Chapter 35

Kyomi was pulled out of their bedroom as she said, "Wait, what four?" She saw Hatori zipping Luc's jacket up.

"Mommy! Uncle Towi put on!" Luc said happily. He loved all his uncles, blood related or not. "Fank you Uncle Towi." He grinned at the doctor.

"Come on Luc, time for school." Tohru said as she grabbed her own backpack. Luc ran to his mother and gave her a big hug before running back to Tohru and grabbing her hand, pulling her out the door.

"Have a good day!" Kyomi ruffled Kyo's hair as he passed her, eliciting grumbles from the orange haired teen. Kyomi just giggled at her brother as he went. Once the school bound children were on their way, Kyomi turned back to the three men left in the living room.

"So what exactly are we doing today?" Kyomi asked, a little hesitant.

"We are going shopping!" Ayame said excitedly. Kyomi just stared at him deadpanned. She turned to Hatori and Shigure.

"And you agreed to this?" She said a little incredulously. Hatori just grinned at her and Shigure put a hand on her shoulder.

"Well, it's shopping for our wedding attire so it didn't really take much persuasion." He said happily.

"Wait, I thought you were wanting to make my dress." Kyomi asked Ayame.

"Oh I am, but I didn't want to rob you of the experience of trying on dresses. Besides, this way I can see what you like and what you look good in. I have my ideas, but I would like to see them on you before I make anything." He was looking Kyomi up, down, and around with his mental tape measure while he was talking. Raising her arms and running a skilled light hand down her sides since she had loose shirt on.

Kyomi couldn't really argue with that logic except on one point. "You know I've already done all this before right? You don't have to do this just for that." She said.

Shigure spoke from next to her. "Yes, but I have not! Nor did you do it with us!" He said with a kiss peeked on her cheek.

"True, but wedding dress shopping isn't something a girl does with her best male friends usually." Kyomi said. Shigure and Ayame just stared at her like she had grown hair like Medusa. Kyomi thought about it and then laughed and facepalmed. "You're right, we would have done that." Ayame and Shigure just exchanged knowing looks while Kyomi laughed.

"Not that either of us would have had much choice in the matter, but I do believe they are right. They would have drug us out to do your wedding dress shopping if you had been here, no matter who you were marrying." Hatori finally chimed in.

Kyomi nodded, smiling at her best friends. They were all standing next to each other at this point. She got a glint in her eye that Hatori caught and he immediately backed up in time for a poof of smoke to envelope the other two possessed men. Kyomi sunk to the floor hugging a black dog with a snake curled around her shoulders. Hatori just shook his head at them with a smile on his face. He wouldn't admit it to them, but he loved his friends dearly. The time right after losing Kyomi had been the second hardest time in his life to date. They had lost a part of themselves. Now that she was back, it seemed like all was once again right in their world. The fact that she was marrying Shigure made it all the more sweeter.

After Ayame and Shigure had gotten their human forms and clothes back, they started out. Hatori drove them to a bridal shop that Ayame had personally worked with before. The shop keeper was the sweetest woman Kyomi had ever met, however within the first fifteen minutes, Kyomi already felt exhausted for her. The amount of energy the small white haired shop keeper had blew Kyomi away.

They boys had split to search the racks for dresses for Kyomi to try and the owner took the opportunity to whisk Kyomi into a dressing room to size her and get some proper underwear on. Kyomi had blushed a little embarrassed when she was asked by Ayame if she had worn a real bra. Kyomi had had to respond that she hadn't and that she was wearing a sports bra.

"Mrs…" Kyomi had started before the shop owner had cut her off.

"Please dear, just call me Asahi. Ayame has just not stopped talking about you since you returned a year or so ago. I know you are special to him and I've all but adopted him as my son and pupil. Granted, when I first met him, I had other thoughts first, but sadly, he already had his heart taken by another. My goodness are they perfect together! Mine is just so sweet and a calming harbor for the storm of his life." Asahi stood back and assessed her work. She had styled Kyomi's hair in a quick simple up do with just a hair tie so her hair would be out of the way. She had just handed the younger woman a long robe to wear in between dresses when a knock was heard at the dressing room door.

Ayame and Shigure had both brought a few dresses to try. Ayame came in to help with the dressing since Shigure had brought some rather large princess type gowns to try. Kyomi hoped they were just for the fun of trying on. As she came out with the first one on, Asahi whispered in her ear, "Stand up straight and own it. You look gorgeous." The older woman winked at her and guided her out to the mirrors in the waiting room. The skirt of the dress was mostly tulle, with beaded lace overlaid along the hem and waist. These continued up the bodice to the rather modest neckline for a sleeveless gown. Kyomi followed Asahi's advice with a small grin to the older woman and a roll of her shoulders. She was careful with the cream dress since the back had a short train in the skirt. Hatori was the first to see her as she came around the corner. His jaw visibly dropped and his eyes widened. Shigure was off buried in a rack so Ayame went to grab him. Hatori stood and went to Kyomi.

"You look beautiful." He raised her hand to gently kiss her knuckles. Kyomi smiled at her best friend and hugged his arm.

"You know, weddings always make people nostalgic and sentimental, so I'll get this out of the way now. Thank you for being you. You've always been there for all of us even though I know we drive you absolutely insane. You've never judged us, well too much anyway, for that. You've just been there. I wish I had been there for you when you needed us the most, but I'm glad I'm here now. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you've always been a bit like the dad of our group." She said hesitantly. This statement only made Hatori laugh. Kyomi whacked his arm lightly. "It's true! When I was younger, I actually dreamt about getting married and you were the one walking me down the aisle! I didn't have a father and you kind of filled that role for me, oddly enough." She shrugged, embarrassed. Hatori finally stopped laughing and kissed the top of her head.

"Would you still like me to? Ayame is going to be Shigure's best man. He was going to make me a best man too, but this is more important, if you want to do it anyway."

Kyomi's eyes widened and a smile bloomed on her face. "I think I would like that a lot. As long as you are okay with it. I was going to ask Mine to stand with me and if he wouldn't blush as red as his hair, I was going to ask Kyo as well. But to save him, I'll probably ask Tohru. Depending on how things turn out anyway…" She trailed off for a second. "But, sadness aside, yes, I would be honored." She hugged his arm again and he gave her hair another kiss.

"Should I be concerned that you are trying to steal my bride Tori?" Shigure teased as he came back with Ayame in tow. Kyomi and Hatori just started laughing considering the conversation they had just had. Shigure and Ayame just stood their confused. When the laughing calmed, Hatori finally explained.

"Considering that Kyomi just asked me to give her away at your wedding, I don't think you have a problem Gure." Hatori went and sat back down while Shigure finally saw the dress Kyomi was in. He actually blushed a little.

"My dear, you look beautiful. I knew you would, but seeing it is something else altogether. However…" He tried to lean in to give her a kiss over her skirt. "This might be a problem…" They laughed at the impracticality of the dress before asking Kyomi what she thought of it.

"It is absolutely stunning and I feel like a princess! Fun to try on and I'm so glad I did, but I would not want to spend any more time in it than this. It's heavy and hot." She laughed as she spun a little side to side and played with how the skirt moved. Asahi made some notes on Kyomi's thoughts and actions before guiding her back to try on the next gown.

Kyomi was blushing furiously as she came out in the next dress. The crepe (the fabric not the food LOL) and lace dress feigned modesty by having a high neckline and ¾ sleeves, however, the fabric on the top was mesh and see through, with strategically placed lace and beaded appliques. The sheath dress clung to Kyomi's rather well-endowed curves and slunk to the ground to finish with a lace trimmed hem. It was a stunning effect that had Shigure's eyes wide and had forced him to cross his legs. Asahi came around Kyomi and placed her hands on Kyomi's hips.

"Good childbearing hips, lucky man you are!" Asahi wagged her finger at Shigure and winked at Kyomi making them both blush even more furiously than they already were. Hatori deadpan commented from his seat next to Shigure, "Those hips already birthed one child successfully." Ayame busted out laughing in spite of his valiant attempts to hold it in.

"Oh! You have a child already? Do you have a picture?" Asahi hurried over to Shigure who was holding out Kyomi's phone lock screen with a picture of Luc playing with Shigure's glasses while sitting on the author's lap. "Oh he's precious!" She gushed to Shigure. "You must be so proud of your son."

Shigure smiled, "I am. He may not be mine by blood, but I already feel more responsible for him than I have anyone in my life. Besides his mother anyway." He winked at Kyomi who smiled back at him affectionately.

Asahi smiled at the couple. Ayame had told her Kyomi's back story so she knew about her husband who had passed. Asahi's husband had also died young so she empathized with the young woman even more. She had never had the luck of finding another love so seeing this young couple so obviously in love and rebuilding their lives after tragedy warmed her heart to bursting.

"Oh! Kyomi dear, you must do a spin for us!" She smirked at the uncomfortable position Kyomi's fiancée was in and decided to torture him a little more. When Kyomi turned to show of the back of the dress, Shigure's awkward shifting in his seat told Asahi she had accomplished her goal. She giggled behind her hand. The cause of Shigure's discomfort was the sheer fabric stretching as far down Kyomi's back as was legally acceptable in public. A few appliques reached around from the front, but it was mostly just the sheer fabric. The skirt draped down over her posterior accentuating those curves and then trailed down to a short train trimmed in more beaded lace.

"My dear, the fact that you can pull this dress of after having a child is a miracle you should not ignore!" Asahi complemented. Ayame came up beside the shop owner.

"I have been telling her that for a year! I even offered to make her some clothing, but she refused my generosity! Alas, you saw what we are left to see her wear." Ayame lamented.

Asahi side eyed the long-haired man next to her. "I'm not sure I'd trust you to make a wardrobe for me either." She said, partly teasing, partly serious. Ayame's shocked look followed Kyomi and Asahi back into the dressing room.

They had some fun trying on some more dresses until Kyomi's stomach started to grumble from hunger. She was shocked when she saw the time. It was well past lunch time.

"I just have one more dress for you to try my dear!" Asahi said. "That young doctor picked this one just a moment ago and it's the only one he's brought so I think we should give it a try." She smiled. Kyomi nodded in agreement. She could handle one more dress.

When Asahi zipped it up and came around the front, she gasped. "Oh my dear, you need to see this one. Ayame may be out of a job." Asahi helped Kyomi out the door and before she came into view, she had the men waiting close their eyes. She kept Kyomi from seeing the mirrors and had Kyomi face the gentlemen seated on the couch. When they opened their eyes, they couldn't speak. Hatori looked both awed at how perfect it was, and proud of himself for finding it.

The gown was still technically a ballgown, but the skirt was almost an a-line with the way it flowed to the floor. It was ivory organza, with lace and pearl appliques. The sweetheart neckline was framed by off the shoulder draped cap sleeves. The appliques were concentrated at the bodice and cascaded and thinned as they went down the skirt.

Shigure finally stood and went to Kyomi. He took her hands in his and spun her carefully around so she could see herself. Kyomi even gasped at what she saw. It was perfect! She loved every bit of it. It even felt pretty comfortable for being a wedding dress which is very hard to accomplish. The bodice was tight, but with it being basically strapless, that made it more comfortable since it wasn't falling down. She saw how Shigure had placed her hand in the crock of his arm and she turned to pull him down for a kiss. Then she let go off him so she could twirl the skirt a little, falling in love with the dress even more as it moved the way she loved. Shigure smiled at her. Ayame stood and went to them.

"I think we found our inspiration! There are a few changes I'd like to make but they are a surprise. Mi-chan, you will have the dress of your dreams!" Kyomi smiled at her friend. She looked around at her best friends.

"Thank you all for this. Today has been so much fun! And Asahi, I will recommend your shop to anyone looking for dresses. This is such a special place and you are a wonder to work with. Thank you for your help today." She hugged the older lady.

"My dear, you are more than welcome. You must come back and bring that little boy of yours! I must meet him." She let the four friends oo and ah over the dress a little more until they heard Kyomi's stomach grumble again. Then she guided her back to change into her clothes. Except, the clothes Kyomi found were not the ones she had worn to the shop.

"What are these Asahi?" She asked confused. Asahi chuckled.

"I had some casual dresses in the back that your fiancée went through. He purchased a few for you. If any of them don't fit and Ayame can't alter them, just bring them back to exchange." She smiled and left the younger woman shaking her head.

"Damn puppy." Kyomi said to herself. The dress he had found her was actually very cute and comfy. It was green with small white flowers and short sleeves, and a knee length twirly swing style skirt. She shook her head at how accurate his assessment of her style was. Thankfully she had worn simple but clean white canvas shoes that matched well with the dress.

She came out of the dressing room twirling her skirt again with a grin on her face. Shigure caught her doing it and she immediately stopped and marched up to him to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"You look proud of yourself, I wonder why that is…." She fake wondered with a finger to her chin. Shigure grabbed her chin and planted a firm kiss to her mouth. His action made her a little weak in the knees so when he let go, she grabbed his shoulder to support herself. Ayame came behind them and threw his arm around Shigure.

"Ready for lunch? I have the perfect place picked out just down the street." And off they went, having already thanked Asahi profusely for such a wonderful morning and promising to visit again. They waved goodbye as they left. Asahi had a huge smile on her face as she waved goodbye. She knew she had just made some more friends.


The friends had a wonderful lunch and were walking back to Hatori's car when they noticed a group of older women walking towards them giving them downright hateful looks. Kyomi looked at Shigure who had gone stone-faced with that glint in his eye. She felt him pull her hand into the crook of his arm again. As the two groups came upon each other, the older lady in front bowed to the group of friends.

"Mr. Sohma, it's good to see you." She said. Shigure answered in his calculating way.

"You as well. It's rare to see your master let you out to play. I didn't know you had a life outside the estate." He said faking playfulness, yet with ice underneath.

"It's been so long since we've seen you at the estate. Akito has just not been the same recently. You all should be at his side, not galivanting around with some trollop." Kyomi's chin came up in defiance and her eyes flashed, but she didn't say a word. She felt Ayame's fingers squeeze hers from where he and Hatori were standing behind her and Shigure. Hatori gently pushed his way around Kyomi.

"I think that's quite enough Ms. Sukihiro. Please give Akito our regards. Good bye." He said with cold finality. The old maid bowed stiffly and walked past with her friends who Hatori and Shigure vaguely recognized as other workers from the estate.

"Well, that's not good." Shigure said lightly.

"Let's get you and Kyomi home, shall we?" Hatori said.

"Don't let her get you down, Mi-chan. She's always been like that. There's a badly placed stick that just hasn't worked it's way loose yet. Too bad. She was actually pretty in her younger years before the wrinkles from all the frowning and judgement took over her face." Ayame said melodramatically which just caused Kyomi to laugh at his wording. She tightened her grip on Shigure's arm making him look at her.

"I'm fine. Pissed, but fine. She's always hated me for how close I am to you. I always took it as a complement and a sign that you only let me that close to you. It actually made me feel special." She said honestly with a grin on her face. Shigure and Hatori shook their heads at her as she walked down the sidewalk in a way that made her skirt twirl a little. She looked at her friends. "Let's go home. I'm cooking dinner tonight and you both should stay." They all agreed and did just that.

/disney/styles Site I used for the dresses. Because Disney princesses duh… I am WAY out of touch with bridal fashion since it's been a long time since I shopped for mine plus $80 Macy's wedding dress here for the win LOL. That's what happens when you have to plan a wedding in a week cause your man is getting stationed overseas… It was still perfect though:) I used to watch Say yes to the dress with my little sister so this is my homage to that:) It was funny cause we have the exact OPPOSITE taste in dresses! LOL This is the last dress they all loved:) /style/3369