The thunder that rumbles outside the window matches the expression on Thor's face. More likely, it's Thor's mood that's causing the weather, but Tony isn't focused on the storm or his fellow Avenger, despite not having seen Thor since the battle in New York.

No, Tony's gaze is focused on the third man in the room.

"He's your brother?" Tony arches a brow. Thor has both his arm and cape wrapped protectively around the other man.

Thor inclines his head. "Aye, in all but blood."

"And treatment." Tony remarks. "I may not be a psychologist into that whole 'nature versus nurture' debate, but he sure doesn't look like he's been pampered like a prince."

"I was the more favored prince, by many." Thor glances at Loki, shame written across his face. "But Loki was a prince as well."

Thor looks at Loki, clearly expecting him to reply, but Loki has not uttered a word since his arrival. Loki is tall enough to be imposing, but Tony's pretty sure Loki would collapse without Thor's support.

The man has sallow, pale skin and dark, lank hair that falls near his shoulders. His face is blank, his green eyes travel unseeingly over the uncomfortable but apparently stylish sofa that Pepper picked out and the decorative sculptures.

"Is he blind?" Tony waves a hand, but Loki reacts no more than he has to anything else.

"My brother is not himself." Thor answers gravely, and the thunder outside grumbles another warning. "He is ordinarily silver-tongued, the God of Mischief."

Tony shoots a skeptical look at Loki, who suddenly struggles away from Thor's grip and lurches toward Tony, as if he hasn't used his legs in ages. Somehow, he stays upright. Despite his unsteady gait, Loki approaches Tony faster than expected, which does give some credit to being from Thor's world.

Before Tony knows it, Loki's looming over him, eyes directed at the faint glow under Tony's t-shirt. A long-fingered hand slowly reaches up and out, unsure, and Tony takes two steps back.

"Hey, I know it's bright, but it's not a toy."

Thor scowls. "My brother is not an infant. He has no need for playthings."

"Well, he needs food." Tony grabs a box of Pop-Tarts and tosses it to Thor, who guides Loki over to one of the stools by the bar. Loki stares blankly at the colorful blue wrapping, making no move to tear it.

Thor unwraps a pastry for his brother. "They are not of Asgard, brother, but they are delicious."

Thor bites off half of his and makes a show of enjoying it, to no avail. He even breaks off a much smaller chunk and pushes it into Loki's mouth gingerly, as if he half expects Loki to bite his fingers for babying him.

Loki makes his first sound- a choke- and the bit of Pop Tart falls onto the bar.

Tony grabs a glass, fills it with water, and slides it over to Loki. Loki's gaze is currently more or less directed at a decanter, and Tony smirks. "I know, water pales in comparison, but I don't think you're supposed to drink alcohol after you've been starved. Jarvis, do you think Pepper would believe I'm being responsible for once?"

"I believe she would need video evidence, sir." Jarvis replies, and Tony smirks some more. Thor, clearly unused to Jarvis, glances at the ceiling and, surprisingly, Loki does as well.

Tony makes the introductions but Loki shows considerably less interest, and has made no move to pick up his glass of water.

Thor tips some into Loki's mouth. Loki sputters, but on the third attempt, Loki keeps the water in his mouth. His throat works, as if he's forgotten how to swallow.

"The void has damaged him." Thor's expression shifts from heavy to determined. "But he will not be broken."

Tony watches as Loki slowly reduces the Pop-Tart to crumbs and spreads them across the black granite like stars. "An actual void? It's not like he could have gone into a black hole. Well, he wouldn't have come out."

"This is no jesting matter!" Thor's fist cracks the granite and pulverizes his own Pop-Tart as thunder cracks outside. Thor takes several deep breaths, and Loki's gaze fixates on the smashed food under his brother's fist.

"I thought him dead." Thor's voice is much quieter but equally uncontrolled. "When he let go of Gungnir, I mourned for him. I do not know how he came to Midgard, but I am grateful he is back. Promise me, Man of Iron, that you will guard him with your life."

"Wait, what?" If he'd had a drink, Tony would've spat it out quicker than Loki had. "I thought he was a prince. Take him back to your castle in the sky."

"He is not welcome in Asgard." Thor presses the glass into Loki's hands. Loki pulls back and slowly nudges it, as if he doesn't believe it's real.

"He is a Frost Giant." Thor once again looks at Loki, clearly expecting a bitter reaction, but Loki's face remains blank. "He is from Jotunheim, a realm often at war with Asgard. Loki attempted to destroy Jotunheim upon discovering his heritage."

"So you want me to babysit someone who tried to commit genocide?" Tony asks in total disbelief. "You know, normally we lock those people up."

"He has been locked in the void for what must feel an eternity." Thor looks at Tony earnestly, as if he'll be convinced. Tony may have been the merchant of death, but he never tried to pull a Death Star on an entire planet.

Seeing Tony's expression, Thor adds "My brother was not of his right mind!"

"Wasn't?" Tony repeats, and Loki suddenly bristles. Tony raises his hands in a placating manner. "Hey, buddy, no offense, but you're-"

How does he even put it? And look at him, actually trying to be tactful for once, and to a guy who has given little sign of comprehension.

Loki doesn't react to Tony's words, but he is responding to the glass of water. He looks at it and lays his fingers on the cool condensation. His fingers twitch, and then he pushes the glass through the Pop-Tart crumbs and over the edge of the counter.

The glass seems to hang precariously from the edge before it plummets, shattering on the floor.

So, this is what happens when I keep reading the Wikipedia page on Genie Wiley, who I found out about from a Harry Potter fanfic I read years ago, where Harry was caged in the Dursleys' basement, before I learned about her in some of my psychology classes.

I already went the whole "Loki is abused his whole life" route in one of my other fics, so I decided to make it that the sensory and social deprivation from the Void is really scarring, instead. I guess technically I went that route with another fic, too.

Anyway, this is kind of a test chapter.