Hey everyone, I had read awhile back a Harry Potter/X-Men crossover called Wands and Claws by JustBored21 where Harry is the grandson of Logan/Wolverine because Logan is the unknowing birth father of Lily and her birth mother gave her up for adoption. I think on the last part I will have to reread it but anyways I had thought about doing an OC son of Wolverine due to Avatar Conner's 2 fanfics that did an OC son of Wolverine, so I thought what if I do a Harry is the grandson of Wolverine using X-Men Evolution for it and add a couple things. One Jean is a cousin of Harry through Lily's birth mother and 2 a teenage Emma Frost. Now I did change the year of Harry's birth to 1985 but besides the adults in Harry Potter everyone is the same age as in canon. Harry has the ability to copy 10 other mutants' powers, but they start off really weak like level 1 weak, so he has to train them up. Like say if he were to copy Jean's powers (which he will) he would get her telekinesis and telepathy. In exchange for his mutant abilities, I took away some magical abilities. He lost the Animagus and Apparition abilities, but his magic boosts his healing factor making it also as strong as Deadpool's. He has metal covered bones that is like adamantium but its lighter (25 pounds lighter than Logan's bones), has strong resistance to magic, can be used as a focus for magic for Harry, immunity to magnetism (because Magneto can rip the metal out of him) and is 1.5 stronger then adamantium (yes the metal will grow with him). It is called Paslousium. Harry will have 10 claws 3 in each hands and 2 in each foot. Harem fanfic with Fleur, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde and currently unknown number of girls. Dumbledore, select Weasleys, Fudge, Umbitch, and maybe more bashing. Harry will have training from Dr. Strange for magic. Harry's codename is Osmosis which is the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc. Thank you Dannyrockon122 for the codename and name of the metal. I will list out the Mutants Harry will copy in the next chapter. Now it's not a complete list but I do have a good amount of them done. Now I am not sure if Harry should go to Hogwarts or another magically school. Then again he could do tutors or something since Doctor Strange is teaching him.

(August 22nd, 1994:

An eight-year-old boy with messy, black hair and beautiful emerald, green eyes called Harry Potter was running from his cousin Dudley who is a fat pig again but luckily he was faster than him, but he knew he will be tired then Big D along with his gang will continue their favorite game of Harry hunting. Harry was a little underweight with baggy clothes and with cheap glasses but his favorite thing that made him feel special was his lightning bolt scar. He manages to find a hiding place where Dudley and his gang won't find him, but Harry knew when he gets home his "Uncle" Vernon will beat him up very badly.

"I'm tired of taking this crap from the Dursleys." Harry said. After a few hours has passed Harry went head to his prison that he is forced to call home before he gets away worse punishment that makes the punishment he had gotten when he got Dudley in trouble at school.

Harry gets to his house and he sees his Uncle Vernon who looks like a walrus in a business suit. Harry also notice that he is purple in the face and he stomps his way toward him.


Harry run inside the house and his uncle Vernon comes in the homes to grabs him by the hair very tightly.

"You little freak gotten my boy looking all around the neighborhood for you." Vernon angrily said. Vernon then starts brutally beating Harry. Harry's magic deciding enough was enough stops suppressing Harry X Gene he had gotten from his mother and allows it to awaken (while increasing the power it had to fight against the blocks on Harry as well as the Horcrux). Inside Harry ten bone claws start growing three in each hand and two in each foot then a black metal starts to cover his bones and turning his bone claws into twelve-inch razor-sharp knife-like claws. Harry's magic then pushes Vernon off of Harry hard and into a wall. Harry then stands up as his wounds heal very rapidly. He then stares at Vernon as intense anger starts to fill him.

"Freak how dare you use your freakishness on my Vernon!" Petunia yelled in a shriek. Harry then angrily stares at Petunia as the claws in his hands start to slowly slid out and Harry scream a blood curling scream as he runs to Petunia as he starts stabbing her to death.

"Leave my mum alone Freak!" Yelled Dudley as he hits Harry in the head with a metal baseball bat. The bat dented while Harry was a little stun but in his berserker state he quickly recovers, and he pounces on Dudley and starts stabbing him. Vernon recovered and punches Harry in the head, but he broke his hand as Harry turns his attention on him and stabs Vernon to death. After killing the Dursleys Harry came out of his state and stares in shock at his claws and what he did to the Dursleys with them. But then he remembered everything the Dursleys did to him and came out of it. Knowing it would be only a matter of time before someone finds out what he did he knew he had to go quickly before that happens but first he needed to do something about his claws. He took a deep breathe and relax his claws and imagine them going back in. They did and he slid them out and in a few times to get use to it. It hurt a lot to pop them out but compare to what the Dursleys did to him it was very manageable. He grabs a backpack from one of Dudley's rooms to pack essentials to survive. He grabs all the money the Dursleys had plus Petunia's jewelry so he can sell them at pawn shops for more cash. He also grabs all of Dudley's chips and other junk food he had. He grabs all fruit that can last without being in the fridge. He grabs all the flashlights and batteries for them, a good size blanket, a small pillow, and other stuff that can help him survive on the streets. As he was putting stuff in the backpack he noticed that it was lightweight, and everything was getting in there. Thinking his so called "freakish" was helping him he took Dudley's new books he never open or read for him to read and to use for a fire if needed but he doesn't want to use books for a fire. After he was done packing he decided to have one last meal there and wait till night to leave.

(A few hours later)

When it was finally night, and everyone was asleep Harry quickly and quietly exit the Dursley house after setting some fires in it to burn the house down and the bodies so no one will know he killed the Dursley. Just in case he pour some gasoline on the Dursleys' bodies to burn them more quickly. While Harry was doing that a black jet called the "Black Bird" was touching down somewhere near Private Drive. (I am going to skip writing most of the characters' appearances besides Harry, Emma, Fleur, and any OCs and/or characters I decide to add to this. All the X-Men Evolution characters are canon appearances). A man and a woman exited the Black Bird. They were Ororo "Storm" Monroe, and James "Wolverine" Howlett who goes by Logan. They went to Private Drive as they saw Harry close by. Knowing this was the new mutant they were looking for by the description Charles gave them they quickly went to him. Harry smelling them quickly turns around ready to pop out his claws if need be. They stopped moving and knowing that a gentle person needed to talk first Storm takes the lead.

"Hello young man I am Ororo Monroe, and this is my friend Logan. We are here to offer you a place at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." Storm said gently.

"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? What's that? Harry asked suspicious of them. Logan pops out his claws while Storm made a small rain cloud. Harry stares in shock at them even more so at Logan since he has claws like him too. His shock pops out not only the claws in his hands but the ones in his feet as well. While both were surprised by the claws seeing them being like Wolverine's claws though black they quickly gain composure back.

"You young man are a mutant like we are. The Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is a place where we teach mutants to control their powers. It is also a place where we provide sanctuary to them as well." Storm said. Harry doesn't know why but he trusts him, and he gets a weird sense of familiarly from Logan. Plus, it could be better than being on the streets.

"Alright I'll go with you. But I won't make any promises on staying." Harry said. Logan snorts.

"Kid I was the same way, but I came to consider the school as my home. By the way what's your name?" Logan asked.

Harry. Harry Potter." Harry said as they went to the Black Bird. As the Black Bird takes off Harry only had one thought.

'I hope I don't regret this.'