened it a-and… t-then…L-lady E-elina arrived…and t-then…"

"And then she came in and jumped to conclusion. Correct?" He received a small nod back.

Watching her with his hawk like vision Emiya stroke his chin. Despite clarifying the situation, she was still tensed. As if she was ashamed of something.

"Nyx. I want you to be perfectly honest with me and I mean it." Emiya stressed, his voice once again firm. "Were you planning on taking a few of the jewels?

Nyx recoiled as if she was physically struck.

'Got it in one.'

Her shaking returned with a vengeance. It proved too much as her legs gave away and she collapsed, crying her eyes out.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She repeated, her voice hiccupping, unable to control her hysteria.

Emiya faced twisted into a grimace. It was certainly bad enough that she was crying and blaming herself. First Jericho and now Nyx. By Root he wasn't good at this, but he'll try.

Emiya gently laid a support hand on her shoulder. She flinched but he held on and then hugged her, much to her surprise. His hand moved administering soft and gentle pats to help calm her down.

"I'm not mad Nyx."

"Y-you're n-not?" Clear disbelief was evident in her voice.

Separating, Emiya was glad to see that managed to do the trick. She stopped crying at the very least.

"No. I'm not." He reinforced. "What I am curious about is why."

"…M-my m-mother…my l-lord…"

Emiya blinked. Nyx's mother? She too a servant under their employ but unlike Nyx that was assigned as a maid, she was assigned as a kitchen staff.

The two were on amiable terms. It was her that gave him free reign of the kitchen all those years ago whenever he felt the itch cook rather than fight. The two often shared recipes and ideas for new food and cuisines and eventually developed a mutual respect for one another.

Now that he thought about it, he hadn't seen her in a while.

"What about her?"

"Sh-he…is s-sick…" Nyx revealed. "A-and she's growing… w-weaker e-every p-passing d-day…. T-the medicine t-that… is needed is f-far too… expensive for a-any of us t-to a-afford… W-we needed m-money quickly t-to buy t-the m-medicine…"

"Hence why you thought of taking a few of the jewels, to help pay for the expensive medicine." Emiya concluded. "I do see where you are coming from Nyx and again, I do not blame you."

That thought did nothing to alleviate the gnawing doubt and shame for trying to steal from her liege lord. Especially one that's been so kind to her before.


'Here it comes.' She thoughts, closing her eyes and bracing herself whatever punishment he would hand out. Despite his kind words Nyx's mind raced as she trembled silently. In her head she was still responsible for attempting to steal. Her, a simple commoner maid stealing from a lord.

"Hold out your hand Nyx."

Confused, she did as she was told with her eyes still closed. Was her lord going to hit her, starting with her fingers?

Something cold and smooth landed in her hands. Her head snapped up and her eyes grew at what held in her hands. Jewelry ranging from sapphires, rubies to pearls and diamonds.

"L-lord E-emiya…" She said.

"For you of course. For your mother and you being honest with me."

"I can't take this!" Nyx yelped.

Emiya responded with a single raised eyebrow. "First you wanted to take them, and now you don't? You really need to make up your mind Nyx." Emiya chuckled.

Her face lit up red once more.

"Tell me Nyx, have you ever seen me wear jewelry before?"

"I...no, my lord."

"Exactly. Secondly, to me jewelry is nothing more than some shiny rocks. I just happen to have them because they were gifted to me and I never really bothered to do anything with them."

Material possession suited the likes of Elina more than Emiya. Were Rin here no doubt she would screaming to Root and back for giving away previous resources like that.

"Better for them to be put to some use rather than collecting dust in a box." He shrugged.

She clutched the jewels in her hand and held them to her chest. Nyx let out what seemed to be a happy shrill, a grateful smile on her face as fresh tears dripped down her cheeks.

"T-thhank you!" Her words slurred, unable to contain the happiness. With the amount in her hand, she could afford the medicine now with no problem!

Emiya couldn't help but smile at seeing her joyful expression.



"I-I…" She fidgets once more, this time not out of shame but something else. "Please my lord." She bowed before him. "P-please, allow me t-to repay you… F-for all y-you've done…"

"That's not necessary Nyx—"


Sighing, he'll at least humor her. "Alright, how would you repay me?"

Her face, if it were possible, got even redder, resembling a ripe tomato.

"W-whate-ever you w-ish m-my l-lord…"

Her suggestion was rather thinly veiled. That, and he recognized the look of desire that shone like so many of the other bedmates he has taken at night.

His lips puckered together as his thoughts were of two minds.

Never before did the Counter-Guardian thought he would have an internal debate over whether or not he should take someone to bed or not.

How the mighty have fallen.

Nyx was one the few people that Emiya generally likes. Timid and meek sure, but she was kind as a saint and harmless as a butterfly. Certainly, she deserves better than a one-night stand. That, and he respected Nyx's mother as well. And Emiya was pretty sure she would give him quite the ear full if, or rather, when she hears he took her daughter for the night. Nobility be damned.

Aloof he may project, but he far from blind. After all, the key to being an archer is to have excellent perception. Nyx was infatuated with him, that much was clear, but the same couldn't be said for him. He knew his track record when it came love and it wasn't pretty. Hence why he tended to only have one-night stands and move on.

Someone like her deserved better. Better than him.

"Nyx. I…"


Emiya paused mid-sentence, his face scrunched up and forming a perplex expression.

'What the hell was that?' He wondered. He felt an odd buzzing sensation for a split second there.

"Nyx, I…"


Emiya tried again only for the same result. His hand reaching up and rubbing the back of his nape. The same buzzing sensation having resurfaced.

"M-my lord?"

Emiya ignored Nyx for the time being. He was more concerned about why he couldn't even form a basic sentence just to say no.

'Could it be…'



"Be here by nightfall."

Nyx's face lit up, equal part joy and surprise.

"Y-yes!" She squeaked out, a silly smile on her face.

With a skip in her steps Nyx walked to the door. She had so much to do and so little time left, she needed to buy the medicine immediately and then get ready for tonight!

"Nyx." Emiya called for her.


"On second thought—"


There it was again.

"My lord?"

"Never mind. Continue on your way." Emiya dismissed her and shook his head ruefully. She wanted to ask but decided not to. She needed to hurry!

Alone, Emiya allowed himself to frown. A sigh left his lips and his shoulder sagged.

For years there have been one question that has lingered within the depths of his mind. From the moment he was born till now. He had never once forgotten the deal he struck. There were many times where events occurred, and he wondered whether or not it was due his doing or not.

After nineteen long years it seems he finally received an answer.

"Took you long enough…" He said, sensing a familiar presence. Opening his eyes, he was greeted by none other than Pride.

"Yo~" The writer greeted with a two finger salute, leaning against one of the walls. His appearance the same as he last remembered him.

"Nineteen years of silence and you finally showed up. What took you so long?" Emiya quipped.

"Didn't want to ruin the mood. This is your time and all, wouldn't want to intrude on your vacation. I figured it would be best to let you get comfortable to your new life. One that I see you've taken to with much vigor. And I must say you certainly didn't waste any time now did ya?" Pride wiggled his eyebrows while throwing Emiya a suggestive grin.

"That's certainly one way to look at it." Emiya chuckled and stretched his arms, his joints and bones made a satisfying pop.

"Who knew that sex could also work as an effective stress reliver. Then again, Alaya was rather demanding and left me hung dry for several centuries."

"Maybe that's why you can be such a sarcastic asshole all the time, a lot of pent up sexual frustration!" Pride joked, laughing with Emiya joining in.

"So…" Emiya leaned back just as the laughter quickly died down, his body tensed. Power thrummed as he narrowed his eyes at the intruder.

"You finally showing up after all these years mean you want me to do something. And what the hell does it have to do with Nyx."

Pride glanced up, maintaining his smile even upon seeing around two dozen blades pointing directly at him.

"Relax. I'm not planning on doing anything to Nyx. If anything, that's your job." The writer snickered at his word play.

Emiya's frown deepened, his projected blades inching closer to the man.

"I thought it was agreed upon that you wouldn't directly interfere." He said, recounting the terms and agreement made between the two.

"True, but occasionally there a few bumps that need to be fixed and push towards. Here in the business we have a word for these kinds of things. It's called plot convenience. To advance the plot of something, certain things need to happen and all that jazz. And I kind of need to you rock Nyx's world. So get busy mister hero!" Pride returned, playfully snapping his fingers as he pointed towards Emiya.

"That still doesn't explain what you've got planned and how it involved me and Nyx."

"Let's say there's a order to all of this. And Nyx has a role in it. Also, taking the buzzing as a hint of what to do. To let you know who's going to be involved and point you in the right direction. "

Emiya's eyes narrowed, his patient running thin at the constant cryptic words and intention of the writer.

"What exactly are you planning?"

"Hmmm." Pride paused, making an effort to appear as if he was giving it some great thoughts. At the same time, he had somehow grown a long white beard, stroking genially.

"I could meticulously lay out what exactly is going to happen in the future and what I have in store. Lay out the plot and what's to happen, along with those that will ultimately in up in your harem, thus allowing you time to prepare for the inevitability...But...where's the fun in that?! Don't you know that people hate spoilers?! After all, a surprise is only worthwhile when it's completely unexpected! Anyways, that's enough meta and self-insert commentary from me. Do enjoy your evening Emiya. Ta-ta."

With a wave Pride disappeared.

"Cryptic bastard" He grumbled, running a hand through his white hair.

The rest of the day blurred on by, going from late afternoon to early evening where Emiya found himself sitting and enjoying dinner with the rest of the family. Next came nightfall where Emiya freshened up after a long day. Emiya found himself dressed moderately for the occasion, sitting and waiting the opened balcony that connected to his room. Watching down upon the land, how the tranquil lake of the surrounding reflected the beautiful shine of the moon and stars on this night. To the serene silence that echoed through the night.

He waited. Seconds passed, turning into minutes. Minutes turning into an hour and eventually two hours had passed.

Soon, it was near midnight, the full moon hanging above the night sky with hundreds of tiny far away stars decorating the blanket of night.

"Maybe she backed out at the last second?" He pondered. Wouldn't be the first time where their nerves got the best of them and they chickened out.

A knocking rang loudly within the silent bedroom.

"It's open." He called out.

The door opened and someone slowly shimmered in. The rest of the room was bathed in darkness, away from the illuminating glow of the moon.

So far Nyx hadn't said a single word.

"What took you so long? Got nervous." Emiya joked, trying to lighten up the mood.

And then she stepped into the light.

Two things became apparent to him.

Firstly, Nyx was naked as the day she was born. Not a single article of clothing was on her, allowing Emiya view her entire body unabated.

The how and why were lost on him.

Secondly, she was absolutely beautiful.

She was bathed in direct moonlight, the night's light eliciting an almost ethereal beauty to her. Her jade eyes glowed in the light, crystal and clear like a beacon. Her healthy skin complimented the moon's light, positively making her glow.

It was as if Emiya was standing in front of an elaborate and beautiful painting made real.

He blinked a couple of times, even rubbing them to see if anything would change.


She was still gorgeous.

Emiya wasn't sure if it was a trick of the light or what. But, standing in front of him at that moment, he couldn't help but find himself memorized at her form. Curves in all the right area. An hourglass figure that would put most models to shame. Her hair unkempt and curly hair was straightened out, parting in the front, allowing for her lovely face and features to be on full display.

He knew that she was quite the looker even when she in her uniform, but he'd underestimated just how beautiful she was standing there. She was stunning, absolutely stunning.

Emiya couldn't recount the last time he felt so enraptured by another's body and beauty.

The tightening of breeches was also a good indicator.

Nyx still held her usual demure expression, shy as she ever was. If not more so now that she was stark naked in front of him. The biggest and brightest blush colored her red from crown to neck.

The brown-haired maid felt Emiya's eyes roved over her body, taking in every little detail. From her supple and bountiful breast that fitted out nicely. To her tender and smooth belly. Down to her privates, a fluff of hair matching her light brown hair. Finally, her creamy and lender thigh and legs.

Nyx shuddered as goosebumps traveled down her body, feeling his intense stare onto her. There was lust yes, but it was overshadowed by the sheer captivity he held. As if she was the single most beautiful, he had ever seen. A tiny but happy smile tugged at her lips. She could feel her ears burning hot, her stomach filled with butterflies but also anticipation. Her breathing hitched, her own heartbeat beating loudly into her ears as she waited.

For what seemed like an eternity the two stood in silence, basking in one another presence. It was Nyx that broke the peace.

"D-does this p-pleases you, my Lord?" She said, making an effort to look at him, and curtsied, presenting herself before him.

That did it as Emiya snapped out of his stupor.

"I-I…umm, yes!" Emiya coughed into his hand, trying to get rid of his own stuttering.

Nyx couldn't help chuckle, seeing her precious lord so bashful before. It was honestly adorable what it was.

Emiya glared half-heartedly before softening.

"So…how do you want to do this? I take requests." He jested in another attempt to lighten the mood.

Nyx played with played with her fingers as she looked back down at the ground, her words at the tip of her tongue.

"W-would you please k-kiss me…" She requested.

"A kiss…" He repeated at the rather innocent request and Nyx nodded.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time he been requested that. Emiya took her hand and guided the two to his bed. Sitting on the edge Emiya caressed her cheek, silver eyes peering down on jade. He leaned forward and kissed her.

And lightning struck.

The two of them experiences a shudder like never before. As if lightning struck them, energizing them as every single cell and nerve in their body was set off.

For Emiya he felt his magic circuits fired up for only a few seconds, pumping prana into them. Energy, pure and undiluted. He felt energy flowed through his vein and body like never before. The closest he would describe it to be was like a prana transfer. But even that didn't come close the high that the kiss brought with it. It felt amazing and almost intoxicating in a way.

For Nyx she felt a spark of some kind, goosebumps ran along her entire body and spine, shivering at his gentle touch. It felt as if a fire was lit underneath her skin and within her core, spreading a warmth throughout her insides. Nyx shuddered at every tiny movement; her body pressed against his.

They broke apart, half-lidded eyes starting back at one another. Emiya pressed forward, taking another kiss, their lips met again, but far from chaste encounter as the first - this one, full and passionate.

Their kiss deepened, Emiya caressing the back of Nyx's head while she wrapped her arounds his shoulders. His arm came forward and wrapped around the buxom maid's lithe body, pulling her chest flush to his; as his arms ensnared her.

They parted, both gasping for air.

"Another..." Nyx breathlessly requested.

One that Emiya readily indulged in, taking her lips once more as they kissed. One his hand snaking to her hips and bringing her closer as she wrapped her legs around him, almost straddling him.

His tongue dove forth from between his parting lips, pressing through her own surprised, but, nonresistant pair and straight into her oral cavity, devastating everything within his probing appendage's reach. He felt her shudder before welcoming it. The young man's fervent tongue work served to pull a low, dulcet moan directly from Nyx's throat; she went practically limp in his arm as the hand she had wrapped around him lose strength and began sliding back down.

For several minutes this continued, Emiya enjoying her taste, sucking on one another's oral muscles with a desperate fervor and greedily drinking in their intoxicating saliva. Indispersed with intervals to breathe before restarting a new. Nyx letting out soft mewls and squeals of surprise every tome his ravenous lips crashed into hers. The elongated hum of acoustic pleasure that escaped from her only which only roused a further desire for Emiya to continue further. To hear her sweat moans.

The two moaned in each other's arms as their arms explored their bodies.

A deep and gnawing hunger awoke in the two that they never knew before. Their inhibition all but non-existed. All that was one their mind was pleasure.

Breaking the kiss, earning a slight groan of protest from Nyx which he ignored, he began kissing her neck, receiving a fresh purr from her throat. As this was going on, Nyx's arms snaked under Emiya's tunic and with little trouble got rid of it. For a few seconds she simply stared and admired his lean and fit abdomen and chest. Running a hand across his toned skin and muscle, enjoying the warm touch of his skin.

She could feel her nether region begin to moisten as she strokes his chiseled body.

While she was admiring his body Emiya did the same. He pulled her in closer, enjoying the additional warmth as he deposited her on his lap.

He took a quick sniff of her lush hair, making out the scent of apples. His arms snaked down her back, enjoying every bit of her. He even took some silent pleasure as used a finger and traced around her back, causing her to shiver and her breathing to increase. Emiya reached the end and cupped her supple derriere, eliciting another moaned from her. Earning a look from her and a smirk from him.

Nyx returned the favor by planting gentle kisses tenderly on his collarbone downwards a strong neck. The cooling touch of her tongue against the warm skin. Emiya let out a small shuddering breath of his own. The two continued, enjoying and tasting the other.

With half-lidded eyes, hazy with passion, they stared back at one another and locked lips once again. Saliva building and dripping from the corner of their mouth.

Nyx felt something pressed against her wettened nether region. Something hard and throbbing.

A quick glanced down showed what it was. There, clear and bulging against his breeches, was his member poking at her from his breeches.

"Allow me to service you my lord." Nyx purred, a coy smile stretched across her lips as Nyx removed herself from his embrace, an extra sway in her hips as she turned and bent down, carefully loosened up his breeches. Within seconds it was free. Springing forth and smacking her suddenly, surprising her.

There it was, Emiya's sword strung and ready to be used.

Nyx couldn't help but blush at the sheer size and girth of it. The stories and rumors that she heard passed around by those that have laid with him certainly didn't do them justice. It was even more imposing up front. She was a bit nervous on where to start but remembered the material she read over just a situation like this.

Brushing away some stray locks of her hair behind her ear she began. First, she kissed it. The tip of her tongue extended and licked the tip of his crotch and traveled downwards. Nyx's tongue trailed Emiya's shaft, wetting it in her own saliva.

Emiya moaned, his back arced backwards as he enjoyed the pleasurable sensation Nyx was providing.

Hearing this Nyx continued, embolden by the pleasure she was providing for her lord. Slow and steady Nyx opened her mouth and lowered her mouth on his cock. She made sure to test the depth of how much she could take. She fought against the gag reflex, calming herself down and breathing alternatively through her nose. Finding the perfect measure, she began slowly pleasuring Emiya with her mouth.

Amidst the haze of euphoria Emiya noted for a first timer Nyx's techniques were rather spot on. Perhaps it was due to the earlier buzz lowering their inhibition or maybe she was just that good. Either way Emiya felt he was in heaven. The dripping moist but warm sensation that wrapped around his third leg. Helped by the fact that Nyx's tongue wasn't idle and licking all over after each thrust.

It wasn't long before he released his first orgasm of the night.

Emiya's waist buckled, accidently thrusting himself deeper within Nyx's mouth. Caught off guard he unloaded his seeds into her mouth, filling up the gullet and forcing her gag and jerk backwards. A ward of Emiya's semen flung and clung to her chest, dripping down her breasts and belly.

A fair amount remained in her mouth, her taste buds taking in the white nectar. The texture was viscous like, like honey while the taste reminded Nyx of sweetened milk with a hint of sourness. Strangely delicious and oddly addicting. Nyx swallowed the sticky cum, savory the taste and sensation of it traveling down her throat. She took a liking to the taste and wanted more.

She then worked on wiping away those that clung to her finger and chest and licked each finger clean like how a child would with a melted ice cream cone. Savoring the taste.

Emiya, who was recovering, watched with rapt attention as she unknowingly and sensually licked clean each finger. His cock twitched and hardened at the enticing sight, ready to be used again.

"Eager my lord?" She asked with a knowing grin.

"Well, I do remember you distinctly saying you were going service me." Emiya returned a grin of his own.

Gently taking her hand, the two made it further into the bed. Nyx took up position in the middle, her back pressed against and supported by pillows. Propping herself up with her elbows, she opened her legs wide, inviting Emiya to come and take her. Before he did however, he grasped one of her legs, softly playing with it and earned a shiver of delight. Eyes traveled to her forbidden valley, there laid the sweltering, dampened skin just north of her practically steamy sex.

His fingers descending onto the warm, moist outer folds, idly tracing an oblong circle around her slightly twitching, puffy, pink vulva before coming to a stop just beneath her dripping chasm. The slightest touch was enough to make her moan from her pursed lips, her fingers dipping into the fabric of the bed, inhaling minutely through her nostrils as she bucked from his continued touch. Suitably wet and lubricated, he crawled up, Crawling up, Emiya's height made it easy where the two could embrace when they became one.

He peered down at her, once again enraptured by the beauty before him. Her long, silky hair spread out around her like a warm autumn halo.

Nyx could feel it, feel his large phallus rubbing against the entrance, the slick-and-smooth cleft of her sex. Though dominated by the hazy of pleasure, a brief look of apprehension appeared on her face as his member rubbed against her opening of her slits, drawing anticipation and trepidation.

Would it fit? Was her main concern.

Emiya must have sensed her apprehension as he drew himself over her, giving the maid his undivided attention and soothed her worries not a moment later.

"Don't worry, I'll go slow. Tell me immediately if you're in pain or to stop." He reassured. She nodded, leaning in for a kiss which he returned.

Slowly and with utmost care Emiya aligned his phallus correctly and ever so gently pushed inwards. Nyx's reaction was immediate, her head snapped back against the soft pillows and her arms clung to his shoulder. He continued, slowly inserting as much as he could inside her all the while she let out a mixture of painful grunts and pleasured moans.

Entry into her was, aside from being a ludicrously narrow fit, relatively smooth and unimpeded. She moaned sweetly, each growth sending waves of pleasures. For Nyx it was the oddest of sensation, pain and pleasure wrapped into one. Her hymen naturally clamped down on his intruding manhood, seeking to gain entrance. Thankfully Emiya had plenty of practice and patience, allow for her to slowly open up. It wasn't long before he managed a majority of it within him. The walls of her slick, searing sheath twitched, bearing down on the intruding organ and drooled around his length, needily.

Emiya sheathing his sword within her sheath.

Finally, he was inside of her. Two joining together to become one.

The sensation and pleasure of it all was too much for her and Nyx's released her first climax. Her head reared back; her mouth opened releasing an open scream. The maid could feel her inner walls throbbing and squeezing down on Emiya's member. More, she could feel her body decrying. She wanted more.

It was a sensation she never thought was possible, but at the same time Nyx felt as if she was in heaven. She could feel it inside her, pulsating. A fervent warmth like never before.

Emiya grunted, his own body shivering in euphoria while inside of her. His sound mind all but gone, all that was left was a desire and purpose.

Allowing them a few seconds to catch their breath Emiya began again. Starting out slow he began moving back and forth inside of her. It was slow in the beginning, Nyx's grunts and vaginal pain disappearing as Emiya continued the rhythmic action, replaced with an entirely new and welcome sensation. Thrusting into her agonizingly constricting, moist passage in opposing ascension. Each thrust sending a silent scream of mewling ecstasy.

Emiya picked up speed, each thrust become easier and easier. Nyx started to moan, at first softly before growing louder and louder. Hearing his Emiya sped up some more, thrusting faster and harder, each one causing Nyx to keen with parted lips with great pleasure, grinding her hips against his thrusts.

Each action impaling her from above in rapid, strokes. Each quick withdrawal from within her covetous depths, her sopping, silken inner muscles would grip at his shaft as if her life depended on it. And every return those walls would flutter and squirm anew. The process being repeated in a rhythmic echo.

The room was filled with the sound of slapping flesh and honeyed mewls. His pelvis slamming into hers, making a satisfying sound. During this Nyx's legs wrapped around Emiya's waist, pulling him in as to not let him go. Each thrust sending tremors of pleasure shooting through her as his member struck her insides and deep entrance over and over. Euphoria building and building and it wouldn't be long before they would reach the end

The climax was nearly at hand.

It must have really shown on his face for Nyx to cup his face with both of her hands, rapture plastered across her face as she gazed at him, eyes full of bliss and adoration. Their gazes locked.

"Too…geeett…hhheeerr…r…" Each thrust stammering her words but Emiya was able to make out her true intentions. Her eyes seemingly begging as she planted more loving kisses. Further incensing him to go faster and stronger, holding it in until time was right.

They couldn't hold on any further and with one final thrust Emiya and Nyx came together. This time Nyx released a loud moaned filled scream, the loudest yet. She could feel it, his sword reaching deeper into her than ever before. They reached the climax together.

Her hips buckled against his, as her arms and legs trembled uncontrollably, wrapping around him as Nyx felt her insides being filled. Her stuffed, velvety tight passage spasmodically crushing his erupting organ in the throes of her own powerful orgasm. She could feel it, Emiya's seed flooding and painting her insides white like an open canvas, and filling her up. An unending torrent, not even stopping as his nectar poured inside her and eventually began leaking outwards.

It was an odd but not an unwelcome feeling, her insides and body feeling warm and filled.

The two struggled to catch their breathes, rapid heaves and exhilaration blending together as one after their explosive climax. Exhaustion took their toll as Nyx's released her legs and fell limply to the bed below. Emiya felt his arms and knees weakening and settled for lying on top of her. His cock leaving the sanctity of her warm vagina.

Both of their breathing was erratic, slowly steadying out as their satisfied moans echoing in the room.

Emiya gazed up upon her from where he laid with glazed over eyes, all his attention on her and her only. Nyx returned with a look of her own, eyes half opened and a tender smile on her lips. Their hands snaked forward and interjoined, locking fingers, holding lovingly onto the other.

The two would lock lips once again and continued.

For nearly two more hours the two tolled away, enjoying one another's company all night long. Each hour bringing a new feeling and height of pleasure and euphoria as they explored their bodies, Nyx crying out in bliss while Emiya sought to satisfy her. In the end the entire bed was a mess, the heavy musk and stench of sex, sexual fluid, and sweat permeated the room. So much that Emiya needed to open up the window to get of the speed and allow the cool night breeze to cool their bodies down after such invigorating activities.

There the two laid, exhausted. Nyx cutely curled up and fast asleep with the happiest and dopiest smile he'd ever seen on her, with Emiya spooning her from behind. He was still awake but not for long, as the last dreg of his energy slowly slipped into the unconscious. What surprised him the most was Nyx's stamina, managing to keep up with him for as long as she could. For Emiya, the usage of his given stamina and help of magecraft allowed him to outlast nearly every single one of his usual bedmates. Until now apparently.

His mind idly wondering where this throe of passion came from, which has never been spurned with such intensity until now, until Nyx. Though he certainly wasn't complaining, enjoying every minute of it.

Before Emiya could join her in a peaceful slumber, a dull light emitted from the back side of his right palm. His eyes widened at seeing a mark of some kind appearing before disappearing completely. Emiya had just enough time to memorize it. It took the form of circle within the middle with comma like symbols surrounding it, the pointed edge jutting outwards. Taking the motif of a sun of some kind.

Were it not the dead of night, himself both physically and mentally drained and exhausted, and had he not had what he considered to be the best mind-blowing sex he has ever had; then he might've been concerned.

But seeing as he was all of that, he couldn't find himself to give a single flying fuck at the moment.

He simply allowed sleep to overtake him, wrapping an arm over Nyx and pulled her in close. Nuzzling her neck, he allowed his body to rest and with it came sleep.

He'll just leave that issue to his tomorrow self.

And Scene!

Well, that was an experience. First time actually writing my an explicit scene, and surprisingly it was a bit of fun. Trying to write something you've clearly never written before, proved to be different and even aspiring venture. Not too sure if it's good or not, but then again lemon scenes are quite subjective all things being told.

I am curious to hear and see what you all think of it. Good, bad, excessive, needs improvement? Please do let me know, with both hands if you would be so kind.


That was a horrible joke. I apologize...

Also, not too sure when I'll update this, considering anyone that knows me and my habit knows that I am horribly inconsistent.

Next chapter: Crossing the Thin Line or It's not incest if you're not related in the first place!