Iwas expecting like all my other works someone finally points out my subpar English which at this point I think is a lost causeas I don't think I can get better than this.

Personally I think my English is much better that my early worksback when I just started writing.

Also, I doseparate what we know and what the characters knows. There's an Role Playing term called meta gamingit means to use knowledge that you character in game shouldn't have access to.

I try to keep my character's action within the confines of his knowledge. Didn't I already explain the reason behind his actions? He thinks that the worm-verse is a generic super hero world filled with Mary Sues.

Saying that I think it would be an interesting concept to write a story where the MC has the ability to read ahead of the plot.

-story start-

William's Dream copy of Palace Versailles

A few days passed

William is in a room with a large crock board, pined to it is a large map of Brockton Bay with the various school highlighted and various notes pinned right besides them.

According to various tropes and cliches he has rated the likelihood of Taylor being a student of one of these schools, on top of the list are the very prestigious schools, next is the all girls and then is the religious school... and so on.

William had tried to find Taylor but unfortunately he still hasn't found the protagonist yet, which is very frustrating.

Grated his "searches" primarily consisted of turning into his little one form and just looking around the campus of these schools.

He infiltrate the girls locker room a few times... cough cough... obviously he did it to find Taylor! Obviously and definitely no other ulterior motive! I mean if a man suddenly got the power to turn invisible and walk through walls surely that said man won't abused it right? Exactly! Trust is the foundation of human civilisation if one can't trust their fellow man then who can they trust? Civilisation itself will fall apart without trust.

So... Jokes aside... or is it?


Anyway William has scouted out most of the school in Brockton Bay Area, every time he sees a file cabinet in the offices of these schools William is quite tempted to raid them as it would certainly make his job easier, but William clamp down on such insane ideas as the demerits of such an action far out weight the potential benefit of his action.

For him to find Taylor he'll need to raid all the file cabinets of all schools in Brockton Bay Area for him to have a 100% chance of finding her.

That's simply unreal... well he can actually do but it would also signal to the PRT and everybody that he's targeting or finding someone, a school student to be more specific.

William naturally is not to keen of having his intentions read especially since there are powerful Thinkers in this world that can manipulate world economies without anyone noticing, he remembers reading up someone called Numberman.

He's already on hot water for the stunt he pulled with the banks already and he's not really to keen on gathering more attention until there's an army of Thinkers predicting his every move.

Perhaps there might even be Thinkers working on his case William doesn't really know but he obviously isn't going to such a brain dead thing as to reveal his intentions.

Like robbing banks and jewellery stores are very common things, a Thinker would be hard pressed to deduce something from doing common things, but raiding file cabinets of all the schools in Brockton Bay Area? That's an oddly specific thing and it won't even take a Thinker to deduce that he's trying to find someone around the age of learning.

At this point William was about to go "you know what? Screw it! I'll go with with the 3rd option! "

When suddenly William has an idea.

'Well it's not too much of a hassle might as well as try it out' he thought as he tries that idea out.

What is his idea you may ask?

It's simple real it may not be the most efficient but it's better than nothing.

So each and every morning he'll listen in on the attendance of each class

(Using numbers from our earth, I'll assume they're very similar on worm-verse, I easily found these numbers with a simple google search)

The average number of students per school (high school in this case) in the state of Massachusetts (the state Brockton Bay is supposed to be located at) is 874.

The average class size is between 15.4-22 so assuming he attends one class per day attendance then he'll need 39-51 days to check all classes but he doesn't need to check all of them just the first and second years.

So that will be 20~25 days per school, unfortunately there are 33 public schools in Boston.

He'll only be able to check a little less than half of the public schools in a year.

Not that he has to check every one of them as some of them are highly unlikely for Taylor to be attending.

He just need to organise a search according to the highest likelihood to the lowest, he's bound to find her sooner or later.

As the months passed

William began crossing out the schools on the giant map one by one until... one fateful day

'I did it! I finally did it' William celebrated as he finally found the chosen one (by himself), The child of fate, the who was prophesied (months ago by himself), the one who shall bring balance to the 4 elements!


Well maybe not the last one but he has certainly found her.

- chapter end-

I'll end it with a cliffhanger