Author's Note: This follows my stories "Nine Months to Love" and "Sex and the Single Moms." But probably the only thing you have to know before reading is Vivian is Emma's baby's name from those stories. The rest is well-enough explained within, I think.

Swan Queen Spring Break Week 2021 prompt: first date/anniversary.


Regina paused in her task at the stove, glancing toward the ceiling at a noise she thought came from one of the bedrooms. She pushed her senses outward and found an answering magic softly twine with it. Returning to her meal prep, she waited for the person whose light treads could now be heard moving down the stairs. The footfalls paused just outside the kitchen entry. She closed her eyes and inhaled. "Good morning," she said.

Warm arms wrapped around her waist and soft lips nuzzled past her hair and pressed against her throat. "Good morning." One hand slipped away from her waist and Regina caught the scent of magic. Another shift of the body behind hers and a bouquet of flowers was lifted between herself and the stove. "Happy anniversary."

Suspecting the interruption would be lengthy, Regina put down the spatula and cast a stasis spell to preserve the food. Slowly she turned around and claimed Emma's lips as they lowered to hers. The bouquet pressed against her back, the mixed scents of the flowers giving an almost surreal quality to the sensations of their lips and bodies moving so softly together. Emotion swelled inside her for this woman, mother to both of the children still sleeping upstairs, children whom she had graciously permitted Regina to love and care for.

"I was making your breakfast to bring to you in bed," Regina said when Emma finally let their bodies part long enough to speak.

"I'd planned to do the same," Emma replied, sounding sheepish. "But then…"

"Is she all right?" Regina asked.

"Vivian's fine. She's teething. I gave her the teething ring and some numbing medication. She's still asleep and hopefully will be for at least a little while."

"At least until the sun rises," Regina replied. The little girl, just 15 months old, was an early riser. But at least she slept through the night. Most nights.

"Yeah." The blonde rubbed her bedhead tiredly.

Regina got her first full look at Emma's appearance and chuckled slightly before leaning in. "Did you do that intentionally?"


"Wear the same thing that you met me in that day I came to see you at the B'n'B?"

Indeed, Emma was wearing cherry red boy shorts and a white ribbed tank top. Her long legs and feet were bare and her hair tumbled around her shoulders, though the sheer amount of princess curls had long been cut back due to Vivian's penchant for grabbing fistfuls.

Emma glanced at herself, tilted her head to the side. "That was the morning after I came to Storybrooke. How can you remember that far back?"

"I don't think I will ever forget just how hard a struggle it was to maintain my righteous indignation," Regina replied.

"So, this –" Emma stepped back and indicated her body with a sweep of her hand – "makes Madame Mayor horny, huh?"

Regina nodded and rested her palm against Emma's chest, lightly squeezing the pert left breast. "Always has, my dear." She kissed Emma's lips sweetly.

With half a thought, she poofed them both back to the master bedroom. She materialized on the bed straddling Emma's hips and the blonde pulled on her hips as she laid back against the pillows.

The blonde's hands parted her dressing gown. "This is so much easier to access than the dress you were wearing that day." Emma moaned just before Regina's lips crashed against hers. They nipped and kissed and playfully competed. Emma's hands skimmed across Regina's back and pulled the robe down.

Warmth spread through Regina as Emma's hands caressed the muscles in her back. "So this –" she said, echoing Emma's own words– "makes–"

But Emma's attention wouldn't let her finish the thought. Strong soft hands cupped her breasts and then Emma pulled her close and sucked her nipples. "Always has," Emma confirmed, leaving a tender kiss on her sternum.

Regina slid away from their kiss, pressing her lips to the soft jaw and then further down. She kissed, nipped and then, as Emma arched and their breasts rubbed together, sucked at the blonde's pulse point. Emma's moan conveyed the woman's rising arousal.

With her left hand, she trapped Emma's right hand above her head. Then she took Emma's breast in her left, cupping her hand around the mass before brushing her thumb across the thick nipple. Vivian had stopped nursing just before her first birthday, but Emma's breasts remained extremely sensitive to touch. Emma had lamented her larger cup size. Regina, on the other hand, loved them.

"Regina," Emma husked.

She responded to her lover's call and met green eyes with a devoted smile. Removing her fingers from Emma's breast, she caressed her cheek then softly dipped her fingers into the silk blonde hair curling around her ear. Following a parting kiss, Regina moved slowly down Emma's body, stopping frequently, seeking and finding all the new softness to her fit frame and kissing it. Emma's second child which Regina had helped bring into the world had diminished the woman's lean six-pack, but Regina found the new contours delightful and never failed to tell and show Emma just how beautiful she was in her eyes.

When her journey brought her to the apex of Emma's thighs, chin brushing the hairs covering her sex, Regina brought Emma's hand down to her side, keeping their fingers laced.

Her devoted attention to Emma's intimate folds was no less than that she had given the woman's breasts and belly. She licked, nipped, and swirled her tongue between Emma's labia until the woman whimpered for direct attention.

So she did, gently sliding her lips around Emma's stiffening clit. She applied the slightly pressure. She released Emma's hand and held down the blonde's hips, when Emma surged upward, almost dislodging Regina. "Ungh." Emma moaned.

"Mm." Regina hummed. She could feel how hot and wet Emma was and dove in to lick her sex thoroughly. When she felt Emma's inner muscles attempting to pull her tongue in deeper, she gave the woman what she needed and slid a finger inside the pulsing channel.

"Oh, mm, fuck," Emma breathed, each syllable arriving slowly as she savored the pressure where she needed it.

The build was slow, the resulting orgasm rippled through her body as undulating waves. She pulled Regina into her still throbbing body and caressed the woman's shoulder and back. Kissing her forehead, she inhaled her scent and nuzzled her cheek.

This had been one of their earliest ways to be intimate before sex, while Emma was still healing from Vivian's birth, and it remained a safe haven, giving her an overwhelming sense of comfort.

A lock of hair was brushed from her cheek. "What are you thinking?" Regina asked.

"How much I'm enjoying this," Emma replied. "We don't often get to just snuggle."

"I've adored having you and Vivian here," Regina said. The brunette's teeth briefly came out and trapped her upper lip, an uncharacteristic indecision flashing on her features.

"It gets a little easier every day," Emma said. "Thank you for your help."

"I'm glad to do it," Regina replied. She caressed Emma's breast and chuckled in her ear before nibbling it and sending shivers into Emma's belly. "I'm enjoying the perks," she said as Emma's nipple pebbled again under Regina's caresses.

Emma's sated feeling was gradually being replaced by a need to see Regina coming undone and to hear her. She wanted to make Regina feel as much pleasure as coursed through her own veins.

She began her attentions almost idly, caressing small patches of Regina's skin. Small circles on her shoulder where she cupped the woman's body against her own. A wide palm against Regina's belly as if adjusting the brunette and herself, canting to her side, then dipping down, past the woman's belly button and lightly threading her fingertips through the hairs on Regina's mound. She bent her head forward and sought Regina's pulse point with kisses and nipped and licked at the warm spot beneath the delicate jaw with her tongue.

Regina's head fell back, opening the access and Emma took the point and rolled them over until she was atop Regina. She pushed her legs between Regina's, parting the muscular thighs. Their mounds rubbed together as Emma adjusted her weight to her palms on either side of Regina's head.

"Is this okay?" she asked. Regina occasionally had trouble with being topped, reluctantly admitting it still triggered recalling the King's behavior.

Breathing evenly through parted lips, Regina's nostrils flared. Then she nodded. "I'm fine, Emma."

Emma bent her head, careful not to crowd Regina's face, but seeking to cover the woman's upper body and throat with a multitude of kisses while caressing her nipples with gradually increasing intensity.

Warm hands slid over her back. Emma rocked her body into Regina's, bringing friction to both their sexes. Brown eyes now the color of warm dark chocolate silently summoned Emma closer still. So she flexed her shoulders under Regina's hands, lowering herself in a controlled and slow grind while nibbling and sucking on Regina's bottom lip until the brunette opened her mouth and she could plunder the warm heat with her tongue. She rocked in time, feeling Regina's wetness against her belly and her mound.

Pressing up, Emma took Regina's hand from her back and kissed the knuckles and fingertips one at a time, her gaze locked with Regina's the entire time. Shifting her weight and pressing Regina's hand up above her head, Emma moved her other hand down Regina's belly, both of them watching its progress, until she tangled her fingertips in Regina's sex, lightly rubbing around but not directly on the hardening nub. Moisture spread easily and Emma continued her attentions as she kissed Regina slow and soft. A tiny, barely audible catch of sound escaped Regina's lips and Emma knew she had permission to proceed. Still, she asked, "May I make love to you, Regina Mills?"

Regina's left hand cupped her own over Regina's sex, curling slightly, causing pressure which briefly made Regina close her eyes and swallow. When she reopened her eyes a sparkle of magic danced in them. "Make love with me," she said.

"Always." Emma let her own magic seep into her fingertips, skimming them up Regina's belly and then down again before curling them up inside Regina. Her magic found Regina's and swirled outward, an increasing vortex of sensation that had surprised them the first few times it happened, but which became a delight the longer their relationship had continued. Every touch they each made would echo in the other woman's body.

Regina squeezed Emma's hip and her own groin squeezed in response. She deepened her strokes inside Regina to the tempo of their kisses. Regina opened her legs wider so Emma could push deeper. Flexing her legs Regina thrust herself onto Emma's fingers.

Two fingers became three, and Emma felt her own channel softening, widening, as Regina's pulsed around her strokes. "Oh!" Regina gasped. Her fingers gripped Emma's hip. "Emma!"

They were both so close… Carefully Emma corkscrewed her fingers, the tips catching Regina inside just right.

Brown eyes snapped open and Emma witnessed the moment she had craved. Regina's orgasm crested and crashed through the lithe body. "God, Emma!"

Stroking to help her ride out the sensations, Emma nevertheless rubbed her mound against Regina's hip and then pillowed their breasts together as the sensations swelled in her gut. Finally, finally, Emma captured Regina's harsh breathing in her own mouth. The sight had so moved her that she felt her eyes watering and brushed away her tears in Regina's hair.

"I love you," she said, lowering her body completely to rest against Regina. The brunette turned into her shoulder.

Regina's fingers stroked through her hair and they remained quiet, simply basking in endorphins and peace.

Until it was interrupted by a knock.

"Mom?" Henry called.

Regina sat up. Emma's hand stayed on her waist, so she pulled up the sheet to cover herself. "Yes, Henry?"

He made no move to enter, continuing to talk through the door. "I–well...Could you remove the stasis spell? I can finish breakfast."

Regina dropped her gaze from the door, feeling her cheeks heat. Beside her, Emma chuckled softly. Emma lifted her head and spoke loud enough for her voice to carry to the door. "Yeah, kid. Your mom can remove the spell. We'll be down in a few minutes."

Henry's footfalls moved away and Regina started to slide to the side of the bed and leave. Emma's hands, however, wouldn't let her go. "Emma?"

"Just remove the spell. We'll put on robes and head downstairs in a minute." When Regina said nothing, Emma added, "It's not wrong for us to take a few minutes for ourselves in the morning."

Regina exhaled. "You're right."

Emma pulled her down for a kiss then rolled away and got out on her own side of the bed.

"Emma?" Regina had put on her dressing gown and her fingers had found the small box that had been in there for days. The blonde on the other side of the bed was shrugging into a gray terrycloth bathrobe. The lush expanses of her skin were hidden from view, but Regina sighed in memory of them.

"Mm hmm? What?" Emma reached under her hair and fluffed it from beneath the robe's collar.

"I really have enjoyed waking up with you every morning here. For a year."

"Me too."

Regina bit her lip, inhaled then exhaled to find her courage. "Would you marry me?"

Green eyes went wide and Emma looked at her inscrutably. "I thought we are…okay like this."

"You don't want to?"

"No, no. That's not. I jus–I thought you wouldn't want to." Emma's hand lifted out of her robe pocket. Regina caught the motion and saw a small dark box clasped between her fingers.

"I thought y–"

Emma had crossed around the bed and crashed her lips to Regina's, mouth to mouth. Regina's chest expanded and her heart, which had hesitated, started thumping rapidly. When she brought her hands up to the other woman's chest, she felt Emma's heart racing, too.

"I can't believe y–" Emma managed. Regina cut her off with another hard kiss.

"I love you, Emma Swan."

"I love you, Regina Mills."