AN as promised, an epilogue to finish everything off.

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I silentely opened the window and waited cautiously if I heard anything.
The soft snoring continued. I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly stepped into the room. It was dark but that meant nothing to my eyes.

I could easily discern the bed in the middle of the left wall and the sleeping form sprawled out half underneath the covers. I walked silently over to the bed and stared at him.
he looked peaceful and my heart soared in relief.

He was doing just fine. I grabbed hold of the blanket and pulled it back over him. Then I placed a soft kiss on his forehead, hoping my cold skin wouldn't wake him.
he stirred for a moment, but then continued his soft snoring. I sat down on the floor next to his bed.

'I'm so sorry, dad.' I whispered. 'I'm sorry I couldn't have been with you longer. I'm sorry I had to leave you like I did. But… I just want you to know that I'm happy. I'm loved and cherished and safe. and I can finally protect the ones I love and cherish. I'm strong now, dad. You don't have to worry about me anymore.'

I grabbed my gift and placed it on the bedside table. Now that Charlie and Sue were dating, it would only be a matter of time before Charlie would be dragged into the supernatural world. I couldn't tell him about me, but I was sure a little gift and reminder of me wouldn't hurt him. Perhaps one day when Sue told him everything he might even put two and two together and take comfort from this gift, knowing I was out there and thinking about him and happy.

'I love you dad.' I whispered, before kissing him once more and then climbing back out the window.

Edward was waiting for me on the ground. He gave me a sad smile as he envelopped me in a tight hug.

'Are you ready?' he asked me, after placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

I nodded. 'He'll know I love him. and that I'm safe and happy.'

he nodded as well, then grabbed my hand and together we set off towards the car Edward had waiting for us a few blocks away. Jacob was waiting by the car and nodded to us as we approached.

'We're leaving now. Thank you for allowing me to do that.' I said to him, stepping over to him and hugging him tightly for a moment.

Jacob hugged me back. 'No problem Bells. I think it will help him too.'

'Keep an eye on him for me, and call me once in a while.'

'Will do. And you keep out of throuble for I don't know… the next century or so?' he said sternly. I laughed and nodded.

Edward shook his hand. 'Thank you, Jacob. Turly. If there's ever anything we can do for you…'

Jacob waved away his offer. 'We'll let you know.' He said grinning slightly.

Edward grinned too and then opened my door for me. I climbed in and he zipped around to the drivers side and then started the car.
we sped down the highway and headed to the airport, ready to start our honeymoon. The Volturi and its problems could wait. We were spending two months of pure bliss on a tropical deserted island. I couldn't wait.

Charlie POV

A cold breeze blew across my face and I blinked sleepily. I groggily turned towards the window with a frown. Had I left that open? I couldn't remember. I shivered once again and turned on the bedside lamp. I threw the covers off and quickly headed over to close it tightly and lock it in place.
I stared out the window for a moment, lost in thought. It was a nice night. Clear skies for once. Bella would have enjoyed it, I thought wryly to myself. Then shook myself out of it.

I returned to bed but something on the bedside table caught my attention. I frowned. I had definitely not left that there. I picked up the fishing lure and looked at it for a moment. I frowned. Then I ran down the stairs.

I opened the door of the closet beneath the stairs and nearly tripped over a box that was in there. I pushed it aside and fished out the tackle box that Bella had given me. I opened it and nearly scattered the entire contents over the floor. I quickly put it on the floor before everything spilled out and rummaged through the fisihing lure's. Sure enough… it was missing…

I stared at the lure for a moment.

It couldn't be… could it?

Could Bella? Could she have…?

I ran out of the house without thinking. Staring around wildly. Was she here? Was I losing my mind?

No, the lure was real. I knew that much. The sound of a car turning over drew my attention and I ran to the edge of the street. It was too dark to see much, but I swear I could see a car swiftly pulling away just around the bend, slilghty hidden by the patch of trees.

'Bella!' I yelled before I could stop myself.

There was no answer. I stared at the lure again. She'd been happy when she'd given me this, smiling brightly up at me as I thanked her.

Was she happy? Was that what she was trying to tell me? That she was alive and happy after all?

I sighed and shook my head at myself.

'Charlie?' someone asked.

I squinted into the darkness. 'Jacob?' I asked incredulous. He was jogging towards me, half dressed. His chest was bare and he was barefoot. Seth managed to arrive home like that more often than not as well. I frowned.

'What are you doing out here?' Jacob asked.

'I thought…' I squeezed the lure tightly in my hand. Then shook my head. 'No. never mind. You should head home.'

'Let's get you inside first.' Jacob said, looking me over concerned.

'Was there.. did a car pass you by?' I asked him.

Jacob frowned and looked back at the street. Then something flickered across his face and he shifted uncomfortably. I narrowed my eyes at him. He knew something.

'What's going on here Jacob?' I asked gruffly.

He let out a deep breath and looked down at my hand and the fisihing lure clutched tightly in it.

'I can't tell you much yet, Charlie.' Jacob said looking back up at me.

'what does that mean?'

'it means if I tell you now you'd be in danger.'

I frowned at that. 'But Bella knew?' I asked, understanding dawning. Her strange behaviour before she'd died. Not the depression, but when she'd dated… him.

Jacob nodded once. 'She's happy Charlie. She's safe and happy.'

My heart stopped. My baby girl was alive? 'What?'

'Look, if you marry Sue I'll be able to tell you everything. I think I might be even able to swing a phone call for you. But for now, the only thing I can tell you is that she's happy, she's safe and she loves you.'

I frowned and looked down at my hand again. 'why did she leave me?' I asked in a whisper.

'She had no choice.' Jacob muttered looking away.

I squeezed the lure again and looked up at jacob. 'but she's happy?'

he nodded. 'she is.'

'and she's okay?'

'Better than... I would say.' He said shaking his head.

I grinned at that. That was my girl. 'I'll hold you to that phone call.' I muttered gruffly.

Jacob gave me a grin and nodded. 'Well, then I'll be waiting, like the rest of the tribe, for you to pop that question.'

I shook my head at him and nodded. 'Go home, Jacob.' I ordered.

Jacob laughed and waved at me before turning around and starting up a jog towards the woods. I frowned was he going to run back to La push?

I took a step after him, but something stopped me. Something was going on here, something that they were trying to protect me from right now. Perhaps I should wait, like he said until they could explain it all. I sighed to myself and trudged back into the house. As I closed the door behind me I sat down on the couch and stared at the lure again.

My baby girl was out there. She was alive and happy and out there. For the first time in a long time I felt ease and contentment settle through me.

she was alive. A lone tear rolled down my cheek and I let it run down. She was alive!

I stared at the coffeetable where the small velvet box sat. When I asked Sue tomorrow I would make sure Jacob would start telling me exactly what was going on. if there was a chance I could see my baby girl again… there was nothing I wouldn't give for that.