Author's Note: For Swan Queen Spring Break Week 2021 prompt: breakfast/late-night snack. Enjoy!


As far as Snow White was concerned, her daughter Emma Swan, the Savior born and sent away to one day break the Dark Curse cast by the Evil Queen, was simply a good friend to her reformed stepmother, just as she herself was.

This was a necessary subterfuge, Emma felt, because her mother had spent most of their reunited years meddling in Emma's love life. First, advocating she repair her relationship with Henry's father, Neal Cassidy, who had been Rumplestiltskin's son Baelfire. Then with his death, Snow had pushed Emma toward Captain Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook. Emma had even considered that for a time – until she learned of his many deceits. Killing her father's father and lying about it. Making the deal with Hades, then lying about it. Gaslighting her and torturing her for tricking her when he became a Dark One. But the final straw had been learning of his participation in the torture of Regina at the hands of Greg and Tamara. That had sent her running to Regina, begging forgiveness.

Regina had revealed she had long ago forgiven Emma; she knew how easily it was to be manipulated by others when you wanted to believe in good things. They deepened their public friendship, co-parented Henry, and finally, four months ago, they had seen Henry off to college together. It was on that trip into Boston, following a few trips down memory lane for Emma, that their friendship became something more like friends with benefits.

When they weren't having sex at Mifflin Street they were working together on learning more magic from the Sorcerer's books. Roleplaying in the bedroom became a chance to practice glamour spells. They transformed male or female, however, the mood suited them. When they were bored with human forms, they played with animal forms as Emma became more adept.

They fucked like bunnies – literally. They played with dominance and submission as alpha and omega wolves, careful to avoid Ruby's werewolf nights. They had explored parts of Storybrooke in dog form, until running afoul of Pongo who chased Regina, a satin black spaniel, three blocks before Emma, in the form of a gray male German shepherd, had driven him off. They frequently greeted the dawn though back in bed at Mifflin Street, human once again and wrapped around each other.

"What would you like to try tonight?" Regina asked as they watched the moon rise.

Emma, who frequently didn't act more mature than a hormonal teenage boy, thought about all the many sexual things they had done. "You know, we haven't tried cats. I could really lick your pussy if we were cats."

"That is the crudest thing I have ever heard."

"C'mon, Regina." Emma leaned against Regina and hummed against her throat before kissing a spot just below her left ear. "Let's make a little pussy magic."

Regina rolled her eyes, but she chuckled. "All right."

Emma wrapped her arms around Regina from behind and rubbed her jean-clad hips against Regina's dress-covered ass.

When white and purple clouds faded, a sleek Siamese chocolate seal-point and a fluffy yellow-white tabby cat were looking around Regina's bedroom.

Regina reveled in the feeling. Her body was light and wiry. Considering what they had talked about beforehand, she was surprised Emma had chosen a female form. A small adjustment and Reginabecame male. Emma's head butted her side and the purr against her ribs made her feel secure. Rubbing together and sharing their scent so they'd be able to find each other should the night's adventure separate them, their soft bodies nestled together. The tabby's tail curled around the Siamese's head before they both leaped up to the open window ledge.

They ran across the hills and through the woods and then raced over the latticed white-picket fences. When Emma slid against her though, as they squeezed through a tight hole in the fence to enter a yard, Regina caught Emma's scent. A craving rippled through her. Emma's cat was in heat. Right then, right there, she wanted – no, needed – to make love to her.

The Siamese grasped the tabby's haunches and started licking the source of the tantalizing scent – her pussy. The tabby went mindless with caterwauling cries, begging for more. The Siamese sank her kitty member into the tabby's hot core and intimately locked their bodies together, wrapping her paws around the tabby's shoulders. Both cats screamed their satisfaction as the rut went on for hours.

Just before dawn and finally too exhausted to hold their animal forms, Regina magicked Emma and herself back to Mifflin and into bed.

"God, Regina," Emma breathed, crawling up Regina's body. "That was amazing."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, my dear." She cupped Emma's face as the blonde's lips moved slowly and lovingly over her own. Then she received Emma between her thighs where she was more than delighted to have Emma now lick her pussy.

"Breakfast?" Emma blinked as she mentally tracked through the rush of her father's words that had started seemingly the second she picked up her cell phone from Regina's bedside table.

"Yes, I thought you might join your mother, me, and Neal for breakfast. It's been a while."

"Well, I –"

"Who is it?" Regina's voice was rough with sleep. "It's not even eight o'clock, please tell them the problem can wait for a response until I get in the office."

"It's not the mayor's office. It's my parents."

"Your parents?" Regina's brow furrowed.

"You can invite Regina, too," David said into Emma's ear.

No, no, this was not how her parents were finding out, Emma decided. "That wasn't…" Emma trailed off as Regina's hands slid down her body beneath the covers, raising very pleasant tingles that were not conducive to talking to her parents.

"David, I'd love to come before breakfast," Regina said, lifting her voice enough to carry into Emma's receiver.

Emma winced, but David apparently found nothing wrong with Regina's turn of phrase. "Of course, Regina. We'll see you and Emma…?"

"Give us an hour? Emma slept with – at the mansion–" Regina corrected when Emma gripped her wrist in warning.

"We were up late watching a movie," Emma said, trying to innocently finish the report to her parents. She glared at Regina.

But David apparently still sensed nothing amiss. He sounded unruffled. "Sure. That's fine."

Emma regained control of her cell phone. "Right, Dad. Thanks. See you soon." She closed the call. "Regina!"

Regina laughed. "Relax, Charming is none the wiser."

"You almost spilled the beans."

Outside her parents' apartment, on the street, Emma inhaled, then winced. There was a familiar dander scent in the air. She and Regina in their cat forms had been here the night before. She didn't remember much beyond the mindless pleasure of the Siamese rutting the tabby. She bit her lip. Regina grasped her hand and led Emma up the steps to her parents' apartment.

David greeted them at the door, holding toddler Neal by the hand. "Good morning. So you two had a girls' night last night?"

"Yes, just us girls," Emma said quickly. Regina smiled at Neal, then picked him up when he grabbed at the air with both hands.

David said. "Snow is still waking up. She slept in for a bit. Some noises outside kept her awake."

Emma pressed her lips together. "Sorry."

"I'll go get her." He walked away.

Regina leaned close. "Well, it sounds like you kept your mother awake last night."

Emma looked in alarm between Regina and her brother, wishing this conversation wasn't happening. "We were here last night."

Kissing Emma, Regina swirled her tongue through Emma's mouth. The blonde caught herself purring. Regina put Neal on the floor and held his hand as they walked to the kitchen. Her voice was a discreet whisper. "I do wonder why you chose a female cat in heat as your form last night. I thought you wanted to lick my pussy?"

"I've just always thought of cats as females," Emma replied sheepishly.

Voice still low, Regina said, "Well, I do agree. I think we rutted outside your parents' home last night."

Emma buried her face in her hands. "Oh. My. God."

Regina kissed her fingers. "I'll let you tell them. I just want to see your mother's face." She stepped away as they both heard footsteps.

Snow walked into the kitchen a moment later, a few paces ahead of David. "Good morning, Emma." There was definitely a forced brightness to her mother's voice.

"Good morning, Snow," Regina said. "David said you had a bad night?"

"Morning...Mom," Emma said. "You...uh, okay?"

The pixie-haired brunette rubbed her head and then her face. "Yeah, I could swear there were cats in heat in the yard all night."

Regina asked, "All night?" Emma watched her lips curl up at the corners, so pleased with herself. Emma lost a sense of time when she transformed, but she had guessed it was a number of hours. Regina brought a great deal of stamina and energy to their nocturnal activities, no matter what form they took.

Snow nodded. "I couldn't sleep."

"I'm sorry, Mom."

"Why are you sorry, dear? They're cats. Doing what comes naturally."

"Mm," Regina said. In an aside, as Snow walked away and started gathering pans and ingredients for a pancake breakfast, she murmured to Emma, "Mm hmm." She licked her lips.

Emma's face heated up. But the sensations from the night came rushing back and her center was hot and wet in an instant. She pressed her legs together. The brunette's dark brown eyes glinted with the mischief of knowing exactly how she had just turned on Emma.