Ryu wolf: With Flamewar, I didn't want her fighting the Autobots unless it was necessary.

Predacons Rising

The Kaon gladiatorial pit was silent as the Autobots gathered. Galvatronus stood silently, watching the proceeding events with a cautious gaze. His spark thrummed with irritation, his optics flickered constantly, shifting between his aggressive red and the calming blue.

He glanced over the statue of Megatron, his split spark, the source of his sparks thrumming. "And, with the timely aid of Galvatronus, he rid this universe of the scourge of the Decepticon warmonger."

Galvatronus' attention was drawn towards the current speech, yes it had been him who tossed the Star Saber to the scout. He did play a role in the downfall of his split spark, but he should be busy elsewhere, he had a duty to the Insecticon Hives.

Turning, Galvatronus made to leave, only to find Wheeljack standing in his way. "Going somewhere?" The wrecker questioned.

Galvatronus narrowed his optics swiftly. "I have other matters to tend to Wheeljack." He growled, it seemed taking on the mantle of Guardian of Entropy from Megatronus did come with a few drawbacks. His aggressive nature, he could easily blame it on the war, but he knew better than most.

"Besides, I must acquire bodies for the those that I have 'killed' during the war, or do you wish to never see Springer again?" He added, watching the Wrecker step aside. Satisfied, Galvatronus took off in a sprint. Pushing down, he launched himself into the air, shifting forms before blasting away into the sky.

Ultra Magnus stood quietly, watching as the others congratulated Bumblebee on his promotion, with everything that had happened recently, he hadn't had the time to see and question Galvatronus on his motives, or why he'd just suddenly turned on Megatron.

"I am sorry to interrupt your celebration…"

The Autobot commander turned his head, optics narrowed as he watched Optimus, Chromia and Bulkhead making a comment about how Primes didn't party.

"But I must take my leave of you."

"Sir, may I ask why?" Magnus questioned, stepping towards the Prime.

Optimus turned, his optics focused on those around him. "Though Cybertron is once again able to support life, our planet is currently incapable of generating new lives…" The Prime paused, turning his attention of in the direction of Tyger Pax. "Now until I retrieve the wellspring from which all life on Cybertron is born and ultimately return the Allspark."

"You mean it isn't here?" Smokescreen questioned.

"Nor has it been, Smokescreen…" Optimus trailed off, starting to the stars. "Not for thousands of years."

The Prime turned, focusing upon the group closely. "As the war for Cybertron reached a tipping point and the Decepticon army appeared to be unstoppable, I opted to safeguard the Allspark from Megatron by covertly sending t to a distant sector of the galaxy."

Optimus slowly moved forward, only to notice Flamewar touching down. "Lord Galvatronus was aware of your actions, but he opted not to inform Megatron of them." She informed them, coming to a stop. "He felt that if Megatron were to learn of its absence, he'd turn his attention towards Iacon once more."

The first time Iacon was attacked, had been towards the middle of the war, the Autobots had been caught off guard when Megatron launched his attack. It wasn't until Optimus took charge did the battle final turn in favour of the Autobots. Though Ultra Magnus now suspects Galvatronus had something to do with the sudden Decepticon retreat.

Magnus was pulled from his thoughts by Optimus once more. "Ultra Magnus, you will supervise patrols to find and capture our missing Decepticons."

The Autobot commander nodded. "I would be honoured."

Flamewar scoffed. "Galvatronus already has Ransack and his Hive out looking for Shockwave, and last I heard, Both Predaking and Divebomb were searching for Starscream, of which they should be passing by around now."

As if on que, the two Predacons flew over, Flamewar leapt forward, shifting forms to join the two in their hunt for the Air Commander.

Hangar E was silent as Ratchet worked on the groundbridge, Twincast had been kind to leave behind a set of blueprints for a spacebridge, yet the technology he needed was unavailable. With a grunt of anger, he turned form his project. "Insufferable technology, I need more parts."

Jack frowned as he glanced over the others, Sharpshot and his Hive had been largely quiet, occasionally, the electricity obsessed Insecticon would show his face around the hangar, if only to check in on the progress of the spacebridge.

"Hey Jack."

The honorary Prime turned, his gaze focused on Sierra. Since the Autobots had left, Sierra had opted to stay with them, her parents were delighted to learn that their daughter might have a possible career in the military.

"What do you need Sierra?" He questioned, leaning on his crutches, still awaiting this leg Galvatronus said he'd be sending.

"Well…" Sierra held her left arm nervously, her gaze averting Jack's own. "I was wondering if you'd…" She trailed off, her cheeks going slightly red. "You know…" Sierra cursed to herself, it shouldn't have been so difficult to ask someone out.

Jack frowned in confusion, Sierra was acting strangely, he could make out his mother in the background, smiling at them. "Want to go out with me?" Jack paused, his mind going into overdrive, how Sierra really just asked him that.

Everything felt light as his vision went black, the last thing he saw was Sierra moving to stand over him.

Scorponok stepped out of the spacebridge, his optics locked on the situation before him. He hadn't been to the Autobots base of operations on Earth, but this was not what he expected. "Hello?" He questioned, drawing several optics to him. "I have a leg for Jack Darby."

Ratchet shifted his gaze ever so slightly. "That may be problematic."

Scorponok followed the medics gaze, his optics focused on the unconscious form of Jack. "I see, well. I'll leave this here, for I must tend to the Predacon clones still evolving here."

Ratchet nodded, watching as the Insecticon scientist placed the replacement leg upon the nearby berth. Moving forward, Ratchet sighed. 'Nurse Darby, Jackson's leg has arrived."

June moved quickly, racing towards Jack. "Sierra, help me get Jack to the medical bed and send for Agent Fowler, I'm going to need a few extra hands."

The red head nodded, moving to do as told. "I didn't think he'd go out cold with my question." She stated, helping lift Jack onto June's shoulder.

Juen chuckled. "Neither did I, then again his father was hopeless in the romantic department as well."

Predaking huffed as he turned back. "No sight of the Air Commander." He growled, shifting forms as he hit the flight deck.

"Predaking, we got an issue."

The Predacon turned, his gaze focused on Bumblebee. "What kind of issue?"

"We found two living Predacons, we suspect Shockwave cloned them." The former scout explained, watching Predaking closely.

Predaking processed this information, Starscream was most likely with Shockwave, and these two Predacons, they could prove useful in rebuilding the Predacon race. "I shall investigate these two at once." He announced taking flight once more, leaving the Nemesis behind.

Galvatronus grasped the nearby wall, his spark thrummed with pain. "No." He muttered, taking to the skies swiftly. His jet soaring towards Kaon, towards Dark Mount. "Galvatronus to Divebomb, we have an issue."

"What is it, Jack?"

Galvatronus shivered at being called Jack again. "Unicron's back, and the Autobots could use a helping hand."

"Got it… Jack"

Galvatronus could sense her joy at his expense. Curse his link to the other chosen. Changing direction, he soared forward, catching sight of Dark Mount. His internal sensors went off away, but he could feel Unicron's energy field from his current position. And it only got stronger the closer he approached.

"There are no Primes to save you now!"

Galvatronus shifted forms, servos clenched tightly as he slammed one into the side of Unicron's helm. The ancient deity went flying to the side. "Ignorant. Could you not sense my presence?" He inquired.

The ancient deity slowly got to his pedes, his lavender optics narrowed. "You bear the scent of the one who breached my armour." He spat, a batch of weapons forming as he readied to strike.

Galvatronus roared, blade extended as he met Unicron head on. The ancient deity pushed back, quickly forcing the Insecticon Lord into defending himself. Galvatronus smirked as he came to the edge of the Dark Mount.

Watching closely, he counted to himself. Unicron struck fast, swiftly, Galvatronus moved to the side, watching as Divebomb swooped in and kicked the incarnation of destruction in the back. "Take down old timer!" She cried, watching as a jet soared into the air.

In an instance, Unicron turned, unleashing a barrage of deadly cosmic energy at the two. "Scrap." The two cried, diving behind cover.

"Come out young Primes"

Galvatronus growled as his servo clenched tightly. "We need to get out of this fast."

Divebomb nodded in agreement. "Well, with luck, we gave the Autobots time to regroup and get away."

The Insecticon Lord smirked. "Escape, groundbridge." His smirk turned into a grin. "Galvatronus to the Nemesis, we could use a groundbridge right about now."

His spark thrummed with pain once more, Megatron was in pain, enough pain to affect him. "Any time before Unicron obliterates us would be nice." Divebomb all but yelled into her communicator.

Within seconds, the groundbridge formed, the two young Primes dived through, evading Unicron's attack.

Falling to the ground on the other side, Galvatronus grunted. "Unicron is not messing around." He hissed, getting back to his pedes. "And he won't underestimate us."

Ratchet sighed. "Well, to let you know, the leg arrived safely."

Galvatronus smirked. "Nice to know, now about we focus on defeating Unicron and liberating Megatron from his oppressive grasp, so that these brief periods of pain stop." He growled, marching forward.

Galvatronus smirked as Starscream stepped onto the bridge. "Well, if it isn't the Air Commander." He taunted, stepping forward. "It seems someone had run in with Unicron."

Starscream hissed, ready to command his attack when a flash of light caught his optics. The next thing he knew, pain was erupting throughout his body. One of his wings, and his arm had been obliterated.

"Knock Out, take Starscream to a cell, I shall have Kickback and several Insecticons watching over it." Galvatronus ordered, marching forward.

The Decepticon medic nodded, quickly pushing Starscream forward. The Insecticon Lord smirked, turning to face the others. "Now, have the ships scanners detected any other ships entering Cybertron's airspace?"

Twincast lifted his head ever so slightly. "None, not even Optimus has returned."

Galvatronus frowned as he walked back and forth. "Trust Scrapper to let Long Haul fly, they'd be here by now if Barricade were behind the controls." He muttered, moving quickly. "What have got on Unicron's location?"

Twincast shot up, his servos darting fast. "Uh, rapidly approaching the Well of Allsparks."

Galvatronus widened his optics. "Get a Spacebridge to earth open now, Divebomb." He began, turning to face his fellow prime. "Get to my citadel, and bring those Predacons at once. I must mobilise the Hives for battle."

Unicron smirked as he marched forward, his army of undead Predacons at his back. "The past shall consume the future, the dead shall consume the living, and chaos shall reign supreme!" He cried, watching as his legions took flight.

Only for another horde to intercept it. "What?" He yelled in surprise, lavender optics narrowed upon the Insecticon Hives. A sinister smirked formed upon his lips as a thought popped to mind. "It would seem that the one who shattered my armour has passed his abilities to this young prime of entropy."

A burst of energy flashed past his vision, drawing the ancient deity's attention towards Galvatronus. "So you have come back for more have you, young prime?" He snarled, leaping to engage Galvatronus.

Galvatronus hissed as he put all his might into his strikes. "Megatron, I know you are in there. Fight back against Unicron, so that Cybertron may live on." Pain erupted from his spark, causing him to falter.

Unicron took the opportunity and delivered a powerful uppercut to his foe. The Insecticon lord flew back, slamming into the ground. "It would seem your connection to Megatron enables me to weaken you, by oppressing your twins very spark." The ancient deity noted as he approached Galvatronus' weakened body.

A servo came flying from the edge of his vision, causing the incarnation of destruction to pull back, only for a powerful kick to send him stumbling back. "Keep your servos of him!" Divebomb cried, unleashing a powerful blast from her weapon.

Unicron was engulfed by the flames, rising back to his pedes, he swatted the fires aside. "I see the legacy of Onyx Prime lives on, an unfortunate shame that it ends this very day."

Divebomb readied herself to fight, only for Unicron to pause. "I sense a presence I haven't felt in… The Allspark." He growled, taking flight as he went after the ancient source of life.

Divebomb turned, watching as Snaptrap helped Galvatronus to his pedes. "So, Unicrons got another target, and we've still got half a horde of undead Predacons to deal with."

Galvatronus glanced up, noticing Divebomb, he turned his gaze. Indeed, half the undead warriors Unicron had brought with him had vanished, but he also noticed the absences of the Predacons. "The Predacons?"

"With Predaking, trying to delay the undead from reaching Primus." Snaptrap explained.

Galvatronus nodded. "Right, Snaptrap, I want Piranacon out there crushing those undead abominations, we can worry about the bones afterwards."

Snaptrap nodded as he turned to face his team. "Seacons, form on me and unite to form…" He paused, getting cut off as he and his team shifted forms.

In their place, the hulking form of Piranacon stood. "Piranacon!" The combiner finished, marching towards the fight, drawing his mighty blade.

Galvatronus smirked, turning to face Divebomb. "We need to catch up with Unicron, and provide Optimus with a little aid." He said, taking flight, Divebomb following after him.

Optimus grunted as he fell to the ground, Unicron wasn't holding back, and this fight could very well be their last. "And so, the legacy of the Thirteen ends this day." Unicron snarled victoriously, preparing to deliver the final blow when an unknown force sent him flying.

"Not all of us are so easily killed."

Optimus moved, his optics falling upon a Prime he hadn't seen in a long time, not since the death of Liege Maximo and the war between Primes. "Megatronus."

Megatronus Prime smirked as he unleashed a barrage of fire onto Unicron. "I felt the return of our creator, and knew that Unicron would feel the very same presence I did." Megatronus explained, forcing Unicron back.

"You only delay the inevitable, my legions will corrupted the very heart of my brother, and the Allspark cannot flourish in a corrupted well." Unicron taunted, marching forward.

Megatronus Prime growled. "Go, brother, prepare your plan, the young Primes and I shall delay Unicron for as long as we can." He said, unleashing another barrage of fire onto the ancient deity.

Optimus nodded, taking flight as Galvatronus and Divebomb touched down.

"Arrogant fools, I am Unicron, I am power, I am chaos and destruction incarnated." Unicron started, getting to his pedes as he started to shrug Megatronus' attacks off himself. "I can not be defeat by mere mortals!"

Galvatronus began to fire his particle cannon, joining Megatronus in his barrage. Soon enough, Divebomb had also added her own firepower.

Unicron struggled to advance under the constant barrage of fire, but pressed on. "Perish before the hands of a god." He yelled, unleashing a wave of destructive matter forward.

The three Primes flew back, slamming into the ground. Unicron smirked as he marched forward, quickly, he took flight, hunting Optimus down.

The ancient deity found the Prime flying ahead, the Allspark in hand. With several precise shots, he sent the Prime slamming into the ground. Coming down from the skies, Unicron smirked. "The Primes failed to stop me, just as you failed to stop me."

Unicron slowly grasped the Allspark, reading himself to devour the Allspark. "I shall devour your Allspark whole!" He exclaimed proudly, only to cry out in terror as his essence was sucked into the vessel.

Optimus slowly got to his pedes, watching as Megatron falls to his knees.

"How'd you?" Bumblebee questioned, approaching the Autobot leader.

"As a being comprised of pure energy, Unicron's anti-spark was vulnerably to this reliquary of the Primes." He explained, turning to face Megatron.

Megatron slowly stood, his red optics sweeping the fields of metal. "Cybertron reborn…" He paused, looking to the stars. "Having suffered oppression, I have lost my taste for inflicting it." He stated, getting ready to launch himself into the sky. "The Decepticons are no more."

Optimus watched as Megatron took to the stars, leaving Cybertron behind. "Wonder where he'll go." Smokescreen pondered.

"To a place he can't harm anyone." Megatronus Prime spoke.

Weapons were quickly trained on The Fallen, the Autobots ready to take him down. "Not one step Fallen." Bumblebee announced.

Galvatronus sighed and quickly stepped in the way. "For your information Bumblebee, Megatronus Prime isn't The Fallen."

Optimus nodded in agreement. "Indeed, for he requested that he be written as the one who betrayed the Primes, as a lesson to future generations."

"That you shouldn't always believe what you read." Twincast pointed out, coming to a stop before the group.

"So, who did betray the Primes?" Smokescreen questioned.

"Liege Maximo." Galvatronus replied. "Or as the Legion of Tesarus calls him, The Fallen One."

Megatronus Prime nodded. "Indeed, my brother used me as a tool, so I opted to blow his head off, after he made me kill my beloved Solus Prime."

"Lord Galvatronus, we've arrived."

Galvatronus groaned in disappointment at Scrapper's voice. "Who'd you let fly? You guys took longer than I expected getting here."

"Long Haul insisted he be the one to fly."

Galvatronus mentally slapped himself in the head at the response. "Just get yourselves down here, and inform Barricade to keep the ship warm, I have need of it. Oh, and never let Long Haul fly again!"

Cutting the call, Galvatronus turned to face the others. "I'm sorry to burst your joy at victory, but, well. Cybertron isn't safe yet. Liege Maximo still lives, and I suspect he plots revenge." He said, moving forward. "He is the reason Primus created us chosen Primes, to combat him and help aid the future generations of Cybertronian live."

The Insecticon lord paused in his movements. "Which is why I'm heading a mission to find the other chosen and locate Liege Maximo."

Across the stars, hidden from the known universe, two crimson red optics flashed to life. "And so, my vengeance shall be swift, and deadly." A twisted, manipulative voice spoke. "For I am coming to claim what is rightfully mine."

And so Timelines comes to a close, I'll be working on Retribution next.

This mysterious foe Galvatronus has been planning for is Liege Maximo, while many view Megatronus Prime/The Fallen as the villain, in the Aligned Continuity, he wasn't set up to be a villain like RID portrayed him as, but rather he was misunderstood and used for the gain of others. In the Covenant of Primus he even demanded that Vector Prime send him to some far corner of the galaxy so that he couldn't harm anyone.

Also, I'd have written the entire movie, if the transcript I was using didn't devolve into having to guess who was saying what, and I just don't have the time to watch the movie and write a transcript myself. So I improvised with memory and what little quotes I could find, Tfwiki and Transformers Fandom helped a bit there.