Harriet Potter of Radiant City Long Island and her cousin Dudley just could not go to sleep, at all. Tomorrow was the big day for both of them and they both were too wired up to do anything but jitter with nervous energy and go over the same conversation they'd already had for the past week for about the thousandth time. Their Pokémon, Pichu and Tyrogue, were not helping matters either. The hottest topic of all however was what their official league sanctioned starter Pokémon was going to be. You see unlike the other regions where the regional professors handed out one of three starters. Starters that were always a fire, water or grass type and let the trainer choose which they wanted or had family members give them a Pokémon to journey with. In Elpis, all trainers upon attendance at Hogwarts go to a special shop in Diagon Alley that is sanctioned to breed and raise Pokémon to the proper age, level of skill and to make sure it's amiable with a new trainer. This meant that the trainers first Pokémon could be practically anything from a lowly Rattata up to and including some really rare Pokémon that would never be given to a new trainer unless their family specifically raised and bred them. Three years ago a new student had actually gotten a Dratini.

"And Elite Four member Snape has challenged the deputy headmistress and leader of the Elite Four to a battle that will be beginning momentarily." an announcer was heard on the television channel Harriet had left her television turned to earlier. This caused her to whip her head around so fast Dudley cringed and swore she'd given herself whiplash.

"Uncle Severus is challenging Aunt Minnie," she practically shouted with joy. "This is going to be a really good match." She finished as she began gathering her plethora of stuffed Pokémon dolls she had in the room together to create a kind of mini bed on the floor to lay in as she snuggled down into them to watch. Giddy with even more excitement she turned to her cousin. "Come on Dudley you won't want to miss this." She said before turning back as her Pichu jumped up onto her shoulder.

"What's going on Harriet?" Pichu asked her as she settled into her favorite spot on her favorite human.

"My Uncle Severus is challenging for a higher position in the Elite Four." She told Pichu absentmindedly as she turned her full attention on watching the battle. Pichu realizing by now that Harriet was focused elsewhere, decided to just settle down and watch as well.

At the same time her cousin had pulled over a chair to be able to watch the television as well. "This is going to be a bloody brilliant battle." Dudley added as he got settled himself.

"And Severus sends out his first Pokémon, a Drapion!" The announcer shouted excitedly. "Minerva sends out her Persian in response!" He continued. "Both Pokémon chosen are considered the most Powerful Pokémon of either Elite Four member. This just goes to show you they aren't holding back from the start!"

As Harriet and Dudley got entranced in the battle taking place on the screen so too did Pichu and Tyrogue. The battle was both skillful and showed of the Power of the league members themselves. Neither held back and looked for weakness constantly in the others defenses. In the end Harriet would be saddened that her Uncle Severus failed to win though it was a lot closer than it looked. While Minerva may have had three Pokémon left anyone could see that aside from her Meowstic her other two were standing on their last leg. It was as the announcer was wrapping up that the door was opened and her Grandmother stood in the doorway a look of stern disapproval on her face. It was then Harriet noticed it was almost Twelve O'clock at night. The late challenge plus the commercials had really drawn it out.

"And what do you think you're doing still up watching the television young lady?" Her Grandmother asked in a no-nonsense tone. "Clearly you aren't ready to become a trainer if you can't even follow simple directions."

"But Gran it was Uncle Severus on," she began to whine only to notice she was the only one being scolded. She turned to look at her cousin for help only to balk when she noticed the useless lump was out cold in his bed already despite having stayed up to the second the fight ended. 'So much for back up,' she grumbled to herself.

Sighing, Dorea looked at her granddaughter. For the first 8 years of her life she had shown no interest in anything outside of books due to her problem with people and Pokémon. However, now she was slowly getting absorbed into anything and everything Pokémon and while her granddaughter didn't quite realize it yet, she saw how laser focused Harriet would get when it came to battle in particular. It seemed the Potter and Black battle lust that skipped over James was blooming fully in his daughter. "Fine, but to bed with you, now!" She barked and watched as Harriet scampered to collect her Pokémon dolls and run off to bed. She proceeded to tuck her granddaughter in before speaking again. "Goodnight my precious little one," she told her.

"Goodnight Gran, I love you. Sorry I stayed up so late. I just really got into Uncle Severus' battle with Aunt Minnie." Harriet tried to explain. She was really hoping her Grandmother wasn't being serious about her not being ready to be a trainer comment, and would still take them shopping in the morning for all their school and training supplies.

Her Grandmother chuckled as she replied, "I know, Harriet. Now goodnight you're going to be getting up early in the morning to get your shopping done, and then I'm sure you'll be regretting being up late tonight." She added with an evil grin causing Harriet to pale at that remark. If she was too tired to fight back her Grandmother would take advantage of any weaknesses she saw to get her the girliest stuff the stores had available. At that disturbing thought she promptly rolled over to go to sleep with Pichu cuddling into her side.

The next morning Harriet was up surprisingly on her own before anyone else. It didn't take her long to get bearings before she was throwing her blanket off of her and jumping out of bed scattering her Pokémon dolls as she did so. Pichu was none too happy with this as she also ended up in the pile on the floor. She glared at the bathroom door her human had vanished through before making her way out of the bedroom downstairs knowing that Harriet was one of the few human girls who didn't take long to get ready for the day.

After finishing her shower and getting dressed Harriet had gone down stairs to quickly start making breakfast for everyone. She had just finished cooking everything and making the coffee when her Grandfather appeared and sat down at the table with the morning paper. "Here's your coffee Grandpa." She said as she sat it down in front of him on the table before going about plating everything and setting the table.

"Thank you my dear," Charlus said to her as he reached out and picked up the coffee and began sipping it. "I see you're quite eager to get the show on the road." He commented after a moment more of silence aside from the slight clinking of plates.

Blushing, Harriet replied, "I don't know what you mean Grandpa."

"You don't normally cook breakfast unless you have to," He said pointedly to this. "You usually are the last one up and down after leaving it to someone else and generally try to avoid the cooking practice your Grandmother tries to give you."

"I'm just so excited to go to the Isle of Arche today to get our stuff for school." She mumbled as she began to eat her food. Her cousin arrived shortly after she started to eat and sat down to robotically begin eating his own food. A short few minutes later her Grandmother had joined them with Pichu in tow. Her Grandmother had gone to the Pokémon house out back to feed and water the Pokémon there that were used for the Gym they both ran. "Hi girl," Harriet said to Pichu as she jumped down and made her way to Harriet. "Did you get something to eat with the other Pokémon?" she asked.

"Yep, spent some time with meema too" Pichu replied as she snuck some bacon off the plate to nibble on. "I tried to get her to show me how to use my electricity, but she told me I was still too young and would hurt myself." Pichu pouted at that, which was adorable while she was nibbling food and caused Harriet to coo at her.

"It's okay buddy," Harriet consoled her. "You're just now fully a month old. It'll take you some time to truly learn how to use it without hurting yourself. If I remember correctly that will also be about the time you're ready to evolve into your next stage." Which had the effect of cheering up Pichu immensely as while she can't use electricity yet doing so correctly would come hand in hand with her becoming a Pikachu.

After breakfast was finished and the dishes cleared, Harriet and Dudley finished getting ready to leave for the Isle of Arche. "I've some good news and some bad news, Harriet." Her Grandmother informed her. "I've to leave to take care of some family business and your Grandfather unfortunately must stay to take care of the Gym as one of us must be present today." Which was true a Gym could only be closed for so many days out of the year which are used for days off so to speak.

"But that means we can't go today to get our supplies?" Dudley asked sadly as he had been looking forward to the day they got to go, and while he knew they would get to go eventually it seemed as though today would not be that day.

"Now I didn't say that," Dorea told the children. "I merely said that neither Charlus or I could go today." It was at that precise moment the door burst open and a man with long black hair, silver grey eyes and a too handsome face stepped in without knocking.

"Aunty Dorea, I'm Home." announced the intruder as he stepped full inside their home.

"Sirius!" Harriet squealed as she threw herself into the man giving him a tight hug. "When did you get back? I thought you were going to be gone for at least another six months to a year." She fired off rapidly though it was muffled by the fact her face was buried in his stomach.

Sirius hugged her back with a big grin on his face. "Well pup, I was sitting there in my office and realized that most everything was done which meant they no longer needed me. Then I realized I had a goddaughter that was about to get ready for the biggest day of her life and decided to hop on the first airline on the way out here." Sirius explained with a wolfish grin never leaving his face.

"I'm so glad you're back," Harriet mumbled her face still planted in his stomach as she refused to let go of the man who had raised her till she was eight years old before having to leave for long term business dealings with various other regions. James may have been her father but as far as she was concerned Sirius was too.

"Well, how about we go get yours and Dudley's school supplies now pup?" Sirius asked. Which resulted in her finally releasing him from her death grip she had on him.

"Yeah, let's go!" Both she and Dudley cheered as Pichu climbed up on her shoulder.

"Who's the new human Harriet?" She asked though everyone else only heard Poke talk.

"Oh! Sirius, this is Pichu my first Pokémon. Mom's Raichu gave her to me. Pichu this is Sirius, my godfather. He raised me until a couple years ago before he had to leave on business." Harriet explained as she introduced the two together.

"Nice to meet you Pichu," Sirius said with a smile before leaning over and whispering conspiratorially to her. "You'll make sure my girl stays safe won't you?"

"Sirius!" Harriet whined as Dudley guffawed at Sirius. "I can take care of myself," she said as she pouted at him making sure to use the human version of the Pokémon move baby doll eyes.

"Right you are pup," Sirius commented as he gave in and didn't press on with teasing her. "Let's everyone get going, we have a ferry to catch." He added as he started to walk out the door. Harriet grabbed his hand to hold onto as she moved with him despite having just claimed she was able to take care of herself.

One boring but amazingly beautiful boat ride later. Harriet and Dudley were standing in awe of the Isle of Arche's biggest shopping city, Diagon Alley. Apparently when it was originally named it was about the size of a single street and people traveled to and from to work street vending shops while a few others lived in more permanent residential shops. Over the years it had begun to grow as more and more people set up shops and eventually the region's qualified breeder set up his own shop there for new students to come get their first Pokémon for school.

"Alright kids, first things first. We need to head to Gringotts Central Trainer Bank. That's where they make and distribute your first Pokedex at." Sirius informed the kids as he herded them over to the largest white building at the end of what was the original street.

As they entered Pichu was astounded by the size of the building at first as well as how white it was before the people manning the desk caught her attention. "Why do all the short people behind the desk look the same?" She asked Harriet curiously.

"It's because they come from a family called the Flitwicks." She whispered back

"Isn't Flitwick the name of that strong trainer who has the same position as your Uncle Severus though?" Pichu asked, confused.

"Yeah, Elite Four member Flitwick is the younger brother of the current director Flitwick of the bank. Like the Nurse Pomfreys and Officer Bones you see running around that all look the same, the Flitwicks are all short statured men who look the same. Though no one knows why those three families have that specific trait. As all Pomfreys and Bones only give birth to female children who all look the same and all Flitwick's children do the same only male." Harriet explained what little knowledge she had on the subject to Pichu.

"Humans are weird," Pichu said after a moment of contemplation. This had the effect of causing Harriet to snort.

"In that case so are Pokémon since all Pokémon look the same with very few others having minor differences between gender." She commented, though she didn't know there are plenty of other Pokémon out there that had other differences depending on location and other factors yet.

"Oh, I guess that's true." Pichu admitted before hopping down into Harriet's arms to be carried as she was tired of standing on her shoulder.

"Welcome to Gringotts, how can I help you today?" A Flitwick at the teller desk they approached asked them in an almost bored manner.

"I have two children who need to be set up with their Pokedex as well as their bank account, please." Sirius told the diminutive man all mirth gone and only seriousness in his voice. Though the next sentence from the man caused Harriet a great deal of horror.

"Very well, as I assume they are first years they are only allowed to have the basic Pokedex model and colors. Blue for the boy and pink for the girl." Flitwick informed the group as he pulled out two standard Pokedex, one in each of the aforementioned colors. "The Pokedex will serve to act as an informational guide to any Pokémon you meet and act as your trainer license including your bank balance. Do not lose it or you will pay in full for the next one as only the first is subsidized by the league." He informed the children in a bored droll before holding up one then the other Pokedex to register their picture before handing them over. "Now leave, I have better things to be doing." He finished before turning back to what was obviously a game he was playing on his computer.

"Kind of rude wasn't he?" Dudley asked as they left the bank.

"Aside from Elite Four Four Filius Flitwick who is known for his jovial nature, all other Flitwicks are short tempered and rude little buggers." Sirius explained before turning to Harriet. "Now how about you look at that list from the school."

Harriet pulled out her list from Hogwarts that came with her letter and read over it for the first time since her birthday. Harriet read the letter aloud to Sirius as she went over it.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Arceus, First Class, Grand Trainer, Chief Trainer of the Trainers Committee,

Champion of the Elpis Region)

Dear Ms. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Pokémon Training. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your response by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress



First-year students will require: from Madam Malkins

1. Three sets of plain work clothes pants for boys skirts for girls

2. Two plain jackets, vests or hooded jackets with pockets

3. One plain hat or cap for day wear (Does not have to be worn)

4. One pair of protective gloves

5. One winter jacket

Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags.


All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Battling (Grade 1) by Professor Kukui

A History of Elpis by Bathilda Bagshot

Pokémon Theory by Professor Juniper

A Beginner's Guide to Pokémon Care by Professor Elm

One Thousand Berries and Things to Scavenge by Professor Malveaux

Pokémon Potions and Elixirs by Cullen Calix

Fantastic Pokémon and Where to Find Them by Professor Birch


1 League Sanctioned Starter Pokémon

1 Pokedex

1 Poketablet or other similar device

1 Mixing Cauldron pewter

1 Set glass or crystal phials

1 Set of scales

Students may also bring, if they desire, a younger less experienced Pokémon if it is approved. (Please note first years maybe only have two Pokémon and second years four)


Yours sincerely,

Lucinda Thomsonicle-Pocus

Chief Attendant of Trainer Provisions

"Guess we'll get the clothing out of the way first." Sirius told the kids as he began moving again to get it done with.

"Why does it specify Madam Malkins and plain clothes?" Dudley asked, a bit confused. Since that meant everyone would look the same.

"Because Malkins sells special clothing that once you are sorted into your house will be changed to fix the color scheme of said house." Sirius explained to them. "However only Malkins has the rights to the technology that does this which is good business for them honestly."

"Ah," Dudley replied, as he guessed that made sense. At school they would be affiliated with their house and wearing house colors during that time.

"The real question here is why does it have to be skirts?" Harriet interjected as soon as Sirius finished answering Dudley. "Why can't I wear pants or shorts?"

"Well technically the girl's skirt is more of a skort. A mix between a skirt and shorts worn underneath it though they also offer leggings with it instead if you want." Sirius explained to her.

"Definitely the leggings," Harriet muttered as Pichu laughed at her human's distress.

After successfully purchasing the uniform the trio headed over to the bookstore where Dudley got exactly what was on the list and Harriet added a bit more about Pokémon moves and different types of Pokémon food as she did like to cook. She just hated being treated like she didn't and being required to practice with human food. Though she would admit there was much more joy when she made Pokémon food and they liked it, as far as she was concerned most people could stuff it. Dudley and Harriet got the last of supplies they would need for school before stopping to get lunch.

"Why are we stopping for lunch now, only getting our Pokémon is left on the list." Both children whined at Sirius. To them this was cruel and unusual as the thing they were more excited about was not only the last thing they were to do but also they had to stop and do something extra before it.

"Yeah we want to meet our new friends now," Pichu and Tyrogue added in with their own cries.

"Well you don't want to be trying to get your Pokémon on an empty stomach otherwise they might sense that your hangry and stay away." Sirius joked with them before leading them into a restaurant called the Leaky Cauldron. Though why anyone would call a restaurant that was beyond Harriet. They placed their orders and the children scarfed their food down in record time only to realize Sirius was eating as slow as humanly possible and was messing with them again.

It was almost an hour later that they stood in front of the region's certified breeding store, Ollivander's Pokémon Emporium. "Finally," Harriet and Dudley said though at this point there wasn't any bite in it they were too excited to finally be there. Ollivander's was a huge store and was probably even bigger inside. Harriet and Dudley turned to their Pokémon at this point though. "Sorry guys," they apologized to their Pokémon. "We have to put you back in your balls for now and give you to Sirius." While Tyrogue was used to it, Pichu put up a bit of a struggle seeing as how she had never once been in the accursed ball since Harriet had let her back out on her birthday. Harriet promised her extra treats if she'd comply which she did, but only after telling Harriet she was a horrible person for putting her back inside the ball in the first place.

Upon entering Harriet noticed several other kids their age already with a Pokémon that they had chosen. One girl with blue eyes and black wavy hair similar to her own and about her height, thank Arceus she wasn't going to be the only short stack in her year, had a Phantump floating around her. The girl looked oddly pleased about it though in a way that didn't denote the traditional excitement of their first Pokémon, but rather that she had gotten her way with something. Another girl with fiery red hair had an equally fiery Charmander with her. Though Dudley snorted and pointed at one kid who just came out the back. "Who would choose a Weedle as their first Pokémon?" He said to her, but before she could answer a voice from behind them spoke up when no one was there a second ago caused them to jump.

"No one chooses their Pokémon here. The Pokémon chooses the trainer, and I'd smarten up if I were you. That's the youngest and most promising Weasley male with that Weedle. Plus his twin sister, the girl over there with the Charmander is highly protective of her brother." The old man said to them but mostly to Dudley.

"Who are you sir?" Harriet asked the old man.

"Me? I'm Ollivander and you two must be Harriet Potter and Dudley Lupin." Ollivander stated more than asked the last part.

"How did you know our names?" Dudley asked suspiciously.

"You look like your parents, the both of you." Ollivander said before turning to Dudley. "Petunia Evans, a Popplio, water type. Not really an appealing Pokémon for contest in its first form but definitely still cute. Primarina however is absolutely gorgeous and in my professional opinion a lot more beautiful than a Milotic. Your father though, Remus Lupin, he was chosen by a Zorua. Tricky and fast little thing she was." He rattled off before turning to Harriet. "Your father, James Potter, got a Buneary to choose him as his first Pokémon. Not the most powerful but very flexible as befitting its normal typing. Your mother on the other hand, Lily Evans, came in with a Pichu and asked if she could get it registered as her starter. The nerve, as if the Pokémon I breed are substandard, but I gave her a pass seeing as how she was from Alola and they have good standards there, also requiring the Pokémon to choose its trainer. I did however explain that she still needed the starter Pokémon but seeing as how Pichu is considered a baby Pokémon it'd easily be acceptable as her second Pokémon on hand as a first year. Anyways, she was chosen by a Ralts, a very special Ralts at that as it had the ability Telepathy instead of one of the traditional abilities its species has."

"Wow," was all Harriet said to this when Ollivander finished talking. Which about summed up both hers and Dudley's thoughts on the whole thing.

"Now let's get you two in the pen. Who's first?" Ollivander asked the children.

"I'll go first," Dudley said quickly and was led by Ollivander into the back with a huge assortment of Pokémon only 6 months old playing together, watching others play, or simply talking with each other depending on their personalities. It was at this point Harriet froze though when she realized how the choosing would work. Her breathing became fast and erratic. A million thoughts flying through her head from what if she wasn't chosen to what if she was crowded by all of them again at once. It wasn't until Ollivander put a hand on her shoulder that she snapped out of it and took a deep calming breath that she even realized she'd missed Dudley being chosen by a Machop.

"Your turn Miss Potter," Ollivander informed her before turning to Dudley. "That's a very strong Machop that's chosen you. Its ability is guts which only makes it stronger when it gets a status condition."

At this point Harriet wasn't even paying attention to Ollivander who hadn't even noticed she'd frozen again at the entrance to the pen and hadn't gone inside yet. "Are you okay?" she heard but didn't really register. Her panic attack was coming back but before it could even reach a full blown meltdown she felt something poking her cheek. "Are you okay?" the voice more insistent than the last time. Harriet turned her head and noticed a white rabbit like Pokémon sitting on her shoulder where Pichu liked to be talking to her. "Are you okay, sweetie?" the Pokémon asked again in a soft motherly tone.

"Yeah, I'm fine now thanks. How about you?" Harriet asked the rabbit like Pokémon.

"I'm glad you're okay, you looked like you were ready to run away like a startled Buneary." the Pokémon said, before asking, "Are you one of the new trainers we were told about coming to get their first Pokémon?"

"Yeah, though whoever I get will only be my official start. I have a Pichu that was born only a month ago from an egg my mom's Raichu laid." Harriet told the white rabbit before adding. "I guess I need to go in now, huh?"

"No need to dear, I'll go with you," the white rabbit informed her.

"You will?" Harriet asked, letting out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding again as the clamping feeling in her chest eased up.

"Of course, I am one of the starter Pokémon after all." The white rabbit informed her.

"I see you've already been chosen, but judging by the direction you're facing you didn't even make it inside the pen." Ollivander said from behind her.

Startled Harriet squeaked before turning to the old man, "No sir, I uh, had a bit of a panic attack when I saw how many Pokémon are in the pen." She told him weakly.

"Not to worry Miss Potter," Ollivander informed her. "You aren't the first person and you certainly won't be the last to do that. Now let's get you and your cousin registered with your starters and get them paid for so you can spend some time getting to know her. She's a Scorbunny by the way. Very rare around these parts, especially as a fire type. Much like young Miss Weasley's Charmander. Though I haven't the foggiest what Scorbunny's ability is, you see she never used it in front of me."

"Thank you, Mister Ollivander," Harriet replied meekly, still getting over the shock from almost going into a panic attack. Though Scorbunny was helping by being affectionate and rubbing her cheek against hers. To which Harriet reached up and scratched her new Pokémon's back taking comfort in the now shared affections.

As Mr. Ollivander got their new Pokémon registered as their starter and took the payment for them from Sirius, Harriet began to think about what had just happened. She hadn't had a panic attack like that in over a year, not since she had the egg. Then again Pokémon didn't rush her like they used to. She didn't know why that was though. Maybe she'd never figure it out.

"You all right Harriet?" Sirius asked her as they left the store.

"Yeah, I'm fine she told him, can I have Pichu back now?" She asked, rather practically demanded of her godfather. To which Sirius complied and she immediately released Pichu and picked her up pulling Pichu into a hug.

"Harriet?" Pichu asked because she could feel her human's desperation through the hug. "What's wrong Harrier?"

"I had a panic attack," Harriet mumbled so low only her two Pokémon could hear her, with her head down so no one could see the hot tears that built up in her eyes. "If it wasn't for Scorbunny, I doubt I would have been able to get a starter and then both of our dreams would have been ruined."

Scorbunny nuzzled her as Pichu patted her on the cheek. "It's okay Harriet, it didn't happen that way and next time I promise I won't stay behind no matter what and if anyone says it has to be that way we just go somewhere else. Besides we would have found another way to achieve our dreams even if that had happened."

"I won't let us be separated either, besides Pichu's right I did choose you despite you not entering the pen so it's okay." Scorbunny added.

Harriet reached up and pulled Scorbunny into her arms as well hugging them both close but with a little less desperation than before. "Thank you, both of you." She told them feeling much happier now.

"Come on pup, it's time to go home now. I bet you and Dudley are both tired from having such a big day." Sirius called to her from where they had gotten further ahead of her in their walking.

Wiping the last of the tears with her arm she looked up and smiled brilliantly at Sirius before jogging to catch up. She began telling him all about how Scorbunny had chosen her before she even entered the pen making it into an epic tale, though she conveniently left out it was because Scorbunny was worried for the little girl who looked like she was about to 'Run Away like a startled Buneary'.

And thus ended the second biggest day of any trainer's life in the Elpis Region. As Harriet headed home with her cousin and godfather talking about the day and what exciting things that could happen once they got to Hogwarts. They only had a little over two weeks left until then and they couldn't wait.

A.N - I've have talked with Mr. Chaos so any idea that may seem similar it probably is because it is similar to one of his and he has given the OK. Granted his story was what prompted me to want to write my own anyways.