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Here's the 1st chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Clash of Time Eras, so please enjoy the story, usually I don't write Fanfiction stories anymore, but I was left with no choice since no one would write the stories I wanted, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!

Planet Ocea-Inferna: It's a peaceful planet, it's queen, Queen Erias is its ruler and well loved by her people she has over an infinite number of servants, butlers, chefs, maids, guards, knights, etc, etc, and etc...

1 day, a visitor came from another planet, with his army and met with the queen.

"Who are you?" Queen Erias asked.

"I'm Archibald Techniston, and I plan to make this planet with lots and lots of attractions." The man known as Archibald Techniston introduces himself while stating his buisness.

"How do you plan on making lots and lots of attractions on my beautiful planet?" Queen Erias asked.

"I'm gonna tear down everything to make room for all my attractions." Archibald Techniston informs with an evil smile.

"Absolutely not! I won't allow you to destroy my planet to build your silly attractions! Get off my planet and don't come back!" Queen Erias ordered angrily.

"You will regret this Queen Erias, this planet will be mine." Archibald Techniston scowls as he leaves.

"We shall be ready if he returns." A female servant tells her.

"Very well, do what you must to protect our planet." Queen Erias ordered.

"Yes my queen." the female servant bowed as she walked away.


Archibald Techniston looked pissed off as he made the call.

"Yeah, it's me, do it!" Archibald Techniston ordered.

The next morning:

Queen Erias was seen sleeping in peacefully in her royal bedroom, suddenly, 1 of her guards bursts into her royal bedroom.

"My queen, we have an emergency!" A male guard called out as Queen Erias woke up.

"What is it?" Queen Erias asked as she heard the sound of construction vehicles.

Queen Erias got out of her bed and looked out the window, and saw construction vehicles coming into her kingdom.

"Send all the best duelists of our planet to stop them." Queen Erias ordered.

"Yes my queen." The male guard bowed as he walked away.

All of the best duelists fought against Archibald Techniston's army, but they were overwhelmed by their superior strength.

"Our forces are being overwhelmed my queen, if this keeps up, we'll lose the planet." A female guard says.

"Then its on to plan B, we bring forth the best duelists from all 6 eras." Queen Erias says as the female guard nods as she walks away.