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Epilogue. Destined

Of course the next morning is a little bit nerve-wracking for both Maya and Claudine.

They hastily untangle themselves and get out of bed to fix themselves up and get ready for the day of inevitably talking to their parents - and what's worse - explaining things to Futaba and Kaoruko.

Thankfully, Claudine's and Maya's parents are only glad they're both all right, and very delighted they are happy together - and now officially certain of their choices.

However, Futaba and Kaoruko are a different story.

Not to say they aren't happy for them - quite the opposite. It's just that Kaoruko can't stop trying to make comments about 'sleeping together' for more than half a second, so Futaba has to keep covering her mouth and chasing her away.

That is, until Maya calls Kaoruko out in that she sleeps with Futaba all the time, and then she doesn't say another word.

Maya and Claudine continue to see one another regularly for months to come. They go on more dates, spend more time together, and deepen their bond in every way they know how to.

News of the esteemed couple's success lands them a few jobs together as dancers and models, at a place where Futaba and Kaoruko also eventually end up working at.

Maya and Claudine politely decline their parents' offers of money for them to buy and apartment, as they are determined to earn it themselves.

And within just a year, they find themselves moving into their own place, and cozily sharing a bed every single night.

Maya also puts a little money aside every month for something else.

And when she does finally purchase that ring and ask Claudine to spend the rest of her life with her, it isn't because their families arranged for it to happen.

Rather, it is because Saijou Claudine and Tendo Maya have been destined for one another even long before they were born.

And they're going find themselves together in the warm embrace of that profound and beautiful love for rest of their lives, and perhaps long after, too.

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