Chapter 1

It was a quiet yet beautiful night, the sky was clear of clouds and the full moon shone brightly in the night sky. The constellations in the sky could be seen from miles around. It was on this night where most of the region's population were simply enjoying themselves. Children played while adults planned last minute cook outs with friends and family in hopes that nothing would go wrong. You see for the past decade a group that many once wrote off as simple thugs had grown in power and prestige in the region as their activities evolved from simple theft, vandalism and violent altercations with other local thugs into full blown criminal activity. They began stealing Pokémon from other trainers, poached what they could from the wild, lit buildings aflame and devastated the families of anyone who stood against them. However, tonight it would be the climax of the war and for good or ill the night would pass and the region would be changed overnight unknowingly to many of the residents of this beautiful region.

It was on this night that a group gathered on a small uninhabited unnamed Island off the coast of Canyon Island the largest northern Island in the region. Many of the gathered group were powerful Pokémon trainers. Amongst their numbers were the gym leaders, members of the elite 4, the regional champion and just powerful trainers of other regions who were visiting or traveling the region in general. Despite the champion's presence there were two people who stuck out the most and garnered the most respect. A researcher and Gym leader who had recently become wedded and had given birth to a child. This child being the reason for their recent increase of activity against the criminal organization that had gathered in the efforts to end them this night.

The researcher's name was Lily Jane Potter nee Evans and was a professor aiming to take up the position of regional professor that would represent the region amongst other accredited professors. She was a young, beautiful woman with strikingly green eyes and red hair of the most stunning shade of red anyone had ever seen. Her research was into the abilities of Pokémon and the breeding of them into Pokémon more successfully. Her Husband, the gym leader, was a man with wild black hair that refused to be tamed, kind hazel eyes and roguish facial features that got him in trouble quite often. His name was James Charlus Potter and was the heir of the Potter and Black alliance.

There was another man present, unseemly as he may have been to others, that was also instrumental in their efforts. A man who had denied his right as champion in another region across the Ocean. His name was Red and like James he had the wildest black hair anyone had ever seen, but otherwise held the most unremarkable features with brown eyes and a mostly plain face. Red had a charisma that drew others to him, people and Pokémon alike and was in the middle of challenging this region's elites when the call had gone out. It was between him and the Potter's that drew this group together. Red having called in the out of region trainers in a rallying cry. Those who he had mostly helped as he traveled the islands that made up the region. While the Potter's who rallied the local government and local trainer's they'd known all their life.

It was during a lull in planning while everyone was waiting for the hour to begin the strike that would hopefully end their enemy, that the young couple approached Red. Red sat perched on a rock overlooking the water, his trusty Pikachu on his shoulder, when he heard the crunch of the shifting sand on the beach announcing their approach. "You know, this isn't the first time I've had to deal with a gang of criminals." Red finally said as they approached.

"It isn't?," James questions in a jaunty voice he used to hide his nerves. A habit he'd developed in his younger years after meeting his wife for the first time.

"No, It isn't. I once had to deal with a similar criminal uprising in my home land of Kanto." Replies Red, the melancholy in his voice easily heard. Though why it was there was unknown to the couple as had he obviously succeeded in his past ordeal. "This time is significantly different though."

"What makes this time any different than the last?" Lily queried her own doubts surfacing as she thought maybe something about Team Purity could be worse than the one this man in front of her had previously faced.

"Last time, I was just a kid with no cares in the world, except for the love of adventure and the thrill of battling with my Pokémon, my friends, beside me. This time though? If I don't make it back I'll never get to see my wife again or meet my child for the first time." Red explained never looking back and only staring out at the ocean.

"You've.. You've never met your child before?" James hesitated as he asked knowing he had only known his own child for a couple months himself.

"No, I had already set sail for this region when my wife was only a couple months pregnant. She had no way to contact me on the Ocean and by the time I got here and found out..." Red trailed off.

"You would have wound up missing the most important thing about seeing your child born due to the length of travel it takes to get here." Lily supplied.

"Exactly, so my wife told me to stay, finish up quickly and come home. Which means I've been rushing through this region's gyms trying to get done in time to compete in this winter's competition rather than wait for the summer." Red finished, "But after this, I think I'm going to head straight home and never leave my family again."

After a long silence between the three it was Lily who spoke up, "Well we just wanted to thank you for what you've done. You easily pulled twice as many trainers as we would have had without you. Once this is over maybe we'll have a big send off for you and wish you the best on your trip back to your family." Lily finished feeling much better now that she knew his worries were more family oriented. Not that she downplayed those feelings but rather that she was relieved it wasn't Team Purity itself that caused such unease in the man.

"We'll see you when the strike begins then," James said as Red finally turned around and thanked Lily. "May Arceus bless us all." he finalized as he offered his hand to Red.

"May Arceus bless us all," Red echoed, "And who knows maybe one day our children can meet.

Two hours later at the stroke of midnight

It was not a simple attack to expunge the enemy like everyone had expected. All around them was a war zone. Apparently the leader of Team Purity had not only gotten wind of the attack but decided to stand his ground this time. No one expected a war zone. They had landed without hitch and had taken out the enemies guards on the perimeter and had started to successfully sneak inside when things went wrong real fast. Explosions from attacks sounded around everyone shortly after the vanguard of the strike force landed and began to invade the enemies Headquarters. Effectively splitting their forces in half.

"Dammit," Sirius raged as he watched in helplessness as the dust from the ambush that was sprang on them cleared. Many lay wounded or dead in the entryway on the side he had attacked.

"No time, Sirius, we must keep moving. We cannot let them recuperate here and attack again." Remus said from behind him.

"Yeah, you're right." Sirius said numbly before shaking himself and striding off. "Let's go everyone we can... We can mourn them when we finish this."

Immediately everyone got to work. The few Nurse Pomfrey''s that could be spared had jumped into action and started pulling out the injured to treat them while the officer Bone's and other trainers began to move forward into the base.

Elsewhere, on the Island at the same time. "Everybody duck! Pokémon use protect!" Red shouted out of sheer reflex the second he felt something was off. It was only his timely intervention that kept this group intact.

"Thank Arceus," Lily exhaled sharply as the debris fell around them and no one was injured too badly. "If it wasn't for you we'd have been sitting ducks to that."

"Yeah, no kidding," James agreed. "That could have been nasty."

"You can thank me later," Red snapped. As he began urging everyone to continue moving. "We need to keep going, let the regular trainers handle the grunts. Gym leaders who can, find and deal with the ones who sprung the trap!"

A chorus of "Ayes!" was the response as the group began moving in and splitting up to deal with any issues that came up as a report came over the other line.

"We've been hit hard on the other side. Somehow they knew we were coming," Peter reported to the group that had his friends Lily and James. "We're not going to be able to make in through all the grunts at this point."

"We were hit too," James informed the other over the radio. "However, we took no casualties as Red responded in time to block the attack. We'll keep pushing in, just try to stall and distract them as best you can."

"Pikachu, thunderbolt!" Red commanded as the first line of grunts came, giving them no time to respond.

"Pikapi!" Pikachu responded as it charged itself before launching the attack. "Chuuuuu!" It shouted as it launched the thunderbolt directly into the grunts.

"We can't stop," Red urged Lily and James the only two left around him as the others had all been split off to stop grunts and their Pokémon. "You're champion Dumbledore is holding off the grunts best he can, but while his Pokémon are still powerful they are probably just as old as he is and not meant to battle in a warzone for long."

"You're right, let's go," Lily agreed as she pulled back the Pokémon she had been using, "Espeon return, You're up Raichu." Lily commanded and she released her next Pokémon.

"Well that's... new," Red commented as a form of Raichu he hadn't seen before materialized in a flash of energy. It looked darker brown than it should have with rounded ears and while it's tail was lightning shaped it too was rounder, but more than that it looked as if it was riding its tail instead of walking. "Never seen a Raichu do that."

"It's from my home region, Alola, before I moved here to attend school" Lily informed him before turning to Raichu, "Raichu, I need you to locate the strongest presence here and lead us there."

"Rai!" Raichu responded before glowing yellow as it used extrasensory to locate what her mistress was looking for.

"So, the Pikachu line is different in Alola?" Red asked as they waited for the Raichu to do its job.

"Yes and no, Pichu born from the Alolan line and the Pikachu they evolve into look identical to the ones of other regions. However they do possess passive psychic traits and when they evolve into Raichu gain full use of their psychic abilities and look differently as well." Lily explained.

"That's interesting, maybe I," Red started before he trailed off. "Never mind, I promised I'd go straight to my family when this was done."

"Oh no, you should definitely go to Alola if you get the chance," James jumped in. "I get that you promised to stay with your family but the great thing about Alola is that it makes a great vacation spot. Maybe you could take an extended visit with your family sometime."

That sounds-" Red began before being cut off.

"Chu! Rai-Raichu!" it exclaimed before floating off down one of the corridors in front of them.

"Let's go! She's found what we need!" Lily shouted before running off after her Pokémon, James and Red following. It was a couple minutes of following Raichu before they made contact with someone else.

"Not so fast! Arbok, acid," A voice commanded just as they entered the room. Seeing a large Arbok reared back ready to spit at them.

"Vigaroth protect!" James ordered his Pokémon as it jumped forward to defense. "You guys keep going I'll get this guy!." He ordered his wife and their new companion before turning back to the 'grunt' in front of him as they left. "You seem a bit stronger than the rest of the grunts we faced."

"That's because I am no grunt." The man replied before stepping out of the dark shadows of the room they were in. "I am an Admin of team purity and you should not have let your friends leave you behind."

"I see," James stated calmly, all traces of his usual mirth he maintained at all times gone as he did indeed see. This man was dressed in black compared to the usual grunts who wore white, but he also wore a mask signaling he was part of the group's inner circle. "However, It's you who will fall here. Not me, Slaking, Snorlax go!" He shouted, throwing two more Pokémon out to join his first.

"Are you sure we should've left him back there?" Red questioned as they continued moving.

"Yes, He'll be fine. James isn't the strongest Gym Leader despite being so young for no reason you know? He actually beat Thomas Gaunt in their most recent match for gym placements with his team and Gaunt trains dragon Pokémon." Lily explained.

"Shewww," Red whistles. "That's impressive, Other regions with a dragon trainer gym leader usually have them as their strongest Gym, an elite 4 member or their Champion. Says a lot about Elpis if it jumps down in ranking."

"Yeah well, I don't know if you've noticed but Elpis doesn't exactly have the typical step ladder rule here. All gyms always go all out and we only have eight gyms in total. If you can't get the badge you don't compete." Lily replied

"That would explain why that loony with the bugs was so damn tough, and he used a Pokémon I've never seen before despite all my travels." Red continued before pausing. "We've been running for a while, we should take a minute to catch our breath here."

"You're right," Lily panted out noticing how out of breath she was between running and talking. "But yes, Arthur Weasley has almost every bug type known to man in his family's breeding grounds. The one you're most likely thinking about is the Volcarona. In other regions it's considered a mythical Pokémon since it's extinct everywhere but Unova. He found a mating pair of Larvesta in the desert there that he was able to convince to leave the Colony."

"Wow, that's pretty impressive. You guys don't do anything by halves here" Red stated, actually impressed. Arthur had managed to fight him to a standstill taking out 3 of his Pokémon before that monster of a bug type fell to his Pikachu. "Anyways let's get moving. We're almost there and we can't sit too long or we'll be found."

"Indeed you shall," a voice said from behind them.

"Ugh," Red grunted. "Me and my big mouth." He turned to find two more Admins in front of him. "I'll take these two, you keep going these guys look like bigwigs around here and with these two here and the one back with James they're probably no more ahead." He said almost lazily at this point.

"You're not wrong, Admin Snape defected, letting you all know about this place." One of the two in front of him supplied. "But two on one, We'll make your death quick, boy."

"I only know one person who talks like that," Lily commented. "You must be Abraxas. Which means the lady beside you must be Walberga. We always thought something was up with you two."

"Yes, Indeed I am." Malfoy drawled out as he spoke. "I must thank you, you did bring everyone together for this little party. That's why we decided to stand ground and fight back you see, because now my Lord and ourselves shall give them their deaths!"

"Don't listen to him," Red interrupted, having heard enough from this jumped up clown. "Keep going, I can handle this."

"Are you sure?" Lily asked, hesitating over her decision here.

"Yes! Just go." Red assured her before turning back to the others in front of him. This is going to be real fun." Red said smirking as he cracked his knuckles. "Let's go Charizard!"

Lily hated this, she hated the thought of having left the others behind to fight while she left them behind. It made her stomach churn as the prospect. 'No!' She chastised herself. 'They can handle themselves, you just need to stop the leader now.' She was panting again at this point as she finally made it to the main control room. Which surprised her as it was a big open area with a group of monitors on one end with a chair in front of it. However, what shocked her more was when the chair turned around, and she saw someone she definitely recognized. "You." Lily said simply.

"Yes, me." The man replied before standing up. "Now I get to wipe out all of the gym leaders and the elite four and that blasted old man who stands in my way. Keeping me from getting what I want."

"I will stop you," Lily calmly stated. After all she knew this man and she had just finished telling Red how her husband had beaten him. She herself being stronger than her husband meant she could too. "I will end your reign of terror now, Gaunt."

"I'd like to see you try. Steelix, take the field." Gaunt calmly rebutted.

Lily's eyes went wide at this, Gaunt used dragons. He did not have a Steelix as far as anyone knew. "Go Medicham!" She cried, throwing out one of her Pokémon. "Calm mind and then hit it with force palm." She commanded.

"Steelix, use stone edge." Gaunt replied calmly.

"Abort and use detect! Dodge those and use high jump kick!" Lily fired off.

"MEDI!" Her Pokémon obeyed quickly dodging out of the way of the stone before slamming it's knee right into Steelix's chin causing it to screech in pain.

One move and Gaunt lost his calm. 'She's supposed to be a researcher! Her Pokémon should be weak but that one move almost destroyed Steelix.' Huffing he threw out another pickleball. "Milotic! Stand guard and help Steelix."

"Raichu get in there and help!" Lily responded quickly.

At this point it devolved into a bloodbath, Pokémon on both sides taking severe injuries as well as both trainers, with intent going beyond simply knocking each other out. Lily, desperate not to lose, had even Mega Evolved her Gardevoir early only for Gaunt to respond with Mega evolving his Gyarados. This left her utterly shocked and surprised as most of the Gym Leaders in this region considered themselves above using mega evolution. Then again she shouldn't be surprised that a crime lord would take such actions. It ended up being a brutal thirty minute slugfest and she could only assume that the others were having just as much of an issue with the admins they fought seeing as how no one had gotten to her yet. Then again they could just be lost, this place is a maze she thought. Gaunt was losing and she was feeling relieved at that fact though. However, Her Pokémon were exhausted and only her starter, Raichu, was remaining. Gardevoir having just given out and reverted before not getting back up again.

"You did well girl, but no one can stop me." Gaunt proclaimed arms spread wide, a manic grin on his face. "Behold my final Pokémon! GO RAYQUAZA! Shew her despair!"

Lily couldn't believe what she was seeing. This man had a Rayquaza. However from the looks of it it was quite young compared to the video of the one spotted in Hoenn a several years back with it being about half the size. Didn't mean this wasn't going to be hard. She exhaled slowly steadying herself, knowing what she'd have to do. "Raichu! All out everything we've got!" She told her faithful partner.

"Rai!" Raichu exclaimed before taking a stance that mirrored the one Lily took just a second later.

Gaunt however was confused. What did she mean by we. Her mega was the Gardevoir so she couldn't do that again. His answer came soon though as both he and Rayquaza noticed the power beginning to pour off both Lily and her Raichu. "No! Whatever it is they're doing don't let them finish!" He commanded, only to realize it was too late.

"This, this is our ultimate move!" Lily exclaimed, "Now Raichu! STOKED SPARKSURFER FULL POWER!" Was the command she gave as she slid into the final pose.

"RAII CHUU!" Raichu exclaimed as it launched its final move.

"Abort we need to leave!" Gaunt claimed running over to the terminal he flipped the switch as Rayquaza shielded its trainer blocking the massive surge of electricity. Rayquaza was heavily damaged but it gathered his trainer and took to the sky retreating from the base.

Lily collapsed to the ground, her own stamina having reached the tether and then snapping it. She had used both a Mega Evolution and putting her all into the Z move her homeland was famous for, all while being injured from the battle with Gaunt. Her Raichu, barely standing, looked around at all her Pokémon. Some were already dead before she'd launched that final attack, others gave in under the pressure of the final confrontation. Partners and friends she'd had since she was a baby Pichu all those years ago when they'd moved. Raichu wept before trying to get her trainer to move. However, Lily couldn't move anymore, her energy spent. "Go Raichu, get out please... Protect... my baby." She got out before succumbing to her own wounds and exhaustion. Raichu refused though, but what she didn't see was Gardevoir able to still move.

"Garr," Gardevoir said simply before Raichu was teleported away as the foundation erupted into a final explosion.

Raichu landed outside the base from the teleportation. Screaming its name as it tried desperately to get back inside through the rubble. In the end it was hopeless. Lily was gone, and Raichu wept tears for her human sister. The one who had found and raised her when she'd been injured that day long ago on Mele Mele Island. But she remembered her sister's final request. Protect her baby, and so she would. She would never let anything happen to Lily's child.

That night ended up being a Joyous night for everyone across the regions. They had celebrated long into the night as team Purity had been recalled from all operations in an effort to stamp out the leaders in an ambush during the raid on their base. Meaning no one was interrupted from enjoying the perfect night. The next day ended up being even more of a cause for celebration. The enemies base had been destroyed and all the grunts inside had been wiped out as well. Snape had issued a retreat order when he noticed the alarm go off signifying the self destruct sequence had been activated saving many trainers lives. Among those who made it out many were from the second group who had been ambushed and couldn't push very far in and the weaker trainers or those who'd exhausted themselves who'd already been evacuated from the first group. Red, Lily and James' bodies would be found under the rubble. With Red curled protectively around his partner Pikachu's pokeball saving its life. Lily would be found in the control room where the leader had been located, devastation from their battle everywhere and experts would piece together and realize that she had defeated the boss and caused him to destroy the base in an effort to flee.

Months would go by before word reached Red's wife that he had died saving the lives of many other trainers and wiping out another criminal enterprise. She wept as she held her baby close to her. It would be years before a package would be delivered to their doorstep. A single egg that she gave to Professor Oak to give to her child when he started his journey. People would hail Red, James and Lily as heroes for their deeds in stopping the ruthless Boss of team Purity and the Admins that perished as well. None would realize that the boss was still alive and would eventually begin rebuilding his strength to once again try to take over the region, but that story is for another day.