Merlin was silent as he looked at the small fires that were burning outside as the lower town got their dinner's ready.

A silent tear fell from his eye. A hiccup left his body.

This wasn't fair and that is his fault. How many people would need to die? Before there is an end to this war?

The stone was cold against his hands as he pushed himself up against the ledge. Maybe this would be for the best.

He couldn't stand back anymore. He couldn't watch how his people were killed and in a lot of cases, it was his fault they had died.

Why should he still be alive? Arthur was well on his way to becoming a great king. He doesn't need him anymore.

Arthur froze when he saw Merlin on the ledge. His heart started to hammer in his chest.

"Merls?" Arthur kept his voice low making sure that he didn't startle Merlin.

His heart almost broke when Merlin turned to face him. The tears running down his face. Arthur just wanted to reach out to him.

"What's wrong?" Arthur's voice was low as he took a step closer. His footsteps were loud in the small room echoing slightly.

Merlin looked up, forcing himself to take a breath, trying to gather his words. But all that left his throat was a chocked back sob.

Arthur could feel his heart stop beating when Merlin almost slip, without though he rushed over, pulling Merlin off the ledge.

Merlin shook slightly as Arthur held him against his chest. His breathing was uneven.

"I can't do this anymore, Arthur." The words were broken.

Arthur only pulled Merlin closer to him, wishing he could take the pain away. "What happened?" Arthur kept his voice calm as he rubbed shooting circles onto Merlin's back.

The question echoed in Merlin's head. What happened? So much had happened.

Merlin pulled back, his body hunched slightly as he looked at the ground. His head was empty and everything was just too much.

"I have magic." Another sob.

Arthur was silent as the words fell over him. A part of him wanted to scream in anger, but as he took a good look at Merlin. He couldn't help but want to take the pain away.

"And it is all my fault, that so many people had to die. People with magic. All in the name of bloody destiny. And for what? It should have been me who should have died, not them!" Merlin slump forward.

"It is my fault." A mere whisper as the tears dropped onto the stone floor.

Arthur forced himself to take a deep breath. He was out of debt here, but he knows whatever he says would change whatever would happen next. Whether it is for the good or the bad.

With gentle movements, he sat down next to Merlin.

"You are not responsible for those peoples choices Merls. They had decided that they wanted to attack Camelot, you protected me and for that, I would forever be in your debt." Arthur gently lifted Merlin's head.

"You are good Merls." Arthur almost winched when Merlin suddenly slumped against him. He could faintly hear it is still my fault from Merlin.

The pain in his voice was a scream for help.

"Come you need to rest." Arthur's voice was firm as he easily picked Merlin up.

A sigh almost left his lips when the realisation hit him, that if he hadn't followed Merlin up, that he wouldn't have his friend with him.

His grip tightens slightly. He would do his best to protect Merlin even if it is just from himself.

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