Chapter 1

Just a random idea that popped into my head.

Before I start here's a quick rundown on how William (MC) got transported into another world.

William was a modded and one day he decided to mess with the codes in the game bloodborne, giving himself infinite money, changing weapons stats, giving his character stats that is OVER 9000! And so on.

Here's a quick rundown of the important changes he made that will effect the story.

Character stats all over 9000 as stated before

Weapon stats has been ticked. In particular the durability has been set to INFINITY, the cheeky MC also added a line in items description explaining why it's durability is infinite, in items description it's says "it's made with Azathotnium" (for those that didn't know Azathot is the most powerful god in lovecraft which bloodborne is based off on, all it takes for him to destroy the universe is for him to wake up as the universe is just his dream)

The guns also underwent massive changes as William they no longer consume quick silver bullets anymore.

Mc also imported a bunch of modern fire arms into the mix (also doesn't consume bullets)

Melee weapons are relatively unchanged.

Hunter's dream underwent major renovations as William imported the schematics of the Palace Versailles from SketchUp. The background is set to be sunny.

Mc also switch Lady Maria's body and plane doll's body, the dialogue is still the same... just that whenever MC goes to the clocktower he'll meet Lady Maria in the body of plain doll and would attack him barehanded as plain doll is not equipped with any weapons, her hp now pitifully now. On the other hand Plain doll having Lady Maria's body is now much more powerful.

MC made changes to the respawn mechanics as he can now respawn anywhere he liked, this is important as later MC can also respawn in reality (once he gets transmigrated of course)

Anyway I said all this because one day as he was tinkering with the game some more a random lightning strike stuck his house and his computer exploded.

Next thing he knows he wakes up in Worm universe in his in game bloodborne character that he heavily modified.

As for why he got transported to worm-verse? There a a tab in the worm wiki page in his computer before it exploded, as he was reading a bunch of fanfics he unconsciously stumbles upon a crossover of worm and one of his favourite franchises, so he decided to read up on the wiki page to get the general idea of the worm-verse.

Our story starts after he transmigrated

-story start-

'What!? Where the flying fuck happened' William wondered as he looks around finding himself in a totally different place.

The last thing he remembers was that he was converting and importing a bunch of clothes and costumes from a bunch of different games, there was Dark Souls, GTA and Assassins creed.

The last thing he remembers was hearing a lightning strike outside and the next moment he was here.

William looks around the unfamiliar place before noticing his unfamiliar clothing.

'What the hell is going on!?' William screamed in his head as he examines the clothes he's wearing.

' I clearly wasn't wearing this' he thought as he touch the luxurious looking clothing with intricate designs.

What he's wearing now seems to be a highly decorated 18th century clothing while he obviously doesn't have something this well decorated in his wardrobe, but oddly enough something about his clothing is oddly familiar.

William frowns as scratch his head.

As he was scratching his head a bunch of odd white hair fell on his face.

'Wait! White hair!' William panics as he ruffles his hair some more to make sure he's not mistaken.

'It's real!' He exclaims as he began examining his own body, touching and feeling almost every inch of his own body.

After awhile...

He finishes his self examination and there's the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that his body isn't old as the skin beneath all his clothing is still quite youthful.

The bad news is that this isn't his own body, the white hair and his the slightly different body proportions is pretty much a dead giveaway. His original body was a bit on the fat side, due to not exercising and large intake of junk food tended to have such an effects on the body.

As he was examining his own body he was also steadily getting to a realisation of where his oddly familiar feeling was coming from, his body...

William's hates his ridiculous idea that popped into his head as his body... resembles his bloodborne character.


His white hair, his body and clothing all matched perfectly with his game character, but if he's in his game character's body then where is here?

William wonders as he looks at the obviously modern architecture that surrounds him, bloodborne was set in Yharnam a city that is heavily based on Victorian architecture.

Judging by the modern setting he obviously didn't transmigrated into bloodborne.

On that note William sudden felt a tugging sensation and before he knows it, he is suddenly transported yet again to another place. Tho this time to an all so familiar place.

As right before is the copy of Palace Versailles he had made.

Unlike the original which gave off a damp dark creepy feeling, this place place has become spacious and the mood is visibly much lighter as he now there's a sun lightning the place up.


'This... isn't this my modified hunter's dream?' William thought as he explores the place, along the way he was touching and feeling everything.

'The grass, the walls, the statues... everything feels so real' William thought as his hands slides across a glass windows.

As he is walking around he eventually arrives at a large circular fountain where he sees someone sitting at the edge.

William's slowly approached the figure as he slowly got a better look the the sitting figure.

The figure is seems to be a female and is wearing what seems to be Lady Maria's outfit. (Author's note: just go do a 5 second google search of Lady Maria)

William approached as he finally got close enough to recognise that the person sitting was Lady Maria.

"Good hunter, I wasn't expecting to see you again after you have gone to the waking world..." the woman said

' This... this is the plain doll!' William thought as the plain roll just said something that wasn't in the list of dialogue she could say.

"I have returned"

"Good hunter. This may sound strange, but... Have I somehow changed? Moments ago, my body suddenly felt different and the clothes I'm wearing suddenly changed... how strange it is... O good hunter" The Plain doll who is in Lady Maria's body said.

"This... this is a body that is of flesh and blood that I have gaven you" William replied hesitantly not quite sure how she would react.

"This... what is this? What is this sensation? I-I can't remember having this sensation before, not a thing, only... I feel ... something I've never felt before... Ahh... Tell me hunter, could this be joy Ahh..." she says as she clenches her chest feeling the sensation of her heartbeat accelerating which caused her some confusion.

William then rubs her cheek caringly, he leans in closer before saying " I'll see you soon" William smiles cheekily as he swiftly heads back to the palace, his long coat fluttering behind him, leaving behind a confused Plain doll.

As he was walking away internationally William is like 'oh my god! I never thought I could say lines like those cool elegant brooding male capture targets in one of those Japanese Otome games (basically dating sim games for girls)' William feeling quite proud of himself.

Of course it didn't take long for William to deeply regret the action he has taken, as cool it was William has always found those the male capture targets in those Otome game or shojo manga (shojo manga is basically romance manga for teenage girls, the keyword being teenage girls) very cringe worthy.

William had tried reading one of those when he was younger as he has no idea what the Shojo genre meant, it didn't take long for him blacklist all manga that has the tag Shojo.

William was like " OH my god what the fuck is up with the art style! What the hell is up with those brooding edge lord male characters all having sparkly eyes!..."

But to be fair it's not as bad as when he searched the term Yaoi and BL...


Anyway, thinking back of the cringe worth action he had just taken gave himself another dark history.

As he was deeply regretting sees a baby-like creature nearby.

'It's a messenger or as Plain doll calls them the little ones' William thought as asked it to lead him to the wardrobe.

"Can you take me to the wardrobe which all my clothing is located at?"

He very distinctly remember organising and putting all the costumes in a room but he can't quite remember which room he put them in.

Perhaps this is an oversight for inserting in a freaking palace! Some might even say that he's over compensating for something...

Anyway the little one obediently lead him to a particular room.

"Thank you" William said as he walks into the room and opens the wardrobe, revealing lines of clothing.

Fortunately he has imported some modern clothing from GTA as otherwise he would very much look out of place and would stick out like a sore thumb.

Looking through the section filled with modern clothing William decided to go with something inconspicuous like white hoodie top and jeans.

Oh and he almost forgot to cover his white hair, so he wore a black beanie on his head.

So with everything checked out he proceeded to exit the hunter's dream and enters back to reality.