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Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina are seen making a love potion in Serena's bedroom.

"At last, this love potion will help us get any boy we fall in love with, 1 sip, and they'll fall in love with us." Mina smiles.

"Since Serena has Darien, it was a nice idea to create this love potion so we can have boyfriends of our own." Raye smiles.

"I'm not in any hurry to even have a boyfriend, but just in case, I'll gladly have one." Amy smiles.

"Since we don't have boyfriends, we can finally have 1 like Serena." Lita smiles.

The girls all finished making the love potion, then Serena came in with a snack.

"Hey girls, my mom made us a snack that we can all eat." Serena smiles as her friends all took a bite, but suddenly, it felt so hot that they tried to fan their mouths.

"What's this? And why is our mouths on fire?" Her friends asked.

"Oh, those are my mom's hot tamales." Serena answered with a smile.

"Are you trying to kill us?" Her friends asked.

Serena grabbed the bottle containing the love potion, and handed it to her friends, her friends all drank the love potion, then their mouths cooled down.

"Are you girls okay?" Serena asked as her friends all looked at her.

"Never felt better." Her friends answered as they all tackled her to the ground.

"Girls what are you doing?" Serena asked as she was beginning to look scared.

"We love you so very much, you're so beautiful!" Her friends confess their feelings with heart shaped eyes, then they all gave her a kiss on the lips.

Darien, Luna, and Artemis all came in, then Serena explained the situation, as Luna looked at the bottle.

"That wasn't water, that was a love potion." Luna points out.

"A love potion!?" Serena gasped as her friends continued to act all lovey dovey on her.

"Don't worry our princess, we'll make you feel a whole lot better." Her friends say in unison as they smother her with their love.

A while later:

Serena was seen taking a bath, then her friends all came in looking naked.

"Don't worry our princess, we'll be sure you get a nice bath." Her friends smiled as they begin to scrub her everywhere, esp her private parts.


Serena was seen out at the movie theater with Darien, and suddenly her friends show up and sit next to her as Serena sighs.

Another location:

Serena's friends were seen feeding Serena, then suddenly Sammy shows up and starts laughing, but it wasn't a wise decision as Serena's friends all stood up and walked towards Sammy as they looked angry.

"How dare you laugh at your sister like that!" Amy shouts angrily.

"Yeah! We're trying to give her love!" Raye shouts angrily.

"Stop being such a brat!" Lita shouts angrily.

"That's no way to treat your big sister that way!" Mina shouts angrily.

Sammy looked scared as he ran away in terror.

"COME BACK HERE!" Serena's friends yelled angrily as they chased after Sammy, Serena used the opportunity to get away as her friends dealt with her little brother.

With Serena and Darien:

"So your friends are still at it?" Darien asked as he's drinking coffee.

"Yes, and it's starting to bug me, at least they're dealing with Sammy." Serena answered.

"Serena don't you think its bad that your little brother is being harmed by your friends?" Luna asked.

"What are you talking about Luna? You know Rini used to be the same way with me when she was here." Serena says.

"It's hard to believe that your friends are giving you too much affection." Artemis says.

"Armara and Seiya flirted with me at times, but my friends? Never." Serena says looking down.

"Things can happen when drinking a love potion." Luna says.

"You 2 cats, and you Darien, along with my friends are all I have for support, sure I still have my family, Rini is back home, Amara, Michelle, Trista, and Hotaru are out of contact, and Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten are back on planet Kinmoku, so with you with you guys, its just like when we defeated Queen Beryl and Queen Metallia." Serena smiles sadly.

Suddenly her friends show up.

"Hey Serena." Her friends greet her with a bright smile.

"Hi, what happened to Sammy?" Serena asked.

"Taken care of." Her friends answered with a bright smile.


We see Sammy looking all beaten up.

Back with Serena:

"Now that we're together, we're gonna live with you, and love you forever." Her friends smiled with heart shaped eyes as they begin to kiss her on the lips.

Serena woke up from her bed, as she sighed in relief.

"Phew, it was all just a dream." Serena smiles looking relieved.

"What was it about?" Serena's friends asked with bright smiles on their faces as Serena freaked out.

"Girls, what are you doing in my room?" Serena asked looking startled.

"We came by to say hi, your mom let us in, and it looked like you were having some dream." Her friends smiled.

Serena explained what her dream was about.

"Us trying your moms hot tamales and you giving us a love potion thinking it was water?" Her friends asked.

"You acted all lovey dovey on me, and you wouldn't let me go." Serena explains.

Serena's friends all smiled as they gave her a hug, then Serena got dressed, and she and her friends all went out to spend the day.