title: Galaxy Supernova
pov: Lux
notes: I'm a simp for the Star Guardians Universe. And honestly, I haven't found a Star Guardian fic I like, and I can't wait for any more updates. If there's something or another POV you wanna see, message me or leave it in the reviews and I'll see if I can include it. Hope you guys enjoy!
notes: This is a direct continuation of The Twilight Star, a story you can find on League's official website.

*~Galaxy Supernova~*

The gelatinous blob — I haven't had the time to figure out if it was an evil octopus or demonic jellyfish, I've been too busy dodging all the bubbles — bursts into a small silhouette, enveloped in purple the same shade as the jellyfish. The maniacal giggling is coming from her, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this girl, who looks no older than thirteen, is the mastermind behind the horde of bubbles surrounding us.

Is this girl the Twilight Star Lulu was talking about? But I haven't the time to wonder the answer. Somehow, Sarah and I have been separated from the rest of the girls.

The giggling turns into humming, possibly even more maniacal than the giggles. I'm not surprised by her purple and blue hair — Soraka has green hair, for stars' sake — but when her mismatched eyes land on Sarah, the anger in those eyes make me flinch.

"Ah, the last of the team," the brat coos mockingly. "I'll enjoy completely massacring another team."

Sarah's focus entirely drops, and her arms go slack.

"Sarah!" I scream to get her attention, but she doesn't seem to register the blob shooting towards her.

I barely manage to knock Sarah out of the way. The blob is icky and slimy against my arm, and I instantly feel totally exhausted. I want to take a nap, but someone's screaming my name. Someone is laughing too loud in the background. Jinx needs to go easy on the anime...

Suddenly, my body glows sea-green, and my exhaustion completely disappears.

"Thanks, Soraka," I tell the star child.

I glance at Sarah. She's still unfocused. Is she worried about Ahri? Ahri couldn't have been taken down by this kid. But Sarah certainly thinks so. Is this kid the reason why her old team perished?

"Focus, Sarah," Soraka orders, still in that calming voice of hers. I never thought I'd see the day when her calm persona's shaken. The kid must be trouble. What other possibility could there be for two of Ahri's team to worry like this?

Sarah snaps out of her daze, but I can still see the slight tremor in her hands, fisting her two pistols until her knuckles are white.

"I'll give you a head start, if you want to run," the kid chuckles.

Sarah's brow furrows, and she aims one of pistols at the kid. "Never again, Zoe," she practically growls. "This is for my teammates." The pistol goes off with a loud bang.

The kid, Zoe, easily dodges, flying around like she's swimming in the air. She lifts her hand, and a purple blob appears below us. The blob's sucking us downwards, and our legs refuse to move.

Suddenly, something zooms past Zoe's cheek, a cut on her face where the weapon touched her. The purple blob disappears, and I almost can't believe the weapon had been a feather. I've seen stranger.

Three Star Guardians land in front of us — one with a golden outfit, another with bright pink hair, and the last with bright peach wavy locks.

"Ahri!" I don't know who's more relieved, me or Sarah.

Sarah probably because she's stunned by the appearance of the other two, her face the closest to tears I've seen. "Xayah? Neeko?" Her voice projects her disbelief.

"Neeko is back and stronger than ever!" the one with golden hair smiles.

The one with pink hair scowls. "Let's save the reunion for another time!"

"Feisty as ever," Ahri sighs. She turns back to check on us. "Are you three alright? Where's everyone else?"

"Ez has detention, Syndra has class, and the others..." Soraka shrugs. "I just got here from the bakery."

"Of course," Ahri sighs again, this time more exasperatedly. "Leave it to Ez to have detention on the day the Twilight Star attacks."

So, this brat really is the Twilight Star? I can hardly believe it.

Another maniacal laugh rips me from my thoughts.

"Aw, look, the whole team is almost back together, plus some extras," Zoe giggles, her eyes scouring our group. "I had hoped the whole place had collapsed on you three..." She lifts a small hand and a portal opens behind her.

"We know your tricks now, Zoe," Ahri says, facing the Twilight Star with a hard expression. She gathers energy into her hand and throws an orb straight at Zoe.

But suddenly, something fast zooms in front of the kid, and Zoe's enveloped in a shield that disintegrates when the orb touches it. The orb disappears, not flying back to Ahri this time.

Another purple blob — no, it isn't a jellyfish this time; it's a person! — rises by Zoe's side.

"Now, now, Ahri," Zoe clicks her tongue. "Don't you want to thank me for bringing back the last member of your team? He had almost completely perished after absorbing all of his lover's corruption, so it was no easy task."

Ahri's hands clench at her sides, and Sarah looks grief-stricken.

It's the pink-haired girl, Xayah, who looks utterly devastated. "Rakan..."


ending notes: if there's a POV or something you guys wanna see in the fanfic, just tell me! I honestly just used Lux's POV since she's the POV in the canon stories. Tell me what you guys think!