A idea I am having regarding story lines I've never really seen.

Nartuo buffy and starwars do not belong to me I just using the concept.

Draft of yet to come

I was held in my new mothers' arms looking up into a fuzzy face, as I was nodding of, I knew that I had been reborn, how many AUs have I been in know too many to count,

Hearing cooing and low speaking I fell into a deep sleep, being reborn is exhausting.

It took me months to focus on my new situation and environment to start to understand the language, and to ensure i was health and whole, a few lives I had been staved and killed. It still makes me uneasy how vulnerable I was then. My name is Rai and I have long white blond hair and green eyes, I was cute if I do say so myself. I had lots of memories and I chose the ones of being a slayer and a jedi. I was going to kick ass.

When I came to I was with other children it seemed that I was in a children's home and was unwanted, the place was old and in great need of refurbishing, it was surround by trees and plant life it was beautiful and peaceful, you can hear nature in the background. I learnt that we were in the middle of a war the third one I was nearly three years old, I learnt to read and write, do basic maths and played with the other children. I helped the matron with the babies, it was very relaxing until I realised where I was fucking in Konohagakure. How the fuck did I not know this until now.

After I found out where I was, I started to train my body, I started running ten times around the home and then doing push up and sit ups and other exercises. Muscles memory was there just had to practice, I knew to train in secret and not let anyone find out, using the force, I gained a better understanding of this world and search my feelings, to better concern myself with people in power here, were monsters as were all the elementary nationals, leaf just covered it better.

I became a loner and by the time the ninja came to sign people up to the academy I was signing my name and gained a small flat to live by myself, I was but 6 years old. I started school my teacher was okay not much very genetic dark hair, dark eyes looked like half the population of leaf. But he was a chuin, so listened to the in doctoring of impressible cannon fodder which 90% of us were accept the clan children. So stereotypical, this world was so fucking cliché, it was stupid, no one cared if the orphans died it was all about the clans.

I hated that fact I never knew how birthed me I did not care I was very independent and could adapt fairly well to my circumstances, I became a dab hand at stealing vitamins and shakes to help with my growth, stealing clothes and food, and buying supplies to support my new ninja career. I wanted to at the top of my game. By the time I was eight my powers were coming back, such as the slayer dreams showing future strength and speed, my jedi skills also started to developed and I already had the basic forms on 1 and 2 fighting styles as well as the slayer fighting. I also wore seals for weights etc.

You would think I would stand up and say I was a prodigy or genius but I never did why you ask, common sense, I never part of the place and being termed as cannon fodder, by the higher ups in private, I was a great spy I found out lots of information as well as remembering the manga and tv series of Naruto, really help to understand what's going on. Danzo also started to take a few of the children in the orphanage when I was there, I kept an eye out for him I planned to kill him, as he was the most corrupt individual of the lot, and no child should be in the position Danzo put them in.

As I can recall the village is here because the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan stop needless killing each other because they had lost younger siblings and wanted children to be able to not fight until they had a childhood. Danzo fucked their dream in the ass by having root members. And the mother fucker had taken some children I liked when I was younger. I owned them for keeping my aloneness at bay and was able to begin my training. There is always time to set goals and developer them.

Anywhere la. .day i passed the academy and awaiting team section. Brilliant I kept my grades in the middle and wondered why you would show all your skills to be rookie of the year the academy did not matter, it was a pissing contest for the clans and stupid childish games for the others.

My team 2 with me Rai, ken and haru our jounn sensei was Lan Sato, we passed the teamwork test it was information gathering and then a short fight to show skills, it was okay. We passed got down doing d rank missions. And grew as a team Lan sensei did not care for us and we knew it, I grew close to my fellow orphans and we started sharing skills and being friendly together. We were nine when we got our C Rank mission to get supplies to the front line, it took two weeks and we were contently under attack and we gave out the supplies, we run back and got paid and back to our d rank missions. Cannon fodder team 2 survived first C rank mission. We trained and fought each other I let my guard down a little I felt Ken and Haru were family to me and we started to hang out more gain more skills. For a year my life was starting to become perfect, my goals were starting to change to include my team, and my team and I had currently overheard our sensei while drinking with his friends how he had not got rid of us yet and how crap we were but apart from that I was happy.

It was a day like no other when it all changed we got a high C boarding on B mission this was an outpost need Kuma and needed to get additional supplies to them as well as stay there until the next team showed up it was a three week mission., my sensei took it with a smirk on his face as did the chiun and hokage. A feeling of loss already was felt in my very being, I took my weapons and food clothes etc.

It started to rain and poured down it was like the heavens were crying on us, by the time we stop it was starting to lighting up, we were all wet though and camping under some trees, the smell of rot and damp seemed to linger in the air and the floor mudding. We started to set up a tent to dry of and change and then started eating ration bars and drinking water, I popped a couple of vits and other things to gain additional energy. It took a couple days to reach and by that time we wanted a shower, we arrived, and supplies given to the team. We all had showers and clean clothes, food and slept well that night, the next day we awoke up and ate and enjoy ourselves, laughing and joking, that night my life changed again, the outpost was under attack and we had to fight to keep it hours went by I was neck deep in blood and guts I was using my swords and all the training paid of at last. In this outpost were 30 leaf ninja, within a night it was done to 3 Sensei Lan and Ken both were injured and it was not looking good, all 200 ninja of kumo were mostly dead and the smell in the air and the bodies on the floor was a sight I would never forget. Burning the bodies after looting them, putting all our ones in black sealing scrolls, and then using another justu to wash the place, in the space of two days I was losing my family, it took fie days for Sensei to die, good ridicules to him but ken was holding on I gave most meds to him, I sent word of what happen here, got a reply of help will arrive soon, over the next few weeks I killed a lot of ninja form Kumo to IWA ninja I held the place, I ate and slept when there was a quiet time, I washed and dress in clean clothes and also read that we were meant to die in this place. I was starting to hate the leaf. Bigoty people in power fuck them all I will show them just who they are fucking with.

It took a little time but at the end of the month I lost Ken I put him in a scroll and sat down my life was now filled with revenge, anger and hate, the new people came and I gave the report, but I never gave them my true kill count, I made it seem that there had been manageable ninja coming in ones or two's. due to my shock and developing ptsd I believe they believed me.

Going back was hard but I did it I gave in my bodies I also gave in my mission report. I was called in the next long and behold I was a chuinn. I felt numb as I walked away, I was on leave for roughly around a month, I then trained and gain some skills, started form 3,4,5 and started to use more seals for weights etc.

The war come to an end by the time I was 11 years old I had gone on many missions and seen some ghastly sights, but none compared to what happen at that outpost. There was a lot of up and coming ninja and I seemed to be put to the side. I was not in a clan or known so the higher ups never cared it vexed me greatly especially as I saw the cease pool of corrupt people in position, they should not be in. I saw people make a big deal out of Kakashi trauma due to his high profile family etc it was wrong Ken and Haru needed it just as much, the light are not so light and death is the currency of this world.

I continue thought out the years I could have stopped the fox been a pal to Minato could of change some things, but I disliked them they basically disgusted me, Minato could of helped orphans out but did not could of killed Danzo. He fell into being part of the high up plots and being used by the clans to future themselves.

You always read fanfictions about oc characters who feel they need to change the story, tell the hokage made friends with nartuo, etc etc if your reborn in Naruto then YOUR IN AN OF SHOT OF THE NARTUO MUTI UNVIRSE! So frustrating why also be a supporting character when you are the main one for being reborn it's your story the main story has already been done.

So I thought I would do a takeover first I killed Danzo so easy you see during the fox escape, I killed Danzo while he guard was down and took over root, I used a better henge to ensure that I was not found out to quickly, and then I went to the Damio the lord of fire country and spoke to him about the corruption and evil that were the power beings and two months after the fox I was 15 years old I gain the fire lords trust, and then started to take over the leaf, the Uchiha gave me the idea, with the fire lord and the orphans and root I became the fifth hokage.