This is a remake of the wolf among us starring rwby raven crossover The Huntress among us

mini series since wolf among us is only one season

It was a hard rain pouring hard on her as it's so loud she can't even her own foot prints

Raven herself, the drifter, an ex family woman, a soldier, and a great tribe leader

she had a lot to think, she ran a lot she fought a lot

so as she was lost in thought she suddenly discovers something at an allyway

she sees a kid scavenging through the garbage


the kid trips and falls

"you must be pretty tough or pretty foolish to stand out in the rain"

"...I'm sorry" he bows to her

"huh?" she was confused

"oh I apologize my mother told me to behave towards others" his hood fell as she sees a small wolf kid

"is you love your mommy why not just go home"

"..." he looks away

"hmm..." she thinks for a minute "fine" she says as she grabs his hand

"what what are you doing?"

"what does it look like your joining my tribe"

"your what?" he says in shock "but I don't even know you" he struggles but keeps tripping under the slippery grounds

"oh you will" she smirks

4 years later

Raven stands in the top of an unfinished skyscraper and the sun is about to set

but what she sees where the sunsets is a young boy in a business suit, with mysterious long black hair thar looks alive and dark red eyes

the boy finally notices the adult but notices her ridiculous outfit which catches his attention a little

"What do you want...?" he says in an uninteresting tone

"I've heard tales about a an ally kid who can do almost what people dream of doing" she says she walks closer

"I want you" she looks down on him

"I don't see why and I don't care what you want" he turns away "I only wish to find something...that doesn't bore me..."

suddenly he sees an incoming fist but barely catches it in time and notices her reaching her blade so he counters as she backs off but he notices a cut

"arrogance, lets see if your bite is good"

he takes a stance

"you know, kid if you stick with me, I promise you won't be bored as you think"

"don't make ridiculous promise you can't keep" he says

but she extends her hand

'Ive heard of this kid, he only attacls if he's provoked and that led to a lot of broken idiots' she smirks

he just looks at her

"plus have you got anything better to do?" she retorted

"no" he says

so which the arguments over she opens a portal which suprises him a little

" that..."

"I have a lot of secrets and more if you come with me"

"curious" she says "but no matter, a prize is a prize"

Legoshi is eating an egg sandwich when he notices raven home listing to calm apartment music

raven portals open and reveals a new kid

Legosi sweatdrops

"uh did you abduct another child?"

the child then looks around "small"

"don't be ridiculous, I've libreated him as a member of the tribe"

"Right I'm calling to see if theres a mi...ow!"

"bad puppy" she smacked him with a rollled up newspaper

but suddenly they see the new kid change and wobble as his faints and as raven catch him she sees him change into a did boy with shorter brown hair with a cowlick and has become less pale

"so that's how he's eluded so many" she says

so they added a new member and Legosi gets a new brother

This is a prologue to the story

Legosi is a fables decendant Fafnir but if Fenris as well

This new kid is Hinata Hajime and Izuru Kamukura as dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde reincarnated. But as a new take the two halves can switch personalities on a whim

as valuable assets for Raven to make a new tribe in fabletown