Author's Note: fills the Swan Queen Spring Break Week 2021 prompt: Work/Relaxation


Regina lifted her hands in the air, funneling and aiming her magic at the small green-vested figure doing a jig across the front lawn of City Hall. A glance to her left revealed Emma had another several of the miscreants in her own sights.

About two hours earlier a portal had suddenly erupted and expelled several dozen of the little men. Each wore a green vest and green suit with a green top hat. Smaller than dwarfs, but bigger than fairies, they possessed some sort of manifestation magic. They had begun throwing painted golden and green cast iron pots and gold coins big as dinner plates at passersby on Main Street. They shouted to each other in a language that wasn't familiar to Regina.

Regina threw a fireball and watched Ema charge one of them only to trip over a gold-painted pot that appeared in her path, directly behind the fleeing pint-sized imp. It was the fourth time she'd seen the Savior fall. Clumsy idiot. She shook her head, throwing another fireball. "Stop chasing them!" she suggested. "Use your magic!"

"To do what?"

"Drive them toward where the portal appeared. We'll reopen it." Regina created a circle of flames that contained several of them.

Emma paused in getting to her feet and stared at her hands for a moment. A ball of light magic danced on her fingertips. "Flash-bang!" she suddenly yelled. "Look away!"

"What?" Regina registered the alarm at the same time the ball flew from Emma's hand, multiplied and then each smaller ball exploded in bright light and shrieking sound directly in the face of several Leprechauns. Regina winced, pinched her eyes shut and turned her head away, avoiding most of the light burst - but dots still danced for a moment in front of her eyes.

When she turned around she saw the Leprechauns batting at their eyes, rubbing them and then batting at their ears. They yelled, but clearly they couldn't hear each other. Regina slapped her hands over her own ears. She watched as each man squared his bearded jaw, scowled and turned. Another cacophony of sound went up when they saw Emma. Twenty-four Leprechauns leaped.

Regina gasped; Emma went down amid the swarm. "Regina!"

"Poof!" she advised. Quickly, she brought her hand up, sending her magic to seek out Emma. She felt the momentary mingling of their magic as hers found Emma's and then the blonde materialized next to her.

"Thanks." Emma's red jacket was askew, her jeans were torn, and her button-up shirt had been ripped in several places.

"You're welcome. No, we have figured out very little. Any ideas how to get these imps out of town?"

"They're obviously magical," Emma replied. "Let's drive 'em to the town line."

"And what if they don't vanish like the Chernabog, but instead go over into the Land Without Magic?" Regina shook her head. "No good. We need to find a way to send them back where they came from."

The seething, surging pile of Leprechauns had stilled, finally realizing Emma was not longer in their grasp.

"Looks like time's up," Emma said.

"So, plan?"

"I'll lure them and we'll create the portal like we did for Henry in the Enchanted Forest. When they go through, you close it up."

"With you on the other side? No." Regina shook her head. "Absolutely not."

Emma scrambled away from Regina and drew the Leprechaun's attention with some more flash-bangs. "I trust you to find me."

"That's your parents, not me," Regina objected.

Emma threw her magic at a space between the split trunk of an old oak tree. "Portal magic, now!" she yelled, running toward it.

"Emma!" Regina poured her magic after Emma's and the air crackled and bubbled and finally burst open.

The Leprechauns leaped after Emma as she vanished into the portal. The hole began to shrink behind the last one's heeled boot.

"Emma!" Regina shouted again, using her focus on the blonde to help her magic search through the maelstrom and seize the blonde.

A body hurtled through the collapsing hole and landed with a thud on the ground at the same time the portal completely winked out of sight.

Regina exhaled; Emma groaned.

Silence reigned as Emma breathed hard, face down on the ground. Finally she clambered to her feet taking stock of her body. "Rotten things took my jacket!"

Emma swore; Regina laughed. "Come on. I'll treat you to a bearclaw at Granny's."

"They stole my jacket!"

"They almost stole you!" Regina groused. "I'm not used to having you around all the time again yet and I almost lost you."

Regina felt a hand on her arm as she passed Emma. She turned into the grip to find green eyes grabbing her just as effectively as the strong hands. "What?" she demanded.

"A kiss for the victorious heroine," Emma said, affecting a gallant tone.

"Oh." Emma's grin widened, then her lips pressed to Regina's and her arms wrapped around Regina's back, drawing their bodies tightly together. Humming into the kiss, Regina closed her eyes. Gradually she pulled out of the kiss and smiled at Emma, brushing her fingers through the blonde locks tumbling over Emma's shoulder.

"Thank you," Emma said.

"You're welcome."

"Now, let's go home."

Emma didn't give her time to reply before poofing them both with her own light magic.

They reappeared in their bedroom at the mansion.

"I can't get you a bearclaw now, Emma."

"Don' need a bearclaw when I've got something sweeter right here I'd rather eat."

Regina blushed even as she tried to admonish, "Sometimes you can be so crude."

"No one here to be offended, Madam Mayor."

"Everyone saw us vanish off the lawn at City Hall."

"If they even think twice about it, I took my wife home," Emma said. "So we could get cleaned up."

"Apparently you want to get dirty first. Besides, I'm not Mayor. I'm the Good Queen."

Emma laughed. "So you want to play Good Queen/Bad Cop?" She pushed Regina back onto the bed, stripping her pants, stockings, and underclothes, followed quickly by her own, leaving all in a heap on the floor. Stepping forward over the pile, Emma leaned until their centers were pressed together and captured Regina's lips giving the same noisy hum she gave when biting into a bearclaw. Or coming undone.

The sound surged into Regina's body and made her impossibly turned on. She groaned. "Oh my god. Emma." The sensuous torture had barely begun, only the heat of Emma's center against her own and she was ready. Emma's fingertips skimmed up both Regina's thighs and set her trembling with anticipation, while her tongue plundered Regina's mouth, drawing out more moans.

Regina throbbed. Emma's fingers slipped close to her core and she squirmed. "You're just dripping with anticipation, my Queen."

Emma shouldered aside Regina's left leg, splaying her open as she finally slipped one finger intimately inside Regina. Regina took advantage of their closeness to unbutton and remove Emma's tattered shirt and slide her hands over warm, soft skin, firm breasts and strong shoulders. She gasped as Emma's fingers curled upward. The insistent rubbing brought Regina quickly to the brink. "God. Emma."

"Love you, too." Emma's lips caressed Regina's ear.

Regina threw her head back, shut her eyes tight, seeing stars burst behind them.