ch. 1

Last time

The ninth sister picked Jack up and took him to the meb bay when she put me down she noticed something glowing and her hand was covered in blue liquid "what's this."

"It's my blood is called energon, being the son of primus has its advantages." i replied

grand Admiral walked in

"What does the emperor really want with me?" I ask

"You weren't just a warrior on the battlefield were you." The grand admiral said "you were an engineer designer and a locksmith."

I realized where he was going with this "the empire will never get their hands on alpha." i said with fire in my eyes "I made sure that whats in my room stays in my room." I replied "If the emperor after Solaris maximus he can forget I'll never give him up."

"We will see" the grand admiral said then walked out

After I healed I was taken back to the cell "the Empire after the original alpha plans."

"what's the alpha?" Raf asked

"The Alpha Republic Destroyer." I said "it's a ship I designed, it's faster and has more firepower than a normal destroyer

"Tell us about mandalore." miko asked softly

"The Mandalore planet in one word, rough." i said leaning back "it's people most so, we have a long history of fighting, the planet was beautiful at one time but countless years of war turned the planet bearn, the planet never had a chance to grow back, my people have to live bio-domes expect on the moon life is starting to come back."

"It sounds harsh." miko said

"It is never dall, one thing I love to do was fly " I replied with a small smile thinking about the good old days "when i was in the air it felt like nothing could hold me back."

"What changed?" sierra asked

My eyes had a sad look in them but I didn't have a chance to answer "the clone war." raf said

"Yeah, i made a lot of friends " i replied with a smile that reached my eye" and a whole lot of enemies but one things never changed."

The ship jumped into hyperspace.

"A mandalorian never gives up and neither do I ."

beware boys and girls of all ages the son of order and the nephew of chaos…

Has returned

next stop everywhere.

Now onto the story

Me and the rest of the group was taken to the bridge and we dropped out of hyperspace.

We got a look at a planet covered in a city. I got a sad look in my eyes "guys welcome to Coruscant, the capital of the former republic now empire it's a shadow of what it once was."

"Liar." a commander said

I turned to him, "Commander, I'm a great many things a warrior, an escape artist, outsider to my own people but no one calls me a liar."

"Strong words from an outsider." the commander replied

"Admiral get's this fool away from me, before something happens to him, mainly him going to the meb bay."

"Yeah right, like a freak like you could do something like that" he said

"That's it." I rounded on him and punched him in the face hard, starting him into the door on the far side.

The trooper pointed their guns at me "oh please." I brought my guns and shot theirs out of their hands "you all have this crazy idea that i'm your poisoner, i still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

"Let's go planet-side before something happens to my ship." the grand admiral said

"Lead the way." I replied we walked to the docking and went planet-side when we landed, we're brought to the Senate but we got a look at the Jedi temple It felt empty.

"That's the temple you told us about." Miko said

"Yeah." I replied with hurt in my voice "I remember the day the republic fell."

"Oh yes the day our great empire rose to power" a commander said

"Your great empire" i spout out "killed a lot of people, some of them were innocent or did you all forget about the clone wars."

"Every jedi was traitors." he said

I grabbed him by his uniform and held in the air "even the youngling, I was there the day clone troopers and the real traitor stormed the temple i was there when your precious emperor said and i quote The remaining Jedi Hunted down and defeated." So don't talk about something you have no clue about."

The next thing i heard was an evil bone chilling laugh "so you were there at the last senate meeting of the Republic and birth of the Empire it's good to see shadow still has his skill"

"What do you want Palpatine?" I asked "you could've left me alone but no someone brought me back. to a place I would rather forget so what do you want."

"That's Emperor Palpatine." The commander

"Oh yeah the great Emperor Palpatine." I spout out "the person who order the execution of the person i cared about most your not exactly winning any brownie points you know so back to the question at hand, what do you want Palpatine."

"Solaris maximus and the alpha." He simply said

"Forget it." i replied "i knew about you being dark before i even stepped in the temple, maximus will never answer to you and i will never give up the alpha."

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