Chapter Forty Five

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Freddy grimaced as he experienced his daily torment. Time was immaterial in Tartarus but at the same time he knew exactly how many days had gone by since that witch had burned him alive.

The worst part was he hadn't heard any news of Audrey! One would think that if he was unfairly punished, Mal would do the same to Audrey—make an example out of both of her enemies in a way. But no, nothing.

But Hades hadn't been kidding when he told Freddy he'd be experiencing a new torment every day. He'd been tied to a stake and lit on fire only to wake up the next day and find himself in the middle of the ocean, impaled on a ship. Those were the easy days, when he knew almost what to expect from knowing the histories of the Isle residents.

Though he wasn't going to lie, he still wasn't a fan of falling off of Beast's castle a la Gaston and he'd done it five times so far!

But his least favorite torment was when he was forced to play servant to copies of Mal, Uma, Harry, and Jay. Sometimes Hades would throw in Evie, Henry, or even Claudine in there, just to make the torture worse. Even Celia or the little Tremaine brat would show up at times! They'd give him orders and he'd have no choice but to comply.

"Fredrick!" The copy of Evie sang tauntingly, breaking Freddy out of his thoughts. He didn't know how Hades learned how much Freddy loathed his full name but somehow the false God had managed it. And added it to Freddy's torment.

There wasn't a punishment Freddy had encountered where he hadn't heard his full first name.

"Yes…mistress?" Freddy choked out, despite his attempts to resist. He had no choice in this matter.

"Model my new clothes for me."

"The…the ones you just made?"

Would it be too much to hope that she actually made clothes for men this time? he thought.

"Did I stutter?" Copy Evie said with a sly smirk and Freddy felt his hope get dashed into a thousand pieces as she held up what clearly looked like a blouse. Freddy cursed the fact that he even knew the term now from the countless times the copies had him model for them. "I'm sure Mal would want to know about your hesitation. She's been yearning for another chance at fireball practice."

Freddy sighed. "Yes…mistress. I'll…I'll model your new clothes for you."

"Oh but you don't sound enthused to do it Fredrick! And I'd made a nice frilly, bright pink skirt for you to show to Harry, Jay, Mal, Uma, and myself. After all, what was you always said? Women should be seen and not heard? Well you'll certainly be seen in that skirt, that's for sure! Besides all that black you wear is just so dreary, you need some color in your wardrobe!"

God, if you can hear me, what did I do to deserve this torment? I was just following your word! If anything, the sinners before me should be the one experiencing this hell! Freddy thought.

"Evie! Your modeling will have to hold off for a moment," the copy of Jay said and Freddy would never admit this but he'd never been more thankful to see Jay in his life. Or death. "Harry needs a sparring partner and he's demanding it be Fredrick."

Forget all thankful feelings, Jay, you're the scourge of the earth! Freddy thought.

"You heard Jay, Fredrick," Copy Evie said, the smirk still on her face. "And hey, if Harry roughs you up too bad, I can always try some new makeup looks to cover the bruises I'm sure are coming your way."


"Off you go," Copy Evie said, waving her hand and Freddy sighed, following Jay as if his feet had a mind of their own. Why was it, that out of all the copies, Evie was the one Freddy loathed dealing with the most?

Uma was predictable, almost pleasant to deal with. If one found dealing with witches pleasant that was. As was Harry. If Freddy's daily torment dealt with those two, it was mainly non stop sparring. An activity he seemed to never get good at no matter how many times he was forced into it.

Mal always seemed bored whenever it was her turn to torment Freddy—nine times out of ten she just threw fireballs at him, causing him to dodge. Of course, she always got upset if she missed him which meant Freddy would be re-introduced to Mal's dragon form.

Henry and Claudine were a toss up—Freddy legitimately never knew what he was going to get if they showed up in his daily torment.

The Tremaine brat always insisted on tea parties—Freddy assumed that they were a Boreadon thing but Freddy was always put to work as the wait staff. Those days were spent in a garish pink room with a canopy bed and more plush toys than you could shake a stick at.

He was a man from the Isle! He shouldn't be stuck in a room that was better suited for a prissy Boreadon Princess than him!

And the copy of the Tremaine brat always gave the plush toys that accompanied her at her tea parties the most cutesy names! And no matter what, Freddy had to repeat them.

"Would Mr. Snugglebug like some more tea?"

"Oh it looks like Sir Meowington's run out of milk!"

"Seems like Beary Poppins needs a nice spoonful of sugar!"

If Freddy stammered or messed up on a name, the Tremaine brat would cry. And while the torments were different each day, they always remembered the mistakes Freddy made when the cycle came back around to the copies—Evie was always more vindictive on her days if they followed a day where he'd made the Tremaine brat cry.

Believe it or not, Freddy was starting to think the little brat cried on purpose now. The modeling where the frilly pink skirt had been promised that he'd just gotten out of followed a day where the little brat burst out into tears because Freddy had tripped over Cocoa Puff, the Golden Retriever, and the Tremaine brat accused Freddy of killing the plush dog.

Never mind that the plush creature was just fine after all. Nope, according to that brat, Freddy had killed the dog and therefore must be punished.

"Catch, Fredrick," Copy Harry's Scottish accented voice brought Freddy back to the present and he was able to catch the sword that'd been thrown at him by the copy in the nick of time. "Jay told you I take it. I want to spar and I need a partner. You're going to be that partner."

"Yes…master," Freddy nodded. At least it's not modeling that damn skirt Evie was talking about. Hopefully I can still get out of that.

"Don't be too rough on him, Harry," Claudine's voice called out and Freddy turned to see a copy of his half-sister sitting in the stands; lounging as if the idea of the upcoming spar only half interested her. "After all, Evie said she wanted to put on a fashion show later and she can't do that without her favorite model. Can she Fredrick?"

"No…no she can't…Captain."

Oh yeah, that had been an interesting discovery. While he'd been forced to call the copies of Mal, Evie, Harry, Jay, Uma, and even Celia and the Tremaine brat 'master' or 'mistress', he had no choice but to call Claudine…Captain.

"Hmm, good answer," the copy of Claudine said with a smirk. That's all the copies ever did was smirk at him. As if he was a particularly amusing joke to them, not someone to take seriously. "Remember Fredrick, you may have thought you were hot stuff when you were living but at the end, you got the burial you deserved. A pirate's burial at sea."

"…if my mother hadn't been weak enough to die in birth, I wouldn't have had to deal with you!" Freddy spat, somehow forcing himself to say the full sentence. Whenever he tried to argue with one of the copies, it never worked. He always sounded as if he was agreeing with them. If he did manage to disagree, he found that it was because Hades had thought up another torment that he wanted to try for Freddy.

And judging by the look on Claudine's face, that was the case here.

"Harry, hold on a minute before you spar Fredrick," the copy of Claudine said as she got up from the stands. "Fredrick, come with me."


"Oh what a good deckhand's son you are," Claudine said, tauntingly cooing at him as they made their way to a chair and television set. "Sit."

Freddy sat in the chair and grimaced as he was immediately tied to the chair.

"Oh are the ropes too tight?" Claudine asked as Freddy winced slightly on reflex. "Good. Enjoy the show Fredrick."

"Huh?" Freddy asked but Claudine walked away just as the television set in front of him clicked on.

"Hello Freddy," Hades said with a smirk but Freddy nearly fainted in relief at someone not using his dreaded full first name. "Oh yes, you might be wondering why I'm not using your full first name. Well unlike you, I have a beautiful wife to spend time with and the extra letters that make up your full first name take up precious time. I'm not trading time with my wife for talking to you. See I normally don't do this but I thought I'd show you just what you're missing on Earth. The life you can no longer live."

Before Freddy could say anything more, the television began to flip through scenes before him as if Freddy was going through a photo album. At first he saw the Isle, saw Locklyn, Shayla, and Strat be pushed around by Zevon.

Serves the little traitors right! Freddy thought even as his blood boiled at Zevon of all people being able to push his gang around.

The next bit of the Isle he got to see were the remaining Rats just lounging around the Isle, strutting around like they owned it. There were fewer Rats than there were when Freddy walked the Earth—must have jumped ship to Boreadon. Freddy's fists clenched as he saw Dustin proudly displaying his sin for the whole Isle to see as he walked hand in hand with Jace Baddun of all people!

You weren't so brave back when I was alive were you Dustin?! God, what a joke you truly are and you call yourself a kid of the Isle! Freddy thought with a scoff. But he froze as he saw the next few scenes.

A miniature Audrey was before him, with shoulder length hair and the same brown eyes as her mother. Even though there was no trace of him in the toddler's features, Freddy knew without a doubt this was his daughter.

His daughter that Mal was holding, his daughter that Beastie Jr. was reading to with another little girl with dark black hair that Freddy honestly didn't care about; the book looking like a picture book of all the false Gods of Olympus. It was his daughter that Henry of all people was holding as they swam in a pool; the little girl wearing red and green water wings as she kicked her feet.

It was his daughter that Claudine held to her as rain pelted the windows of Honeymoon Castle; his daughter that Claudine placed a light red tri-cornered hat and engaged in mini duels with red and green wooden swords.

"Get that filth off of her!" Freddy growled as he struggled to free himself from the bonds. "I knew you were a traitor Claudine but I'd thought you'd at least teach your niece, my daughter, to follow what was right!"

Freddy froze though as he saw his daughter fall backwards after a small burst of smoke burst from her hands. His daughter…had been tainted by magic? His daughter was being comforted for such devilry instead of being cast out like the sinner she was?

Of course Claudine would welcome that sin, Freddy thought with a small internal scoff as he watched his half-sister hold his daughter close to her. It was disgusting. It's a shame…my only daughter…a witch.

"Oh did I not update you?" Hades' voice cut in as if he'd heard Freddy's thoughts and without even seeing the false God's face, Freddy knew he was smirking. That's all anyone ever did when it was in regards to him around here. "So much has changed since Mal made the world a better place by removing you from it, it's almost hard to keep track."

In the blink of an eye, Freddy could see a young babe join the images; a girl with short dirty blonde hair and…grey eyes that could only come from one source.

Mary…that's got to be Mary…Freddy thought. Audrey and he had talked about baby names for their second child before they had stormed Honeymoon Castle and had decided on Mary if the babe was a girl and Claude if the babe was a boy.

His father deserved to have his legacy preserved in some way after all.

"Meet Paige Audrey Rose," Hades' voice said as the same sort of images flashed past Freddy's eyes. Well minus the sword fighting as the blonde couldn't even walk. Freddy stared in horror as his daughters were constantly shown sin. He could hear the mini Audrey be introduced to those false Gods of Olympus and watched in fury as she called them 'Lord' and 'Lady'. He pressed against the ropes as if to escape but the ropes only tightened with every attempt.

"Don't you see Freddy?" Hades said, and Freddy could still hear the smirk in his voice. "Your name will be forgotten. Your deeds will be forgotten. And the only one who would truly mourn you is dead herself. It will take time of course but soon your name will never once leave the lips of anyone in Auradon. Maybe your little sycophants will remember you but it won't be with love. After all, you're the one who abandoned them on the Isle."

"I would have come back for them!" Freddy growled, lunging but unable to move due to the ropes that were now so tight that they were cutting into his bare arms. "They know that!"

"Would you have though? They'll never know," Hades taunted. "Now, I'll let you get back to your eternal torment but before I do, one last image for you."

Before Freddy could say anything, the television set flickered so that Freddy could see Claudine in her wedding dress, standing at the alter next to Henry. Freddy watched in horror as she recited her vows, and after Henry recited his, the two kissed.

That little traitor! She was supposed to get Henry to break his little vow, so that we could crush the Rats once and for all! Not develop feelings for Henry!

The ropes fell to the side and Freddy found himself being pulled from the chair.

"I'm owed a spar," the copy of Harry growled. "Get up Fredrick. One can only hope you've improved since the last time we sparred."

Freddy knew he hadn't. In fact, after the three hours he spent sparring with the copy of Harry, Freddy was certain he'd gotten worse somehow. His bruises had bruises and he was pretty positive Harry had meant to hit him in the face while lunging. And meant to kick him in the groin when Freddy was backing away. And that Mal had meant to throw the fireballs in his path the one time it looked like he was matching Harry in skill.

This day can't end soon enough, he thought as he panted heavily after the spar; trying to stem the nose bleed from where Harry had punched him. Yes, even though he was dead he still bled. The only good thing about the torments? They never repeat themselves. Hopefully I'll get one of the historical deaths tomorrow. Now to see if God has truly forsaken me or if He'll make it so that I can avoid modeling that blouse and skirt.

But of course he wouldn't get out of it. Because Evie had ordered him to do it—and there was no order Freddy could say no to.

"Oh Fredrick!" The copy of the Tremaine brat sang and Freddy had to wonder just what was so…special about today that he had earned his least favorite torments and a new one in the same day.

"…yes mistress?" Freddy spat out.

"Evie said that you'll play with me before her fashion show," the copy of the Tremaine brat said, her big eyes peering up at him in innocence that Freddy knew was not there. If it was there, the brat wouldn't be so vindictive.

"Of…of course mistress. What…whatever Mistress Evie commands."

"Oh goodie!" The brat squealed. "Cause I have a fun new game!"

Please be something where I can say no, please be something where I can say no!

"Hair salon! And you can be my first customer!"

Where was she even keeping that bag? Freddy thought as the Tremaine brat brought out a bag filled with hair products that she definitely wasn't holding when she came up to him.

Freddy willed himself to say no, to say he wouldn't do it not even if they paid him.

"…sounds like…fun, mistress."

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to fall off Beast's castle again. At least then I get to say no whenever I want, Freddy thought as the Tremaine brat squealed once more before leading Freddy to his doom.